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DOOM is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bethesda Softworks LLC, DOOM is a Action game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 31st October 2009 with the latest update 14th September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,606 people have rated 2.9.6

You can download the game DOOM from APP STORE.


Celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary with the re-release of the original DOOM (1993), including the expansion, Thy Flesh Consumed, is now available on iOS devices. First released in 1993, DOOM introduced millions of gamers to the fast-paced, white-knuckle, demon-slaying action the franchise is known for.

Relive the birth of the first-person shooter, wherever you go, and experience the classic demon-blasting fun that popularized the genre.

Updated on 14th September 2020

With all new touch controls, controller support, and 16:9 rendering, our new update for DOOM & DOOM II on all platforms is our biggest one yet! We have also improved performance, and now support 120hz devices, which can be enabled in Video Options.

DOOM Reviews

Id give this game 5 stars if the controls were improved. The controls are crucial in a fast paced shooter. The double tap for autofire is too picky with timing. You have to double tap very slowly. This feels like a bug and slows down the player. The inertia from swiping to aim makes aiming feel too imprecise. Aside from this its just classic doom. It would be easier to send the demons back to hell if the controls were fixed. Edit: we came back because we noticed an update. Im very glad they fixed the autofire timing issue and 3 new megawads for free! If they can add more community wads then this can compete with the PC version. Edit: New controls are button based. The game is much more intuitive to play. Feels great!

We have a Backbone One controller and it makes a huge gameplay difference! Very fun game! Its not the same without a Bluetooth or connected controller on your phone.

We’ve been playing Doom since the shareware version and it still holds up to this day. Played pretty much every ported version too. Almost didnt buy this because the reviews saying bad controls. What a mistake that would have been to pass this up! A touchscreen is not a great replacement for keyboard or controller, but this works fine. Being able to move/resize the on screen buttons would be nice, but theyre usable. This compares to the Xbox live version, which is arguably the best port- high res graphics, music. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Included if you sign up with Bethesda for free are several popular add ons including an entire re-do of the game with a Viking theme. All in all the developers honor Doom with this port and am happy to have spent $4.99 for it. We paid 34.99 for just 4 episodes on PC back in the day, this is 7x more content for 1/7 price.

The game is perfect now! Im so glad we get largely the same experience at home as we do on the go.

Excellent port, controls are tricky; big jumps and platforming are almost impossible. Our biggest complaint is that you cant select the fist if you have the chainsaw, so you cant berserk-punch baddies. It should come-up with a second tap of the chainsaw icon.

New controls and FPS are great! Thank you!

Bought this game some time ago and found the controls didnt agree with us. Bummer. Deleted. Just downloaded it again on a whim, & found these snappy new controls that agree with us completely. Now Im enjoying this almost perfect port of DOOM!

Love the nostalgia of this game! Its great that its still being actively improved. A classic!

Best mobile game we have ever played, controls are perfect too.

New update fixes the broken touchscreen and game pad controls, while adding 120hz support for iPads. This is now a very competent port.

Can we get Wolfenstein 3D already?? Its almost certainly be heavily censored, but thats ok. Or how about Commander Keen?!

We purchased this game (this time) to have something to focus on in a crisis. It is still engaging after decades! Im happy to have the game on our SE!

The controls arent janky at all and its just like doing on the PC or console. Theres controller support so you can hook up your controller to it and play it as if you play it on the console and its really fun and we enjoy it. Buy it.

The one and only. When youre on the go and need a quick hit. We bought this back in the iPhone 4 days and beat it with touchscreen. Now we have a MFi and it plays like a dream, or should we say a nightmare. Until some bad mofs bring duke nukem 3d or quake to iOS then Im down for a quick vanilla doom imp fragging session on the John any day of the week. Bethesda if you read this, wheres our si6il at??? How about a iwad store? Brutal Doom support? Reading other reviews it seems that they ruined the touchscreen controls. We can say they were good back in 2011, so if they are paying attention to reviews they ought to be revised eventually. The game pad controls are perfect though. R2 is shoot, Lstick is move, Rstick is turn.

Its not about the controls its about the gameplay its really good we love it its just like the original you should try making doom enternal its really good.

