Hexic – the original game

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Hexic – the original game


Hexic – the original game is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Adam Richard Szabo, Hexic – the original game is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th June 2013 with the latest update 13th January 2017

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


34 people have rated 2.4.0

You can download the game Hexic – the original game from APP STORE.


Does the old-school MSN game mean a lot to you and now you are looking for a great mobile version of Hexic? This is your app!

"Hexic – the original game" is a tile-matching puzzle game where you should rotate hexagonal tiles to create certain patterns. The objective of Hexes is to rotate hexagonal pieces of various colors and clear them from the board by forming clusters or flowers.
Clusters are formed when three pieces of the same color touch each other. Pieces above the cleared pieces fall, potentially forming more clusters and causing chain reactions, and new pieces appear at the top of the board.
Bonuses are awarded for clearing more than three pieces at a time, and some pieces contain bonus stars, which yield extra points and can clear larger groups of pieces depending on how they are cleared.
You can create a "silver-star" by arranging six like-coloured pieces into a hexagon or "flower", surrounding a piece of a different color or type. The surrounding pieces are cleared, and the center piece is replaced by a silver-star (unless the center piece was already a silver-star, in which case a new silver-star drops from the top). A silver-star allows you to rotate all surrounding pieces clockwise or counterclockwise.
Forming a flower of silver-stars changes the center piece into a black pearl, which allows you to move three surrounding pieces in a Y or inverted Y pattern.
The ultimate goal of the game is to form a cluster or flower of black pearls, after which the game will end.
Bombs appear occasionally throughout the game. A bomb is colored like other pieces on the board and can be defused by rotating it into a cluster or flower of the same color. The counter on the bomb counts down with each move, and if allowed to reach zero, it explodes and the game is over. Defusing a bomb by clustering it with at least one multiplier piece of the same color causes all pieces of the same color as the bomb to instantly clear from the board.

Good luck & have fun!

Updated on 13th January 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

"Long-touch loupe"
Have you tried to long press the board and expected some kind of highlighting what you will rotate?
Just an other feature which was requested by you and it is finally here! With magnifier and everything! So cool!

Have fun!

Hexic – the original game Reviews

Love this version .. When are you gonna do Hexic 2 for iPad ?

Listen. It’s Hexic. It’s not bloated. It’s just great ol Hexic. Give the developer a clap.

Exactly the game we were looking for :) well made and well done!

We used to play Hexic HD all of the time on Xbox 360. Much to the confusion of our friends when they would all be playing Halo 3 or CoD. We loved it and tried hard to get all of the achievements. Anytime we ask people about it they seem to not know what Im talking about. Im glad we finally decided to search the App Store and even more so that we found it! The controls are a bit finicky, you have to be very precise with your touches but its not a difficult game so it doesnt really affect gameplay at all. So happy to be able to play this again!

The graphics are good and simple, while the background music is tranquil and relaxing. Good way to chill and relax.

Only suggestion is to make everything take advantage of the screen space, ie bigger. It feels like its 50% smaller than it needs to be, and we agree with other comments this makes it easy to tap on the wrong parts by accident.

If you dont know, Hexic was a game on the MSN game network, but you probably dont know it for that version, you most likely know it from the Xbox 360 remake that came with your console, Hexic HD. This game is great. Our hands are small so we didnt have a problem hitting other pieces by accident. One thing that needs work is the sound effects, otherwise, this is a great remake of a classic game.

The rotations on the pieces are inconsistent. Which leads to bad combos and ruins strategy. Not sure why theyre wonky but we’ve tested it over and over and you could tap the same square and itll rotate an unpredictable direction. Kinda ruins in for us because we do enjoy this awesome time killer.

We were searching for something like this forever on the app store. Glad we did!

Just like the XBOX version. Suggestion: would be nice if you could add a black or dark background vs just white. Thanks!!

This game makes you think slightly more than some of the other mindless apps out there. Hey, it’s free too; why not?

Pros: -works well overall -no noticeable glitches -the latest update gives an optional symbol overlay over each hex color for players with difficulty distinguishing different colors Cons: -there’s no option to disable tutorials, which is incredibly annoying as they show up each "level" -there’s no way of seeing which hexes you’re exactly choosing to flip, and if you’re playing on a phone instead of a tablet, you will often end up flipping the wrong hexes or rotating hexes when you don’t want to.

We liked the old color Schemes better. Otherwise we still find this game challenging.

