Kitty Powers’ Love Life

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Kitty Powers’ Love Life


Kitty Powers’ Love Life is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Magic Notion Ltd., Kitty Powers’ Love Life is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th February 2018 with the latest update 26th July 2019

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


272 people have rated 1.1.9

You can download the game Kitty Powers’ Love Life from APP STORE.


Compatible with iPhone 5 (or newer), iPad 3 (or newer), iPad Mini 2 (or newer) and iPod Touch 6th Generation (or newer)

Build and run your very own village for newly matched couples, under the watchful eye of your boss, outrageous drag queen Kitty Powers!

From the creators of ‘Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker’, ‘Kitty Powers’ Love Life’ is a brand new take on the community/relationship sim genre, with a very British flavour.

This game picks up where ‘Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker’ left off, with Kitty challenging the player to ‘take the helm’ of one of her new ‘Love Villages’.

Kitty’s Love Villages are her new venture where couples can apply to live and have their relationship nurtured to fruition by a 24 hour therapist… YOU!

  • Choose from literally trillions of unique procedural couples!
  • Create the perfect town to nurture their relationships!
  • Strategically place locations such as the library, nightclub or shopping mall to influence the villagers’ moods!
  • Watch in awe as your tenants relationships flourish or flounder!
  • Be their 24 hour therapist and coach them through sticky situations!
  • Help them propose to level up their relationship, or intervene to avoid break ups!
  • Read every tenant’s social feed in excruciating, unedited detail!
  • Use your powers of deduction to diagnose their problems!
  • Advise your tenants on what compromises to make, in order to make their relationship work!
  • Earn promotions by levelling up your couples’ relationships to fruition!
  • Increase your reputation to attract wealthier, but fussier clients!
  • Unlock new and exciting tools to increase your relationship-coaching potential!
  • Create an avatar and upload it to the Love-O-Tron to appear in your friends games.
  • Import couples from Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker and continue their love story!

Updated on 26th July 2019

  • Reduced loading times between scenes on newer devices.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to keep cheating on the wheel of misfortune as long as the player had coins.
  • Fixed a bug where after solving a ‘feeling repressed’ problem by taking love juice, the character could never ‘come out’ to anyone.
  • Fixed some bugs that could occur after a couple left the village.
  • Fixed some display issues with that were visible on iPhone X devices.
  • Fixed some text issues and typos.
  • Fixed a bug where some sound effects wouldn’t always play.

Kitty Powers’ Love Life Reviews

This past week we’ve our screen time for love life is 10 hours! This game is so fun and for the people saying they cant make friends, they are probably not using the Kitty powers Love Life: Everything you need to know guide of steam which has a list of all the interest and what types like them. Also, money is so easy to earn. We get about 3k each week because of the locations. We love the import couples from matchmaker feature, that is super cool. Our only complaint is that we wish this game fit on our phone screen and didnt have a huge chunk of black on the sides (i have an iphone xr). Overall we would definitely recommend this game if u like the matchmaker one.

We’ve been playing kitty powers game for YEARS. We love this one a lot, it pairs so well with matchmaker! We love how we can bring in couples from matchmaker into love life. Absolutely adore. Just wish money was easier to make.

One thing we really need is a restart button in the game.

This game is so much fun especially when we cant go outside.

The game has no issues whatsoever! We’ve played the game for longer than we should. The game can be a little confusing or frustrating at times, but that doesnt effect our review! Honestly, if we could give we higher rating, we would. :p A little side note, Its interesting that you can export characters from Kitty Powers Matchmaker. The time in the game is also fun! You can take little breathers without actually having to leave the game, and if you have something scheduled during the night, you dont have to worry about other couples, let alone people, at that time. Theres literally too many things to list, and Id be making this review for the entire year, so ill stop. Well rounded game in general. 10/10! We’ve found people who make bad reviews for legit no reason which is why the review is a 3.8. We personally think they just dont like the people who made it and think its okay to effect the games rating because they dont like them, and not because of the game. –– Please dont do that! ^^

We absolutely love this game as well as the other Kitty Powers games. Its probably our favorite mobile game of all time. We need you to make more games for us to spend a ridiculous amount of time playing!

We know Im late – but we’ve been playing this game on and off for years now. We dont know if Ill find a game that suits us as much as this, we absolutely love it.

We have never ever written a review for a game! But we love this game so much theres so much to do! It doesnt get repetitive we’ve literally been playing this game for 72 hours straight without getting bored. Highly recommend if youre into these sorts of games very interactive and so fun.

Ok so we love this game but (Im on phone btw idk if that matters) but theres this glitch where at the end of the week it just wont give us our money and idk why.

When we opened the game it wont load.

We love this game, but we wish there could be an update, or more love eggs? Please update this game to keep it fresh with knew things, thank you! Overall, one of the best mobile games we have ever played! Love the dating aspect, and all the interactions. Maybe add new ones too?

It has been working but today when we got on it said checking cloud saves and we let it sit and load but it is still not working.

