Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games

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Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games

Golf Rival - Multiplayer Games

Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th April 2018 with the latest update 28th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games ?

96,157 people have rated 1.64.327

What is the price of the Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games released ?

Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games was released on 24th April 2018.

When was the Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games on 28th November 2022.

Where can Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games from Apple Official App Store.



Whether you are an avid golfer or a casual mini golf player, we invite you to an adventure with this top multiplayer golf game – Golf Rival – and enjoy real-time competition and fantastical golf environments! We have over 30 epic golf themes and over 300 spectacularly designed courses, each giving you a different kind of golf battle experience and filled with ultimate golf excitement. DOWNLOAD this free-to-play golf game now and golf with friends from all over the world!


  • Top multiplayer games with hundreds and thousands of active online golf players around the world!
  • Intuitive gameplay: easy to understand tutorials and simplified mechanism.
  • Simple to play: drag finger and release to drive your balls!
  • Develop precision and feel for the game as you progress to achieve difficult and dramatic shots.


  • Compete in 19 Stages and hundreds of epic courses to unlock golf clubs of various rarities. – Horn necessary skills such as hitting long bouncing shots, winding curve shots, “dunking” balls, as well as other trick shots leveraging landscapes and obstacles.
  • Collect and use over 300 Special Balls to out-maneuver your opponents.
  • Win golf games to receive chests rewards to upgrade your golf clubs and earn free special balls!
  • Find and challenge the best golf players in the League and Global ranking list!


  • Match against opponents quickly and play against the best golfers around the world in fun competition formats!
  • Special Challenges: offers weekly creative rules and exciting PVP competition.
  • Kingdom: Climb the ranks of Knight, Viscount, Earl, Marquis, Duke, King for great prizes and honor badges.
  • Tournaments: standalone play to achieve new personal best and show off records to friends. – Arena: complete Albatrosses in Par-5 courses for course mastery.
  • Brink Game: Hit the ball close to the hole without sinking it!


  • Make new friends through playing golf
  • Invite your Facebook friends to join this addictive golf game!
  • Accept gifts from your friends by playing with or against them!
  • Upload and share your personal profile with other Golf Rival players globally!

DOWNLOAD and BEGIN your golf adventure by playing Golf Rival with players worldwide!
Join this exciting and addictive game, win your clash and become the master of golf games!

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. You can contact us via Facebook: or tap the "Help and Support" button in game settings to get help.

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Updated on 28th November 2022

Thanks for playing Golf Rival!
In this version we’ve made general improvements for a better gaming experience.
We constantly strive to make our games better, so your feedback is always welcome!

Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games Review

Great game we were introduced to by our brother. Many different types of games, levels and rewards. To rank up requires learning skills in judging distance, club and wind attributes as well as how to avoid hazards. Would recommend to online gamers looking for a pass time or skill challenges.

If your phone service is not good then you should not play unless you are on wifi. Or just upgrade your phone. LoL but the game is amazing. The more you play the better you are. Do not transfer phones signing in may lose your data. We have lost two accounts so far but now Im cool starting over because Im better than most! And you could be too?

Great game to play while passing time.. Toilet champion.

We love this game. Fun and easy to play. We would really like to see an upgrade in the messaging. There needs to be more phrases or give us some ability to type our own words in.

Love it, almost as frustrating as the real thing.

Its not bad. Expensive to buy anything though. Hard to work up the ladder. Keeps giving the same old clubs as prizes.

This game is awesome because it really helps us learn (golf). When we first downloaded this it was the best game ever and it still ls! (Closing). Go and download this game it will make your life the best!

We appreciate games that dont spring ads on you every 10 seconds- watching optional ads for rewards is much preferred. The game is fun, intuitive and rewarding. Definitely a great game.

The matchmaking in the tournaments is not fair. Theres no reason why Im playing against someone who club levels are 5 more than ours.

Im having a blast playing this game!!

We have been playing this game for many years. We never played golf in our entire life! When we came on here, we had no idea what certain clubs were or what different balls are for. This game taught us a lot. Of course not everything lol. Its not like Im playing for real or on a course lol. We’ve been hooked since day 1. You start to learn what areas to play in as you level up in order to keep ranking high enough to move up to the next rank. We dont remember the actual name of the side game that helps you with a lot of points to rank in the top. The Arena is 1 of them. Try it out. Why not? You have nothing to lose! Accept maybe a couple games lol. Good luck.

Not incredibly realistic but very entertaining and competitive.