Hexic is a game we really enjoyed playing on the Xbox. Incredibly simple but addictive game, it’s everything the Xbox version is minus the HD textures but that’s fine.

Exactly like the Xbox, love it!

Great game. Hard putting down!

After the last few updates, this game runs without a hitch, just like the Xbox version that we fell in love with.

Fun and never easy this puzzle will keep you thinking for hours! So fun, so fun.

We love arcade mode, so we can just keep playing:)

We love this game. It is one of our all time favorites. We wish we could get this on our console.

We were hooked on this game since Xbox live arcade days. Great gameplay, excellent time waster, and a whole lot of fun!

We love it! Very entertaining.

Been looking for a good Hexic clone for some time on iOS. This is perfect.

Very faithful to the original, but needs a save option.

Very good match game. Just like the old X Box version.

We’ve always loved this game but this app needs major improvement.

BUT! We wish there was a color blind mode. The yellow and greens are hard to tell apart and the blues and purples might as well be the same color. Fix that and I’d play this game more than clash of clans.

We waited years to see a port of Hexic and this app delivers. Everything is as it should be and all the settings are easily accessible without losing your progress during a match.

If you’ve played this on Xbox 360 back in the day when it came installed in the arcade game you will enjoy it just the same. Great port. Great game.

Don’t get us wrong: we love this app, but we really love Hexic. This app more than satisfies that need. However, the general graphics and sound fx could be more impressive.

We like this game because it changes as we go along .

It plays much like Hexic, which is satisfying. However, after winning by combining 3 black pearls, the win menu locks up the game.

Great Hexic clone for iOS now even better.

Super fun, exactly what we were expecting. Addictive! Also, clever creators.

This is an excellent puzzle game. It takes time and forethought to do well. This one of our favorites. Also, this seems to be as close as you can get to ‘Hexic’ on Xbox Live. Enjoy!

Pretty enjoyable game, especially when you’re bored.

It’s a pretty amazing game. We love to play it whenever we get the chance!

Not quite like the online version, but good enough.

I’d love to see an update to drop a star piece from the top when a star piece on the board is surrounded with one color. Also, very importantly, surrounding a black piece with one color should NOT turn it into a star piece! What a waste! At the very worst it should do nothing, like what happens currently with a star piece. Love this game and we play constantly, we just liked how different versions of this game have those features and like another reviewer said, it changes the way we play.

We love it, we’ve played it on and off for years now. Love the heck out of this game. Play it!!

We just wish it would lock leftover pieces in place, like Hexic does!

First, this is worthwhile if only for its colors. That said, to win requires a special gem and getting it can take forever. We got "stuck" on level 7 and finally just let the bombs end the game because we didn’t have enough flowers to make the gem. We won’t quit playing, but it would be nice to be able to win on points or do something to earn the special gem or at least enough flowers to make the gem.

Should fix that when you surround a star with a color ring, you should get a new star. Still wicked addicting…

We do enjoy the game and the button that let’s you change direction is an appreciated feature. Almost like the one on Xbox but a few missing features would helpI’m pretty let down that we can’t listen to any music during gameplay. Personally we like to zone out to music while we play cause it helps us be in the gaming zone, and without any music we don’t wanna play it very long. Overall it’s a fun game and we enjoy it.

We have been playing this a bunch on the xbox and have to say it it pretty close to the that one. One thing though if we surround a star piece with a one color one doesn’t come from the top. We don’t get anything for it even though to get a star piece you create a circle of one color, but creating a circle around another start piece does nothing but take away the colors. One should come down from the top when that happens and we say that is one MAJOR downside to this game since it changes the way we play. It would be great and a five star review if it is added! One thing that could also help is an outline around the pieces that are about to be moved if we hold down our finger. A few times we got the wrong move because our touch was a little off. So when we hold down our touch having a border around the moving pieces would make it much easier. Still a good game though that has good controls and plays much like the xbox version. If you have played that one it is almost exactly the same besides what we said above and a smaller board but that doesn’t effect game play at all. It does get by if you want to play some on the go but don’t try and perfect your strategy because there are some gameplay differences.

The lack of a colorblind mode makes this game nearly unplayable for us. The xbox version has symbols corresponding for each color, and we can’t imagine any valid reason why this version wouldn’t too. We loved this game on Xbox so we hope it’s still maintained enough to have this feature implemented.

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