Geometry Dash Jump Character Customization Preview

Geometry Jump character customization preview

Official Trailer : Geometry Jump character customization preview

Geometry Jump character customization preview.

Watch the official trailer Geometry Jump character customization preview for Geometry Dash brought to you by RobTop Games AB, enjoy.

Preview of character customization and how levels are affected in the upcoming game "Geometry Jump" by RobTop Games…

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Wow man seems really cool can’t wait to play the actual version :D

"Wow man seems really cool can’t wait to play the actual version :D
", ForeverBound commented.

"The old pause button is thicc"


Latest trailer revealed has excited fans ahead of release.

Interesting comments by other players

ForeverBound: Wow man seems really cool can’t wait to play the actual version :D

DrQuasi: The old pause button is thicc


dest1ny: That old times :’)

username: Woah when is this update coming out?

Watdee: Wow! This looks sick! I wonder when it will come out! Looks like it has a lot of potential!

Ultr4: Ahh Geometry Jump old days, old days

AirDren: Rubrub has some editing skillz

TXCHlol: Damn this game looks interesting. I wonder when its coming out.

A: El hombre que vio lo mejor de Internet

Kae5: :) the level we all know and love thanks Roptop what would we do without you

DGJ12: 0:00 Look how tiny the icon kit was 8 years ago

Limms: Um momento HISTORICO.
Aonde depois deste lançamento iamos ter hage(extra), realizações e o mais importante… UMA COMUNIDADE FODAAAAAA

Dashing music developer DMD: It’s just insane to see how much geometry dash or project geometry jump has changed! It will be mind blowing to see 2.2 when it comes out (probably this year in 2018)

Michael Marhal: Just saw your thread on newgrounds. The game looks very well done and fun. If I had known about this project months ago I would have tried to contribute a track! :)

Bebx: Great work! This will add loads of possibilities, even unlocks! (Which can be seen by the keys) I’m also interested in the level, seems hard! Great work!

GD Tayfrog Froglet: Well this seems interesting! Maybe I should try out the actual game 😏

Darkygonal: Wow! I can’t wait for this to come out, it’s a very amazing game!

random_viewer: Looks really cool, waiting for it to come out.

KKamila_: Ohhh the good old time…Geometry Jump :3…seeing this 2.1 almost 2.2…look at how much we’ve grown:)


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