Geometry Dash Level ClubStep V2

Geometry Dash: ClubStep V2

Official Update : Geometry Dash: ClubStep V2

Geometry Dash: ClubStep V2.

Watch the official update for Geometry Dash brought to you by RobTop Games AB, enjoy.

Geometry Dash. Level Name: ClubStep V2. Level ID: 450920. Creator: Neptune…

According to a video posted to the RobTopGames YouTube channel, the latest update to the game, which is known as the Geometry Dash: ClubStep V2, has arrived.

At the time of writing this, the update has been viewed more than 1863984 times. This clip has more than 49957 likes.

WOW!! Thank you for playing!

"WOW!! Thank you for playing!", NePtunE commented.

"imagine robtop being like "OMGG YESSSS!" at the end."

"Robtop being the first few devs that are actually good at their own game"

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Interesting comments by other players

NePtunE: WOW!! Thank you for playing!

viable: imagine robtop being like "OMGG YESSSS!" at the end.

Avocado: Robtop being the first few devs that are actually good at their own game

Alejandro Mow: Todos queremos ver a RubRub completando Bloodbath (͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)

Josh Andrie de Ramas: Neptune, the only creator who is good at making v2 of the official levels.

How I wish he was still playing up to this point.

Daniel Mirete Castaño: He didnt hacked he used his special button which was shown in his streams in twitch

fleep: RubRub wanted to show the people how good he is at his own game. I guess.

JustJimmyGD: "Mom can we have Silent Clubstep?"
"We have Silent Clubstep at home."
The Silent Clubstep at home:

Beltri boy GD: Me salió en recomendados :’) que hermoso recordar estás preciosas y excitosas épocas, espero regresar alguna vez a esa emoción de ese entonces…

zeroXricky: Well well well, guess the “sneaky button” has improved rob

LittleRedRhuari: This gives me the same dread and confusion that seeing someone play actual clubstep used to give me.

axel: I miss when RobTop would flex his GD skills by uploading videos of him completing very hard demon levels like ClubStep V2.

Alconic: 5 years and a few months later, this is recommended. Brings back many memories.

Rick Ackley: Back in my day you were treated as a god for getting to 3%

belen: El nivel no es como ahora antes era mas dificil

#SentoriusX: The Legend. The Myth. the Beast plays one of Neptune’s hardest Demons

Kamran Dosanjh: This level is really fun if you’re good enough at the game. All the comments call the transitions and spikes blind, but that’s what practice mode is for. This level didn’t take me a lot of attempts and is very enjoyable

RUGER5264: He needs to make a playlist of playing online levels!

Pluvillion: Sometimes I forget that RobTop’s actually good at this game. He was already doing demons before I managed to even finish Clubstep.

I really hope he’s still playing the game in his free times (which I guess is obvious considering he’s still working on 2.2). I can’t wait to see him do streams just playing random levels.

Also damn, that "Watch Replay" made me nostalgic. I remembered all the laggy recordings I made LOL.

hehe motorsikle: I’m starting to think that Rob has the skills to beat non-list extreme


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