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Gown Color – Paint by number

Gown Color - Paint by number

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Gown Color – Paint by number! Developed by the innovative team at 少婷 余, this Board game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 28th August 2023, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 29th August 2023.

Are you a fan of Board, Puzzle, games? Then Gown Color – Paint by number is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Gown Color – Paint by number

Over 521 players have rated Gown Color – Paint by number. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Gown Color – Paint by number Cost?

Good news! You can download Gown Color – Paint by number on your iOS device absolutely free!

Gown Color – Paint by number Release Date

Eager to know when Gown Color – Paint by number first graced the App Store? It was launched on 28th August 2023.

When Was Gown Color – Paint by number Last Updated?

The latest version of Gown Color – Paint by number was updated on 29th August 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Gown Color – Paint by number?

To get started with Gown Color – Paint by number, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Gown Color – Paint by number

Gown Color – Your Exquisite Fashion Coloring Experience!

Unleash your inner artist and indulge in the mesmerizing world of elegant gowns and sophisticated dresses with "Gown Color," the ultimate color by number game! If you’re a fan of coloring games and enjoy the creative satisfaction they bring, get ready to embark on a journey of fashion and hues.

Dive into the World of Color:
Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of colors as you bring life to enchanting gown images. "Gown Color" offers a unique and engaging twist on traditional coloring games. By integrating the popular color by number concept, the game provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for both beginners and experienced colorists.

Sophisticated Coloring-Games:
Unravel a variety of meticulously designed coloring games that feature intricate gown illustrations. Every image is a canvas of creativity waiting for your artistic touch. The use of color-by-number mechanics adds an element of strategy, making each session a delightful challenge to decode and fill with vibrant shades.

Elevate Your Creativity:
"Paint by numbers" enthusiasts and novices alike will find "Gown Color" to be a haven for self-expression. With its wide range of gown designs – from classic ball gowns to contemporary evening dresses – you’ll have the opportunity to explore various color palettes and experiment with shades, letting your imagination run free.

A Fusion of Fashion and Art:
Experience the joy of painting by numbers as you watch your chosen gown designs bloom into colorful masterpieces. Each stroke is a step toward transforming a mere outline into a vivacious creation. The fusion of fashion and art in "Gown Color" allows you to appreciate the intricate details of garments while honing your coloring skills.

How to Play:
Playing "Gown Color" is a breeze! Select a gown image from the diverse collection. Study the numbers assigned to different areas of the image. Refer to the color palette provided, and apply the corresponding colors to the numbered segments. Watch in awe as the image comes to life, revealing the stunning gown in all its glory.

Unveil Your Artistry:
Share your completed artwork with friends and family effortlessly. Whether you’re proud of your meticulous approach or intrigued by your innovative color choices, the "Gown Color" community welcomes your unique creations. Join the ranks of paint-by-number enthusiasts and showcase your masterpieces with pride.

In conclusion, "Gown Color" is more than just a game; it’s a creative sanctuary where the worlds of fashion, art, and color collide. With its wide array of gown images, immersive coloring games, and the magic of paint by numbers, the game offers an experience that resonates with the artistic spirit in everyone. So why wait? Unleash your creativity, embrace the elegance of gowns, and immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of "Gown Color." Get ready to paint, play, and be captivated!

Subscription pricing and terms:
In Fairy Color we offer you the following three subscription options:

  1. A weekly subscription costs $4.99 (or equivalent in your currency) per week.
  2. A monthly subscription costs $9.99 (or equivalent in your currency) per month.
  3. An annual subscription costs $69.99 (or equivalent in your currency) per year after a 3-day free trial period.
    After buying the subscriptions, you will remove the non-optional banner and interstitial adverts from the game.
    In addition, you’ll get unlimited hints, and remove watermarks from all completed pictures.

We are working hard to bring you happy coloring experience. Just enjoy coloring by number.

