House Flip

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House Flip

House Flip

House Flip is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by fun-gi games, LLC, House Flip is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th December 2017 with the latest update 27th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Education, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of House Flip ?

128,295 people have rated 3.11.1

What is the price of the House Flip ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the House Flip released ?

House Flip was released on 13th December 2017.

When was the House Flip updated ?

The latest updated date of House Flip on 27th March 2023.

Where can House Flip be downloaded ?

You can download the game House Flip from Apple Official App Store.



Remodel houses on a renovation world tour and explore international architecture while collecting design skills and swatches! Live the house flipper dream and become an expert in buying low and selling high in our decorating sims game.


  • Renovate and design hundreds of houses in our beautiful 3D home remodel simulator
  • Decorate with creativity to level up your interior design skills and transform home makeovers
  • Play Quick Fix mini-games to speed up renovations and interior designs
  • Showcase your designs with an innovative 3D camera and build influence as a Tastemaker
  • Climb the Tastemaker charts by voting on other players’ house flips
  • Team up with friends in Squads to share bonuses and collaborate over in-game chat
  • Watch offers roll in and see how your renovations match up with buyers
  • Learn the basics of real estate by paying attention to ‘Neighborhood Comps’
  • Specialize in a wide variety of renovation capabilities to unlock more colors and new skills
  • Win Mystery Crates and other rewards by completing challenging milestones
  • Style houses using Swatches added in major updates
  • Build capital and experience so you can flip bigger homes and all varieties of architecture in a sim city
  • Join events and play alongside other players to win free boosters and bonuses
  • Rank in leaderboards to check out how your friends are doing
  • Visit famous landmarks as you adventure through new sim cities across the world
  • Play every day to collect free stuff
  • Limited edition stickers are back and included for free for your premium emoji pleasure
  • Last but not least, House Flip is optimized for Apple’s iOS 16 as well as the latest iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone 13 series!

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PLEASE NOTE! House Flip is free to download and play, but some game items can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download House Flip.

Now available – subscription in-app purchase: Magic Toolbelt
Recurring booster improves renovations and flips during subscription.

  • Speeds up Renovations by 2X
  • Raises Offers by 3%
  • Increases Elbow Grease Collection from the Renovation Station by 1.5X
  • Improves Tastemaker Clout rewards (from Showcases & Votes!) by 10%

Magic Toolbelt is a monthly auto-renewable subscription. Price is $9.99 per month. Payment is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation. Subscription automatically renews unless turned off at least 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of the subscription period. Your subscription can be managed and turned off in the Account Settings after purchase.

A persistent network connection is also required to play (network fees may apply).

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Last but not least, thank you to our family and friends who supported us as we worked those long hours.

Updated on 27th March 2023

General bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Visit a Walmart landmark and get FREE Hearts weekly.
  • Collect a limited-edition Decor Drop by Walmart.
  • Try new Swatches with official Glidden paint colors.

House Flip Review

We got this game it takes a while to load and we’ve had it for almost a year we dont play it very often and we dont play it all the time but we didnt unlock a lot of furniture of destinations. Its just not very fun.

We have loved playing this game for two years, and love that they update it regularly. However, some updates just feel pointless and actually make your house worse. Also, it restarted us randomly which we found really annoying. Other than that this game is amazingly unique and fun P.S we cant pass Seattle, the game is very hard but rewarding.

We are so tired of hearing about wokeness and still shocked that Americans defend the great orange God! They complained about political ads that were shown during game play. For this very reason, Im going to give the game a shot so the developers arent punished for ADVERTISEMENTS that do not adhere to some peoples warped sense of truth.

We are enjoying this game probably because we are a house flipper. We like the interface and the way the game progresses. We are having a problem with the elbow grease. The first two cities we had plenty of hearts but we had to spend actual money to buy a 6th crew person, which we hate to do. Now we cannot get enough hearts to buy elbow grease. Elbow grease supposedly increases when you have more workers, but we dont see that happening except the possible amount. Why dont we get elbow grease for each finished task? We will not spend another cent, so probably wont play this game for long. Shame. Update: Yup. Toooooo frustrating. We came back and tried again because we really do enjoy this game. But this elbow grease con is really annoying. Trying to participate in one of the ladders but nope, cannot do any renovations. Delete.

Two things that are wrong. 1. It makes us start from the beginning. 2 when we get the contractor it freezes and have even tried deleting games nothing seems to be working.

It started ok but takes way to long to progress to new cities and not enough houses in each city. All you are doing is flipping the same houses over and over again. Not only does it take to long to move to a new city with new houses but in order to add new supplies (paint colors, floor types, furniture, etc.) you need to accumulate hearts. Which is practically impossible to get more than a couple at a time. Its a good concept but who wants to do the same few houses with the same supplies over and over again?