We love kitty powers and her apps! They are a great time waster and we truly love to play them! But we’ve found that it is almost impossible to solve all of a couples problems. We’ve had three couples move out, that were PERFECT for each other, because they werent satisfied with a location, their home, etc. Its getting frustrating at this point, because the game isnt as fun anymore.

Love this game!! But when we try to make a appointment, itll say they already have one. Sometimes they dont and we cant make one! This causes lots of problems.

Theres a bug where youre helping a client during a crisis but it wont continue on with options they just stand there and nothing else happens. Other than that we love the game.

PLEASE GET RID OF THE CAPSULE MINI GAME. Its ridiculous and impossible to win.

We have played Kitty Powers Match Maker before and we absolutely loved it. It was fun, entertaining and super adorable. When we first heard about this game we were curious and we had to buy it, now we instantly regret it. The mini games that you have to do are unique but they are very difficult and the explanations they give you about them barely help you understand how to do it. It is cool setting up appointments and talking about their problems, but again, the mini games youre forced to do are way too difficult. We do not recommend this game as much as we do for Kitty Powers Match Maker. In fact, this game is not worth the 5 dollars it makes you spend.

So we misplaced something in our village cutting off the road. The problem is now we cant reset our town because we just leveled up to level two and the game forces you to move in another couple. We now have no possible way to move in the couple and no way to exit kittys black book in order to reset the game so that we can fix our layout and try again.

Was looking forward to playing it but the app keeps crashing when we press Start Game. Please fix this.

This game just has way too much going on, and you’re kinda just waiting for the couple to like… Have an argument or something. We guess we just don’t get it. It’s not very fun and we liked matchmaker waaayyy better.

Honestly we were really excited to play this game just to pass some time but we found it to be more stressful than any actual fun. The game is full of nonsense questions you have to answer in order to keep the couples together. The game barely allows you to make any money. Maybe we just got unlucky but our couples had weird interests that werent compatible with neighbors so our couples kept having problems because we could not make them be friends with neighbors. Either they got rejected because the neighbor didnt like playing chess or indie games with them or we couldnt unlock a stupid building because we had no money AND TRUST ME we HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR HOURS TRYING TO GET MORE MONEY. We feel as if we have given up trying to make more money to satisfy the couples and keep them together but this just got boring. You have to answer their calls to help them solve a problem thats exactly like the matchmaking game except it lasts a few seconds and you have to keep going through losing screen again and again to keep doing these nonsense quests. Dont waste your time trying to enjoy this game and dont waste your money. Play the matchmaking one instead of this one its far better and easier to deal with.

It wouldnt get past the first screen and we paid for it and we cant het a refund it is a ripoff dont get it.

We bought the game and we havent even been able to get past the loading screen. It loads up and just keeps loading at the very beginning we cant even play the game.

We were excited to play this game but it sits on the screen saying checking cloud saves and just freezes there and we’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling and restarting our phone. Please fix this.

If you dont play kitty powers match maker on steam dont buy. It was fun at first when the randomly generated couples had similar interests with only one or two types unlocked at the beginning stages, but as you level up you unlock more couple types which results in the computer pairing incompatible types together such as edgy people with hippy people and so fourth and a small chance to get a couple that will actually succeed. It might not seem like a big deal but you need at least 3 couples with the same type who all like each other and make them all friends with each other to make the game work and this is quite literally impossible with the randomly generate couples you have to choose from. If you dont mind closing and refreshing the game countless times to land a couple that MIGHT work (and then you move them in and they hate each other because they dont reveal personality pieces until you choose them so you spend money and lose reputation points to kick them out in the first 2 minutes) then dont bother. Its only fun if you can make your own couples in matchmaker and import them to this game. Other than that dont buy because you cant import from kitty powers matchmaker on mobile. If you do play it on steam and know how to import couples its definitely worth the money and also highly addictive so be careful we lost many hours playing this game at the beginning its so fun! Too bad we have to delete it now that its gotten impossible to play properly. Oddly, this game makes progress something that you want to avoid.

We’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the game a dozen times and every single time it never makes it past the first screen. It is not a space availability issue, and we feel that we wasted our money.

We’ve always been a fan of the kitty powers games, and play almost everyday! However, when trying to evict a couple (I had enough coins to do so) the game would accept our coins but refuse to evict the couple saying that we did not have the coins to. Otherwise, a great game.

We absolutely love this game! We had played the original game both on PC & IPad way too many times than Id like to admit. We decided to play through it again when we saw that there was a new one. We wasnt disappointed, its just as fun as the previous game. Its super funny & entertaining, before we know it we have lost 2 hours of our day to Kitty The art style is very colourful and unique. Ill probably end up playing this one over and over too. We highly recommend this game, especially if you enjoyed the first one.

Addictive game thats really fun. However its a little repetitive and un realistic. No bugs ever. YAY. Id say it was worth the ten dollars.

Its not letting us upgrade the houses every time we click upgrade it doesnt do nothing.

