Bloodbath Comment Section (Geometry Dash 2.11)

Bloodbath Comment Section (Geometry Dash 2.11)

Bloodbath Comment Section (Geometry Dash 2.11)

Bloodbath Comment Section (Geometry Dash 2.11).

Watch the game play Bloodbath Comment Section (Geometry Dash 2.11) for Geometry Dash brought to you by FreshLakeWater, enjoy.

Bloodbath Comment Section. I compiled together some of the best Bloodbath comments from the past week. Join the Discord server. Cybernetic Crescent Gameplay (From last part of video) By tuomaster. All music by RealBobb. My Discord. FreshLakeWater # 7975…

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This was really entertaining actually :)

"This was really entertaining actually :)", Bossman35 commented.

"Great content! You should do more of this"

"that one conversation where they added each other was wholesome. Nice Video tho!"

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Interesting comments by other players

Bossman35: This was really entertaining actually :)

taikuu: Great content! You should do more of this

Omegamodern: that one conversation where they added each other was wholesome. Nice Video tho!

o o: A guy: i beat bloodb-
The gd community: you’re free trial of living has ended

CCB112: 0:34 I’m happy that you went on this guys profile to clarify that it was Michigun’s part, not just Michi in general

Neon: you are such an underated youtuber
only 7k subs?
u deserve more man

Offline. adw: wait how did i watch this 6 minutes without stopping the video once?

TheRobloxGuyWhoPlaysRoblox: Please do more of this :)
This is fun to watch

Davies family of 8: 2:58 me when I get noob

Takume Uzumaki: "We got three emo kids in a row" – FreshLakeWater

Sasamuel: That secret path you showed us helped my life bro, now my friends like me again, and my best friend gave me 69420$ when I won

Zayd Ahmed: I really feel like I wanna do it even though I have the full version LOL!

Edi Mihai: i remember rating the nightmare extreme demon and commenting "i rated this level extreme demon because it deserves it". like 5 months later i beat it lol

stenskie3062: somehow I beat bloodbath in practice mode in 900+ attemps on 60hz 💀

Phrog: when i beat bloodbath, i will leave a comment saying ”gg ez” so that you can generate more content like this, lovely video

Luke Johnson: I feel like the noclip hack should be banned and robtop should ad a feature in the game where you can noclip any level but it doesn’t count as a completion. That way you know who actually beat levels and can congratulate them.

Sean Sweet Johnson: Me : makes the hardest level I can

Mf : 1 ATT GG EZ

OKBranflakes: that had me crackin’ up when he told gdhax180 that he was good at cheating

seb martin: When i was nine i beat every level up to clutterfunk, im a Pro B)

just a thing: me (dies on bloodbath 34 percent) me: I hate my life


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