GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games

Last updated on May 21st, 2023 at 04:55 am

GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games

GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games

GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Scopely, Inc., GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 16th December 2011 with the latest update 24th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games ?

39,392 people have rated 4.46.1

What is the price of the GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games released ?

GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games was released on 16th December 2011.

When was the GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games updated ?

The latest updated date of GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games on 24th April 2023.

Where can GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games from Apple Official App Store.



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Updated on 24th April 2023

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GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games Review

Love it. We would like to win more often. The combinations should be more consistent, but we still enjoy it.

We play bingo all the time for hours. Now its missing from the app. We would like to know if its coming back. We play all the other games too, an its disappointing to see the games just disappear with any notice. If we cant play bingo on this app. Ill have to go to another app. Sorry ill wait a few days to see if it comes back on, if not we will go some where else.

Great playing on GSN. Most of the time, everything goes well but there are times when glitches keep us from getting the reward. For instance, we were in MM and just as the ball was going into the winning slot, the game blinked into a completely different screen. By the time we were able to go back into it, we received ZERO for our jackpot. There are other times when our tokens are simply not added to our tokens bank. We love to play poker on Deuces Wild but when we do, we gain no entries into the other games and Piggy doesnt incur tokens. Our biggest COMPLAINT is when we are playing, say 5K or 2K, then go away for a minute (or second), our bet is raised up sometimes as much as 100K!! When we go back to play, we dont notice that our bet has been changed & our spin sometimes wipes out our entire tokens bank. This does not prompt us to immediately buy more tokens and many times angers us to the point that we want to DELETE GSN ENTIRELY. Nobody likes to be cheated. We play for hours at night until we can go to sleep. Thank You.

Only game we play now . We win big but then lose bigger. They try to keep you alive even when you are down to almost nothing which is very nice. We spend $300 on games a lot of times every 2 weeks cheaper than casino trip but no winning$$$$thats ok keeps us busy with our pups by our side.

Play ever day keeps you wanting.

With each new season of challenges the prize amount gets smaller. Where it used to be 1,000,000 in prize tokens its now 80,000. Not worth doing the challenges. Very disappointed.

The games and graphics are great and a lot if fun but you cant choose you own bet amounts and as you level up your bet amounts do too. Betting amounts go up but the freebies and extras NEVER do. Also so expensive to buy tokens.

We’ve been playing this app for years. We do like it, except; when you make a purchase it automatically tries to get you to purchase additional bundles. If you arent careful and hit cancel, it will charge your account for the second bundle. We alerted Apple Pay to this. We submitted a complaint. Oh well, no response. Now we have two purchases that we did not order. This is deceiving. Just sayin!

This game is crap!! We have to wait days to get enough credits to play!!!! The wheel of fortune this game is awful Havent been able to play for days we were just cheated out of 650 points didnt give to meThankyou we love playing this game but it takes days to get enough credits to play!!! Really changed the lucky pin bonuses dont get any pins until you have over 100 bets even if you bet 15000???? You make this game worse then better!!!! Have to spin over times to get a pindidnt receive our 600 bonus what happened to our rewards for the technical problems??? This game is not interesting anymore.

We’ve been playing this game for years. Our most recent challenge, if met, we could win up to 99 million! So, we got to that point, and only then, fiend that we had to buy into in in order to even try for the 99 million. What a bunch of crap that is. While Im at it, why are the payouts so low? Why is the millionaire machine almost always just the minimum. Im finding that when new games are introduced, payouts are high, and often. But just when you like that new game, winnings are seldom, thus low payouts. We’ve played your games for years, Im thinking we’ve been wasting our time. Im sure Im not the only person with these same issues. Can you offer an explanation?

You need to stop that its a waste of time and energy. Plus its so stupid. Im ready to do other games, yours are getting ridiculous with watching all the ads and getting nothing sometimes.

You keep saying that you will look into it regarding your app which we know its your team support doing this. We had saved up over 350 pins . And we like opening them myself.. Every time we switch the games , you guys are opening our pins . You guys have already cheated us out of our tokens and thats bad enough. STOP OPENING MY PINS you greeedy pigs. OR we will report this appIve taken videos of this of how our pins are opening without us even touching the lucky pins button. This App has stolen over Billions and billions of our tokens and now theyre stealing our pins we would not recommend anyone to refer any one to download this CRAPPY GREEDY APP Shame on you GSN Shame on you developers response And mostly A big Shame on your team support who does not support us in any way we hope this app will shut down just like your Wheel of fortune app shut down.

Hey stupid player! Work hard to collect points, but IF you play the game kiss your weeks of points good bye! You cannot win this game. It is a boring waste of time playing. Deleting this app.

7 different devices all keep getting the same spins how 000000 tokens 00000000 wins 000000000 bonus = Rigged games = ponzi app today 000000 wins 0000000.

Worst payoff ever. Very, very disappointed. Will not be recommending this app. We have been loyal and steady and we have had no breaks on big wins. We watch all the ads and promos and the rewards are nothing.

AGAIN we purchased coins and did not recieve them! We’ve updated the app and still have not received our second purchase! Please fix this and apply our credit as they are already paid for and we really enjoy the app!

We are so happy to see that Im one of many who dont get many bonuses any more.

