Helicopter Escape 3D

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 10:05 am

Helicopter Escape 3D

Helicopter Escape 3D

Helicopter Escape 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SayGames LTD, Helicopter Escape 3D is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 16th April 2021 with the latest update 4th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Helicopter Escape 3D ?

46,448 people have rated 1.16.5

What is the price of the Helicopter Escape 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Helicopter Escape 3D released ?

Helicopter Escape 3D was released on 16th April 2021.

When was the Helicopter Escape 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Helicopter Escape 3D on 4th May 2023.

Where can Helicopter Escape 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Helicopter Escape 3D from Apple Official App Store.



► Get ready for some brutal shooting action!

Rain down fiery vengeance from above in this fast-paced third-person helicopter shooter where you’re on a mission to rescue the hostage from hordes of zombies, gangsters, henchmen, and enemy combatants. Keep your eyes peeled and your wits about you, and don’t stop shooting till she leaps to safety in this easy-to-play all-action game where only the fastest and the deadliest survive. Hyper-brutal, hyper-entertaining helicopter mayhem that will keep you coming back for more time after time.


  • Help the hostage escape by gunning down the endless stream of pursuers behind her. Use explosives and other in-game objects to take out multiple enemies or rely on fancy shooting to eliminate as many bad guys as you can. Hurl down destruction on the enemy, but just make sure you don’t hit the hostage by mistake.

  • When the going gets tough, the tough go slow-mo. When zombies are breathing down the neck of the hapless hostage at critical moments in the game, time slows down to help you cope. Take your time, smash your enemies, and rescue the hostage!

-Varied and exciting gameplay action: levels alternate between rooftop zombie pursuits and building attacks with multiple armed enemies attempting to take you down. Only the sharpest shooters will survive, so watch your angles and get blasting to destroy floor after floor of bad guys.

  • There’s a whole exciting range of enemies to destroy, and some of them even shoot back, so shield up before your start to make sure you can survive and save the hostage.

  • Complete levels to upgrade your guns, outfit, and helicopter, and advance through the districts of the city to reach awesome boss levels with extra rewards. Try out pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, SMGs, and even rocket launchers to find the gun that helps you put an end to most zombies.

  • Extra-special crazy levels offer a riotous alternative to regular gameplay, with guns that shoot cats, sheep, paint, and a whole heap of other weird and wonderful options to brighten up your play.

  • Cool graphics, exotic settings, a tension-building soundtrack, and stylish camera angles give the game an exciting, cinematic feel. Keep the enemy hordes at bay and watch the hostage leap to the safety of your helicopter in beautifully satisfying slow motion.


Looking for fast and casual shooting fun? Helicopter Escape 3D combines the best of exciting action gameplay and easy accessibility. Got five minutes for shooting? How about destroying some zombies and rescuing a damsel in distress?

Download Helicopter Escape 3D now and revel in endlessly entertaining 3D shooter pandemonium that’s guaranteed to dispel boredom and brighten up your day!

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Updated on 4th May 2023

Can you hear the steady thud of chopper blades approaching, whipping up a storm of excitement and expectation in the atmosphere?
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No, it’s the brand new update for Helicopter Escape 3D, racing in with an emergency airlift of fantastic new content and features to make your favorite special ops action adventure even more adrenaline-filled and fun.

Included in this update:

  • Terrifying new boss Giant Monster!
  • New level pack: 20+ hidden levels with new and surprising all-action challenges to test your accuracy and ingenuity even further.
  • All sorts of little bugs fixed to improve gameplay, graphics and balance. We work constantly to polish our game so you can get on with what you’re good at: raising helicopter havoc and rescuing hostages.

With vertical take-off, the only way is up. So download our new update now, jump on board the whirligig, strap in tight and get ready for a whole new level of chopper-based shooting thrills in the latest version of Helicopter Escape 3D!

