You are Hope

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 03:30 pm

You are Hope


You are Hope is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Wereviz AB, You are Hope is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 17th August 2018 with the latest update 24th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


971 people have rated 2.25.0

You can download the game You are Hope from APP STORE.


#1 Role playing game in 32 countries so far!

"You are Hope" is based on an earlier version of a PC game called "ONE HOUR ONE LIFE", made by Jason Rohrer.

It’s not the same game though. You are Hope’s gameplay and online worlds are separate from OHOL’s, and the emphasis is more on the need to collaborate peacefully with other players in order to survive and evolve. Your task is to rebuild civilization from scratch, together with other players and across countless generations.

One important thing you do in this game is to name your children (who are also players). "You are Hope" is what a mother would say when she gives the name ‘Hope’ to her baby.

You are born either as a baby to one of the other players, or as a young woman if no suitable mother is found. Every minute of real time is one year in the game and your maximum age is 60 years. A single life is limited, but the things you make during your lifetime are left for your children and grandchildren once you are gone. Try to make life a little bit easier for those who come after you, so your family line will have a chance to prosper for generations to come.

Sometimes you will spawn alone in the wilderness. You need to build a fire to stay warm and trap rabbits to get meat and furs for clothes. A sharp stone may be your best friend in the beginning. Try to find a good spot to settle and grow some food, because other players may soon arrive as your children, and will need to be taken care of until they are grown enough to help you.

Sometimes you will be born in a sprawling city, with farmers, cooks, blacksmiths, shepherds and hunters. There will be clothes and equipment ready for you, prepared by players who may be your grandparents or distant relatives. Maybe you will gather some friends and set out to start a settlement of your own, maybe you will inherit a farm job from your uncle, or maybe you will slay bears and wolves. The choices are endless, but remember: unless you leave the world better after you have lived than when you arrived, you have not really achieved anything.

Every life you play will put you in contact with new players. Some are more experienced than you, some are less. Some will teach you and some will learn from you. Some may even be disruptive to the civilization you are building, and will need to be dealt with accordingly. It will be up to you and your fellow players to shape the world for a brief moment in time, before the following generations take over.

After your game life is over, you can look at your family tree and see how your descendants are doing. You can take pride in each of your younger relatives who survives into adulthood and in each new generation that follows you, knowing that you helped make it happen.

Updated on 24th March 2023

New Easter/Spring themed content:

  • Colored eggs
  • Flower Bouquets
  • Flower Crown
  • Decorated baskets

Ammalon has some new items that you can trade for:

  • Vinegar
  • Curry Powder
  • Bunny Hat

You are Hope Reviews

The only issue is that you dont always respawn in the same place on a private server.

The game is awesome our first life we played was a good one we lived till 60 to the developers keep updating.

Protect your children and leave something behind to make the next generations time a little easier! Amazing game.

This is so stupid, we had to delete Minecraft to do this stupid update and its still glitched, we use an IPad with 16 Gigabytes and we have used 15.5, THE UPDATE STILL DOSINT WORK.

We tried to get back to playing but at the part where you need to drop the basket into the green biome Im unable to do it and its frustrating the heck out of us. Why did you change the tutorial into mandatory now we cant enjoy a game that we paid for.

So we bought this game accidentally so we played it anyway, took the tutorial and we were lost still. This game is so boring to us and the swipe doesnt even work. We want our money back pls.

Its time to celebrate this update was cool!!!

You should get this game its really fun.

We used to like the freedom of the game, but now theres so many rules and punishments in the new update we dont enjoy it anymore. It was nice while it lasted.

We bought this game about two weeks ago on our iPhone SE we really enjoy the game and we mentioned it to our friend so he bought it on his iPad we are two separate people and we bought the same app on two separate devices now the frustrating part is is when we join as our character the beginner map on our iphone he joins on his iPad whoever joins first it takes that person character from that other persons device without being connected in anyway two separate people we were wondering is anybody else having that problem and if the developer see this hopefully if its a bug you can fix this very frustrating but we do not understand how it breaches our connection its been on two separate devices.

We love the sandbox freedom of the game and how one can do anything. We wish there were an option to play as a solo player, where you can hone your skills at starting from nothing without the pressure of raising someone from a pup into toddlerhood. That way you could practice finding the resources in a real world setting without frustrating other players.

We think this game is great we love that theres soo much too do its like it never stops! The possibilities are endless we think its also cool that you can chat and make your own emotes :D.

So this game is a lot of fun and that but we wonder one day you guys can make oceans and countries because that will be fun a trade. We could imagine this in our head if you read this.

We were banned for stealing a crown from a baby and we havent gotten to play with other players since. We love this game and all but COME ON! IT WAS A BABY.

This game is great we love survival game the only issue we have is the controls the swiping is really hard and we wish there was a place button a craft button and a swipe button that you could turn on and of other then that this game is great and recommended getting it thats all.

Love it but no tutorials on how to make/build things. Gotta figure it out yourself.

Im happy this exists since we use Mac and Jason hasnt done a Mac version but the hit box areas are hard to do so we hooked up our mouse to the iPad and it helps but is still harder than the og. Still cool.

Please lets us pick up basket It will help a lot and there should be more servers with killing and normal starvation.

Plz bring him back. Played religiously for two years!

Love this game, only complaint is that: we wish you could continue working on the same base after you die, the rebirth lily rarely works and then you have to restart your base.

