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God of Saiyan

God of Saiyan

God of Saiyan is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CSR TECH LIMITED, God of Saiyan is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 20th October 2022 with the latest update 20th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of God of Saiyan ?

270 people have rated 1.0.1

What is the price of the God of Saiyan ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the God of Saiyan released ?

God of Saiyan was released on 20th October 2022.

When was the God of Saiyan updated ?

The latest updated date of God of Saiyan on 20th October 2022.

Where can God of Saiyan be downloaded ?

You can download the game God of Saiyan from Apple Official App Store.



Hot-blooded fighting, romantic adventure. Meet the new dragonball idle RPG! Assemble Z warriors! This is for the whole universe!
Never stop your dragonball journey, brand new main story mode plus surprises!

-Adventure with many partners
Popular heroes are back, which one is your favorite? Recreate the iconic world, this one is for you only!

Fight alongside Goku and challenge the dark side. Recruit more heroes and build up your own teams.

-Various game modes
World Tournament, Red Ribbon Army, Snake Way, Korin Tower and etc.

-Relax gameplay, Idle battle
Farm resources automatically even offline, quick claim and more!

Updated on 20th October 2022

God of Saiyan Review

Dragon ball idle rpg. Nice play.

Something wrong with vegeta because he call Goku goku and not kakarot.

It is a very good game quite entertaining and addictive SSR very simple to get, very easy to advance competition inside and outside the GM server up to date, quite pleasant graphics and designs, let’s hope there is a very compromising game.

Excited to play once it downloads.

We have not seen anything wrong with it so we love it.

Great fun competitive game try it out u wont regret it.

So far best DB game we’ve played easy controls and amazing graphics!!!

Its not bad but make it more like db legends where you can move and stuff like that with cards.

Been waiting for a passive dragon ball game for a long time.

Its pretty fun we had low expectations and it kinda blew our mind on how addictive this game could get and now its one of our fav games.

Great Dragonball Z game , Very Detailed & Graphics Are Great . The Game Starts Out Alright, But As You Keep Playing The Storyline & Game Gets Better.

Ngl this game is really entertaining and fun but its just so easy. Note to creators make game harder.

Pretty bad graphic but overall good game.

Seems to be okay. English translation needs work. Will keep playing.

Pretty decent game play / graphics. Can definitely tell already its pay to win but still fun none the less.

Would have given 5 stars if it wasnt false advertisement. It shows on fb you get free blue goku but you dont if this is fixed Ill change to 5 stars.

They said on Facebook you get a free blue goku but that never happened but over all a great game and thats only if you had to wait which we waited a while and nothing lol but it is what it is.

Good game so far just didnt get our preorder gift like promised.

Not a Horrible Game Just needs A Lot of fixes And we really hope they add a Few Characters.

Pretty cool game, but our app has no music or sound…. Also, no tutorials…. Thats why we give it a 3/5.

We pre-ordered this game and they did not give us the reward they promised.

We pre ordered this game and didnt get ssj blue goku like said in the ad.

It was good but on TikTok from yall we did not receive SSR goku plz make it possible to get him thx.

Typos, poor grammar, the character dialogue seems like it was written by a 40 year old whos never seen the show, it needs more polish. A lot more polish. As it stands, it seems like they took the Japanese release and then just used Google translate to convert everything to English. Another rushed dragon ball game thats not going to do well, itll meet its demise quickly.

Is ok. Just a rip off dragon ball game.

Great game could use some improvements but its awsome.

We like the game but it just randomly switch servers on us and now we cant go back to our previous server. So we lost our character that we spent money on.

DONT DOWNLOAD This game promises tons of rewards but nothing is given Especially the super Saiyan blue they promised.

Our account was bound and linked and even when we log in, its making us start over from new.. No thank. You. Not a good way to attract customers.

We would give 5 stars but randomly the game signed us outta the account we made( after we spent money) and has no way of us getting back into our account mean while their fb contact info doesnt work AT ALL. Dont invest, will waste time.

The game logged us out after we spent time and money and will not bring our account back.

For those tat try to invest money into this, Dont cuz u may not know if its worth the time and money but always try it first before purchasing anything for a couple of weeks or so to see how this game will progress. Plus we saw a few reviews showing a few ppl making tat mistake by purchasing these booster packs meanwhile have a bad experience at the same time. Overall this game is heavy P2W if ur looking to compete with other players.

We were having fun no problems but all of a sudden our account resets ??? Like what ? Is this smth that can be fixed.

We pre ordered to get the blue super Saiyan and we didnt get anything.

Downloaded the game for fun, there isnt even any tutorial. No introduction, no walk through, nothing for new players what do ever.

Gave us 50 notifications in 1 minutes we just barely downloaded it yesterday and didnt play the game yet.

The game is stupid we hate it.

Look, we were exited for this game and when we started it, it looked very nice. But then we saw some things that looked similar, like shallot from dragon ball legends. Then we figured out you can summon (like dragon ball legends) and we knew what it was immediately. ANOTHER RIPOFF GAME.

Dowloades the game yesterday, and logged in today and we’ve losted everything that we had yesterday, and the purchases that we made as well, don’t download.

The game was not good it shows too many ads and it freezes and kick you out every 5 minutes.

At first the game looks very cool but in reality when you start to play it the game play is horrible the characters look weird in our opinion and they dont look the same.

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