Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 08:45 pm

Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games

Golf Rival - Multiplayer Games

Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th April 2018 with the latest update 29th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games ?

98,173 people have rated 1.72.1

What is the price of the Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games released ?

Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games was released on 24th April 2018.

When was the Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games on 29th May 2023.

Where can Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games from Apple Official App Store.



Whether you are an avid golfer or a casual mini golf player, we invite you to experience a new competitive adventure with this top multiplayer golf game – Golf Rival. Enjoy real-time competition across loads of immersive and exciting golf environments and become a champion! With over 30 epic golf themes and over 300 spectacularly designed courses, each golf battle you enter will provide the ultimate golf excitement! Tee off against other golf lovers around the world in this free-to-play golf game and prove you belong at the top of the leaderboard!


  • Golf Rival is a top multiplayer game with active online golf players around the world!
  • Intuitive gameplay: Easy to understand tutorials and simplified mechanics get you on the course quickly!
  • Simple to play: Drag your finger and release to drive perfect golf shots!
  • Progress as a golf champion and perfect your precise and memorable shots to impress your opponents!


  • Compete across 19 Stages and hundreds of epic courses to unlock rare golf clubs and improve your game!
  • Hone new skills such as hitting long bouncing drives, winding curve shots, “dunking” balls, as well as other trick shots leveraging landscapes and obstacles.
  • Collect and use over 300 Special Balls to out-maneuver your opponents.
  • Win golf games to receive chests as rewards to upgrade your golf clubs and earn free special balls!
  • Find and challenge the best golf players in the League and Global ranking lists!


  • Match against opponents quickly and play against the best golfers around the world in fun competition formats!
  • Special Challenges offer weekly creative rules and exciting PVP competition. Keep checking back for new events!
  • Kingdom: Climb the ranks from Knight to King and earn great prizes and honor badges.
  • Tournaments: Achieve new personal bests, show off records to friends and be the best of the bunch!
  • Arena: Can you hole-in in 2 shots? Complete Albatrosses in Par-5 courses for total course mastery.
  • Brink Game: Hit the ball close to the hole without sinking it!


  • Make new friends through playing golf and connecting with the Golf Rival community!
  • Invite your Facebook friends to join this addictive golf game!
  • Accept gifts from your friends by playing with or against them!
  • Upload and share your personal profile with other Golf Rival players globally!

DOWNLOAD and BEGIN your golf adventure by playing Golf Rival with players worldwide!
Join this exciting and addictive game, win your clash and become the master of golf games!

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. You can contact us via Facebook: or tap the ""Help and Support"" button in game settings to get help.

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Updated on 29th May 2023

Thanks for playing Golf Rival!
In this version we’ve made general improvements for a better gaming experience.
We constantly strive to make our games better, so your feedback is always welcome!

Golf Rival – Multiplayer Games Review

Sometimes Ill be playing and then itll go blank and then all of a sudden we have a couple seconds left to shoot very irritating please fix.

We love it its so easy to lean and fun to play! And you can compete with others online! Bet you Cang be master! Even though its not what it is in the ads, its better! Trust us we bet we cant get our whole family (who plays Pokmon and golf) to rate this 5 starts also we wish we can use google to sign in, some times people wont wanna be on guest mode, but there stuck because they dont have a facebook account! But this is highly recommended and addicting!

Love this game and the the graphics are top notch! We recommend to everyone to at least give it a try! See ya on the course!

We really enjoy this game! Keeps us busy and it is fun and challenging. Thanks!

We really enjoy the relaxation of the game. The only thing that makes no since to us is that you can only use a bought ball for one swing then its gone. We think you should at least be able to continue with that ball for the rest of that hole!!!???

We havent been able to get an opponent for the last several hours.

The game is great however the last couple of days the game doesnt go to the course. It spins through the competition of players but then says a problem from our end. We dont have any issue. We turned our phone off restarted it and the app still does the same. It has no problem for us to watch the commercials to get the diamonds or chest but it just doesnt go into the game. We downloaded the latest update but still same issue. Todays date 5/29/23. Please help really, really want to play the game.

The game itself is ok, but if you want to excel it will cost you.

If you have the mega bucks to spend you get up there. If not just sit back and enjoy what you can get.