Game is to hard and takes to much time not a good recommendation for a calm good and kind game also the events can only work in certain states.

It is okay its game with out match 3 which we love playing but the loading screens are too long we wish we could give it 5 stars.

This game is a decent way to pass time, but since the latest update it is difficult to earn the expected profit on a house even while the market is on fire. Usually, you have to take a lower than expected profit making it impossible to build revenue. Elbow grease is needed to complete tasks. The tasks take so much elbow grease now that we are literally waiting days to get enough to finish a house. Seriously, 55,0000 elbow grease to put a laundry basket in the laundry room? Still a fun game, it will just get frustrating as you advance. The developers will say its to balance the game but that really means that they want to aggravate you to the point that you either spend money or delete the game. Follow up to previous review: They took a fun game that was free to play, ruined it and ruined it even more then turned it into a great big money-grap. No wonder the Gaines wanted out. They knew what was coming and didnt want their names anywhere near it.

It would be 5 stars if we didnt get stuck on plumbing everytime we use it.

When you are Waiting for decorations you have to wait for like 5 min unless you want to use a heart! And if you want to sell a house we need more offers on that also!

Our game keeps crashing every since we updated.

This game definitely has it up and downs but worth trying. However, since its most recent updates it seems its daily rewards have disappeared? No explanation we can find, just gone. Not fair at all! Just another way to make people pay actual money. News flash the people that are going pay, pay. The people who arent/cant, wont. Well just delete your game.

Super easy to play, we like that you can play mini games to speed up construction times. The selling process is neat, we like that you can reject offers and wait for better ones to come in. So far, we are enjoying this game and there is a lot to it. Definitely the best out there for home renovations/ house flipping.

We love this game because, it is REALLY fun!!

New cities, new challenges are rolled out without seemingly quality control /assurance done! Things are broken. Things dont work right to the point many players who play a lot AND spends a lot are ready to quit!

To many political ads. We have watched 30 ads back to back from JCN saying to tell Warnock to stop putting the SC justices in danger. He could stand in the middle of 5th ave and shoot someone and we would still vote for him. He could grab the handmaiden by the puzzle and we would still vote for him. Just stop with the political ads. We see enough of them on tv.

Our favorite game, House Flip, has decided to go woke. Im heartbroken. We cant support a game that goes against our core beliefs. With this latest update, the game developers have added same-sex couples as home buyers. Im so disappointed that theyve decided to steer the game in this direction. Im not talking about an occasional same-sex couple. No! About 75% are same-sex. We’ve spent a fair amount of money on this game and we’ve watched thousands of ads to speed up our renovations. No more. Im going in search of a game that adheres to Christian morality, if thats even possible these days. Its with a broken heart that we put this game behind us and delete our account.

The wait times arent awful and it is fun to play. Everything is easy to earn and no forced ads is a major plus!

Well at first we were really excited, the graphics of the game were good, colorful, and just very pleasing to eye. The design options for the houses are good but we wish there were more. But then we went out of the app and back into and it wouldnt let us view the house we were working on and since we had bought the house we had no money so we couldnt buy a new house . We had to delete the app and Re-download wish us luck.

We love home Reno games and was so excited to try this one out after seeing ads for it! It was an amazing game and we loved playing it! Definitely one of the best home Reno games we’ve played. The wait times arent too long and the game held our attention for a long time! However, it told us we needed to update in order to start and partner projectso we did, and since then it wont load and gets stuck at 100 before it says we lost connection. We have good connection and every other app on our phone works, so we think its just a glitch. We can no longer load in so we can no longer play the game :(

Theres something wrong with this one – its stuck on opening page.

App is fun, but with updates graphics changed. Also no way to get any rewards with out spending a ton of money to do so. Prices arent even reasonable.

So, this. Still, we think the frequency of perfect three matches popping up when selling is too infrequent. We have trouble getting myself to select not perfect matches, probably to our main just being wired that way. The game over all is very impressive. Though lots of menus is a bit difficult to navigate. We also wish for the rain to make sound. We love the sound of rain. Sorry to the maker for the initial 3-star review and that we dont know how to change it.

We’ve had this game for one day and we finished two houses and after the second house it said to go to the next one butttt there was no other house??? There need to be more than two houses until you say more coming soon. We like the game we would like to keep playing it but we have no more houses. Please fix this and add more houses.

We were just about to rate the game a five because it is really good and we were enjoying it. However, after using a quick fix card on the roofing in Phoenix the house progress stopped. There are many other glitches also. For us it was good while it lasted.

As soon and we mean as soon as we got done with the tutorial which was going just fine, it then crashes the game when it goes to load from completing the tutorial. We closed the game completely out and then when we tried to load back in it was frozen and would hardly load, so ofc when it did load it froze as we said and crashed again. We just deleted the game, it seemed really cool and fun a good way to pass time but it doesn’t work at all.