In the past couple days, the screen has gone black and we are kicked out of the game at the exact time we hit a big win. When we try to get back in, the information is lost, we dont get our winning coins and the game restarts. What the heck? It is so hard to win on these games as it is. SO unfair to have glitches when you finally win. Curiously, this never happens when we are losing, only when we win.

All the games are spinning out of control.

Ok GSN Id like to know why you have such an IGNORANT and UNPROFESSIONAL Team Support such as STEVE not being HELPFUL at all.? Whats going on with him?.. We have sent him all kinds of videos and pictures of our issues and he cant verify the losses.. REALLY???? . Maybe he should go to an eye doctor and get his eyes checked.. He for sure needs Glasses . This app has gone Ridiculously GReedy . We only have a couple million tokens .. Thanks to your technical issues and you have lowered our Level up rewards Big time. You have increased our challenges big time. How can we bet 1.9 billion tokens when we only have a couple million to play with?.. And yesterday all day yesterday all the free plays and the bonuses will all M.I.A. Why?.. You really think Im gonna make a purchase on an app that has the worst team support ever?. Or in an app that does not give you CrAp?.. We hope you make it to the Hall Of shame .. Shame on your team support STEVE.

We cant get our challenge rewards. Glitch?

Didnt get one bonus out of 9 million points they took them all.

We usually can play any game we want now you have to reach a certain level to even play a game and we been playing this game for years. This game is horrible now.

You people should have to pay a healthy fine for what youre doing will be posting this along with videos every day on Facebook Im done trying to win anything on these crooked games.

You must be very hard up for a few bucks so enjoyed the 25 dollars Id bought yesterday! Id played wheel of fortune classic and only got one 25 dollars spin! Hahaha big joke! The few times Id played in Las Vegas we won more real money than the fake ones here! Keep enjoying ripping people off! You wont get one more penny from us! Hasta la vista.

0 tokens 0 win 0 bonus Over 1 billon gone 777 slot.

The spins are jumping all over the place & before we got what little video bingo wins… Goes back to regular screen.

How do you win??? Impossible to win on this site. This is bull takes forever to get a bonus then you get it and get nothing out of 29 spins we never got our bet back.

Id like to leave a Huge COMPLAINT about your Rude Team support Steve! Well , first of all, he is very RUDE very UNPROFESSIONAL so Disrespectful and doesnt give a cRap about the players ! Our issues have been going on since Beginning of February! Steve thinks its so funny that hes playing this game with us about how he cant verify the losses of our tokens , even with all the proof and the inquiries we’ve been sending him ! Why is it only Steve in the support team?? What happened to Patricia, Allen, and Johnson B? They are the respected ones that handles problems not like Steve! Steve needs to go the the ophthalmologist and get his eyes checked! And we need someone higher than him to handle our problems! We dont like him ! Otherwise we will be posting this on all social media ! And also you guys have taken all the fun away! Our challenges are so RIDICULOUSLY high ! We have to bet 1.9 Billion ! Really ? How can we bet that much when your games took all our billions away from us!? And DEVELOPERS RESPONSE please dont give us the crap that your team has followed up with us! It takes them forever to respond and when they finally respond and we send them a reply. It just gets ignored! What a shame that this app has so many bad reviews! All cause of Steve ! He needs to get fired! So many bad reviews well Im not surprised !

Frankly, the game that you have on Bingo is not only repetitive, not fun, and not creative. You need to hire more people with imaginations.

The only thing we notice this time on the gold challenge points are very good? In the pass you could easily win enough reward points do recover all challenges. Thanks for the games.

Really bad game, no winners, always 1 or 2 number short to make bingo but it wont happen. Your free points goes very fast cuz they want you to buy it. Dont like it no more.

Love this app and wouldve given five stars however, we just convinced our husband to add the app and hes getting very large, sometimes over 100,000 K, hourly bonuses and ours are very small, never over 25K and usually match match smaller. Not sure why?

Why cant you have a solitaire game that can be played on IPAD? Good app, drawback is when you purchase credits you lose twice as fast, free ones last longer.

We play bingo on here daily. Most apps we get 10,000,000 bonuses daily. Very disappointed with the amount we get here. Even buying points is very low compared to other apps.

We have needed 3 gold pins since March 17. We play these games everyday and for last week we have played 85% of gold pin games only and it seems like Im getting less gold packs with playing gold pin games.

This is a fun new game with lovely graphics. Your game site has the lowest pay-outs compared to other sites. We have been playing these games for over 5 years, like the games but sorry not impressed with payouts.

We’ve played GSN for years and have always loved the variety of games and fun side challenges. Lately, however, the side games (particularly Lucky Pins and Season Challenges) have become nearly impossible to complete. For example, it used to be a weekly challenge might be to win 50M or 100M tokens in a game, which could take a day or two to achieve and get you some bonus tokens. But lately, each challenge is 500M or 1B tokens, which means Ill never reach the end of the challenge goals during the set season unless we spend hundreds of real dollars on tokens. About ready to walk away if something doesnt change.

We have played this game for years and think it is totally asinine what you charge on Bingo. $80 for two daubs and $40 for three numbers. Who is stupid enough to pay that.

HOF has higher payoffs and more often.

Games to hard to understand no BIG wins.

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