When l 1st ? Started playing the game There wasnt a lot of Royal match ads . And now there are way too many ADS.. So thats why l gave it a 2 stars and l dont play much anymore..

Just keeps cycling and not choosing an opponent.

This was a fun game until the cheaters hacked and ruined it. You cant play fair in the arenas or tournaments because people with uminites clubs, balls, & other options come in a d win everything. Theres no way you can finish a tournament of 18 holes of all par fives and be -54. An albatross on EVERY hole? Ridiculous!!!

Golf Rival is clearly a rigged game. You will see this clearly at about Stage 10. After paying for club and/or ball upgrades you will play extremely well before starting to loose again and due more expensive upgrades, this cycle will continue for as long as you play the game. The game is programmed to control your shots to adjust you shot timer. We highly recommend that do not download this game, but you will, and spend a small fortune in playing on and on and on.

Constantly searching for an opponent. The latest update has made this game literally unplayable. 0 stars.

Will we ever be able to play a fair game again? Not looking like it. Just nonstop level 9 legendary clubs while Im at level 6. Its a joke. Most of them have over 50,000 total games played over us. Some way more. Some only have like 3,000 total games played and thats just not possible. Must be the developers screwing people over. Especially us. They all have tens of thousands of 0mph balls. Like they spend over a thousand dollars a day on balls and clubs. Either way it isnt possible. Dont care how much you spend. Unless the developers give them cheats. Probably the case. Its just constant cheating. We cant even tell you the last time we were matched against someone on our level. Its been months at least. Doesnt matter if we lose ten games in a row. Next match is a level 9 cheater. Developers dont care. They just block you when you call out their cheating. They are some of the biggest scum of the earth. Straight discrimination.

Im the guess5187857 and we cant play. Can you check what is the problem????

Today it will not connect to an opponent. It just spins. Shame. We liked the game.

Fun game but be prepared to spend tons of money if you want to enjoy it to its fullest. The spinning wheel is rigged for you to spend money.

This game is bullsht. No fun. Odds of actually winning a perfect game is about 2%. Total Bullsht.

Used to like this game until they started selling your information to third parties.

We dont know what they have done with our card ever since this game havent been able to buy anything on any game they have screwed us cant buy anything this is fked up and ridiculous fix yalls crap after the countless amount we have spent over the years this game will fk you we promise.

We have been playing this game for over six months now and today the game would not match us up with an opponent. We have a strong network connection as well. We updated our iOS and also deleted and reinstalled the app. Still no luck. We did also clear the cache. Not sure what’s going on.

Basically this game just stole our money, we broke down and bought some extras, and it made us loose so many matches in a row it knocked us down a level. – RIP OFF – DONOT PLAY!!!

Got past the opening how to, the app wont find an opponent to match us against. Just keeps coming up with connection issues. Im literally sitting next to our router (that we’ve reset three times at this point). Game still will not advance to allow us to even try the very first round. The app gives you no other choices at this point so the game is unplayable. Zero stars if it was possible to rate it as such.

We love the game but wish yall would make it to where we get the really good clubs we win most of our games and it shouldnt take this long to get a great club we have some descent ones but other then that the game is awesome.

Fun game, and there are no ads.

We find myself playing all the time.

Great game. We enjoy the challenge and quests.

Not a golfer but this has made us love golf great game.

We play a couple other golf games but we really like this one. Easy to play and a quick pace. Lots of fun.

It is a great way to relax. We love that you are always paired with opponents around your skill level. A lot of challenges to keep you interested.

Super fun game, we have been playing this on all kinds of devices for years. Always fun and not a lot changes but what does is good.

This is a great game! You get to play golf and compete. But one problem, when you get a coins it doesnt add to your coins that previously have. For example, it said that we would get 2,000 times but our coins were still at 4,000. Its not really a big deal but just wanted to let you know if you want to get this game. But overall its a really good game!

We have been playing this game for at least 5 years now we have started it over every time we buy a new phone. If the developers are reading this we would like to make a request, it would be helpful if we could organize our balls by their use, the time it takes to find the best ball option eats into our time. If all the stop balls were in the same place we could find them faster. Im choosing to believe that you do listen to what the players suggest. The second request is please stop with the junk cards!!! We dont want to play for junk. Its annoying. Any body that spends their time/ money/ energy/ ingenuity on this game needs some respect. Its insulting to be playing for cards that we will never never use. Its a waste of time. So now we dont play the game to advance we just play each hole as it own challenge because we are not going to be insulted by the crap cards.

