Succession – Rack-O style game

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Succession – Rack-O style game


Succession – Rack-O style game is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Luke Kazmierowicz, Succession – Rack-O style game is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th January 2015 with the latest update 18th April 2018

Whether you are a fan of Card, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


32 people have rated 2.0.8

You can download the game Succession – Rack-O style game from APP STORE.


Each player starts with 10 cards in a random order. They then take turns drawing and discarding until one player gets ten cards in numerical sequence.
Grab some friends and start a game with up to four players, or try out the new single player mode to put your succession skills to the test against the computer.

Our three new levels increase the difficulty and add strategy to the game without losing the simplicity that made the classic version a hit!

-Automatic scoring
-Multiple game difficulty modes
-Single player mode: Compete one-on-one with the computer!
-Up to 4 players
-Designed for ages 8+

Updated on 18th April 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • Fixed bug in score keeping when playing against the computer

Succession – Rack-O style game Reviews

Sadly, this version is not as exciting as the previous one. We do not like the extra numbers, nor do we like the numbered hints on the side. It takes the strategy away from the player. Please make a version for single players ONLY! Also we find the swinging back-and-forth board annoying! Thank you for addressing our issues.

Fun and simple game with several modes and difficulties to keep things interesting.

We have played this app for several years, it is one of our favorites! However, it stopped working ever since the latest Apple iOS update. Would love to see this get updated to be compatible, and maybe even a few new game features as well? Such as ability to track turns played, ability to see all time wins/losses, better functionality in player stats.

Love the game and its currently providing quite a bit of fun during our forced time at home! Is it possible to modify online game play so that you can require a run of 3 as in the regular game against the computer?

Everything about this game is perfect!

We love this game so much and am completely addicted. The only reason we cant give it 5 stars is because of the online gameplay. Theres actually a warning message when you start an online game that its a bonus feature and you shouldnt expect it to work well. We had one online game that wouldnt let us take our turn, so we deleted the game and it counted as a loss. We really love this game; we just wish they would put some effort into developing the online gameplay! We would be willing to pay for a version with decent online gameplay where your ranking is tracked.

Let us start by saying we really (really) like this game. We love Rack-O, and Succession is a wonderful version of the game. When playing with a friend, the game is at its best. Id like to give this game 5 stars, but we cant because playing against the computer is not really playing against the computer (its playing solitaire against yourself). When you play against the computer, the computer simply makes random choices for a random number of turns. The computer is not actually playing against you. How do we know? Not only does the computer not show you its cards when it wins, we had the computer win after playing a 60. Why is this odd? We were playing where a win condition included having to have two runs of three. The computer a 60 and declared victory. However, we had 58 in our play field. It was impossible to go out on a 60. So, while you will not improve your game by building skills to deal with the other players gameplay when playing against the computer, Succession is still fun and engaging. Playing solitaire (where you have a random number of turns to win) is still a lot of fun. We highly recommend this game. If the AI is actually coded to play the game, we will change our rating to 5 stars.

Fun game. Wish opponents hand would show at end of each round. Wish computers hand would show at end of each round.

Much improved, still wish the multiplayer was more like Words With Friends (more reliable) but much improved in two years.

We’ve played Rack-o for almost 60 years. Please always have the opponents rack on screen so we can memorize their pickups and placements, as in physical Rack-o. Get rid of the racks sliding on and off the screen, as this is very annoying and doesnt give you time to attempt to memorize an opponents card placement, which is part of strategy (see our first request.) Please show the opponents rack when a game ends.

Do not be fooled. If you want to play this with family over the net, it is unstable and frustrating at best. The game even warns you…. Only after you buy and install… That online play is a bonus feature that will have issues. We bought this game cause our kids and we loved it when they were young. Both play it now as adults so we thought this would be a wonderful way to have family time now that they live in other states. We were wrong. It requires Game Center which is always a nuisance and even then is a pain. With so many games out there that simply require you to send an invitation with a room number to involve others, we dont know why any developer would rely on Game Center. We only lost 1.99 on it. Which is the only positive thing we can say about this game.

We realize that there is a disclaimer at the beginning of this game that states some items may cause trouble, but we could not play it at all. We want our $1.99 back!!

Dont waste $ on this game. It worked fine for a few days, then our payment went thru and it stopped working. Rack-O is fun but this app is a rip off! Wish we could give it zero stars.

Thought we could play online. Cant hook up. Message even says dont expect it to run smooth. Stole our money. Ridiculous APPLE doesnt oversee this crap.

We purchased this to play online. AFTER you pay $1.99, you learn that the advertised online feature may have issues aka doesnt work. We lost $3.98 because we purchased it twice to test it. Complete waste of money.

We’ve played this game for a long time with few issues. After the last Apple update the game has become unworkable. Not worth our time.

It doesnt let the other player play! We took our turn and then they try to play their turn but it returns and they keep trying but it doesnt stick but notifies other player its there turn but when we go to take our turn it says its the others turn and wont continue. Thanks for stealing our $2!!