Helicopter Escape 3D Review

When our dad introduced us to this game we loved it. But we didnt like the slow motion if you could add the button to turn slow motion off we think it will make it a little hard bc the game is easy. But still love it so we would download it.

Can we buy it outright to permanently get rid of ads?

Two modes: 1) save-the-girl mode 2) I-wish-they-would, sniper mode Great guns. Great haptics. Simple and fun. And satisfying gameplay. Highly recommend.

Spend hrs playing. Enjoying every min.

We liked the game and decided to pay the fee to get rid of the annoying ads. However, even after paying the $2.99 fee, there are ads left and right, every step of the game. We are asking for a refund.

We recently got a nu phone we’ve been playing this game almost 9 months and Im level 259, well on nu phone Im level 2not looking forward to having to start over.

Was lovin the game then it stopped working. All it showed when it loads is the chopper!

Lately the events bug and reset you to wave 3-1 no matter where you were. Ad freeze up in 1-9? Too bad, no pants for you. Door bell rings during 2-6? Sorry, no second wave gift since you are now on 3rd wave. Dont try to exit or the same will happen. Was fun but sick of losing prizes to lame issues with no support button.

We keep losing audio dont feel liking have to delete and reinstall all the time.

Every time we are on a level with hostages it uses a shield even though we are shooting nowhere near the hostage. We would have given it 5 stars before this crap .. Just a way to make you watch ads for more shield or if you purchase them you will use them within 2 levels .. Not cool developers.

If you like repetitive monotonous games, then brother this is the game for you! The Levels (districts) is the same after the same. Want to try a gun for free? Watch an ad. Want to triple your money? Watch an ad. Want extra gears? Watch an ad. Want shields? Watch an ad. Want extra outfits? Watch an ad. You get the idea. And the ads can get very repetitive too. However if you get the right gun, you can blow through the districts. You probably wont get a boner or wet panties playing it, But this game can occupy you if you need to waste or kill time.

You need to give us the option to turn slow motion OFF! It is more annoying then useful. There are times when there is no one around but slow motion is on and youre just sitting there watching a building rotate extremely slowly and youre doing absolutely nothing. This game is crazy easy, we dont need it! Maybe keep slow motion for interesting take downs but let us turn it off we want. EDIT: Back off on the slow motion! Almost entire levels are in slow motion, its ridiculous!

We love this little game, you can work off your frustrations.

Puedes matar a Jente y no te hacer un delincuente como en Roblox.

We had this on our old phone and got to world 2 but we got a new phone and Im starting from scratch. Thats how great this game is – Im doing it all over again lol.

We like the old version with the red people better tho this new version is kinda meh.

Game will not allow you to exit from deciding against uniform upgrades or the sheep upgrades. IPad version.

FAKE probalities (highest $$ should be 1 in 3 and 15 gears vs 10 should be 50% still not fixed! (Still approx 1 in 20+ and ZERO out of 45 Boss levels!) Viper rare weapon (looked like plasma rifle upgrade and cost a LOT of gears!) still has only 20 damage per shot- for cost and progression of game it should be near 300 damage per shot. And the no thanks button is STILL missing! Attend to all of these please.

Alright so we liked the game until level 105 so we were killing the guys until we were about to kill the last person and we were taping on it it didnt fire a single shot so we to change level 105 because we couldnt shoot the last guy.

The designer promise NO ads when you purchase items, that doesnt happen. The cram the game ads 2-4 at a time every win. Dont buy the extras!!

Level 1-8 on the current alien invasion is glitched out garbage and impossible to complete.

The game is great but the weekly attack modes are glitching. When the helicopter circles the buildings it goes into trees and hills and makes it unable for us to see what Im shooting.

Adds with ea h stop in play even if you select no thanks.

We just started and l am have ping so much fun people that gave this game a bad review are just weird.

Over one hundred levels in, and one bug persists. After about one or two levels, and always after an ad, the sound goes completely out. We always have to exit the app, and reopen to bring the sound back. Not fun.