Overall the game is fun and challenging, however at some point, maybe around level 13 or so, the game becomes something of an arms race. The person with the highest power clubs and balls will ultimately win the hole. After you tie the round, which happens often, there is a sudden death hole (closest to the pin wins after one shot). Unfortunately the holes are mostly designed so that it isnt a skills test but rather a how far can you hit the ball test. If the other player has better stuff, you will loose unless they make a mistake. To get better clubs/balls takes a lot of time or you pay for them which obviously some have done.

We love the game and would give it 5 stars except for the constant music that started today. Now we turn the sound off.

Good golf play with unrealistic eagles and shots. Cost ALOT to upgrade your clubs to make it more enjoyable for avid golfers, which can also buy special golf balls for similar effect. Good spread of fake courses that are challenging and fun. Would be 5 stars except for the cost to upgrade clubs.

This game is fun, and the rewards are plentiful. The one downside we can say is that they constantly give you upgrades to all the clubs you NEVER use. If youre dumb enough to save up your gems and purchase the mega cheat, you can count on getting screwed by getting a ton of upgrades for the clubs you dont use anymore.

This game is challenging, we would like more opportunities to get the clubs we need, we do spend quite a bit of money on this game but we get a lot of useless cards that take up space. Another thing we would like to see is the ability to arrange our golf balls into groups so they take less time to find during the timed game. There is ways to spend the junk cards but it not enough to make them useful.

Its aight. Aint guna lose no sleep over it.

The putting is too easy. If youre on the green its automatic that youll make the putt. It needs to be more of a challenge once you hit the green.

Yall need to be more accurate with matchups, how does anyone with a bat 6 beat a bat 9. Impossible! You need to better set matchups where levels are closer to each other. In special games 4 levels first one you have to win 1 of three. Second round 2 of three and third and fourth rounds have to win all three. You work and win three levels get to the championship round and play a club three times better no freakin chance. So waste of time, Im not spending $50 to get gems. Unreal! And time on tourneys why? Your playing yourself why should you be rushed, totally ridiculous!

Plan on playing people who outclub you. You have a level 3 legendary, you will be matched up 80% of the time with level 5. Get to level 5, youll be matched against level 7. Its intentional and wont be changed.

Great game. Just dont play Kingdom. No matter how good you think you are or how much money you pay, they will screw you over. Awesome game except for Kingdom. Youve been warned.

Yall need to be more accurate with matchups, how does anyone with a bat 6 beat a bat 9. Impossible! You need to better set matchups where levels are closer to each other. In special games 4 levels first one you have to win 1 of three. Second round 2 of three and third and fourth rounds have to win all three. You work and win three levels get to the championship round and play a club three times better no freakin chance. So waste of time, Im not spending $50 to get gems. Unreal!

This game is fun to play but one always know when he is playing against AI. The algorithm is set to cause you to lose when you get to a higher lvl. We have played against what seems to real people, they have the same lvl equipment that we have and the wind direction is the same for both, we match there play only to find myself in the bunker. Also you can always tell when your playing against the AI from the impossible Albatross they get. Like we said this game is fun and we will continue to play it, we just wont pay to do so. Guess we will stay at the same lvl. Lol.

The game needs a fix ! Putting a 6 level club against a 3 level club is just insane! Game is very unfair this way. We usually give up right from the start, because there is no way you can compete with that.

Getting caught against the bits where there is no chance to win gets frustrating we are down now almost 1500 points because suddenly every opponent has club and ball levels 2-4 higher than us. We have gotten almost every Bat Wings offered us for example and am currently at a 4 playing against 7s who can drive 50% more than us so its drive and chip or us another wood 2-3 up from our level and on green in 2 It gets annoying but when fair it is a good game.

The game itself isnt bad. Just would caution you when playing the game there is a cyclical pattern.! You play for awhile and win multiple games, then they want you to buy upgrades ( coins, gems, and equipment ). After you upgrade you will win some and then go on one of their famous forced losing streaks. For example, this one time we were on a hole and our apponent had the wind going from right to left, he lined up the shot left, and hit the ball left and somehow the ball ended up smack in the middle of the fairway. The the approach shot was off and somehow it ended up on the green and after a long put somehow it ended up a few feet from the cup. So you end up drawing the hole and go to a closest to the pin shootout. No matter how close you hit your shot they will always be just a little bit closer. Moral of the story is be careful how much money you put into this game and keep an eye out for forced losing streaks that drain all your coins where you are forced to buy more to keep playing.