Joining the ranks of GTA Liberty City Stories and many others who have (quietly) added support for this feature. It makes the game more immersive. Not quite VR but it has a higher frame rate than VR. This is a whole new game now on ProMotion devices. Especially on the really intense levels where timing is crucial. It’s not on by default so go to settings.

We love this port a lot. Runs great on all of our devices, even our iPod! Greatly recommended!!

We remember playing this port and we refunded the game because of its terrible controls. However we heard the new update to Doom was out and this added better controls and widescreen. We watched a video about Doom Mobiles New Update and heard good things about. We bought the game and to our surprise it actually felt good ripping and tearing the demons. The controls were MUCH better and we loved the new update controls. Widescreen made Doom SO much better. There still is a problem though, we really wish Doom Mobile worked on iPads. It works but the screen isnt full sized so thats kind of a problem but besides that problem, Doom Mobile is now really good thanks to the update. We will play Doom Mobile more now thanks to the update. Thanks ID Software for fixing this big issue in Doom Mobile. However, if they added iPad Support and Keyboard and Mouse, Doom Mobile would be perfect. Thanks ID Software and the other people who worked on this game fixing the problems with the Doom Mobile Port.

Portable Doom with controller support and all the extras. Everything we’ve always wanted.

Deserves better than the rating it’s getting. We play it on ipad using a mfi controller and it works great.

Hard to go wrong with this classic game. The FPS that made FPS a mainstream genre. Loaded with classic MIDI music, Health and ammo pickups, 2D enemies in a 3D world and all the glories of 90s FPS games. Pixelated gore, MIDI Hard Rock, and spring door elevator traps sure to get you excited about shooting demons. This port runs faithfully at high FPS and has all the cheats and level select you could hope for in a re release. It even has an add on feature online for the true classic DOOM experience. It also has the an original style dynamic 2D map. And, yes, it has well designed gamepad support. The only thing we can request to make it a better experience is allow customizing the touch buttons for different size phones and hands and have separate sensitivity for gamepad and touch. Its all here. Find out where first person shooters first hit the mainstream or get your DOOM fix. Its hard to go wrong here.


We had our reservations, but this works great with a controller, and runs great on our iPad and iPhone. We’re really happy and have also bought the other game, DOOM II immediately after a quick test run of this one. It also runs smooth as ice. It sometimes randomly crashes if other audio plays in the background, or if the app is left open too long. However, the save feature is super accessible and fast to compensate. Overall, an amazing port!

We absolutely love how both doom and doom 2 were ported onto mobile but we honestly wish there was a way to the other doom games like doom 64, doom 3, doom 2016(if possible), and doom eternal(probably not possible) but at least doom 64. And also we wish we could mod doom and doom 2 please Bethesda help us out here.

Isnt that way to much? Like why not for 14 or 15.

The game runs so good on iPad series. Our dream is playing doom 1 & 2 in real FULL SCREEN on iPhone Max series.


We dont know what people are complaining about im having a blast on our phone, well worth the $5 with just touch controls. Ialso appreciate the fact that we cam turn off music and play spotify in the background!

Im wondering if Bethesda (if Im spelling companys name wrong please correct me) Im wondering if they could add doom or maybe even doom eternal these games could cost 4 dollars 5 dollars 6 dollars whatever price that seems fine thank you.

Can’t believe this game has made it this far and even has add ons with future add ons & support too. Amazing stuff, DOOM Zero and BTSX 1&2 are so good!

What can we say, it does what it says on the box! Controls are fine, not great, but touchscreen controls rarely are. Its just nice to have a portable version on our phone. :)

To us the Controls are nice the game it self we give it a ten out of ten.

Nice to have DOOM classic on the go now. Also, the controls are fine, crybabys.

Thank you for fixing the controls!!!!

This is DOOM. Dont let any other reviews lie to you. The real way to enjoy this game though is with a controller. Im using a Razer Kishi and it plays just like it did in the old days, but its near unplayable without it. We can understand how the task might seem daunting with little to no control over your character. But if you have an old Xbox one or PlayStation 4 controller laying around or a Razer Kishi them by all means, grab this and any other classic game you can find, because THIS game will at least run like butter.