It was kinda fun at first? Its a bit weird and we were expecting some similar gameplay from ‘Kitty Powers Matchmaker but its a bit weird. We wasnt active for many days and we dont know how to reset the game please make a button!

Doesnt save on the correct date sometimes.

Well, we bought it, it loaded , we waited, we tapped on it , entered and……. SURPRISE. It wouldn’t even load us in! So haven’t even had the "pleasure" of playing "4.99" WASTED.

We bought this version thinking it was matchmaking. This version is not only less interactive but more costly. Very unsatisfied and dont recommend this version to anyone.

So we got this game really expecting to enjoy it just like Kitty Powers matchmaker. We were definitely not pleased. They did the same avatar creator as the original game which we were happy with. But then u was given a family and we had almost nothing to do. The family would call us a few times but barely at all. It is so hard to earn money to be able to add more items to enhance the gaming experience. You dont have much to do and it becomes extremely boring. We havent unlocked being able to build houses yet but our hopes about it arent high at all anymore. We wish we could get a refund but sadly we cannot. This game is definitely not what we expected to buy.

We love this game! However, we were just playing it and we were at the cutscene that happens on every Monday, where you receive money (which we desperately needed, we have 0 coins). Our app crashed, we restarted it and went back in. It was the next Monday. No. Money. This is especially frustrating because we were going to get at least 1,200+ coins and now we cant fix the job problems and buy the recruitment center.

We LOVE THIS GAME but why cant we restart the game pls make that a option thx bye.

We love this game we do but we lost our money ((game money)) cuz our game went offline it went from 1950 to 129 which isn’t alot for all the people in our village to do everything :( other then that we love the games and series highly recommend.

While this game is VERY fun and addicting, but it is a little bit confusing at first.

We love the game! We’ve seen so many people on YouTube and today we finally bought it! When we pressed the app we make it to the part where you see kitty in her fabulous pink outfit, we press play and then the screen goes black and throws us off. We were so disappointed we tried updating our iPod but it said we were up to date. Second time Reviewing, after those updates Nothing happened we’re still having the same result, Third Time reviewing, we NEED ANOTHER UPDATE! Or something! It won’t let us play after we click play at the fab kitty outfit screen it throws us off! Please update ANOTHER UPDATE PLZ It’s our birthday this Sunday and we would really like to play this game!!! Could you add a lag reduce setting option on the open screen with kitty powers? The lag reducer can take out the moving heart shaped clouds in the background of the loading screen and a lot of other very laggy things inside the game. We would really appreciate it! Thank you for reading! (For like the 8th time) ANOTHER REVIEW: I’VE HAD IT!!! Our rating will go all the way down to 1 star if you don’t figure out a way to fix this!! We understand it takes time and effort but this is our 9th or 10th review and it still lags us off once we get the to heart shaped cloud loading screen! PLEASE FIX THIS OR MY RATING WILL BECOME A 1!!

The game doesn’t even work we’re sorry to say. We can’t even get past the start menu and that’s sad. We bet the game is great but that doesn’t change the fact we paid five bucks for essentially nothing.

We are a fan of the other game and saw this one so we thought we would buy it, we paid for it and tried to download it but it won’t let us we’ve tried for a week. Someone give advice.

We just brought the game thinking it would be just like your other app bu it get in and it does nothing but say checking cloud saves we wait 30 minutes for it to load but nothing just a waste of money we guess.

We love the game it self but we had it on another device and now it is making us pay for it again! If this is fixed somehow we would gladly give it 5 stars!

We really wish we didn’t buy this game. We thought it was going to be like another building your world game, but this game asked you for your birthday if you like guys or girls, just some very personal questions. Then the game play is weird. You have to watch couples in their homes. If they have a "problem" you step in and give advice or something like or else they that. They go to work and come home. Have a problem and you try to solve it. 30 minutes into it and we were done! Not our cup of tea! Very strange! The art needs some tune ups as well! There aren’t many selections for your character and the designs are terrible. It looks like the character is always slouching and not a lot of options for the face. Terrible characters! Love all the pink but could do without the strange personal questions and watching over other couples. We can not give anymore stars for this game.

Unlike some we suppose, we knew what we were getting into here. We love matchmaker and play it as our time-wasting game, and we love having this one on our phone to waste time. That said, it would be nice knowing what jobs for the interviews are good for certain types, or have the negatives to your rep happen before the positives. Theres nothing quite as disheartening as getting 93+ to a rep, then getting 22- that brings down the rep. We hope updates continue to happen here!

We wanted to play this game when we first heard about it and just bought it today… However, the furthest we were able to get was the beginning where we had to put in our information. It kept crashing the app, forcing us to start over every time we tried to type in our name. It’s pretty unfortunate that we can’t even play the game without it going so slow that it crashes. We tried resetting our iPad and constantly going back into the app. We even tried closing an app we already had opened and was met with the same problem every time! We don’t know if it’s a bug, glitch, or memory problem but if it can be fixed, please do so. We would like to be able to play the game.

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