Smash Up – The Card Game

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Smash Up – The Card Game


Smash Up – The Card Game is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nomad Games Ltd., Smash Up – The Card Game is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 12th October 2017 with the latest update 9th March 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


620 people have rated 2.2

You can download the game Smash Up – The Card Game from APP STORE.


Get ready to start the carnage in the digital edition of AEG’s shufflebuilding card game, Smash Up. Choose two faction decks from Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, Zombies, and more, and combine them to create a hybrid team that is a force to be reckoned with!

Mash up 2 factions into a 40 deck of cards, with each faction having different mechanics every mash up is different.

You only need 15 points to win the game…Sounds easy? How easy is it when another player has a Pirate-Dinosaur deck, they decide to sail into the base you have your eyes on and release King Rex to stomp your minions into the ground… Better think ahead bro.

“It’s a goofy theme with fun art and high replayability, but beneath that veneer of casual play is a great middle weight card game that lives on the line between hardcore gamer and casual enjoyment.” —Jonathan Bolding “The Escapist”

“Smash Up is smashing good fun, especially among gamers who can relax, revel in the sheer audacity of some stupid-good plays, and aren’t ashamed to let loose and let their geek flags fly.” —Dice Hate Me

“What do Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, Zombies, Aliens, Wizards and some other things have in common? They’re all trying to take over the world! But they can’t do it alone – so they’re teaming up.”


  •   Online Cross-platform multiplayer: 2 to 4 players
  •   Leader boards & Achievements
  •   Tutorial system plus ‘Step Through’ and ‘Review' modes to help players learn

— Languages —

  •   English
  •   Français
  •   Deutsch

Updated on 9th March 2020

Fix for online cross-play.
AI infinite loop fixes.

Smash Up – The Card Game Reviews

Smash up is a nice card game, nice its mobile so we can practice.

Really enjoying the expansions cant wait for more.

Love it. Perfect as is but would always love to see more factions added.

Smash Up is such a good game Please add ALL the factions!! Gameplay can be smoother and faster as well. Needs lots of love and attention because this could introduce more people to this amazing game. Dont give up on it devs! We went with 5 stars cuz its smash up. Its that good. 4 is more accurate. 3 if in 6 months you guys dont try here.

We messaged Nomad support, as the online servers seem to be down. In the past this has led to them fixing the issue, but not this time. No reply, and its been nearly a month. You can still play against the AI opponents, but we wouldnt recommend buying this app until the issue is resolved. Perhaps Nomad is no longer supporting this game? That would be a shame.

This is a well built app, but it does have some flaws. For instance, unable to play cards when you should be able to, able to play cards when you shouldnt be able to, some bases dont do what they are supposed to after scoring etc. But once you get used to the app it is fun and plays faster than the actual game.

Good game. The stats are a nice touch that will keep us coming back to play. More games like this need to follow and add SOLO stats, wins/losses etc. The main problem with this game is the poor use of screen realestate. On iPad its probably great but on iPhone, the text is too small. The app should be able to upscale, display larger popups that make full use of the screen, with BIGGER FONTS. Waaaay too many iOS card games have this problem while the smarter apps detect and display easier to read, larger fonts.

This game captures alot of the key aspects of smash up. The game is very easy to learn. We’ve oy encountered a couple if bugs so far, but its been fine so far. Decks like ‘killer plants’ where you have to do alot f deck searching and reshuffling run so smooth in this app. It saves alot of time that would normally be lost in the normal rl game. Our only real concern is the audio. We’re just going to be honest, its terrible. Half the sound effects sound like a radio bugging out. The music is very simple and gets really old really quick. Plus only 2 expansions are out rn. Making the game really dull compared to the rl one. Overall we think this a goodbase, but needs much improvement.

Currently the online play (March 6&7) is unavailable because of server issues. Besides that, its a limited implementation of a good game. When it works, its a lot of fun, but the developer didnt do a good job implementing features which would help with the errors. The game freezes about once every ten games and wont let you back in. It will boot you and let a bot finish the game. There should be a re-join feature. The game should also have a pause button that allows you to re-start the same game with a friend. The game needs all the factions, or at least some new packs. Finally the UI could use work. The cards are too small on a phone, and sometimes viewing a card causes an accidental choice. In addition, whenever another player plays an action, the opponent cannot easily read it. We would suggest showing the whole card over the playfield for a few seconds or showing the entirety of the card text in the space between the bases.

