House of Fun: Casino Slot Game

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 11:25 pm

House of Fun: Casino Slot Game

House of Fun: Casino Slot Game

House of Fun: Casino Slot Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PLAYTIKA UK – HOUSE OF FUN LIMITED, House of Fun: Casino Slot Game is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 14th March 2013 with the latest update 28th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of House of Fun: Casino Slot Game ?

456,749 people have rated 4.26

What is the price of the House of Fun: Casino Slot Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the House of Fun: Casino Slot Game released ?

House of Fun: Casino Slot Game was released on 14th March 2013.

When was the House of Fun: Casino Slot Game updated ?

The latest updated date of House of Fun: Casino Slot Game on 28th December 2022.

Where can House of Fun: Casino Slot Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game House of Fun: Casino Slot Game from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the House of Fun ** The Hottest Casino Slots Game of 2022**
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HOF is intended for those 21 and older for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or real prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

HOF does not require payment to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. HOF may also contain advertising. You may require an internet connection to play HOF and access its social features. You can also find more information about the functionality, compatibility and interoperability of HOF in the above description and additional app store information.

By downloading this game, you agree to future game updates as released on your app store or social network. You may choose to update this game, but if you do not update, your game experience and functionalities may be reduced.

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Updated on 28th December 2022

We’ve just added more FUN to HOUSE OF FUN with new games, amazing features, and updates to bring your HOF experience to another level!
V 4.26

  • New slot machines: Main St. Miracle
  • Play our new, exclusive challenges for a great casino experience and huge coin fortunes up for grabs
  • Bug fixes, performance improvements and more surprises to enhance your House of Fun experience
    Update now and keep spinning!
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House of Fun: Casino Slot Game Review

Great and contagious. Cant put it down; cant stop nor go to sleep without playing our self to sleep!!!

Honestly speaking we really enjoy this game!

This is a great game to play anytime.

Amazingly our favorite thing to pass time.

House of fun rocks great graphics and fun.

Love the game easy to win coins.

When we play these games, we have to set a time limit because otherwise we would never get any house work done!

We love playing HOF! We wanna get back on the winnings track!

Havent played in awhile. Covid prevented it. Now Im back.

Wouldnt play except for 3 Tigers. Love that game and music with it.

Playing over a year now. You get what you put into it loads of fun and a variety of games for your enjoyment! Monsterpedia is our favorite! Different quest to accomplish and prizes galore! Just hit that spin button and let the winnings begin!

Love the game Finally made it to Diamond Use wish they would fix the share box so we can post spins again.

We like most of the games ; half the times the free spins only give a few dollars Also the amount that you have to spin to try and get to the next level is outrageous.

Need to do this game more often and ad a chat room to it.

Love the game now its time for a big win thank you.

The graphics are great and we love to win thanks for the fun.

Surprise awards are gratifying. Way to end the year.

This game is very addictive. Its one of the best games to play. We have been playing this game for years. The payouts are pretty good.

House of Fun is the Real Deal. Great games, great fun. This game just keep us hanging on. We sometimes play for hours. Ballad of East and Monsterpedia are great games to play. Im having a ball right now. Playing this game is our favorite pass time. Its still the best casino game to play. We love the new changes that youve made with rewards. It gives the player more opportunities to win and continue play. We Love This Game. Way to go!!!

We’ve played this game for years. Finally won 2 billion over a period of time. Our tablet after years of play died Im now playing on our Apple phone. Not as much fun but better than not playing at all. Not sure how to get our billions back. This game is awesome. We dont play any other slot games. This one is the best. 5 stars.

We are hooked on these games.. We play "gummy king2 gummyland all the time.. Plus a few others,,, the payout are pretty good,, love the graphics.

Been playing House of Fun for years. Dont play many other casino games on line, as this seems to have the best rewards.

Was hard at first to get a bank built up without buying coins, but they came way easier. Super fun super easy lots of freebies. Its a must check out.

Want some fun,,,play HOUSE OF FUN,, always fun,,,tons of games although not winning Al the time, its always FUN.!

We enjoyed this game keep the winnings coming need mega winnings colossal bundles and free games and achieve our goals mad challenge please we played this game for years.

Having a lot of fun right now. Cant wait to play the new games. Bobo.

Too many communities for time of game time. Some games not the same though out the game.. 3 and so forth.

We have been playing this game for years. It is annoying to have the pop ups EVERY time you go back to Home Screen to get another game. Otherwise we love the games here.

