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RoGold is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Alrovi Aps, RoGold is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st April 2022 with the latest update 2nd June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Family, or Utilities games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


218 people have rated 1.5.1

You can download the game RoGold from APP STORE.


RoGold – The first Roblox extension which is compatible with iOS on Safari.

Get access to the 30+ features and level up your Roblox experience.
These are just some of the many features you can expect:

  • Trading Values
  • Pinned Games
  • Custom themes
  • Best Friends
  • Player collectibles and RAP
  • Detailed profile statistics (Total Favorites, Current Active, etc.)
  • More group stats on Roblox groups
  • Live updating game info
  • Currency convert (Choose between up to 170 different currencies and three different exchange rates)
  • Settings (Customize what RoGold should do)
    And much more

Updated on 2nd June 2023

  • Settings page fix

RoGold Reviews

Definitely worth the money, best extension for roblox.

We talk to the owner and he actively updates it even though hes in college taking exams awesome dude.

We love this app! We were so stressed because of the new currency update since we changed our location to germany a long time ago and our account was on euros. BUT THIS APP BRO SAVED MEE.

We literally did one hair combo and then we tried to do a different one and it stoped working and Roblox said maximum of one hair accessory is allowed uhm am we doing smth wrong??

We bought this for trading and its decent but you could add a few things including ( letting us see how much we are loosing or winning while we are sending the trade, also show the total value at the bottom of the trade not just the rap, and maybe add notifications when we get/send/decline a trade. Also for some reason we seems like nothing else will load besides Roblox and Rolimons ever since we bought the app/extension idk why it does that but its happening to other people too. So maybe Find a way to fix that too? Ok bye.

Pls bro we payed a dollar for it and it was practically useless and we stopped using it after like a few hours but 2 stars for hair combo.

We spent a dollar on this, we at least expect a functional trading system that shows PROPER RAP AND VALUE and doesnt give us outdated totals.

We think this ext is awesome!! Allows you to do so much stuff that u cant normally do and after the searchblox hack thingy we think thats the name we have been a little skeptical but they are 100% trustworthy !!

We like it! If you dont like it die. But anyways we like it. It has a lot of stuff. But thats all bye!!!

Okay so we are on mobile and we tried to put multiple hairs on, on the app. But it seems to not work, if you can respond to this and maybe help that would be appreciated!

Is it possible you can do it in the Roblox app instead of safari Roblox? Please PLEASE PLEASEE.

We give this app a 1 out of 10 not even 1 a 0 out of ten when we download this and started using it it was fine but a week after all our friends were deleted and all our game passes were removed from our inventory that is unacceptable and we would not recommend this to anyone.

We love this app, but we wish you could do more like equip multiple accessories than just hairs, will that ever be a future update?

Never wrote a review so this is our first! We came here looking to how add on multiple hairs since apparently when we came back to Roblox that got removed along with safaris hair ID thing. Afraid it wouldnt work but downloaded this with faith it would. And it for sure did!! We dont have many hairs so we cant say if the 13 page issue has been fixed like we’ve read in the reviews here. But this did build our trust in the app more :D.

This is not enough, there needs to be more combos because we tried to do a clothing combo but there was no advanced setting for the clothing. There is multiple hair combos but it isnt enough. Are you really that lazy? Please add more.

Didnt even work. We tried adding multiple hairs but it didnt even work at all.

SERIOUSLY? Only on browser? We just spent $1.00 for a BROWSER EXTENSION!?

Its doesnt let us enable it it a total scam dont waste youre money!

We bought this app and it works fine dont trust the people saying it hacks u.

It is most likely going to hack your account because it allows them to look at your credit card info and passwords DO NOT USE THIS Hello the part above was our old review before trying this and we tried it and it actually works out.

We bought this for hair combos, and got more than expected (in a good way c: ) worth our 99 cents.

This app doesnt work at all please dont allow access to this app it will most likely hack you & steal your personal information, we want our money back.

It helps a lot but after and hour or 2 the internet stopped working and when we deleted this app it started working right after please dont keep it for a long time or just dint download it at all.

It wont let us use the (select image) to put a wallpaper we want. We bought the gamepass but it dosent work.

So uh its a good app, it lets us do our hair combos :-) .. BUT! Can yall please please PLEASE make it so se can do more than one face accessory? Multiple hair is great but it would be so much better with multiple face accessories.

Wouldve been great if we could add multiple face accessories.

We love the fact that you made it possible for mobile players to se multiple hairs but we want you guys to make it so you can put on multiple clothing (3D clothing) thats only a thing on pc and it would mean a lot if you added that feature. Have a good day!

Its alright we can now use multiple hairs but it would better if it also helped with getting multiple face accessories.


This is a good app to use but our account had gotten hacked when we started using it, we were able to get it back but Im scared to use it again because of that.

Hii so we dont really think this is worth it,i bought it and tired to turn it on but it didnt work? We tired to do everything but didnt work :/// so we dont think that this app is worth the 99 dollars so please look up some information on apps before buying it thanks -thanks for reading.

Im trying to get more hairs on our avatar but it wont work it just switches between the hair we want idk what to do bc we paid money for it.


We downloaded this app but it didnt work so dont buy this.

Its fake it wont let us click it and its a waste of money we would like a refund and if not then we will sue this app and yes im the parent u wasted a dollar of our money so may we have a refund quickly.

This app is stupid it wont let us turn it on even if we go to settings to allow it, it wont let us turn it on so dumb.

So we bought this app, right we were sooo excited for our roblox stuff, but it wont work, like safari, or even just our ipad dosnt let us make it an extension to use, we have javascript on, and everything should be fine for us to use it, we dont understand what the problem is.. Can someone help us?!

It is most likely going to hack your account because it allows them to look at your credit card info and passwords DO NOT USE THIS.

We only got the because the multiple hairs.. We have tried multiple times (Im on iPad) with the hairs and have now gave up because we cannot use it.. We looked at tutorials and no way works.. Please fix this.


We wish it would tell you it was for the Roblox website and not the application Really just below mid for the price.

Sadly, the hair combo button does not work anymore and whenever we try putting another hair it only puts that hair and gets rid of the other one// please fix that.

An hour Id say after giving Rogold most of our Roblox info, we got disconnected from our fav game from Hacking and flying we DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO HACK ?! Dont download this app, or at least be cautious because idk if it was Rogold who did this.. :( hope we dont get banned.

We love it. We love how you can add ur best friends or players you play with most pinned on top, along with games. But we do want to see it so that you can add more than one face accessory. Overall amazing!

It does not work for some phones so yeah and also sometimes it bugs out where you cant use it. And if you forgot your password Dont use this.

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