Hair Challenge

Last updated on December 2nd, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Hair Challenge

Hair Challenge

Hair Challenge is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Hair Challenge is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 1st April 2021 with the latest update 2nd December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hair Challenge ?

328,542 people have rated 8.9.8

What is the price of the Hair Challenge ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hair Challenge released ?

Hair Challenge was released on 1st April 2021.

When was the Hair Challenge updated ?

The latest updated date of Hair Challenge on 2nd December 2022.

Where can Hair Challenge be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hair Challenge from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready for a massive Hair Challenge?
This is an adventure in which you have a super long majestic hair! This popular hair runner game is perfect for you!

Do you hate getting a bad hair cut? So do we! Especially in this super fun Hair Challenge game!
Pick up weaves of any hair colors as you walk the runway. Watch out for the scissors, blades, and all other sharp obstacles to keep your gorgeous hair from getting cut!

Did you not like your hair color? Or need a makeover? No problem, because this is a hair salon runway. Put your high heels on, pick yourself up a colorful hair dye, and start running on the roof!

Oops! Did your hair get cut? No worries, hair salon at the shop awaits for you! Go visit the hair shop to choose any of the fabulous characters, hair dyes, and hair accessories to unlock and start your cool walking game.

Forget about all the other top free games and popular games! This is the best hair runner game, challenging but super fun! So come join the community and play Hair Challenge now!

Updated on 2nd December 2022

We update Hair Challenge as often as possible to make sure the game runs more reliable and that your hair is always on fleek!
Here are a few enhancements you’ll find in the latest update:

Squashed some bugs – eww!
Improved hair texture – flawless!

Hair Challenge Review

Hi, the last time we played it was not the best. But now, wow its just the best.

It is a fun Game but we cant get in we think it has a glitch can you keep sending us out we cant Play the game whoever made the game please get the glitch out of the game.

Hair challenge is the worst we got it and it kept giving us ads like every time we finish it just gives us a ad and the higher you get the more ads there are.

OMG we LOVE this game . We saw a person saying PeoPLe WeRE SaYinG we LovE thIS gAmE we THinK ThEy dIdnT PLay ThE gaMe we think him or her didnt play the game bc levels are really fun and hard and to us the difficulty of a game is the point of a game. The ads can be used to level u and dress u up but other then the ads we think u should download the game. U Will and we mean WILL be on this game from 9am to 12am cuz that was us. Its a great game. Thats all we can say so good morning, evening, night.

We love this game so much but after a couple of rounds the hair girl it stop and it will no longer let us play we keep on getting notifications that say come and play but it wont let me.

This game is great! There are still adds but less adds then hair rush! Character is way easier to control! Unlike hair rush! We prefer this hair game then any other hair game! Some bugs when controlling the character! But great game! Keep up the good work!!

Honestly, this game is fun. But we still am not sure if we love it. For us, the game is lagging continuously, but thats really it.

Great game but it constantly freezes, we cannot even play for 10 seconds without it stopping. We deleted it, wasnt worth it.

So In our opinion this game is pretty fun but it has WAY to many ads like we literally watch more ads than we play the game its so annoying also in one round it gives a lot of hair but in other rounds there isnt even enough to beat our high score so we dont think anyone should get this game unless you have A LOT of patience and time or if this game gets an update.

So we have this game before too and we love it when we were six years old but we are 10 years old now! So yeah its been a few years now we can say we kind of like the game, but not really because we think its boring because every single day just keep messaging you saying please play our game! All the time we do not like it! And we have to play with other strangers! We dont want to. Its so boring and we dont like it because when Im trying to sleep, its like time to play the game or something like that at 9 PM! When we are sleeping, just saying for us to go and play that game at 12 PM! Like, no thank you! We dont like it. We do not like it, and we didnt know that you had to be vs auto strangers! Why this game Im just giving you a only. 3! Because we dont care.

We litterly do not like this game. First of all we are getting notifications about the stupidest things telling us that they would rather play the game over us! AND THERE SENDING ME THE NOTIFICATIONS AT 12:00 A.M.!!!!!!!!! Also we dont really like the vibes of the game and im not saying you wont. DONT TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS.

We don’t like the ad that won’t stop popping up and it turns black and disables game play it is called fitness icon we love this game (hair challenge) but not that part of it.

So stupid to a point where its fun.

It is so fun we just love it is so fun.

We rate it a 4 because you have to play to get a convation with someone. But anything else is good.

Ok so the game is fun but there are a lot of adds no one rlly needs adds it is fun but u can get kind of unstable and we would love new hair colors our favorite color is the blue one but anyways the game is pretty good-your friend ________

Ok… So, we think our only complaint is the ads. We want to enjoy it, but just a touch to many ads. Like, like, to get a lot of the rare stuff, you have to watch 3 ADS! That sould only be 1 ad guys. That doesn’t make any sense. It would make more sense if it were only 1. Otherwise good game but we would like a pet to run around to collect some hair for you. Like, a cat or a dog or even a bird. We think that would be really cute and helpful. And we think it would be really cool if you could customize and make your own hair. That would be cool. We would like less ads and we would like the things we already listed otherwise really good game we recommend this byee.

This game is a really good game like it is reallly fun to play with but not the ads but yalll ok but anyways back to our stripper game.

