Gun Sprint

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Gun Sprint

Gun Sprint

Gun Sprint is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by KAYAC Inc., Gun Sprint is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 4th July 2021 with the latest update 21st July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Gun Sprint ?

26,357 people have rated 0.3.2

What is the price of the Gun Sprint ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Gun Sprint released ?

Gun Sprint was released on 4th July 2021.

When was the Gun Sprint updated ?

The latest updated date of Gun Sprint on 21st July 2022.

Where can Gun Sprint be downloaded ?

You can download the game Gun Sprint from Apple Official App Store.



Your guns shoot, spin, and run by itself!

Just tap and shoot backward to move forward,
because guns and bullets fly in opposite directions!

It’s really harder than you think.
Shoot the enemies all and mark the highest score!

Open Source Components:

Updated on 21st July 2022

fix bugs.

Gun Sprint Review

This game is really good. It is not violent, and it is just satisfying. We highly recommend it for kids 9 and up.

Very fun. Wish there was a premium option to avoid ads.

Ok, we’ve had the game for 1 day and it is amazing. The gameplay/physics are ok but it is really short. Im already done, have all of the guns and have millions of coins left over. So maybe adding some skins or customizable guns like e.g. You have a tab that you switch to and you can choose a body style like rifle sniper shotgun pistol revolver or whatever. Then you choose attachments, lasers or scopes or grips. Then maybe a color scheme that can be preset like on that you unlock from chests that are ranked (common , uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mythic, or whatever else and also just a part where we (the gamers) choose the colors by stock grip trigger guard barrel and whatever else.

Bang bang and a new gun, turn off mobile data on your phone for no ads too!

It seems today , that all you see , is violence in movies and sex on TV . But where are those good ol fashioned values , on which we used to rely . Luckily theres a Family Guy , Luckily theres a man who positively can do all things that make us laugh and cry . Hes a Family Guy.

Bro Im on level 300 please just add more guns.

You can commit rasicm,murder and much more.

All family and. Can gaming together and enjoy.

We just turn our Wi-Fi off to skip adds but first we thought this was another crappy mobile game but it looked kinda fun so we tried it out and it is soooooo good.

We love this game so much!!!!! And sometimes we get stuck thats ok.

It needs more guns we reached finger gun but now Im bored there not enough guns.

We downloaded this game 2 days ago and we’ve played so much we have about 60M coins and Im on level 912. Its such a fun and addictive game and we would recommend it. Our coins however become useless at a point and we were wondering if the developers could add more guns or skins. Also the headshots sometimes dont register so we hope that can be fixed too.

We got this from an ad on tiktok and we gotta say it is amazing we just have so much fun doing like triple kills and getting that x 1000 and also Im on a ft w our friend asks would you rate this a 6 if it would let you and we responded yes without a second thought in conclusion this game is a true genius of work 5 stars without a dought.

We unlocked every gun this game is very fun normally we hate all mobile games but this one is pretty fun and to get rid of ads just turn your phone on airplane mode.

Ths game is amazing but what we feel that needs to be done is that you guys need to add more. Levels that are brillent and more weapons but none of those fantasy weapons like the finger but realistic weapons like an ak 47. Other than more modules for this game we really enjoyed playing. Super addicting and perfect game to play when your bored. Keep it up.

Just turn the Wi-Fi off to disable the ads.

This is a really fun game. And you should definitely get the game.

We gotta be real with y’all this game had honestly the inspiration we needed to be a gamer and it honestly went very well! Thank you!

Add more stuff we’ve already unlocked all of the guns and skins or new levels or something.

We would also suggest a pay option to remove ads.

We downloaded this game not to long ago and we are hooked to say the least. However, is it possible the developers of the game could make the crossbow shoot one accurate arrow? Other than that the game is amazing.

The game is cool and fun if your bored we recommend to download this app but the one thing is that there is to many ads because every single time we finish a level then it shows a ad. Hope you have a good day.

We love everything except that every level we pass we have to watch an add.

You get to be a gun for five seconds, then you watch an ad. This is either some kind of social commentary, or its the most cynical game ever made.

This game is really good but we just cant find the other mode so we gave it a 4 star we like it but we beat the game in 1 hour it was so easy.

This isnt one of those really long reviews, but the game is fun, but the only thing wring is how there an ad every round, we’ve basically watched about 200 ads for each of the games we played, please change this.

Had the game for 2 hours and we have over 4 million dollars and every gun. It was a good Tim waster but it could have more/better weapons with more distinctive sounds for each weapon and it also has a weird issue with when you clearly shoot your bullet at a specific multiplier at the end and it shoots a different one close to it. Also having different maps with more obstacles like instead of going in a relatively straight line have some parts where you have to climb up a wall or something so people wont get bored.

When a game depends on precision timing, but then the ads cause it to lag, its pretty useless. Either give us an ad free option or smooth the game out so it doesnt skip and lag.

We liked it a lot. Games are quick but ads get crazy. We turned on airplane mode to play the game with no ads after so many games you unlock more guns but the same simple game repeats. A lot of fun but not challenging.

This game is the most greatest game we have ever played! But we have a problem with it that makes it unplayable ads. Look, we get ads make you money, but one after every level? We dont understand this. Because of this problem, we rated this game 4 Stars, but it is still awesome.

Its a great game and really fun when times are boring its just we found that some times if we were to get the 1000 block it would just rest the level or not give us the points. Also that if we were it hit something close to another point it would bug and not give us anything but other then these bugs the game is good.

This game is fun but the levels are short and whats even more annoying is that everytime a finish a level a get a ad and the levels are like 10 to 20 seconds.

Great game a little bit to many ads and needs more stuff to spend coins on like no ads for an hour because we game millions of coins and nothing to spend them on other than that great game.

What is the point of the coins? We have a million coins can you fix this? Maybe coins = guns and skins! Please please fix this.

Gun gunfire gunshots gun gun gun.

This game is actually really fun and a great time passer. But we may or may not have 8 million coins and the most expensive thing to buy is well we dont know cause we already bought it (probably around 1 mill but idk)I just want there to be more stuff we can buy. Thank you for reading this.(if you do have a good day)

Great game but a lot of problems because its to easy to get money like in 15 minutes we hit 8 1000x and now Im at 5million also not enough guns needs more things like quests and stuff.

It is a fun game, however, getting an ad after every run is a little but annoying. Perhaps throw an ad in after every 3 or 5 runs.

This is a clever and cute game but after playing 9 levels and having to watch 9 add, we’re done. There’s no pay option… At least none that we see. Too bad.

We wish there was a feature were we can pay for no ads. We just started at 12am and im already at 1,040,300 coins.

The game is good in all but there are to many adds and not even a no app button release that next update plz will you.

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