We purchased this app because we love this game. We were excited to be able to play online with our daughter to states away. We however every time we play after every action we have to close the app and open it back up again. It takes the fun out of the game. What am we doing wrong?

Great game. Played a 500 point game was engaged the whole time. Will be great to play for this 55 year old train commuter. Looking forward to our next train commute home!!!!

This is a must download. Such a fun card game all alone or pass-n-play with friends! Great value, well made app. We loved playing Rack-O, now we can get our fix anytime!

Thanks for bringing the online feature back. Love this game! So much fun, way too addicting! We feel like an extreme strategist! You gotta download this one.

Solitaire and Words with Friends have gotten old. This is one of our new favorite games to play on our iPhone. We also love the new update!

We love playing this Rack-O game. We got back at it with the awesome new update. No crashes or anything. Im 50 and we love it, great way to relax after work. We love playing with our wife, although she frequently beats us! We highly recommend the app. Easy to learn, made by a quality developer. Its got our vote!

We play this game with all our friends, kids and adults a-like. We love the pass-n-play feature! This new update is awesome. Very quality app, runs well. The $1.99 is worth having ZERO ads. We highly recommend downloading it and giving it a try. Watch out, its the next best game card game, it passes up Solitaire and Uno in our book!

Opened the game to play our online games today 2/8/18 and they are gone! And the option to play online is gone! What happened?

We really enjoy playing this game. It runs so smoothly and is simple to play. All you need to do is tap on a card and tap where it goes. You can play a full game really quickly and actually have enough time to reach your goal. Love this game.

This update is fantastic! We’ve been waiting to be able to play online since the original version and it’s great! By the way, the numbers on the side are to show how many points you have so far, they’re not for helping place cards. Love the update!

Love the update. Looks sharper. We only play the computer, and it is a worthy challenger. We love the three in a row version best. The previous version only had cards from 1-40 for two players. When it did, the computer opponent often beat us. We wish 40 card play was an option, because it was more of a challenge, but three in a row mode is also a good challenge, even with 60 cards.

Preferred game when there were forty cards. Sixty cards is too much for playing against computer. Please add option to choose the forty card version!

We absolutely loved the old version of this game! Although the online play addition is nice, the upgrade added WAY too many cards at 60 for the game to be fun. (The real card game has 40 cards for 2 players.) we also don’t like how drawn out it is being able to see the computer’s turn now. PLEASE, PLEASE add more setting options so the player can customize their preference!! We keep checking back to see if adjustments have been made… But no. We’ve switched to others since the upgrade which ruined what used to be our go-to game.

Newer version playing against online opponent is horrible. Big lapses in between opponents moves. No way to force opponent to resign even after days…… Of waiting. Playing live opponents needs to be revised.

The update is too busy. The older version was simpler but more fun. This is very distracting. We probably will send this to iCloud.

We love this game and it’s highly addictive, but, unlike some other reviewers, we prefer the confirmation screen. Occasionally, with our fat fingers, we will hit the spot directly above or below the spot we intended. In that instance, we appreciate the do-over ability. Our one suggestion is to have a way (short of uninstalling & reinstalling the app) to get that screen back if you hit the "don’t show this again" tab by accident (perhaps a confirmation step?). Other than that, we do love this app.

We found that this was totally worth the $1.99 initial purchase. Super fun – very quick to play – and very well explained. 30 seconds after our download we were playing and having fun. We even played with a friend of ours as it supports multiple players at once!

Clean and well written app. Superb user interface for pass and play with multiple players. Simple yet modestly challenging game. Develops logic skills in organizing and ordering. Good game!

Easy to play, but it needs a few improvements. 1. Let u invite people to play, not pass and play. 2. Scoring: how do you get 75 points if you get 50 for each card +30 bonus? Fix that. 3. Playing as a single, the same cards come up over and over even though the computer didn’t pick it up. Fix that. 4. The scoring takes too long at the end.

Enjoyed playing this rack-o style game, is even better than the board game. Great game to play with friends or in a small group, the pass and play mode feature works very well! The game is easy to play and totally worth the money!

Much better since this last update. Now if you could just make it a peer to peer app so we can play against friends over wifi or Internet then it would be perfect.

We love this game. You can play solo or with others. App works really well. Give it a try!

We often play this game to kill time and on the regular game set at hard against the computer the computer will win 7 out of 8 games. We understand how to play this game and there is NO way that is random.

It’s simply made, as it should be, smooth and relaxing. There is only one annoying thing that we don’t like… When it’s the computer players turn a little pop-up tells you and you have to tap "OK" before computer takes turn. We Know it’s the bots turn… Would be improved if it would just take its turn… No Prompt. Thanks!

Not worth it, cheap knock off, this game should be free! You can see computer’s (shaded) cards, but not your own during their turn, boring graphics. Poorly made game … Wish we could get rack-o on the iPad, we have it on the computer and it’s great.

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