Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 02:40 pm

Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans

Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans

Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by El horri Rachida, Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th September 2022 with the latest update 6th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans ?

3,053 people have rated 1.0

What is the price of the Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans released ?

Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans was released on 6th September 2022.

When was the Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans updated ?

The latest updated date of Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans on 6th September 2022.

Where can Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans be downloaded ?

You can download the game Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Glitch Gacha Neon its a fun game about New Outfits glitch gacha and clothes, & neon characters of course.
Fun race Dressup game with alots of clothes, skins, costumes, more expressions. and also call game with gacha glitch characters.

Updated on 6th September 2022

Glitch Gacha Neon Race Fans Review

We never played this game but we heard it is fun.

Omg yall download this and go to funny calls this is what we heard HOW MANY TIMES we HAVE To SAY THIS KEEP THE NOISE DOWN before we hung up the phone we said d@m Mexicans no offense or any thing rude Mexicans are nice Im Friends with one so sorry we really like it even in Spanish we hope the game makes more funny calls!

This is definitely real so yeah.

We love your game Alr get making down new oc.

This game is actually so fun we dont know what people mean we love it your game is literally awesome can you make more of it or something because we just love it we dont know what to say about it its so fun we really really really really really really want to happen in real life and then next thing poof the game popped up and we were like oh man G our game we really want to play it before.

Hi this game is the best more. Better than gacha Club and gacha life.

Gacha neon is amazing and so animated we love it.

There is so many ad and is scam people DONT USE IT AND IT HAVE AD AND IS SCAM AND LIE and support gay and anything!

Not like the real one but it’s still fun.

Ok so its kinda good but there is a lot of ads and no characters to design really and to play the real Gacha box or neon u need a android not a iPhone or Apple store.

Ok, every button you click comes an ad, thats why we hope it works with no internet. So we can remove the ads but it seems fun, it shouldnt be that bad. On with the fun, you cant make a character first of all, its kinda boring, but you can use this app to get stuff to gacha club or gacha life, its like a mod! So we decided instead of hate, like 1 star. We will give it a three.

The games is fun but its just not like the ads and theres no dress up area like Gacha life or Gacha club so 3 starread more.

So the game says that you can make characters but there isnt anything that lets you make characters, im kind of disappointed because of the false advertisement.

  1. The app took so long to download 2. The games are inappropriate 3. The same as everyone is saying stuwpid adds 4. The call of the sounds are louder than a lion so bad 5. We HATE THIS GACHA STUWPID NEON 6. Dont waste ur time on the stupid add 7.u cant even put the cloths on the chartar!!!!!!!!! Plz do not waste ur time Never play this all it is is wasting ur time and plus we give it a 0 star rating and it even said (bro shut up) in the funny calls plz this game is inappropriate.

We just joined the game and an add just pops up and like amazing game we mean liek we dont know what to say.

It gave us a add 24/7 it it was annoying and we couldn’t figure anything out because there were so many adds.

So when we looked at the clothes we thought it was a Gacha game but when we were playing the game it didnt even look like the words but the game was ok.

We didnt have much fun playing this game. We give this a 2 star because there was lots of adds and if their were adds, they were always the same. Also, the clothes never changed. We did only download this game to see what it was, so we didnt even go half way through. This game was okay but it wasnt good. We hope this review helped!

Ok so the game is bad we general, Heres why WAY TO MANY WAY WAY TO MANY ADS!! Your cant even dress up! Its a waste of time! The options are so boring You cant do anything but be bored! This game is a bad game and like nothing like gacha at all, it really doesnt deserve 2.5 Stars if Im being honest!

We mean the people that said its a boing game there right.! But we fill bad for the creator .

You probably read the title but theres so much ads and you get to play the game well when you think about it its pretty weird because how you feel about it and it doesnt depend if you like it or not like it is we dont really like it because the way that the ads go and so much ads if we say you dont have to download it because we want is really annoying all you had to do is oh Im gonna play next thing you know add and you want to change the outfit add and you want to do something else ad come on white ads we mean at least change it with ads and Ill give it like five star but like come on thats not very good so yeah its OK because we like it the games is fun but when we try editing it doesnt work the game doesnt even let you edit or avatars so Ill probably say you can on download this game and play gotcha life or Gacha club its more better because you can edit and you can make more avatars from it but why that like why do you have to do ads with all the avatars and like OK come on like we dont really like the game its not really funny but we really hate it if you agree with us say the same thing we said.

Looks cool but havent even started on it yet the colors look amazing might like might not but hopefully make some cool characters with this.

Super crappy its an online game nothing else.

This app is fake it only has funny call witch is not funny at all and it says that you can create charaters on the add but yeah this is a scam DO NOT DOWNLOD THIS APP IT IS A LIE And you should just go downlod gacha life or gacha club and not this because it is a scam.

Way to many ads, if try to click something it give you an ad and no character making.

We’ve been less than one minute trying to figure out how to make a character and then we realized oh you cant we think this is just a copy theres just funny prank calling you like theres no outfit Editers. No man its just like a little copy theres gotta be the real Gacha neon out there cause this fake.

It is HORRIBLE look at the other reviews! ITS SCAMING.

So we thought it was like gacha club/life to make gacha characters with more clothing/etc but when we got it, we hit something and it pulled up a copy of a fake game, So we were confused, so we hit menu them it pilled up the main game Then it gave us a ad of itself, and there was other fake games and boring stuff, Dont think you should get it, its NOT what you think at all. The developers just want to make money, so they make these fake games. Dont get it,

So we were on youtube shorts we seen it there really fun thing when we downloaded there no.

We bought this from an ad off from that it took us to a website and it looked so legitimate they literally had a webpage filled with people who had made it and all sorts of good reviews was it all a lie everybody saying the add-on worked amazing but it was absolutely horrible its like this prank call app and some sort of stupid rip off of a game that already exists and has already been made like 10 million times what is this you really did trick me.

Honestly, we thought this would be a nice game. But on our end of the line the sound didnt work there was no creative property and they just waisted our time. We wish they could of tried and made the game have some character design but after playing for only 5 minutes we’ve started to hate the game. We would rather wait for the REAL game to come out. Im definitely deleting this app. Wish you all the best luck! On your one star.

Theres no making characters and theres too many ads.

Its not even the game we thought we had a new gacha but it wasted our time and will yours.

Just dont get it its a complete lie.

This never gave us our clothes in gacha club or life! We really cant believe it! Maybe try reworking it so you can ACTUALLY dress up. Please dont lie in your ads!

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