We really love this game and it is fun but one problem it has that make us annoyed are ads. This game is fun to play but ads come up every time you enter a new level. You should reduce the number of Ads that pop up. Also, you have to watch ads for EVERYTHING you unlock. Another thing is that dodging the saws are pretty hard because after you pass through one when your hair is long, it still cuts your hair off without you noticing. We think you should make the saws slower. Otherwise we think this game is very fun and we recommend.

The game is grate. It just needs some working on. Like, when we want an accessory it wants us to watch an add but it wont let us. So we cant get any accessories!

We love this game but we hate this update like, we got 178 and we only got 72 gems. Like why!!!! We loved it when you would get the exact same gem number as your score and that is so unfair. Like, why did you change it. Its a really great game and this is an opinion not a fact but we just dont know why you would change it. Overall we love this game its awesome but could you please consider putting back how you would get the same number as your score. Thx for reading plz respond.

First there is too much adds Second it is a little bit laggy Third it is also a fun game.

We cant even play the game because it doesnt load all the way! Ever since the Halloween update, our game wasnt even loading all the way. Please fix this we really love this game!

Yall this game is so laggy that we cant even play the game 2) when we try to change our hair color it wont let us and whenever Im in the swing we cant mace so we cant get any hair.

This game is so addicting, we’ll play it for HOURS. We Was so glad that you made this game that we started skipping class when we first got it, we got yelled at but you were there for us!! We stopped sleeping now because we love it so much!!! We’re now only sleeping 30 minutes every week!!! We want to play this game our whole life, we deleted all our other apps. We got expelled but, who cares we are now fired from our job and am about to be kicked out of our apartment : ( but we still have hair challenge!!! We love playing this game so much that we’ve devoted our Whole logr to it!!!

Uhm kinda rip of and it needs to do the whip yes so pls fix this problem do the whip every one:D.

Ok, when we first started this game, we thought it was the best. But we got to about level 100, and it just got repetitive. And BORING!!! We mean, we hate reading super long book report books, but we hated having such repetitive levels more. Add in some new stuff!!! PLEASE YOUR KILLING ME!!!! Ok, now that Im done ranting about that, lets talk about the ads. You finished a level, congratulations! You get an ad! Want to get more stuff ad watching time! You want to get new things, guess what you have to do (if you guessed watch an ad, you are correct). SOOO ANNOYING!! Like, we like it, but less ads please!!!!! Just saying. If you like repetitive, and ad watching half the time, then you can play this game. If you dont like that, then dont get it. Your choice.

We really like this game but when you need to watch the ads to get a character we dont mind, that is when it works. We havent been able to unlock characters because it says ad not ready.

It just get really boring DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! At first it was fun and easy but,after awhile it got really boring and not fun! DONT RECOMMEND! We also wanna point out these games are just all animated the same and they are just not that fun. Please dont buy any games like this. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

We love this game But ever since the Halloween thing our game will not load all the way and we even updated the app it still dose not work and this has happen for more then 1 week!! Fix it pls.

  1. Youll get bad reviews if u dont make this 9+ and 2.12 MB 2. Is that maybe when u make it 9+ OPEN UP THE DRESSES ! We wanna see at least half the sexy naked boobs! 3. Im 9 and obsessed with naked sexy girls 4, maybe when pride month comes around add rainbow flags And trans flags cause Im trans 5. Pride month clothes like a Trans romper and trans hair 6. Gay pride dress and Gay Pride hair 7. Lesbian shirt and Jeans and hair lesbian flag is this btw Thx!

This game is so fun l love playing it we are so happy we found this game we tried the extra challenge it was on level 45-67 we on locked new hairs we like the two pig tails because if one side gets cut you have another life but other wise if you like long hair you should down load this you can also see how much you inproved. Sophie Delmare.

Can you PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE do a storyline update their must be more other than the graphics this game is 10/10.

We absolutely love most of all your games we would love to give you 4 stars if you can fix the glitch in Hair Challenge. When playing the extra Halloween Challenge we are able to click all the boxes except the one that wants you to start the game with longer hair, which we do . We watch the add, play the game but when all is s said and done the game will not allow us to check that particular task off our list. The other one is to start the game in the 2 x mode. Since we purchased all the levels, watched all the annoying adds there is not any where else for us to go in the certain task. Please please please help!!! We feel these games keep young we play them with our Grand daughter she also loves them. Thank you so much for your talents.

The game is pretty much good but we dont like how you cant go back words.

So we find it very fun! But we agree with some of the reviews we read, honestly we do not think it is inappropriate, a little bit but it does not send a message that u should be skinny and pretty or anything. We have played it a little, we do like it it is fun but it is very glitchy the last time we played it that was like 5 minutes ago and it was very glitchy. It is fun so if u get it just be prepared for glitches. Bye!! P.S. Have fun playing it if u get it!!!

We love this game but there are so many adds we recommend trying this game but you will suffer through the adds.

The game wont load and we cant play the game so if you could find a way to fix that we will rate it better but not until then.

Its a good game but it lags to much for us and its wasting your time and they want you to waste your money by becoming premium because of the locked skins and its also annoying that every time you win 123456789 or 10 rounds they immediately bring you to the story time like we dont want to do that we just want to have fun with the literal game and not have to do some stupid story for a girl thats name is hair challenge girl like add some more detail like maya or Rachel or Eloise like seriously.

Whar is the arrow win you have to go to the gem? We are stuck there! Help please!

Ok the clothing! The hair is fine but this is a children app and it shows womans why did they add that worst game so far! Also the lagging!!! All our friends got the game and it lagged for them one time the noise got stuck and we had shutdown our phone do not download even though you will.


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