Growing Up: Life of the ’90s

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Growing Up: Life of the ’90s


Growing Up: Life of the ’90s is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by LITTORAL GAMES PTE. LTD., Growing Up: Life of the ’90s is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th April 2022 with the latest update 28th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


649 people have rated 1.0

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Growing Up tells a story set in the United States during the 1990s. In this game, you will experience life as a child of an ordinary family, throughout 18 years of change and development.

Your life is in your hands! Sculpt your childhood as well as parenthood with endless choices. Take control of what you learn, who you befriend, and find that special someone in this coming-of-age game.

[Game Feature]
-Chilling in the 1990s
Lose yourself in the lavishly handcrafted sceneries straight from the 90s. In an era of rapid social change as well as the soaring rise of pop culture, your journey through life will be accompanied by both endearing friends and a nostalgic city, with more than 30 locations to explore. Visit the cinema, grab popcorn to watch "Dino Park", toss a few coins to get a tape-recorded by "Boys Next Door" from a street shop. Take your time, the city is not going anywhere.

-Unique Playthroughs
Each life is different, and each and every character you create will face different challenges and meet different people. The choices you make will result in wildly different outcomes!

-Branching Narrative
Your choices dictate the development of the narrative. With more than 1000 lines of dialogues for each character, as well as multiple endings for you and your friends, depending on your choices, every decision you make will echo through the entire journey of your character.

-Friends For Life
Playing, fighting, falling in love, few things in your journey to adulthood can be done without a friend. Growing Up features 19 characters whose stories unfold alongside yours. Forge your relationship with them in any way your heart desires, romantic or purely platonic – the choice is yours.

-Dynamic Game Experience
Growing Up features a variety of systems. Build your mind and aptitude with our handcrafted mini-game; Master the art of scheduling your daily activities; Ace your way into the best school in challenging exams; Build your character by participating in a plethora of extracurricular activities.

-In-Depth Skill System
With more than 200 skills to acquire and master, you will have the ultimate freedom to shape the future of your character and end up with one of 42 unique careers! Some are easy, some are hard to get, but how about becoming an Astronaut, a CEO of a gaming company, a famous actress… or maybe even the President of the United States of America?

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Updated on 28th April 2022

Growing Up: Life of the ’90s Reviews

Its a good game, we think we got a little to in depth and was sad that we didn’t get to play as bubba in adulthood. But good game.

It took us 8 play throughs to see all the characters.

Let us continue our life as a adult instead of starting over.

We literally dont regret paying for it this game is so worth the five dollars. We’ve only had it for three days but we’ve played through hundreds of lives inside the game. Our favorite feature are the characters. How you get to meet someone different each time. This game is just so amazing, we recommended to every we knew- we just love it so much and its so addicting and hard but in a great way. Please download it this game needs more attention this is so underrated-

We have about 5 play throughs so far, and Im loving each one! The story and characters were unique each time, which we found surprising! Id assume there would be only 3 or so different endings, but nope! Love the music and just overall a lovely game. Hope there will be more stories and characters added in the future. As another reviewer mentioned, it does drain your phone battery if you play it for an extended period of time. Hope it gets fixed.

Best 5 dollars spent played the game for hours on hours.

This game is amazing and goes into detail about life events, where other games dont. The only thing we would give feedback on is we wish some of the storyline was actually different each life. After the 3rd life it just got a little repetitive, but we enjoyed it still. Just wish there was as much difference as advertised.

We love this game so much! We’ve finished to games so far and have been really enjoyed it. We do have a few minor issues but its not enough to make us ditch the game. We would love the option to hangout with certain characters/friends too instead of it always being a random character. If it were a mix of choosing to hangout with someone and having events with random characters, that would be amazing. We think being able to worry less about our parents thoughts/meter would be great too. It does add difficulty to the game, which we do kinda enjoy, because in a way, its fairly realistic with our own lives. Nonetheless, being able to choose difficulty within the game would be a great addition. The game really is amazing though! We love the art, soundtracks, and idea of it. Meeting many different characters and seeing their unique lives is also pretty cool!

