Goblin Sword

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Goblin Sword


Goblin Sword is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gelato Games Ltd, Goblin Sword is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 11th September 2014 with the latest update 25th April 2018

Whether you are a fan of Action, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,264 people have rated 2.6

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Goblin Sword is a retro-inspired action platformer with light rpg elements.

An army of monsters led by an evil wizard have invaded your hometown. Slay as many monsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps and defeat menacing bosses, before facing the evil wizard himself.

“It’s such a crazy value and has such good production quality it kind of speaks for itself.” 5/5 TouchArcade
"Fun visuals, good music, engaging level design, and lots of content make Goblin Sword an excellent little game." Editor’s Choice -148 Apps
“A deeply compelling and staggeringly impressive tribute to retro games.” 10/10 ArcadeLife

-89 levels
-13 bosses
-30 weapons with unique special attacks
-30 relics that grant you abilities
-14 costumes
-8 guardians that follow you around and assist you
-5 secret very hard levels
-Decorate your home with souvenirs
-Customizable touch controls
-Universal app. Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
-Full screen support for iPhone X
-iCloud and MFi support
-Game Center achievements and leaderboards
-Premium game. No IAP or ads ever.

Updated on 25th April 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Full screen support for iPhone X

Goblin Sword Reviews


This isnt even a mobile game at this point. With it being on the Nintendo switch. Got this when it was new. Been through added content. We have generally 100% this game. Literally every single thing you can do in it. Took a lot of time. We managed to do it all while just simply having time to go on our phone and play. While on a long car ride. Before a movie starts. Waiting on something. Things like that. Had fun every second. Worth the buy for sure. Would love to see a sequel or more content added soon hopefully.

Look, Ill be honest here, we play this game every day, we’ve done that for 3 years, we already know all the levels and have all the weapons, we play it while we watch shows or talk to people we dont want to talk to, we must have over 5000 hours in this a minimum, this game is part of our life, just buy it.

How is there not a sequel to this game ? Reminds us of the early mega man games 100 percent . What a fun game and hours of gameplay . Play this now !

Such a fun game and a joy to get all the achievements. Will keep you engaged for hours. Wish they would expand it since its been a couple years. Definitely our favorite iPhone platformer.

Love this game. We just hope they keep expanding and adding more levels to this already great game. Still waiting for more new levels, are they coming? We keep getting updates, and no new levels yet.

As you complete levels, the fun expands and your weapons, armor, and relic collection grows. Worth it! A great side-scrolling gem!

This is a great game, way better than good. Please make more games.

We dont usually write reviews, but felt compelled to comment on how awesome this game is. We have been playing it non-stop since purchasing it. The retro feel of the game and graphics are amazing. The controls are simple, but create perfect gameplay. We were looking for a game to play when we have some downtime and this has far surpassed our expectations. We hope to see more games like this from the creators. A+ on this one, good job.

We like this game, its really entertaining and as always ability to grow, progress and customization power is what makes games fun and engrossing, which it has. We have a few quip though, we want the ability to attack while moving and to mix and match relics (up to 3 at least). A bonus would be the ability to choose your warrior, change appearance, etc.

Perhaps the best 8-bit style platformer we’ve played on the iPhone. Great graphics, easy controls, and all sorts of hidden power ups that keep the game intriguing. Be sure to equip your player to best match the levels youre playing.

We have had this game for at least 2 years now and have completed every new area as soon as it has come out (2-3 days to complete each new area). We then spend some time getting crystals and chests and stuff but that doesnt take too long either. With the new weapons, the bosses are too weak and you dont even really have to move at all to kill them, you can just spam in one spot. We think either the levels should be harder or maybe make more areas. For example, the boat should be able to travel to another island or something like that. Overall, still a great game in our opinion.

We really like this app! Its a great game to play if your bored or just in the mood for some fun!

We do not usually take the time to write reviews, but this game was awesome. Nice classic feel while still being challenging. Its really nice to not deal with IAPs as well. We highly recommend playing this game. We hope they make a sequel, we would buy it in a heartbeat.

An awesome game with simple (yet very responsive) controls and some interesting level design. Having a blast playing with a MFi controller (I am personally using a DS4). Note to the developers: our only complaint is the focus state of the buttons when using a MFi controller is way too subtle. It would be better if the icons blinked a brighter white, or had some sort of outer glow/outline so it was clearer what button/item/option we had highlighted. Also, it would be nice if when purchasing items from the Merchant, there was a confirmation popup before it took your coins. This is especially important because of subtle focus state and its sometimes difficult to tell what items are highlighted in the UI. Lastly, it would be cool if O/B button could perform the Back operation in the menus. Its fine to have it do the same thing as X/A in-game.

Great phone platform game, we love the hidden treasures and replay of levels as you gain more experience. Worthy game if you like this style.

We love the discovery and actual upgrades to your character which fundamentally change game play. It’s sort of like the Megaman X-series, where as you upgrade your character, you can then go back to levels that you had trouble getting all the goodies. We keep coming back to see what new games they’ve released. This is such an amazing game, we can’t wait to see what they do next. It has the feel of an old school arcade-style-RPG like Golden Axe, but this is so much better. Update: we bumped it up one star because the dev added a great whole new level. This game is great. Update 2: we came back hoping for another release and was pleasantly surprised — again! Hoping to see what else they make! Update 3: This game is one of the only games we come back and check on every so often. Its such a lovely game. Its got such perfection in gameplay, something so rare these days. This is the kind of game we’ll remember forever. Update 4: Just came back to see what was new, and we watched the video trailer for this game. We love how it shows the deft skills you develop while playing the game. The hero never gets hit once! Rock on! Update 5: Congrats on getting featured yall! Any more updates or new games coming? Youre the best.