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Gown Color – Paint by number updated on 29th August 2023:

User Reviews on Gown Color – Paint by number

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Gown Color – Paint by number below:

Thank you we love this app. The only thing we do not like is the graphics we dont like the women that are half naked the women that are we are a woman that is elderly and we just like to paint the beautiful dresses and the pictures that you have with the people that look real are awesome. We love painting them because they look real. We just wish you would use only one color for their body color instead of two or three. We wish we could comment on each picture we paint but we really do love this app we just wish you would change, your the pictures a little bit less provocative and more style beautiful style without the provocative if you know what we mean we hope you read this.

Was looking for a painting app of fashion. Absolutely love these gorgeous gowns.

Its nice to be able to paint such beautiful things anywhere at anytime. We would like to see less sexy stuff. More women of EVERY age and race would be better suited for us.

We really enjoyed this app. We love gowns and wish we could wear one every day. Thank you.

Whenever Im stressed, we take time out of our day to color a few pictures and get lost in another world! Thank you for creating this!

We love it very much thank you so much for this add.

We like this app so what if the person good looking You color her in a gown but we do get where youre coming from a gown on a hanger where a lot people would like just to sit and do ! Dont change this app but just add to and tell us so we are allow to upload it! All would be appreciated. Thanks.

We like seeing girl dress up with there gown and they do look beautiful and amazing with gown and that we want to color like a picture and we would love to color like gown and we like it.

JLA The Avengers United They Stand.

We’ve always dreamed of beautiful gowns not that we would ever wear them was not that situation in life to do so, but we admired him and thought they were gorgeous.. And so it ends up that we love the color gallons we love fantasy we never outgrew our teenager, young childhood love of fantasy so please enjoy we hope. Thank you.

Same question. Where are the beautiful gowns that are advertised in your app? Our granddaughter is looking for them and so am I. Granted, you have some very beautiful pictures to color, but it was those original gowns that we saw in the app advertisement that attracted us to this app in the first place. Do we need to look in a different place for those gowns? OMG, this app has so many glitches that we dont even know where to begin. Half the time it wont even open properly and when it does open, it does not work well most of the time. We have a dozen coloring apps on our computer for myself and our granddaughter. This one is the worst. This one attracted us because we love to color evening gowns. Quite often, when you click on a color, the gray shaded area will turn white and it will not let you color it. You have to keep clicking on it and try to color it before it does it again. We think we read that this app is from Hong Kong??? Do you Hong Kong monkeys not care about your work and your customers ??? It would behoove you to take a tip from Americans and take some pride in your work.. Please make this app work properly. And if you dont care, well then we guess you just dont *&$#@% care.. Sad but true. Sys a whole lot about the work ethic in HongKong.

Love this app! Gorgeous feminine attire and sexy features! Now you need a swimsuit and a lingerie coloring book!!!

We like this coloring app because its different. Gowns!

Gives us so many hours of stress relief to sit and color these beautiful pictures. With working all the time and not much joy in our life this does bring us joy to create a beautiful picture.

We really enjoy the beautiful gowns and colors!

Why did the gown library disappear?

We love the gown in here, gives us a great idea for a costume wedding dress. Our husband and we are planning a wedding renewal , its going to be a themed wedding, a 1920s Mafia wedding. And coloring theses gowns give us a great idea for a costume gown instead of ordering one online or at a bridal shop. Not to fond of the half naked women in some of the pictures but we just pass them by. We love all the different dresses in here from the 1700s until now. Very beautiful.

We love this app however we were a little disappointed in the number of African Americans depicted and even the ones included never have any colorjust brown, beige and black.

We love this program. Pictures are very good. However, we agree with a previous reviewer the patchwork colors on the faces and bodies is not good. We know it is an attempt at shading, but it doesnt work. It makes the faces grotesque. Please try to keep the facial color more uniform.

Some of the pictures are like actual people. A lot to pick from and new ones every day. PROBLEM it started to freeze and dangerous ads popped up that we had a hard time removing. Thats better now but it still freezes.

Honestly, the ads arent that bad, if you want to color nothing but white girls in blue dresses. We like a nice collection to keep our interest, but the options are pretty boring.

We love this app, but lately all we see are green and brown dresses. What happened to purple, pink, yellow? Green is really getting boring! We color these and print them out for our 11 year old granddaughter. She loves them! She wants to design clothing, so these are perfect for her! Thanks so much! Please add some different colors soon!