We love smash up and we’ve owned the physical game for a long time and have had the digital version for a little while now. The AI cheats at times. Like certain cards you play have no effect. We’ve made sure to watch several times to ensure its not us and we’ve confirmed the AI negates certain actions. Its a shame because a single card can make all the difference and when the AI can just go around your actions it puts a damper on the whole game. We still enjoy the digital version as it lets us play when we cant find real people to play with but just be warned about the AI.

We wish there were all the factions to choose from. And sometimes you cant use the bases abilities but besides thoughts two things great game.

Great game that is almost impossible to play due to the way the app has been programmed. Buyer beware.

We never played this game but figured we could learn it since we learned other board games that way. This tutorial was SO BORING. We just couldnt get into it. Im going to keep trying to learn this game and if we figure it out maybe Ill raise the score. Glad we played this though before buying the physical copy.

Great game and great digital version. Only problem is it is very buggy. Makes an illegal move almost once per game, and on our stats it still says we’ve only won once when we’ve won at least 5 times now.

Freezes too often on our iphone 13.

Love Smash Up. Its one of our favorite tabletop games. The app has nice presentation and works fine (for the most part). Not worth playing on higher difficulties because the AI very clearly cheats. We played a game against Princesss where we destroyed Sleeping Beauty forcing her to be shuffled into the deck only for the AI to play her the very next turn. Card draws happen at the end of the turn, the AI player didnt play anything to draw cards, simply mysteriously had a one of card in hand that should have been in the deck. Played an entire game with Geeks/Mythic Horses where all our actions were top decked and then we played through minions, reshuffled the deck only to have all our actions top decked again. Having that happen once could be attributed to chance, twice in one game is infinitesimal. AI used Geeks to move one of our actions (Hissy Fit) from one base to another base then the game treated that card as though it belonged to the AI player, which isnt how the Geeks card works. We thought maybe it was just programmed incorrectly but then we made the same play during a game and the card worked as intended. Then we started noticing how often card interactions working incorrectly almost always benefit the AI player. Programmers should legit be ashamed of themselves.

Did the app designers even read the rules? Jammed Signal works improperly wth Cool Cat Alley. It should make all players ignore the bases ability. Including the player who played it. Magic Ward is supposed to prevent actions being played on a base and on minions on that base. This app interprets that as minions can’t be played on the base, which is incorrect. Ornate Dome shouldn’t block Invisible Bicycle or You’re Pretty Much Borscht but it does in this app. Glymmer has the ability to lower a minion’s power -4 until the start of the player’s next turn. Sometimes, the -4 stays in effect several turns later, including long after Glymmer and the target minion are in the discard pile. If a player has the ability to retreive cards from the discard pile (like the Zombie faction) the retreived card will sometimes come back into play with -4 power. This seems more like a bug than a rules oversight. This isn’t the end of the broken rules, we’re just tired of listing them.

Downloaded again after first disappointing try. AI still uses the same flood one base to break strategy. Also, Problems with special event cards like zombie lord ( no option to place minions on unoccupied bases, Rhodes Bally mall base gives NO victory points when breaks) ai Can use packs you havent bought. Still needs work. Get on it. Oh and no contact support feature.

Dont know if its good or not, it wont run on our relatively new iPad which is running the latest IOS. It installed, but when we try to run it all we get is a little box that says Incompatible Device. Pretty useless.

We got the physical version of the game for Christmas and was really enjoying it until our brother left for college and we had no one to play it with anymore. We decided to get the game online so we could play together, but it seems the online servers arent even supported anymore. It defeats the whole purpose of buying it and we really wish they had it listed properly that online doesnt work. Unless they somehow return to supporting the servers we wont ever use this app. Biggest waste of $2 ever. We would get a refund if we could.

We login multiple times daily and there is never anyone online to play with, so Im constantly playing the AI which is frustratingly difficult even on the easy setting. We would give this a five star if 1. We could play with other people 2. The AI wasnt so difficult and 3. If we had a chance to read what the cards said when the AI does things like play three actions and four minions and win a base right out from under us!

Be careful though. When you play the AI they dont miss a beat so you gotta pay attention to all the specials. Its a little harder to read that the regular card game. Its nice to be able to mess around and play when ever though.

Pretty good so far! We cant wait for more expansions to be added. The cons: The AI is really tough, on easy it is like playing your buddy who knows everything about the game! Normal is crazy hard… We have lost every time out of 17 games. We would hard means impossible! The other bad thing is that there are no take undo button. Like say we play a card in the wrong base, it is now stuck there. Not a huge deal until your kids or dog jumps in your lap, and now your strategy crumbles. But over all a really great game with boundless potential!!!

Nothing like a computer controlled creature moving back and forth between two bases forever to sour a gaming experience. Controlling other players creatures is also a risk as they often return if anything complex happens like a base move. Seems like they have so many bugs to fix they arent doing any expansions.