Feels like an old school Nintendo game with the same controls. Best game we’ve played on iOS.

We dont know what to say except that this is a great game! Its surprising to find an actual game on the App Store. This could be on the switch. We need a second one or more add-ons.

This is a fantastic game. We’ve been playing it since its release and we just keep coming back. Its so much fun. The controls are great, the action is challenging, and the graphics are wonderful. This has been our favorite iOS game for a long time now. We ask the developers to please release a sequel or some more levels for the fans!!

We have been looking for a game like this on iPad for a longtime. Good content.

Loved this game, challenging and wildly entertaining. Different swords and artifacts change how youll play each level, However finding all the loot can be time consuming- lots of hidden nooks and crannies.

One of the best platformers we’ve played. All Im asking for is please come out with a sequel. Please consider this.

Seriously an amazing, complete and addictive journey the game take you on. It has been a while since we felt so…. Satisfied with a mobile game let alone a platformer and this one is one for the books! We are in love and hope and pray more content like this will keep coming. Amazing job guys:)

All we have to say is that it is awesome and we love it!

We love this game so much, it hasnt seem to be touched by you guys in years. Please!!!!

We are late, but this game is absolutely awesome if you are a fan of old school platform games. Just enough dungeons and dragons/monsters/sorcery to keep a fan of that type of stuff interested. Not super difficult to get through the mazes (hint: especially if you collect enough coins to buy a powerful sword ;), but enough to keep you engaged and plenty of levels. WELL worth the app purchase!

This game is so so so so so so awesome, highly recommended Make a second please.

Love this game! First mobile game to feel worth playing. Hoping there will be more content soon! It has been about 3 years so we dunno about that.


This has to be one of the best mobile games we’ve ever played. Theres so much content, and every aspect of the game is done quite well. We really hope this studio puts out more games – a sequel or brand new titles. Amazing music, rewarding gameplay, and a visual style that pays homage to some of the best platformers out there. We really cant say enough about this game. 10/10 would recommend.

Really good and well thought out platformer. The art is excellent and truly pixel art as opposed to some games which use pixelated images but still rotate and transform everything to the point that it doesnt look right. This looks exactly like a SNES game. The only thing we wish it had was a little bit more depth, like if the armor actually did something besides change your appearance and you could equip more than one special item at a time.

This game is our favorite on mobile. The gameplay is awesome. The art is consistent and cute. The levels are very well designed. We’ve gotten hours of fun out of this. Thank you so much!

We downloaded this game years and years ago and we still come back every once in a while to play it, never gets old. Love it! Just wish it never ended.

This game is amazing. It is so addictive and is very fun. We rarely write reviews but decided to write one for this game because it is exceptional. We finished the game and was hoping there were new areas but there werent :(. Please add more!!!!! Make the boat go somewhere!!!

Goblin Sword is hands down the best game we’ve ever played on our cell phones… All of them… Combined. Its creativity, action and nostalgia are everything you could ever ask for. It leaves you completely satisfied but then lost once its over. The feeling of finally getting every chest and every diamond is pure bliss but then knowing your are out of levels leaves you craving more. We truly hope that the developers are working on the sequel to this amazing creation.

Heyo, wanted to say we’ve played this to the epic finish about 3x now, and wondering if another one was gonna be released, but nothing. So, Im here asking if there are any plans to finally make a sequel to this epic platformer.?!

Ill put it out there: This is the best game in the app store. Its like some long lost NES classic that only ever surfaced a few years ago. The controls are perfect, the levels get super tough (but not frustrating), and theres tons of loot and rewards and new monsters and bosses. There arent a lot of games like this any more. Just simple, fun and challenging. Our two boys and we are all playing on our own devices, and sharing progress and tips and helping each other get past levels and bosses. Its the most fun weve had playing together on any system. Anyway. Great game. Really great game.

As someone whos played goblin sword since its release and through the updates, we have to say that it is the best platformer on iOS. Easy controls to get used to give the game a great flow and the retro graphics are a nostalgic touch. Boss battles are fun and have decent mechanics that arent easy their first go around. One of our absolute favorite games on iPhone and highly recommend to anyone who loves that retro platformer.

We have played this game throughout three times. Meaning we have collected all the treasures and crystals from every level, done every challenge and collected all the swords and whatnot three times. And you bet we will be getting it for a fourth time. We are enthusiastic about a potential new level as ones in the past have never disappointed Thank you, Lucas.

We beat this over a year ago and still havent found a game that quite holds up to the smooth and amazing gameplay that comes with this platform. We hope they make a second one soon.

We absolutely love it! Although it would be nice if an update dropped it feels so abandoned its a truly fantastic game and we want to see it evolve with new content every once in a while!

One of our all time favorite iOS games. Just a really well done game. We’ve replayed this many times. Wish the dev would make a follow up.

Hours of gameplay. RPG elements. Epic bosses. This has got it all.

We never played game like this game Please make more levels.

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