Heads Up! Charades for Kids

Last updated on May 2nd, 2022 at 04:07 pm

Heads Up! Charades for Kids


Heads Up! Charades for Kids is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Heads Up! Charades for Kids is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th December 2014 with the latest update 29th June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Word, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,878 people have rated 2.2.2

You can download the game Heads Up! Charades for Kids from APP STORE.


If you love “Heads Up!” the game created by Ellen DeGeneres, played on her show and by millions of people around the world, then get ready for "Heads Up! Kids," a fun and exciting game you can play with your little ones, no matter their reading level!

From animals to actions to items around the house — give clues to help your teammate guess the picture that’s on their head before time runs out! Whether you’re waiting in line, on a road trip, or having a family game night, "Heads Up! Kids" is the only game you need to keep the good times rolling!


  • Play with one friend, or one hundred at the same time.
  • Pull up a new card simply by tilting your phone.
  • Keep videos of your hilarious game play
  • Diverse categories let you challenge and entertain your kids for hours, all from one app!
  • Scavenger hunt-style pack where it’s up to you to find the pictures to complete the deck.

With a ton of themed decks packed to the brim with exciting gameplay cards, the fun never ends!

Decks include:

  • Animals
  • Actions
  • Who Am I?
  • Around the World
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • And lots more!

Updated on 29th June 2021

This update contains general fixes and performance enhancements. Happy Playing!

Heads Up! Charades for Kids Reviews

This game is good for familys that need something fun to do.

Has our 7yr old giggling and having a great time.

Played the game once and we fell IN LOVE WITH THE GAME so we tested the kids version and we love it that is why we put 5 stars! So thank you for making a kids version and the full game good bye!

Not happy we paid $5.31 for this app when only a few categories are available. The rest are $0.99 per category. The photos/drawings are also low quality and boring. Especially if your kids are older than 3 years old. Wish we could get our money back.

Some pictures are hard to tell what they are. Not enough categories that arent extra. Overall not impressed with the artwork.

It only comes with a few decks and then everything is 99 cents. Not worth the $.

We paid $5 for 4 categories. Where are the rest of the games? What a waste. Id rather play the original for free.

This makes the game nearly impossible to play.

Scam ! We purchased this to play game with grandsons. Its a simple version and you have to purchase additional decks to go beyond minimal play! Ridiculous, dont waste your money!

Names stopped appearing under the pictures even with option checked on.

We downloaded the app for our kids and was immediately charged $3.99. We only have access to 6 categories. After that we have to pay again. That is hardly worth it. Also, we switched on the option to display the words. It worked initially and now it is just blankI cannot get the words to show up.

It has special that are tremendous.

We love this game and use it for our special needs child to help him develop his language. We do wish you could turn the timer off!! It also needs more decks. Or make the regular heads up be able to use pictures and not just words.

The best Game to Play at a restaurant!

$.99 for each additional category.

Since this version is for kids, the amount of time should be adjustable or at least extended. Its way too fast.

We think it could be a little better us and our friend dont know all of the things on the sets of cards.

It comes with a few games if you want the extra ones you must pay for each one individually. There is no all in one purchase. Its a fun game but we dont want to have to put over $10 into the app to get access to all the games.

We love this game but we dont like the automatic video of players giving clues. Especially on a kids app. Who knows where the videos go. We are removing this app.

Has a nice feature of recording video but theres no sound when the video is played back. Please fix!!!!!

Great game for kids just wish it had more categories.

We purchased this app and only 5 categories came with the purchase. All additional categories cost $.99 each.

First, it would be good to categorize the games by age. Our five year old cant recognize some of the images. Second, we have not been able to download the Cookie Monster version. Tried for 2 weeks now.

You have to pay for additional categories inside the paid app. BS!

The picture shows the ability to create your own deck. But you must pay again…..

We love the adult version of this game but this one crashes when we push play. Tried deleting and re-downloading, updating iOS, etc and nothing works. Would love to be able to actually play the game!

Should have more categories available. Animal kingdom is hard to see anything and around town requires you take your own pictures.

We love this game because it teaches your kids all the different species, animals, and hats! And its totally free!!!! And it keeps your kids company. And it teaches them to listen to their teammate/s. And use their noggin.

Ok wow super fun game but Im eleven and like yo we like the regular app better. And the video you can just see the top of there heads when we hold it to there forehead so. You get our point.

The app is really great but For some weird reason, we cant make a in-app purchase! This really triggers me.

App crashes every time we click play. Weve tried every category and the same thing happens. Deleted app and restored it. Updated iOS. Reset phone. Nothing has worked.

We love Heads Up kids because it is a fun opportunity for kids to play Heads Up too! The only thing we dont like about this app is that it wont let you purchase (pay) for something offline. However we will soon make a game that you can pay offline, then download online. Heads up rules!

We really did enjoy this game but we feel as if there are way to many in-app purchases. We already had to play $0.99 to download the game and there are only a few categories for free, others cost money.

Its a great speech therapy game but the timer gets in the way.

Love the game so much we downloaded the kids version to play with our nieces and nephews. One day we played the game for 40 min straight and saved all the videos. We couldnt wait to watch them all and upload them later. Unfortunately none of them saved to our phone. This was 2 weeks ago and Im still having the same problem.

This game is a ton of family fun, but it asks to turn on the camera every click. Extremely frustrating. On the regular adult version, they only ask once a game. They clearly want to trick the kids to turn on the camera which is creepy. Other than that, its a perfectly fun game.

The game is ok, sometimes the cards are not very good for kids, or not enough context, but EVERY game it asks for access to the camera. We do not want to use the camera. We never will. We do not want to ever give any app access to our camera. SO STOP ASKING FOR IT. Incredibly irritating when one is just trying to have fun with the family.

When playing on an we phone we couldnt really see the images.

Please remove the obnoxious reminder asking for access to the camera. This is a game for children, we should not need to give access to the camera for it…

WOW. This is a weird app it constantly asks for our camera and microphone access. Why do you need to watch and listen to us????? Other than that it works fine we just like our privacy. Be sure to use caution with this app. Developers, please tell us why this keeps happening. Also, can the app access our mic and camera when Im not in the app or it is running in the background??

Our son accidentally purchased this app is there a way to cancel it.