We think this game is pretty cool. It definitely holds our attention. We want to give it four stars but we are really unhappy with the fact that we cant reset our game progress.

This game is soooooo boring!!!!! The people tell you how to do everything. It is just overall a terrible game.

Played the tutorial and now it wont load even when it reaches 100%

We are loving these new doors and house types! Thank you for keeping the game fresh!

Its a super good game for children to interact with and it is an educational game because it does involve thinking of how much to spend and how much to not spend! It is great.

This used to be a fun game. We really wish they would fix the bugs so we can play it again.

2nd one star review because there isnt an option for ZERO. Things we hate: shuffling the the house styles everywhere, checking interiors before buying a house & when we go to work inside & find it is completely different, and the amount of Elbow Grease is a joke. Tech issues abound & have basically told well have to live with it.

If you really want to play this game you need to watch ads! A lot of ads! Wait times for renovations are an hour. If you want to speed things up you need to wait for that speed ticket or purchase it with real cash at the store. OR you use your hearts which comes by slow by doing missions. OR you watch ads. Each ad brings down the time by 2-4 mins! Crazy huh? Yes, we will be deleting this game!

When we got into the game in the first 10 seconds we got a notification from our iPad saying our grandma sent us a link to D3security so somebody got into our contacts because our grandma was right next to me.

This is a really good, and we love it so much! You should get it! It teaches Young kids how marketing works!

This game is great and very innovative , but the glitches are piling up, such as the new mini game, with the circuit it glitches we paid for a ticket to access a mini game and ended up getting the circuit mini game (which is impossible to beat in the short amount of time that is given) nonetheless, the game exits out after level 2. This is the fourth time this has happened with this particular mini game exiting out instead of moving to the next level. Please fix it, especially for those of us who spend real money to buy hearts to purchase tickets for the mini game and the mini game glitches and closes, please fix it. * Also, can we possibly have other options for renovating room walls, such as an option for brick walls for a modern city-styled room or maybe walls with panels, that would be great! Because the after styling the room, the painted walls seems a bit basic brick walls would be very nice for a city styled room :-) And on another note, we figured once we maxed out the rustic staging skill, the other two new skills (craftsman and farmhouse) would be available, but its still not available :-(

This is an amazing game, we like how you can get far and its not impossible after a while. Our only issue is, it makes our phone glitch really bad. We dont know why it does that but we definitely think its something that should be fixed soon.

We were trying to play and when we press the staircase it doesnt work. There is something wrong.

We have never had a problem with House Flip until this past week. Now we cant see the paint options for rooms or some furniture options. Our phone and the app is updated.

Im trying to tap the house to renovate it and its not letting me:(overall we love it.

It is a fun game to play but try adding your friends who play is another thing it wont send the link and when it does you cant click on it to join this is something you really need to fix because Most of our friends dont do Facebook.

This game is moderately fun. One of our biggest critiques is that it takes almost 10 minutes to load. You would think hat after that it would be pretty high speed, but it takes forever to do anything on the game. We also liked the game better when it was Chip and Joanna Gaines instead of the new people (Gabriel and Samantha). Not our favorite game.

We wanted to try this game. We couldnt even make it through the very long tutorial session because we found no settings to turn off the music and sounds. It is important to us. Also, we prefer to have so ways to explore the game instead of being forced to click exactly where it tells us so we can see how something pretty self-explanatory works. We liked the layout, the visual look of the game so far, but we deleted it for these two reasons.

Game has too little play time with lots of waiting in-between.

Pay for both the monthly subscription and the premium pass, and was in a event and now the game wont load. All day long. Just sits on 0%. Got a pop up message saying connection to server lost try again. But even turned off our phone and rebooted numerous times hasnt helped or fixed the issue. It seems the only way to get a hold of someone is in the game. If we cant get into the game how does that help us??? Since their last update, the game has been very glitchy. Floor plans not loading right, seeing double fireplaces, fridges, no doors to rooms. We enjoy this game but it leaves us little choice but to contact apple and report fraud for charging our card when the game no longer works. Card was charged yesterday. Now the game wont work.

You can redesign things but once you make ur choice, it takes like an hour to finish. We personally dont enjoy games like this because we usually play a game for like 30 minutes and then move on. Im not just gonna come back for a short bit of gameplay and then wait. This is just us though. The game is good. It is well made and has good graphics/functions. We just find it annoying that you cant keep playing until you want to stop.

This is a awesome game but Im disappointed because the game freezes but this time it took our away our progress our designs to the old way they before we reconstructed its not fair it to our designs money in grease points we were almost done with our home fix this app!

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