Updated port is excellent. Would still like if the controls could be more customized – might switch the hand and the fire buttons on the left side – but overall everything works well. The add-ons are great.

Is a classic doom good controls and the classic history.

Controls are great. Gameplay is great. We never played Doom before but always wanted to and we love it. Its the perfect FPS for an iPhone. Beautiful in its simplicity. Its cool you can download additional levels. Would be amazing if there was multiplayer.

Just completed the last episode on ipad.. Many sleepless hours in our 50’s feels a bit different than our 20’s :) .. Thanks for the memories!

Any chance you can add heretic game?

This game is so fun playing on our phone. Just beat the game. Now we want to play more classic games from yall. Please make a mobile version of Wolfenstein 3D it would be extremely fun!

We know you guys play doom on iOS but how about doom 64? We’ve been thinking When is doom going to make doom 64 on iOS, it would be our dream :)

The latest version of Doom fixes resolution for the latest generation iPad Pro models, adds 120 fps support and great controller support. Gameplay is fluid and fast now if they would just add keyboard and mouse support, that would take this port over the top. The extras, cheat modes and gameplay are perfect. Many are complaining about the onscreen touch controls, but lets face it, Doom was never designed for those (or a controller), but the gameplay with our Steelseries Nimbus is really fantastic (for a controller). Please add mouse and keyboard support- the only thing this port needs. Thanks Bethesda!

Doom on a phone sounds like a pretty great idea to begin with, and as of our purchase it was! Started playing round the time that the touch controls were converted into something not terrible, so the experience was quite pleasant for us. Many of the reviews talk about this port before that update. The controls seem to adjust their size based on the phone you use, which can be a tad bit annoying. Im our opinion, the controls work well with older model IPhones. Usually with models that were before the IPhone X, and newer models that represent the older ones, like the second gen SE. Movement on newer phones feels a little hard to get attached to, as the stick used to move is much smaller than the model we use. Gameplay in general feels faithful to the original game on computers, although it was remastered using the unity engine, whilst supporting a higher resolution with clean graphics. This port also includes an extra difficulty option perfect for those who want a fair challenge. UV+ is basically nightmare mode without the respawning enemies, the one feature that made us despise nightmare mode. This port also includes the levels from Ultimate doom, which is a nice addition. Bethesda account integration is also present, with it letting you get access to extra map packs. While we understand that the account thing could turn some heads away, the amount of mod packs present really helps with this ports replay ability. These map packs range from those included in final doom, like TNT: Evolution and other map packs created by a modding community, like Arival. Some include Doom II content, such as the super shotgun, and the chaingun enemies. New packs are added often, all of which are guaranteed to keep you on your toes, with most receiving awards from the Doom community. This port is on most major platforms now, like PlayStation and Xbox, as well as the Nintendo Switch. But we would recommend the mobile version for its adjustable frame rate and accessibility. But once again, we would appreciate if the developers added the option to change the size of the face buttons and movement stick, along with their positions. For those who have larger phones and for those who dont feel comfortable with the current control scheme, maybe just wait for now. Other than that though, its just Doom on a phone, nothing wrong with that. We just wish we could play a version more like the old dos version.

What can we say? Its Doom, but on iOS. We’ve been playing Doom since 1993, but we dont get to the computer much anymore, so its cool to finally take it with us and play a level or two whenever we have time. In contrast to older reviews, the controls seem to be fixed. They work fairly well. You just have to learn to use both the left and right fire buttons: the left one when not moving and precise aim is required, and the right one when shooting while on the move. Its not a perfect system, but probably the best that can be done with a touchscreen. It also comes with a lot of add-on WADs through Bethesda. Net, including Sigil and Final Doom. There is one important bug we recently noticed. We cant find a way to report it to Bethesda, so Ill write it here. When playing on Nightmare! Skill, reloading a save game turns off the fast monsters. Its not really Nightmare! Without fast monsters. We hope they fix this soon.

This is a good port but we realized it was missing the super shotgun! ADD THE SUPER SHOTGUN PLEASE. Oh and also add the ability to change the position of the buttons and their size. From, Major Doom Enjoyer.

Add no-clip and it will be five stars (or add a command console)

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