Get Rich! 3D

Last updated on May 21st, 2023 at 09:10 am

Get Rich! 3D

Get Rich! 3D

Get Rich! 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Get Rich! 3D is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 27th October 2020 with the latest update 27th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Get Rich! 3D ?

21,303 people have rated 1.202

What is the price of the Get Rich! 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Get Rich! 3D released ?

Get Rich! 3D was released on 27th October 2020.

When was the Get Rich! 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Get Rich! 3D on 27th October 2021.

Where can Get Rich! 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Get Rich! 3D from Apple Official App Store.



Buy and sell, it is that easy to make money. Trade on stock market and get rich to buy your dream car, a beautiful house, a boat and even a jet plane! Have your own watch and ring collection.

Buy from the lowest price you can and sell it when it goes high! Reach your daily profit target.

Play bonus levels to steal trade secrets and more…

Updated on 27th October 2021

  • Bug fixes and updates to content.

Get Rich! 3D Review

This game reminds us of the stock market crash.

This game glitches up anytime u try to launch it.

The graphics were superior to any other the plot was better than anything all around amazing.

Could you guys please fix this, it works and stops all the sudden, we have to delete it then download it again. But whats the point of that. So please fix the problem. Thank you, we love the game.

Beat the game within a night. Inspiring yet almost too easy :) . We cant believe we bought every single thing in less than 24 hours not sure if thats coincidental or what. Including those watches and that G wagon lol. Now can this be real life? Can someone teach us how to do stocks now? Lol Instagram is TimelyDivenly.

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We like the game but if we try to play it with no Wi-Fi or cellular data and open it it gives us a black screen and if we turn it back on it does the same thing so it kinda bans me.

Bestest game ever we got so much money and buy coin and our favorite thing was when we got that bliigg now our friends think we are cool.

Deleted it and now we cant redownload fix this.

This game is amazing it has amazing characters amazing shapes boats mansions and everything but theres just one problem it has way too many ads. We recommend it just the ads are a big problem.

Fairly good game but we noticed one little problem, after you complete a few days and unlock the shop and have bought something and exit you are unable to continue, you have to restart the app in order to carry on playing. Just a little mistake we noticed.

We were playing for a really long time and we got all the good stuff we were trying to get everything in the game but after a while it just stopped working so we have to do it over again now . Overall it is good.

Its a good game, but it has so much more potential with the right updates.

This game is really good, add way more stuff to this game, it has good potential. Update it more often, not every like 2 years, out more effort the game is really enjoyable and fun.

Misleading purchase for no adds only to show more ads in order to just progress through game. Allow for Bitcoin to be purchased with in game cash & add ethereum mining. Make it so that the characters bought turn into assistants or something that help you make more money instead of just being wasted purchases. Allow for the cars to be rented out to make additional income.

It is a pretty fun game not too many ads and it just feels like real life in a way.

The game was fun but after so long you just make money you dont buy anything else after all the plans cars boats buildings houses. But over all the game is fun we just wish there was more to buy and achieve more and more updates.

The game starts off fun but then quickly becomes too repetitive. Its the same few games over and over again. They basically force you to buy no ads or else youll spend 80% watching ads and 20% playing. Then even if you buy no ads, you still have to click no thanks twice after each game. One for watch a video to get 3x profit of a measly 250k and then again for spin the wheel. Both of those are a waste of time watching videos for unless youre brand new to the game and need a little extra money. The game was alright while it lasted but gets boring quick.

Fr it has way too many ads but fun game.

There are too many ads and we cant play.

Dude this game is insane! We are absolutely addicted to it! But it crashed all the time and then one day it crashed and havent been able to play it sense so thats really annoying. And we have an iPhone 11 so its not the phone. So like ya figure that out guys cuz the game is awesome.

The reason is becues in the first 5 minutes we were enjoying it but then we saw that it was take it like 300 or 200 dollars away every time we wanted to play but that is our only complaint oh ps plz fix the people they look lets say interesting.

Honestly kind of boring but not a lot of adds.

Not the best game ever thats all Im gonna say.

The game kept kicking us out when we tried to open the app.

It was fine but now when we open it it just shows black for like 5 seconds and crashes so we cant play the game pls help.

Game is MID, so many ads, by so many we mean so many ads after one profit, there is a ad and after we had a million dollar in our account he game just stopped working, we open the app and its just the gray screen, nothing is good about it, the game is fun but it wont last for a long time. 2/5. Thats the max we can give! TAKE OUT SOME ADS AND FIX THR BUGS PLEASE!

At first we thought this game was great! Just another way to whittle down right? Wrong. Spending only 30min on the game, going to sleep, then waking up, the game wont load. We’ve done what we can do far besides uninstalling and re-installing. We hope it doesnt come down to that as we dont what our progress to be wiped. Also the ads tho. WHY. THE SHEER AGONY OF HAVING TO WAIT ALMOST EVERY TURN SUUUUCKS. Also the wheel has the most USELESS item you can have! The only good one would be the 4 bit coin. All-in-all this game kinda bad but we still play it for some reason. Might uninstall.

We do like this game but when it comes to ads it isnt so great, there is just way to many ads we click on the no thank you option because we dont want to see the ads but right after it just gives us a random ad. Its very annoying.

Its a fun game in all but its only opened twice after we downloaded it. Once as soon as it downloaded then next soon after, but It didnt open many times the second time it opened and now it wont at all.

This game is very fun but too many ads.

Its a good game but it does not load for us we join it then it kicks us out.

We downloaded this at work and now we cant play it because it keeps crashing we played it a couple of times and now we cant play at all we dont know if this is normal or not but Im uninstall it until this gets fixed sorry not sorry.

Game is really good, but too many ads every one minute there is an ad.

Its ok for teaching the basics of day trading but not much else. Adults will get bored with it quickly and kids are definitely too young to be trying day trading. Lame.

We tried it for like 2 minutes and never did it give us a tutorial or any explanation.

Its fun ig but there are wayyyyyy to many adds.

We are trying to get in the game but it will not let us get on it PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME!

We rated this game a two Beacuase we were playing it and we get off the game for one second but it wont let get back on the game we will get on it it will show gray and then bring be back us back to Home Screen and it mad us very upset p.s. Nice game tho.

Loads for a while then it just wont launch the app after a few minutes.

Funny little game if you can ever get the game to load up most of the time (9/10) it will not load and it will close the app. Fix this bug please.

Why would you advertise to purchase for $2.99 and then still have ads. Garbage.

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