Glitter Cure Anime Dress Up

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Glitter Cure Anime Dress Up


Glitter Cure Anime Dress Up is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Doll Divine Entertainment Inc., Glitter Cure Anime Dress Up is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th November 2018 with the latest update 30th May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


73 people have rated 3.0

You can download the game Glitter Cure Anime Dress Up from APP STORE.


Deluxe dress up game featuring fierce magical girl characters!

Choose from a dazzling array of anime facial features, pretty hair styles, endless colors.. You can even design your own custom hairstyle by dragging and dropping hair pieces!
Dress up your kawaii ladies in Japanese lolita inspired fashions. Decorate with bows, jewelry and even drag and drop glitter! Add animal ears and tails to create neko characters, like catgirls or foxes. At the end, add MORE characters to your scene to put together a powerful force of magical warriors!

Doll Divine dress up games: the cure for boredom :)

Updated on 30th May 2019

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Glitter Cure Anime Dress Up Reviews

We love this! It is an amazing app for girls all ages if you love magic this is a game for you!

We usually dont give reviews on games like this but this app is just AMAZING! We love posing the character but we feel it would be just right if you added more hairstyles! And also this game is perfect for when your bored on a car trip or just want to have a peaceful night/day. Its amazing and fun, the style is just PERFECT! A few glitches have happened to us but its ok because its super easy to create a new character and the choices are just amazing, we love to play this game but its a little bit boring at times, we usually turn on music though so if you want a fun time we reccomend you turn on some music as well! Definitely give this app a go.

If you love Glitter force get this app. You can dress the girls up. But our sister hates this app. BEST.

Other dress up games have slots to save characters with, its easier to add characters to a scene instead of creating a character after you finished making one. This is a favorite of ours and we would love to make action scenes (sort of)

We gave you 5 stars because this game is awesome.

We love this game its amazing but we would really love it if you made a sailor moon version of this for iPhone/iPad if thats manageable that would really be nice thank you for reading this if you have have a nice day/night.

This app has so much to offer when making your own cure or glitter magical girl! Its very customizable with so much to pick from we spend an hour making ours and at the end they let you add the option of making more girls for your picture or just you girl soloing the shoot. Would definitely recommend!

This app is AMAZING for Precure fans or Magical Girls in general, we love it! <3.

We love this game(^^)…., but it needs slots. We would recommend you to add slots for the characters we really care about. We also would like you to insert a man body, and a thing where you can add your own photos for a background. Anyway we love the game!

Ok this game is so fun we love it because Im a anime fan and we love drawing anime so its fun for us because we can make a character then draw it on paper or a device it just gives us so many ideas.

This game is really colorful and decorative! The colors are bright and vibrant and the items for the character (Clothes,hair,e.t.c) are very cute to decorate her with!

We’ve followed dolls divine since it was just an Internet dress up game! We remember every new one was unique and fascinating and we’re so glad to be able to support and back on apps now!!! We own every one and love each of them so much.

Hey Doll Divine! We Have Some Ideas For More Games! Kari-Yuki, Sweet 11, Princess 11, And Chibi 11!

We just this game and Im a HUGE fan of anime thank you so much for creating this game and we bet others will like it too.

If youre an artist, this app is for you. The girls have good manga proportions and are pose-able. They have more stylized proportions so its easier to use than the regular artist dummy. Sometimes it is a little hard to find the dress up features. Its also a good dress up game to keep young girls busy. Very fun to play with. How about adding some sort of angel/demon wings? We know its not really in the precure canon but it would make things easier for people like us who just want a manga dress up game with posing. Also maybe a boy body model? Thanks, bye!

We love this game! You can like make your own pretty cures like literally! We really like using this game to make our Gacha pretty cure characters on it and its so fun! We dont know if anyone plays this but why would someone hate it? Its so cool! But heres just one thing we really want to ask! If you still make this game, we want you to add something in it! Apparently, we wish we could put all of our characters in different scenes (Like Put it in more scenes) and literally we wish there was an option where there is a database where the characters we created would save and we can add them in more scenes! We hope this helped! Riley.

It need more hairstyle and more outfits more accessories from the other series seasons!!!

We really love this game,I like precure/Glitter force And its cute but a few updates: 1. Add more precure outfits/Makeup,This game has Kirakira la mode,Maho girls and Go princess precure But it would be better to add More like futari wa,Max heart,Splash star,Yes 5,GoGo,fresh heart catch,suite,Smile,Doki Doki,Happiness charge,Hugtto and star twinkle. 2. Add more Make up 3. Add More age of the cures like 13,11,17,16 and ten Please do these for this game. ~rouge and fuwa.

We absolutely love this game, and we love the fact that you can make new clothes with the drag and drop feature. But the thing we’ve been struggling with is the way you delete the parts. Once you drag an item past the menu with the other items, it deletes the item. Therefore, you cant really customize shoes, or other accessories at the bottom of the doll. Maybe you could make a delete button to delete the items instead of it deleting automatically when it gets past the item menu. Overall, its a great game, we would totally recommend!

We love this app but we wish there was more precure outfits and hair from different cures like hugtto, smile charge and dokidoki precure! Other than that this is a lovely app with lovely stuff!

We love this game!!! As one of the Pretty Cure/ Glitter Force fans, we think this game is awesome!!! Just one suggestion we would add though. You should be able to save a doll within the game and then you could spawn it in whenever you wanted instead of redoing the doll!! This game is so amazing and we totally recommend it!! We hope more updates come soon!!

We’ve played a ton of games on the doll divine website and Im glad we bought this app because Ill be playing it a lot more. After buying it and testing it out we like the game we really do but its just a few small things. One is the sleeves that dont move when you pose, another is when you have more than one doll you cant really make a nice scene like you can on the website. We think .99 is a decent price for this but nothing more would be worth it, though Im super glad to be supporting the makers.

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