As we all know, its a great card game. But the apps UI is just wrong. In the name of all that is good, toss it in the trash and start over. The world will be a better place for your efforts.

Incredible translation from the real card game. Just wish they had all the factions available already!

We could actually press the buy button for the expansions.

We enjoy the game quite a bit. With being able to play a bunch it helps work on strategies for real life, and finding good factions that fit together. We hope we get more expansions soon. With the limited amount, it can get old only having relatively few to choose from. We want to be able to try more combos, too. Also, the game does still glitch on occasion so you need to quit the game and start a new one in order for it to work again. That can be frustrating, especially when you just pulled off an epic move.

We were pleasantly surprised today to see that the Level 9000 expansion has been added and is available for purchase! Now give us more! We will gladly, willingly, totally pay for more more more! Bring it on!

One glitch we have noticed is make contact suddenly stops working and the original owner regains control of their minion.

This is an incredible recreation of an already awesome card game, but it only has up to the first expansion! Just saying, guys, Id happily pay for more of this, keep up the good work!

This is one of the best games we’ve ever played and the app version does the card game justice! Occasionally the game will start to have an issue and Ill have to close the app and start a new game, but its not a major issue. Our only request is please add more of the expansion packs to the game! We want to have more factions to play with.

Fixed our previous review, it was an error on our part. We have some little issues with the game. Like if we switch from the game to say our text messages and back to the game it will reset some moves back. Which is frustrating if it was our turn and we have to remember what moves we had made before we exited out.

Ok so for starters easy isnt as easy as youd expect. We like that because you still need to think unlike most apps. Now the down side youve buy the base game but the computer still uses cards you dont have accesses to. Took us by surprise but it wasnt long till we paid the extra buck or two for the extra cards. Though we own this game and like to play with certain cards so when we went to look to that expansion we found you only have base and one expansion that it. They have a bunch of different. Expansion out there and only two on the app. We want more. It smash up has been playing catch up for to long and when they finally got an app they didnt put all that were out at the time on the app doesnt take long doesnt cost much. So stop being cheap and update your app.

Love Smash Up to death, but we cannot click on the buy now button in game to purchase the new 9000 expansion. We’ve tried up multiple devices with no luck. Any fix?

AI is able to play Youre Prettty Much Borscht even where they dont have a minion.

The gameplay is good and not buggy ( we did not try to play online yet) But UI needs improvement: – AI play most of the time very fast to catch, adding a replay button is very handy with step by step button (change proceed button to On instead of Smart) – They bases card area is too big and a lot of space is wasted. Our cards can be bigger by saving some space from there. – colored frames on minion and action cards to indicate which card belongs to which player are not visible, probably because of cards size if very small or color frame is too thin – Preview the match should have a skip button to skip the current play in the review to speed up, also a play bar so we can move it forward or backward. And pause button to be able to read some card text when needed Updates:(4 stars) we found out that some of requested changed can be done from game settings (I added how to do)

Love the game. A fantastic card game, carries over well to mobile. There are a lot of complexities to this game & devs did a good job making the UI pretty decent for all of the options you have. Although sometimes the game pauses expecting us to do something, but its not clear (unless we know the cards really well) what action we should be taking. Suggestions: 1. Add the other expansion packs. Would happily pay another .99 for more factions 2. Our stats are all jacked up, please fix the stats section. 3. More of an indicator when a special is available or forced move is required what you actually need to be doing. 4. Fix some glitchy interactions. 2nd game we played we had to abandon. CPU was using Steampunks and had 2 bases with a talent to move a minion. The AI got stuck in a loop just moving one of his minions back & forth over & over & over. Had to quit & start a new game. Otherwise well done putting a complicated card game to mobile.

Love this game! Its definitely easier to play on the iPad. It would be awesome to have full iPhone X and iPad Pro support and more expansions!

Great Game but we cant buy the dlc! Ingame Store buy button dose not work.

More please! Ill pay for em all!

The game is fun. Easy to interact with. Super buggy. Freezes randomly during the CPU turns. Sometimes kicks back in, sometimes not. The price point is obnoxious. We own every expansion for the cards…. Why do we have to pay for the app? If anyone is looking for a recommendation, save your money.

We wish the app lets you confirm a choice. There are so many times when we just want inspect a card and it just chooses it for us.

Unfortunately, only the Awesome Level 9000 expansion is available. When will some of the more recent packs get into the store? Id love to use some new factions.

Click to view cards is very erratic and often leads to unintentional plays. Super frustrating.

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