We never had the og version of the game so we cant compare the 2 but THIS GAME IS AMAZING JUST AMAZING And thats all:)

Its a lot of fun but we wish it was free so more people could play and there servers would be more populated.

Such a fun and addicting game. We’ve probably spent hundreds of hours in this game over the few years and there are still so many new things to learn and explore, we cant say enough good things about it – we just wish more people knew about this game.

Honestly, this game is super well done! Its our favorite game to play on our phone, but im disappointed with the add on that we bought. For what comes out to be a little more than $3, you get literally nothing lol. You can spectate one of your children after you die if theyre still alive, but that gets boring after about four seconds. Its like we payed an extra three dollars on top of what we already paid for the game originally for no reason. Also, we wish this game would track relatives and grave stones to way back generations, like cousins fourth time removed, etc etc, like the pc game does. Other than those, this game is awesome! Hence the four star rating.

Love this game but when we go to share the family tree with our discord it never works. It just takes us back into the app but doesnt do anything.

The swipe controls work maybe .15% of the time. They make us want to rip our hair out. Good game though.

Good game, but the controls are wonky and the connection is horrible, we join a server and we lose connection a minute later. Good game, just really challenging in an annoying way.

You cant even interact with the stuff in the game. Its very difficult to use on mobile. We are warning you dont buy this version as it is disappointing. You cant interact with stuff and it seems like such a waste of time. The swipe function takes a lot of time to do. Youll swipe the screen multiple times and its ineffective. Buy the full game on the computer. This aint it!

Im not sure why but the game will not let us do certain tasks. We cannot even get through the tutorial. When it comes to the diagonal swipes(like sharpening your stone, or watering your farm plot) it just does not work. Im pretty upset that we spent $4 on this app.

We cannot stress this enough, the developers need to either make the game free or refund anyone who bought it in the past 3 months as the concurrent player count is absolutely abysmal. There were two people supposedly on NA servers and when we joined we were the only person. There are no civilizations left, there is no community, and in turn no point to even getting this game. Please go an buy One Hour One Life on steam made by the original creator, which these guys honestly shouldnt be allowed to sell his work as their own. The game tells you they ripped it from the original creator and still are charging money when their services are basically nonexistent. TLDR; Nobody is online on this game, dont buy it we instantly had buyers remorse upon opening it.

We absolutely love this game! However, we think /die should be added like in OHOL bc we lose so many children bc they run away. So many families die out that way. Thats all, we love this game! We even got to befriend Briar Rose which was super cool.

This game is great we’ve been playing for YEARS now and we absolutely love it but you should add more fun stuff to grow like peppers tomatoes watermelon etc.

The swiping mechanic is our biggest issue with the game, as its difficult to swipe such small items on the screen. Its strange we dont have a button for combing/using items together, as we do to feed our character.

The game is fantastic but pretty frustrating without a crafting guide. So many ways the story can go… Some funny, some heart warming, and some tragic. Charming simple art style. Plenty to do if you know what to do. Check out onetech. Info.

Very good game, it can glitch sometimes but thats alright, and the only problem is the icon looks like the mother is sacrificing her child to the fire gods.

What a great game! Theres just so much to do and its oddly addictive, a good way to pass some hours on a boring day. However, Id suggest the relation of father be added in someway to make being a boy feel more fun and not a total let down. Also, family cross overs! You can have someone born with roots in 2 families. Thats all, just some ideas. Download this game, its super fun!

It is the best but its hard to farm.

Seems as through the developers just gave up on the game in its lowest moment. HOWEVER!! Its still fun and running smoothly. Would be nice to have some new challenges and updates. But we dont think the developers are reading reviews anymore sadly.

We dont even know why people hate the game! The only waste of money is when we bought one of the packs but we never got it. You guys might want to look into that but over all this game rocks!!! Good job guys. :] ~DatDinoDudetteYT.

This is amazing and we have only one request, (other than Labrador Retrievers in Black, Brown, Silver, and Yellow.) Twin and triplet codes.

No currants can be grown on private servers, and no tracks can be laid. We hope this problem will be solved soon.

This game isnt great. Im sad we wasted our money on it. Needs AI players. Half the time Im born and our mother wont feed us. Only have 10 minutes to play? Too bad, your character is now dead and you lost all progress. We want to be refunded for this waste of space.

This game overall is pretty good, but yesterday something happened in the game. There was this guy called Bob Tulips. We turned 60 when Bob banned us instantly. We DID NOT DIE. We were 61 now and our sprite was a skeleton on the ground.

The controls and lack of commands makes an already frustrating experience even more frustrating. Its a no from us.

It wont let us play the game it keeps on saying we disconnected and yes Bluetooth is off yes the right network is in so what is happening we spent money on this waste of time.

We tried to play the learn yourself games and it kept saying connection lost. It didnt let us do anything we tried to do even though we followed what the tutorial said to do. Its the most frustrating game we’ve ever played because it kept telling us we died after only playing for a few minutes. We wanted to like this game but its the most frustrating thing we’ve ever attempted to do and we never even got to play the game. We DO NOT recommend if you are looking for an easy and fun game. This game will have you wanting to break your phone from frustration and will leave you angry and upset. Im so disappointed in this game. Dont waste your time on this one. Its not worth it.

Game no longer works, swiping doesnt work so cannot make it past the tutorial. Wasted money.

Being on the phone seemed to make interaction awkward and hard. We kept dying of starvation cause it instead of eating it would just make us run back and forth.

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