Golf Rival is a fun game. But, when we get paired together with other players. They would have better clubs and wing skins that you would have to pay for. Theres no chance that you could win. Its not giving you a fair chance to play fair.

Its a fun game, but be warned: the game constantly puts you against people who have spent way more than they should* on a video game to the point where its impossible to win many times without buying your way up. Also, putting and chipping are stupidly easy. Would be much more competitive if they increased the in game skill required to do one of the hardest things to do in real golf. *defined as $1 or more. Lol, imagine paying money to win at an iPhone golf game.

Great golf game that challenges and has a lot to offer in special contests, side games, etc. The problem comes in matchmaking. While the game generally does a good job in the base, normal game, anytime you are playing in the side matches or special games the players you see universally have advanced further, have better clubs (by a long shot) and are extremely overmatched to you, making those games nearly impossible and sucking the fun/competitive spirit out of the game. Going back to golf clash, at least there you see players of similar level to yourself consistently.

When it works, Golf Rival can be a fun game. It doesnt pretend to simulate golf and if u know the cheat code players can sink outrageous holes. Sometimes the game will disconnect while playing. Sometimes your opponent will disconnect. The disconnect has nothing to do with a weak Wi-Fi connection. It just happens. Reaching out to Help doesnt do much to resolve issues. Its can be a fun game to shoot the breeze but dont expect it to work properly all the time.

Bottom line, there is no skill set you can achieve to defeat this game. Play for fun or dont play at all. The game varies your shot power so you cannot dial it in. Bots are all over each game and your winning is determined by the bot algorithm. Just like Vegas, the odds are with the house. Thats fine, but you shouldnt ask us to pay money when the game is rigged without stating such.

Its a lot of fun at first. But then later youre playing a lot of people that have spent a lot of money or a gazillion hours so its more ridiculous, not as fun. Its clearly set up to incentivize you to spend $$ otherwise it gets frustrating and you cant compete. The golf part is simple and a lot more fun than some of the other games. Just wish we didnt always have to play against playing against people who dont have a normal life or obviously dont have anything better to spend their time and money. It is fun. Dont get us wrong. Ill raise it to 3 stars. The courses are a lot of fun. They have a lot of tournaments and challenges that are fun where we just wish people were sorted out a little better instead of having a novice compete with someone that has obviously spent their life savings on the game and theres no chance to compete. Also you get penalized if you dont win so progress you get to a point where you dont progress at all and stuck on the same course forever so then thats time to move on.

There are rewards you can get for watching ads, but most of the time it doesnt work saying videos not loaded, try again later. Fix this issue and Ill change our rating to 5 stars.

Seem to always be behind in club level against opponents. Also they should get rid of the random club cards for leveling up the clubs and make it exp based. If we play with certain clubs let us level them up without hoping we get a random card.

Game is fun with some minor bugs. Ad free is nice unless you want any kind of gifts then be ready for super long ads. The prize wheels and mini games are a complete sham tho. Its designed to waste your earned/collected money,gems etc- so that you will be frustrated and tempted to buy more. We get it, but it s completely rigged! It should be fair and not a total scam. It takes away from the game, and makes it all feel like a cheap rip off.

When we first purchased this game, it was fun to play and try to acquire new (better) clubs and balls. Now, you spend 5 minutes when you first open the app to go through all of the gimmicks of spinning wheels, dice games, special offers, and rewards you need to purchase if you want them. It takes away from actually playing the game. Seems like the developers are trying too hard to monetize everything and it is taking away from a positive game experience. Plus, some earned levels are automatically downgrades if you dont play the game enough. Im no longer purchasing anything in-app and once we use up our paid content, Im moving on.

Great graphics but WAY too many bots!!!!

Just wish it would give you cards that you actually use. And for the closest to the pin, it should be the same wind, the same type of club or have it closest to the pin before we putted it.

Originally gave it 3 stars, but after noticing our review wasnt posted we give it 2. This game is filled with algorithms. Read the rest of the reviews. After noticing how the software works we played all the holes the same way multiple times, 10 straight wins, then 20 losses. Im guessing its because they want you to spend money buying the special balls and whatnot.

Same shot will return different results and unless you spend lots of money, youll be pitted against opponents with far superior tools.

We like playing this game the biggest flaw is the coins the game is very stingy when it comes to giving coins and you need the coins to upgrade the clubs which get steep an then it takes you forever to upgrade the clubs unless you buy coins or package deals.

Game seems to favor the opponent.

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