This game is very good and mustve took a lot of time to make, the only thing we wish that the game had was a way longer life span like birth to death, if the game had all this content plus that this game would surely get 99% of the attention from the Apple store from EA to Google Play, a lot of businesses that hold up game stores would be interested.

Love it!! We’ve played through it a few times already. Cant wait for any updates.

This game is awesome we’ve played it like 6 times LOL! The art style, the characters, and the mostly the storyline is just so awesome. The only thing we wish for the game is to grow old and not just end at high school, and we kept meeting the same characters over and over even there there is 19 :> we hope you keep adding to this but other than that we really love this game and its definitely worth it <3.

We’ve been waiting since it came up on games you may like coming soon, and Im ready the college version of this amazing.

We love this game , it needs much more though , It tough to get points , and the special requests takes forever to earn , would like more skills to be attended and faster game play , also would like a feature where we can save our data to our email or FB and can play this game on different devices, it great especially how to raise a child , please add more interaction with parents and school , also add picking hair style getting ready toileting etc Please add more storylines and characters where they is a dialogue, also need more customization for clothes etc ,

Update: we own this game on steam also. We have played it probably 10 times now and really enjoy all the different characters and how you slowly bond with them. We have tried different professions and we think the higher the SAT score at the end with the career path you have gone farthest with combine to decide how well you did in that job. The best we’ve had was an Olympic swimmer. Game is really great but it makes the phone really hot and really drains the battery. We hope that gets fixed in an update.

This game is really addicting. We played this game all the time when we got it but we soon forgot about this game but when we started play it again it was even more addicting. This game is really great but could use more endings.

Okay, so we’ve played this game almost 4 times now. We think instead of worrying about how your parents feel about you, you should be able to do what YOU want and also if you fail out of school there is consequences, like no allowance, no doing out for a couple turns. Also, we wish the game was way longer, we’ve never became anything other than an employee at RadioShack because the game is so short and its too hard to even wrack up the proper skills to become anything else. Even with 89 percent exam readiness, we still cannot pass the SAT?? We would just like; longer gameplay, less worrying about parents, more stamina to do more throughout the game, easier to boost skills, easier to find a proper job. Plus our battery drains super fast and hopefully that gets fixed too!! And we know this all seems mean to say. But, we do also enjoy the game!!! The different personalities in each character, the beautiful scenery, the different jobs you COULD get if you tried hard enough.

This game could be even better if you could update it with more characters.

Finished the game pretty quickly. Wish we had more to do. More choices, college, more customization for our character, and more people to befriend. Very interesting at first and held our attention for about a day. Regret buying it for the price. Maybe $2 would be more understanding that this, but overall a decent game.

We love this game, so so so much. Its really fun, addictive, and changes (at least a bit), every time. One thing though, which irritates us so much, is the SAT exam. We’ve played this game through 6 or 7 times, and we have never gotten above a D. It is incredibly frustrating, especially after pursuing a whole law career, to turn out as a nanny. Other than that, the game is great, if not a bit repetitive.

We LOVE this game. We get on it like 5 times a day. The story is captivating, the gameplay is fun. However, there are some things that make us hopeful for the future development. The good sides: the game is a great way to pass time. Its fun to manage your health and parents opinion. The characters are fun, and there is LOTS to do. The bad sides: the game has TOO MUCH to do. Because you only get so much energy and only so many spaces for schedules, more than half the things you CAN do, you CANT do. It makes us sad, because id love to buy all the items we can and make the game so much more bearable. Also, some of the penalties are INSANE. Your parents opinion of you goes down 8 points for playing RPG?? The constant struggle of getting approval is tiring, and that also contributes to the lack of available game features. Also, we wish the game went a bit further. Maybe slow down the time, or increase the age that you can play to. When we first saw the ad and the introduction, we thought that most of your life up to 18 would be restricted, then up from that would be all on your own. You could get married, break up, become a crippling alcoholic (jk). But seriously, working to do all of our school work and then the game ending with: this is how the rest of your life will be because of the options you chose is kinda saddening. Just our opinion, though. Will the devs listen to us and change the game? Or will they find an audience that likes it as is and we move on? Either way, thanks for reading.

