Geometry Dash Update 1.90 Sneak Peek

Geometry Dash Update 1.90 Sneak Peek

Official Update : Geometry Dash Update 1.90 Sneak Peek

Geometry Dash Update 1.90 Sneak Peek.

Watch the official update for Geometry Dash brought to you by RobTop Games AB, enjoy.

Update 1.90, coming soon. Song "Blast Processing" by WaterFlame. Download Geometry Dash here…

According to a video posted to the RobTopGames YouTube channel, the latest update to the game, which is known as the Geometry Dash Update 1.90 Sneak Peek, has arrived.

At the time of writing this, the update has been viewed more than 1703441 times. This clip has more than 22504 likes.

yes!!! cant wait for the update!

"yes!!! cant wait for the update!", Michigun commented.

"Let’s wait for this update!"

"My favorite level of them all so far😄"

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Interesting comments by other players

Michigun: yes!!! cant wait for the update!

GuitarHeroStyles: Let’s wait for this update!

Golden Nuke: My favorite level of them all so far😄

Jordan101: I bet when everyone saw the wave they were like "OMG What?????"

Quertz: This was my fav update! I LOVE THE WAVE!!!!

update (9/8/2020): i still love the wave

update (11 december 2020):
hey remember the wave? yeah i still love it

update (4 july 2021).
still love the wave

update (17 august 2021):
2.2 might ruin the wave completely, still gonna love it tho

Una piña random Del internet: who else is rewatching all robrobs videos before the sneaky peeky comes out?

David Eriksson: List of the changes Robtop made in the level from this video to the update release:

  1. There are no small "faces" in the first cube section.
  2. The obj lines are not flashing green in the first cube section.
  3. 0:01 There are no decorations on top of the transparent blocks.

A Dumpster: people back in 1.9: wow the wave looks super cool cant wait for all the great levels created with this new mode😃

people nowdays: haha impossible wave challenge go brrrr

freidnd: I can’t wait for this update, the level and the new gamemode look really cool!

César Pérez: Out of jokes the wave was a huge change to gd, and probably we won’t have such revolucionary gameplay again

Bebx: Oh wow! New decos, new vehicles! It looks kinda like a mouse cursor, can’t wait!

Tyler: That arrow section looks insane… this’ll be hard to beat
edit: please understand this is a joke

noorilhan: Robtop: It’s called the dart.
GD players: Wave. Take it or leave it.

Panko ツ: OMG! I can’t wait more for this update 😱

Exodia0715: As someone who recently watched the 2.2 sneak peek, this feels like taking a look back in time

Larkin Gamer: the dart thing is so hard looking, and the blocks are really cool looking.

sail: who would’ve thought that such a simple gamemode would turn into the most difficult gamemode of the entire game?

Dumb Channel69: I’ve been playing gd since 1.9 and this sure does bring back good memories

Bruh Moment: I can’t believe I’ve been playing this game for so long. 7 years flys by so fast.

weee50: This level looked a lot different than it does today!


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