Game is fun, but… We find it odd that actual purchases of guns is offered, when the free guns work just fine. Second, the Bosses could be a little more challenging, as none of then have been able to fire off one shot at us while battling them, in over 1,400 levels. Last, saving the girl running on the roof tops is the most fun, needs to be more of that.

We like the game, but then all of a sudden, the woman running just stop moving. The helicopter is moving, the gun goes off, but shes just running n place!!

This game has levels and is very similar to hellcopter and even has levels from hellcopter so far idk if they made hellcopter if you did get rid of hellcopter levels completely its annoying and we played for z escape type gameplay not hellcopter.

After level 50, the levels become very repetitive and dont seem to get much harder. Also, the number of levels where the hostage is running from the villains become less and less and you find yourself circling buildings (which to us isnt as fun) time after time, sometimes 6 or 8 levels in a row. Fun game at first, but loses its appeal.

The game is lots of fun for the first few districts. But then, its the same scenario over and over and over and over. AND, before you jump on us, we know its free and can expect ads to pop up. But again, theyre almost the same stupid ads over and over and over. We think if we see one more ad for Velony with the same idiot player, Ill scream. We actually might have purchased the ad free version of the game if the scenarios had more variety but, instead, we wound up deleting it after just a few weeks.

Very fun, but as always with these apps, the advertisement between each play, last longer than the actual game. Also, why is the girl who is running from Zombies in her underwear. Also, there are very few times where the game lets you save this girl. Most levels are just shooting at buildings like the other Helicopter game. Good play if you are bored or need to pass the time.

This is a fun game the only problem we have is the game glitches once it loads up. The characters that suppose to be running, only runs in place we tried everything to get the game going, but no luck Im uninstalling.

The levels where you are helping someone escape on rooftops are few and far between. Most levels have you circling a building and shooting bad guys. Sound familiar? ITS HELLCOPTER! This game is really nothing more than a reversion of HellCopter! We love HellCopter, but thats not what this was advertised as and we were really expecting something new. What makes it worse is that the actual rooftop levels are so few.

We’ve struggled to play this the most annoying thing is we unlocked so much just to have them hit us with bullets because they shoot before you can engage if you can actually see anything but trees and grass even on the events we dont mind watching ads or working for some slow cash but talk about terrible we put a lot of effort just quit playing because glitchs destroy our shields then you need more shields would you like to watch a ad for 3 more how about letting us see the people or at least the freaking building before Im shot three times its also a recurring issue so reloading wont fix it you just have to hope that this time it will work, we were suckered in dont waste your time and/or money just play something else or you might end up being stuck and helpless on level 512 because thats what happened to me.

The advertisement shows you rescuing a girl from zombies. However most of the time Im playing the other game of theres call HellCopter. Very seldom do we get to rescue the girl. Very seldom! Its usually rescuing hostages, just like there other game HellCopter. Do away with the hostages and just do safe the girl or Ill just delete it.

Im on level 224 and its really getting boring. Same thing in every level, just doesnt change. Doesnt really get more challenging.

It is making us play hellcopter in between the Heli escape one can someone explain.

We love this game but it is kinda like HellCopter which we love but we wish there was more of the hostage because hellcopter is fun but we came to this game so we can save hostages from zombies so if you could fix that there is more hostage saving levels that would make us happy developer please see.

We like the rescue missions. Its why we downloaded the app. Not nearly enough of them. Deleting this app. Its boring.

Game is pretty good but we lose sound after every ad and have to restartplease fix this!

When going thru the special levels, the background and even the helicopter itself gets in the way of seeing the targets causing you to be shot and ending the level. No way to bypass it. You either just keep randomly shooting or just give up. Very disappointing!!!

This is horrible. You cant play a single game anymore without tens of stupid ads. We have deleted this and will continue to delete all these games. Bring back the old style.

Ok the game is great but can you get rid of the HellCopter level we have HellCopter but get rid of those levels.

Fun game but what are the lightning bolts for?

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