Its a fantastic game, have played about 30 times. Our only complaint is that they need some updated content because we’ve seen absolutely every outcome we can possibly get.

We love this game its a lot of fun, we really hope they expand on it, we wish they would give you a college portion, an area to see how your friendships are going, and way more romance then what we have in there. It would be cool to see them expand clothing, hair, and adding make up. Im glad they added a bit of diversity in the game. Its overall a really great game but it can be so much more. Its just like Chinese parents but they both have their differences to say the least. It is like like, it would be cool if they offered some of the life stuff in there like the house youll end up choosing. If there was more to this game we do think that it would be good for switch like a college and young adult section to chose your career and marriage and etc. We wish that it was more like it needs more spice.

Its a good game. It just needs more story and characters to meet/grow up with. We’ve gotten every outcome for every character.

We have been playing this game non stop for days now and we love how much contents it offers! Im considering to also get the Steam version to play this every where and also because this game drains our phone battery like crazy, heats up after 20 minutes every time. We hope this issue gets fixed in the future!

We really liked the concept of this game and was able to complete two different outcomes for two different characters. The art was cute and the characterizations were fun. However, by the second run-through, we were already getting repetitive options and by the third it honestly felt pretty identical. We feel like we would not have been let down if we hadnt gone in with such high expectations for a unique experience on each playthrough.

Absolutely amazing game! The day we got it we stayed up all night playing it, a few complaints we have is that it can be a bit complicated and confusing with the traits like charm, intelligence, etc. Its very hard to keep up with what classes are necessary and what classes arent and while playing the game we have met the same people over and over again it gets kinda annoying when it happens. Other than that its a amazing game with great art and stories we just wish you could play past 18 like go to university/college like actually witness your characters life before playing the next generation also the parents (from our experience) are very generic like they dont retain any qualities of when you played them which is a bit upsetting at times the game feels like the exact some story over and over again dont get us wrong we love the game just wish it had more to it.

So we are in love with this game! But we keep running into the issue where it freezes with girl characters. We’ve run 3 games with boys to the end, no issues. Two games with girls and it freezes. Anyone else have this issue? We’ve deleted and reinstalled each time.

We love this game. However. We cant stand the SAT exam. The first three exams are fine. Easy peasy. We dont know if Im stupid, but the SAT exam is incredibly hard compared to the previous. Its so frustrating to be excelling in certain subjects, have exam readiness above 85% just to get a C on the SAT and come out as a nanny or radio shack employee. Maybe there should be a difficulty setting? Also. All our kids look the same facial feature wise and we think variability would be nice.

This game is fun for like an hr. It needs more added to it. More options and possibly a longer life.

We have an iPhone 12 and when we tell you our screen burns HOT after only 15 mins of playing-trust and believe! Nothing fixes this-not even lowering our brightness and setting our phone on low power mode. Why is this happening with this particular game???

Its not loading properly like at all. It just wouldnt let us go pass the point of year 1 for some reason. We tried deleting some stuff but still no. Also it drain our battery a lot so.

The game is really fun. Issue is our save data is not getting fetch. We have closed the app several times and waited around 2 minutes each time to see if it would be fetched but it hasn’t.

You would be better off to take a 5 dollar bill, rip it up and sprinkle it on a salad and eat it. Seriously if you dont live up to your parents expectations this game LITERALLY SAYS anti-depressants and fear will remain with you till the end of your days. Thats all you need to know about this game.

Sorry we wasted ours. Juvenile and pedantic but honestly what was we expecting?

Its not like we’ve never heard someone swear before, but really? A cuss word in a game. We spent our own money! Sure it was only $5 dollars, but its just not needed.

Im honestly not that impressed so far. The whole learning thing isnt that fluid and the story line is cookie cutter and predictable. Probably gonna ask for a refund.

It crashes every time we are approach the high school age group. We give up playing the game. It was great but clearly the developers need to work out the issues of this App.

Our phone gets dangerously hot while playing it.

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