We like the new additions to the games. It keeps things interesting. We’ve stopped playing as much it cost way too much to play this game theyre always letting you in just a little and then taking it all away really fast. You can tell when its set to lose because everything you try you lose on. We’ve been playing other games that are a lot of fun and not dearly using as much money. The most frustrating thing for us is if you dont constantly watch the amount of your bet it will slip to maximum without you even knowing it and before two or three times all your money is gone because its betting billions of Coins before you noticed that is not fair and it is not a good luck for your customers. Granted there are some good games and fun but its not being played honestly frustrated Customer. There are a lot of really fun games to play and some of the challenges or quests are fun to do others are way too expensive to even want to try but it does seem like your money is going a little bit further now which is a good thing. There are some great games The games are a lot of good graphics. But the money goes way to fast. It seems like the quest that you have. Forum have such high amounts that you have to bet. Qualify for the second prize we dont even try. You can be on one game and do good and then the next new really bad the game. If you want to beat the quest, you just have to keep putting no longer deal. With the economy the way it is. Very careful and do we give a little extra money to play games there are lotta of video games out there that are not as bad to play. You still have great games but theyre getting way too costly. The games are fun to play and we really enjoy them but its costing way too much money to keep buying more and more and only being able to play for a small amount of time because the goals and the quests are so high that you cannot achieve them it takes away from the fun we dont mind paying a little bit to have entertainment but now its $40 plus tip by any packages that are worth anything with the economy the way it is and everything its way too much for us so we guess we wont be playing the game that much anymore The games are always fun to play great graphics, but it is the quest and the goals and the different things that you want win a prize are way too high billions when you have to play 200 billion other than that fun games The games are fun and the graphics are good but theyre our costume way too much and the money doesnt last very long and the way things are going with the economy and everything else we have to stop playing the expensive games and look for ones that are more just fun and you win more and it doesnt cost as much but spending 40 some dollars to be able to play for a day or two is way out of price range sad to say.

We can play forever and never get any good wins. Never a jackpot.

Overall the games are great. Good side games but they have gotten too expensive.

Really good game, hard to achieve bonus levels though without major purchases.

Wish there were more ways to get Free spins.

HOF is a fun casino to play in. Hope 2023 brings more bonuses and big wins. A lot of ways to win and fun games to play. Keep up the good work!

We’ve been playing for a long time and have always felt that HOUSE of FUN was the best casino gaming app out there. We’ve always had to buy, and we expect to in order to play, but so often over the past year or so we see that we have to pay an unusual amount to continue. No sooner you spend youre broke again. The cost of our buying coins have jumped tremendously in the past weeks. We wonder seriously if its necessary to make your players, and many loyal (hooked players) players begin to wonder if youre worth it.

Fun games but watch it or you will spend a lot of money. Too many popups. Bets automatically increase so watch out. Not enough big wins. It is difficult to complete the specials and not enough extra coins!

Have you folks ever considered an Oldies Quest? There are so many good older games that are fun to play, such as 777 Vegas, Fairy Bliss, Lady Havana, Rise of the Gladiators, Trident Seas, Red Moon Masquerade amongst others. There always seems to be the same games that just drag on with minimal rewards.

Had 97% left on level up. Which was last rush for the day. Had tons of coins and ran out. Im very disappointed because it forced us to leave it or buy coins. Used star market. Had a great day yesterday. Then to come back the next day and its not good, again very disappointing. HOF can do way better. We made 2 small purchases which wasnt what we wanted at this time.

With less wins and expensive costs the Fun of HOF has disappeared.

Sick of seeing all the ads to buy points or coins to play. After watching all the daily hof news, they keep coming up again and again. Not happy about that.

We are the worst for trying a game w/out actually reading its info (games play) but even when we do, as is with most, one cant really apply without actually experiencing the process that its referring to, we have made this our go to game but that does not mean it doesnt have its glitches, faults and problems (I mean Really) just like the REVIEWS RATINGS- 4.6 of 5 stars, yet when reading the 5 Star Review- we find it is Really a 1 Star Review yet highlighted by a 5 Star???? Reviews are in No order, WTH, what happened to Chronologically listing, the 5 Stars take presidence yet 5 Stars they are not, of course not everyone reads or they would be the ones considered a Newby deterrent, Then again that in itself could be why a 5 star was given, otherwise they would be prevented or buried and not the first one read, Then while its telling others not to play theres the promotion of another game instead, all in all its up to the person to decide, you enjoy playing, taking time to assist, making it better, if not Just dont play.. We have our own opinion so choose to assist in correcting, hoping they listen and strive to continue making it an enjoyable pass time ty.

Win, lose, lose, lose, lose!,,

This new version is terrible!!! Too easy to hit the max bet button. Chat no longer available and big jackpots are more difficult to get. App gets worse instead of better.

This is a fun game but decides if you should be on a winning streak or loosing streak no matter what you do.

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