Touchdown Glory 2022

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 01:25 am

Touchdown Glory 2022

Touchdown Glory 2022

Touchdown Glory 2022 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS, Touchdown Glory 2022 is a Sports game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 16th April 2020 with the latest update 14th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Touchdown Glory 2022 ?

90,370 people have rated 1.7.2

What is the price of the Touchdown Glory 2022 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Touchdown Glory 2022 released ?

Touchdown Glory 2022 was released on 16th April 2020.

When was the Touchdown Glory 2022 updated ?

The latest updated date of Touchdown Glory 2022 on 14th November 2022.

Where can Touchdown Glory 2022 be downloaded ?

You can download the game Touchdown Glory 2022 from Apple Official App Store.



Let’s go and score a touchdown!

Eliminate your opponents, improve your players and become the champion!

How to play:
Drag&release to pass the ball
Swipe to go right&left
Avoid tackles
Score touchdowns

Updated on 14th November 2022

-Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

Touchdown Glory 2022 Review

This the best game ever 5 stars we just dont like ads.

We think you should add in your game first in your game it is just to easy to win and second that is you can change your player name.

It would be nice if the ads didnt cover the prices to upgrade the players lol.

The ads get in the way of the upgrade button.

Tayuyyyyyyy youre too too too too.

This game is really fun and addicting.

This game is so fun we had no adds but when we first got it we dont let us go in the app so then after cups of days we could play and there wasnt as much ads and idc about adds but idek if u could play in airplane mode it would be better if u could but this game is FUN-that guy.

We really dont like how many adds there are.

Good game but we sharded while playing it was green.

The ads at the bottom block you from upgrading any players.

We paid for ad removal but it still has bottom adds blocking our team and we cant upgrade them one at a time without going to the free agent. Other than that, Ill give it all five stars. Other than that, the game is great!!!!

We paid $4.99 for No Ads and we still have ads blocking the bottom of the screen where we can improve our players. Why do we still have ads on our on the game?

Its a nice game but the ads at the bottom of the screen is blocking our way to upgrade our players like its annoying thats it does that and can you pls fix it like pls.

The ads are in the way of us upgrading our players we cant press on because theres a bar ad can you please fix that.

So we have been playing this game for a while and everyone one our team is level 100 so can you plz add more but other than that GREAT GAME.

We bought no ads but they were $5 and for 95, free agent it is almost 40000 coins but very very fun and worth the $5 for the no ads.

Dont get us wrong we know the developers put a lot of work into it but once you level everyone up to 100 it sort of gets boring and on the sidelines why are the coaches so small also there is no fans in the stadium.

Adds sit at the bottom of the screen where you upgrade your players.

So we like the game its fun its also easy but the ads are in the way of upgrading our players.

Its a good game but when we tried to upgrade our players the adds were always covering it so we couldnt upgrade them.

Fun game but an unremovable add pops up over where you upgrade characters.

Positive:Fun addicting game. Negative:When the adds on the bottom show it blocks the upgrades for our players.

This could be a good game but every time we try to upgrade our players the bottom ad is blocking it and so many ads in the middle of plays if you want to make the game enjoyable less ads.

There are adds in the way of upgrades the game glitches out and freezes.

We give it a solid 3 bc evertome after a play theres just an ad remove the ads after every play and u got urself a solid 5.

We bought no ads and we still have ads. But its still a great game.

Its fun but you cant upgrade a prayer because of the ads unless you buy a new one.

It started out great. We like the simplicity and it gave the feel of 10 yard fight. We went ahead bought the no ads feature and it went great. Except they kept the ad banner on the bottom. It was hard to upgrade our players with touching the ad banner. We did manage to upgrade them all. Next the game got super easy. We can score on nearly every play. We dont mind an easy game but it does not let you become the ultimate champion. We would like to add running plays, defense and full games. Also, the games seems to give us a victory a if we score 2 TDs. If we fail to score we automatically lose. We would get rid of Arian league for good PR.

Every time we try to upgrade a player we cant because of the ad thing at the bottom it is getting on our nerves and when we do click it out we quickly try to upgrade but it takes us to this one website.

Its a good game but there is too many ads.

Hello, we got this game like yesterday and we already have everything maxed out theres not much to do after that, but good game just add more things.

We paid for no Ads and there are still Ads that pop up on the bottom of the screen, preventing us from upgrading our players. This happens after every game. There is no way around this other than restarting the game. Very frustrating, please fix!

We like the game but the advertisement banner prevents us from up grading the players – NOT GOOD! Also once you get your players to 100 that is it. It became the same thing over and over.

Add running plays and defense plays and add a game clock to make the game more intense. Also the other team has the same blue jerseys every time. Add a regular season with a win to loss record than a tournament at the end of the season. Those are easy adds and would make the game awesome.

The game is fun but the ads cover up the ability to upgrade players making it very frustrating to try and upgrade as you usually just end up clicking on the ad.

Ads pop up above the upgrade button. Game is very simplistic and can be more fun to play with more fine tuning 2/5.

The only issue we are having is that everytime we try to upgrade our players theres a ad banner on top of purchase bar to upgrade the player. So everytime we click it pops up an add and we have to struggle to click the very edge of our screen to make it work. This is the only thing im annoyed with.

Cant even upgrade players because the adds block that part of the game. Not worth the headache, neat game though.

Its a good simple game but the ads on the bottom of the screen makes it hard to upgrade players and blocks other information.

The ad bar is so conveniently placed in the spot where you have to upgrade your players so we cant upgrade them at all and this is a serious issue because if we cant upgrade then we might be a 26 overall and the other team is like 98 and thats a big problem because of the ad bar so if you can please remove the ad bar from the game immediately and if you do we might give the game 5 stars :)

The game is overall very fun but theres a glitch where an ad covers up the bottom of the screen making us unable to upgrade our team.

Hey guys, your advertisements at the bottom of the screen make it impossible to actually upgrade the players. Maybe.. Move it?

Im not bothered by the simplistic gameplay. We would be a little better if we were able to choose our own plays. The worse thing though is the ad placement. Its positioned directly in the way of the player upgrade. We have to close out the app and reopen it and quickly try to upgrade them before the ad comes. Its so bad we had to actually leave a review and we’ve never done this before.

We saw the game and thought it would be a nice time killer and it is but theres just not enough to it. The game is too easy and the gameplay is buggy. Its fun for a few minutes but starts to get boring. The adds dont make it better. An add pops up after every play, so much we can barely get through a game. One huge problem that is actually detrimental to game play is we cant upgrade our players. Theres an add bar at the bottom of the screen that blocks the upgrades and it doesnt go again. So Im stuck with 50s going agains 70s and 80s. Just needs work.

Fun game good time pass entertainment. Cant upgrade players. Add bar wont let you. Fix that and would give 5 stars.

At first it was cool to make your team the best possible but then it got too easy and the ads were repetitive and annoying it felt like after almost every play, an ad would pop up and now its just like "im done for today to many ads" or "its to easy im done for today". Please make the cpu better and make it to where theres less ads.

So we paid the $5 to get rid of ads, yet an ad banner is popped up over our players upgrade options so we can’t progress our team even if we wanted to. We honestly feel robbed.

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