Many different courses. Excellent graphics.

While Im playing the game we dont get the same perks or bonus tries as others. Like going around the curve or lengthening our drive, etc.


Give players identicle clubs for shootouts. Distance disparities are insurmountable on many holes.

… But we’ll eventually quit for the same reason we quit all the other golf games Course boredom. You can only keep playing the same holes over and over and over and over for so long, regardless of how splashy your clubs are. We don’t know why these types of games never include a skins option. Great game for short to mid term playing longevity.

Im going to start by saying this. The many reviews stating you cant play for free could not be further from the truth. Im not at all downing anyone but if they improved their play maybe it would be free. We say the above because we have been playing roughly 8-10 games each day for just over a week and we havent had any need to buy anything. In fact the exact opposite has happened and we have been able to collect enough coins to play free for a long time. We were fortunate and won our first 11 games which gave us a nice start. The competition is now much better but Im guessing Im still able to win 4 out of every 5-6 games we play. We would happily give it 5 Stars if they can find the time to add a minimum of 2-3 more holes. The limited number of holes makes it get a little less fun pretty quick.

Its unfair when our opponent has the feather clubs, the wind is the biggest factor. Maybe cut their wind by 1 or 2 mph, not in half. We have no chance when Im facing a 10 mph and theirs is 4.2 mph. Also, there is way too many useless give always. When you make a commitment to a certain club, it seems you can up grade it after playing 100+ more gamesmaybe. It would make the game a lot more fun for us if we actually got upgrades for the clubs we use. Im pretty sure others feel the same.

The game is overall enjoyable but becomes lackluster when the matchmaking for the events. It puts you up against ppl not even close to your skill lvl or club lvl. We’ve been playing for about a year, with lvl 4 legendary clubs and roughy 2500 games played. It matches with players that have lvl 6 clubs and have played over 5k-17k games. There is no way one can compete with those individuals that have a much higher club status. Dont even get us started with the Arena. Matchmaking is atrocious as well.

Needs some improvements. You cant see any club information unless you put it in your bag which makes its difficult to know what clubs you want to use. Also you have no idea what each club upgrades to so you have no idea what clubs could potentially be better than others once upgraded. Its also a knockoff of another golf game that is almost exactly like this. Overall fun but annoying too.

Great graphics fun to play but you can spend a lot of money buying items and upgrading your clubs.

Our biggest complaint are the chest countdowns and the inability to trash them. They just want you to pay money for gems to clear up your slots. Dont give us 4 slots without a way to clear them out. We dont want to have to wait 12 hours to play again because we won 4 matches and have to sit on our hands.

This game suffers from what every other game like this suffers Course boredom. Come up with some new holes for these courses, make it so you can play a skins game with other players, change it up a little bit. It’s a fun game, but the sheer boredom of it all is what will make us quit.

Should be able to change to different club types (driver, wood, wedge, sand, etc.) but game decides for you. Other similar golf games also allow you to use a specialty ball the entire hole, not just one shot. Rip off. Also time consuming. One hole takes at Least 5 minutes. Lots of long pauses and waiting for opponent. Not sure how much longer Ill play this game. Probably wouldnt recommend.

Cant advance past EarlV in kingdom. Watched our opponent line up his shot randomly all over the board until his timer got to 5, then he just pulled back and shot, not caring where it landed. Where did it land? In the hole, of course! No bounce, just a miracle random shot that centered right in the hole. We’ve never seen more 2 shot hole on par 5/par 6 than this game. You will get matched up with some tough opponents, but if you get to the closest to the pin draw match the opponent will have favorable wind and when its your turn all of a sudden your dealing with a 15mph cross wind. Very frustrating.

This game is a lot of fun, however, we absolutely hate it when someone is about 100 yards from the hole and they hit it in. This is virtually impossible to do in real life and if it happened once, no big deal. But this happens daily regularly and makes us what to delete the game every time.

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