This rating would have been 5 stars, but lately 80% of the dresses turn out to be teal and its getting a bit boring.

We keep getting network error and cant play yet we had no problem a few days ago now it says game cant load.

Why are none of the gowns in your ad available in the app?

App ads It seems like all the apps are showing us pictures that they know we will want to do but when we get into the app we can never find the pictures we saw in the ad. If it just a trick to get us to want the app you need to stop the nonsense and add those pictures to the app.

1 some of the pictures in here are in our humble opinion very risky. 2 where are the gowns that were advertised? You show beautiful gowns covered in colorful flowers, yet when we download the app, those gowns are no where to be found. As we have seen other are asking the same question. As of right now we dont recommend this app.

We really wish that the pictures in the adds were in the book to color. Why do you use beautiful pictures for your adds and not put them in the game?

We cant find any of the pictures that were in the video we saw on a different coloring game and many of them are very tasteless. Not the type of dresses that children should be looking at.

About our title.. We love the app for a couple of reasons.. We love to color. We have several color apps, along with doing adult coloring on paper with different media. We love this app for the pictures.. They are beautiful and the period pieces are especially dear to our heart. We thought they would be fun to do. We just got this app yesterday and this morning we opened it and was amazed at the colors, and the detail.. And therein lies our dislike. The first one we did we thought.. Hmm, maybe the next one will be better.. The time it took to find the color (scrolling the palette) is ridiculous, as we found out in third one, which took us almost 2 hours to finish and still had colors left. We could not find where they were to go even using hints.. Which took up a lot of the time at the end. So we just closed it out and decided to write this review. We have been doing these color apps for awhile now and we understand/dont understand how the artists arrange their palettes. The third one we finished had so many different shades of one color and they are scattered all thru the palette, it took forever to find and finish that section. (I do our pictures in sections so we dont miss any. Start in one corner and color it, then the section next to it, etc) You scroll from one end to the other to find the color you need. Not only that, the colors you need are scattered all thru the palette, not grouped together.. As we said, we DO love the app, but it is just too time consuming to do. Two hours is way to much to spend on one picture.. We hope the artist takes this into consideration wlth future apps..

The art is beautiful but most gowns are in shades of brown, beige, tan and some with a touch of black. Hardly any colors. Makes coloring go from exciting to. Dry boring.

This turns into nearly naked pics 0 stars.

We didnt purchase and have deleted it several times we want it r Removed.

Paid for a years subscription to an app that freezes up all the time. Unable to connect with anyone for a refundFRAUDULENT DEVELOPER Today it worked, but there were ads, yet we paid for a years subscription so we wouldnt have to have ads.

There are too many teeny tiny pieces that make an elderly person go nuts trying to find them.!!!!!!!!

Network Error and Start Failed.

Not one gown that is used to lure you into adding this app ever appears to be colored – they are only used to falsely lure you in. The only pictures you have to color are sexy, extremely unrealistic curvy females that have no interest for other women! This app may interest men, but other women will find it as offensive as we do!!

We agree with all the reviews. Where are the beautiful gowns we saw prior to downloading the app? Not one appears in the app. That was why we got the app in the first place. Why would you do this? Some of the pictures you show under the different categories are absolutely ridiculous. How is a scantily clad woman under the category of formal dresses or evening gowns. We doubt any woman would go out for a special formal night in some of those outfits. Also, the same dresses and characters appear in all of the categories which means you have a whole lot less pictures to actually offer.

We agree with some of the other post.

Where are the beautiful gowns advertised with the flowers that are late 1800s and early 1900s styles??? That is what Im looking for! We dont care to view half naked women, much less color their 3/4 naked bodies!!! Our mom saw some of the pictures and thought we were looking at a porn site!!! Maybe those should be on a separate site! We dont care to color the walls and furniture; the site is color the gowns, not the furniture! A lot of the choices are repeated in the different categories of gowns. If you added the advertised gowns, youd have a wider variety of selections!!!

The dresses that are in your ad dont show up in the game.. Uninstalled.

But now it randomly opens up ads in our browser as we color so Im deleting it.

They come up in every ad to download this game. But low and behold they aren’t in the game?????? Where are they??????????

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