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Huntdown is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Coffee Stain Publishing AB, Huntdown is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 25th May 2021 with the latest update 4th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,146 people have rated 1.0.5

You can download the game Huntdown from APP STORE.


10/10 – GameReactor
10/10 – Retro 101
9/10 – Nintendo Life
9/10 – PC Invasion
5/5 – Daily Star


Clean up the streets as one of three merciless bounty hunters in a metropolis overrun by violence and corruption. Inspired by the iconic action movies and arcade games of the 80s, take on the criminal underbelly of the city with a creative assortment of weapons and reclaim the city from anarchy.

Huntdown is a critically acclaimed action platformer that delivers fast-paced strategic combat against deadly gangs and crime bosses. Prepare to be hit by missiles, explosions, and hundreds of one-liners!

Blast your way from towering rooftops and highways to dingy alleyways and casinos as you leave a bloody trail through Huntdown’s bustling criminal underworld.

The merciless ex-commando Anna Conda, cyborg John Sawyer, or modified droid Mow Man, each furnished with their own unique armaments. As well as machine guns and pistols, you can also chuck kunai, boomerangs and tomahawks to grind down your enemies.

Stunningly rendered pixel art, furnished with side scrolling settings saturated with beautifully detailed backgrounds and animations.

This is the full console & PC experience of Huntdown with optimized controls for mobile. Connect your favorite game controller for the ultimate experience!

Updated on 4th January 2022

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Huntdown Reviews

This is hands down the top game of the year for us. Everything about it oozes 90s action shooter with the best little Easter eggs hidden throughout the artwork, voice acting and even the background music. The artwork is amazing and to top it off the gameplay is top notch for being easy to grok and not overly complicated. So happy the studio didnt put micro transactions in this game which usually detracts from the story IMO. We’ve never heard of the studio, but now will be looking forward to the next release. Good job guys!

Everything in this game is amazing and the controls are so comfortable.

This is a special game, oh how it reminds us of the good old days. We can find no flaws in the game.

One of the best games we’ve ever played.

Amazing game with great retro graphics. Well done.

This game is very fun with serval hidden gems and a homage to retro games and culture. Definitely best with a controller but the screen controls work well. Enjoy this one.

The gameplay, characters, bosses, visuals, music, dialogues and humor are among the best we’ve seen in a game for a long time. We already finished the game multiple times and keep coming back to play it again. Im really looking forward to a sequel its such a fun game to play.

This game is unbelievably awesome! Im a 90s kid and this has us in nostalgic mode. If you loved side scrolling shooters, then this is the gem for you. Great gameplay, outstanding graphics, and a killer synth wave soundtrack. Honestly, its worth the $6.99. No regrets. Do not think twice about it! BUY THIS GAME!!!

Spot on 80s-wave pixel classic. Great level design and gameplay, soundtrack everything. Buy it!

Buying this was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Its crazy how underrated this game is, the bounties and boss fights are awesome, all the gangs all lit. We think this may be our favorite game ever. The ending was cool too. 10/10 game.

Need to come out with a part two.

We love the details, graphics, music and sound effects. They really nailed the genre. Gameplay is clunky on mobile but its still worth it.

A game full of 80s retro vibe music, futuristic cyberpunk style thriller. This game is something else. We cant completely explain it. But we love every bit of it. Im 30. Born in 91. That can explain why we love this game so much. This is the first game we bought in phone with real money. Money worth spent. Im so happy to find such a game like this. Hats off to the developer. You have our 5 stars review. Hope youll add more DLC story missions in future.

The Soundtrack, Characters, gameplay are all outstanding this is a must buy.

What a great game. It’s obvious lots of care went into this side-scrolling, 80’s Sci-Fi shooter. Great aesthetics and pixel graphics. Great music. Where can we get this for pc? Please clue us in. We hope a version or port shows up on PC and elsewhere. We are waiting patiently for your next game Coffee Stain, whoever and wherever you dev’s are. Please keep up the really great work!

This game is what everyone imagined the perfect Genesis game should have been! Bravo! Five stars!


Very polished, challenging. Excellent retro style.

What an incredible game this is genius we need more games like this of this caliber on iOS to prove that this mobile device could be the new frontier for video games we are currently playing this with an HDMI connector to our TV with our PlayStation five.

Were on the Huntdown After You.

Nailed it truly awesome,this is our first time ever leaving a review for a mobile game.

Great graphics, music, voice acting, and game play.

When it comes down to 2d platform games theres only but so much you can do but the devs of this game really put a lot of thought into this masterpiece you have to play it in order to know what Im talking about !! Other devs need to take notes !!

We rarely write reviews, but the developers really need to hear how great this game turned out. This game is superior to all other mobile platformers by a good order of magnitude and we hope we see more from them soon.

UmmmWhat???? This game is incredible. Easily our favorite mobile game. Feels like a mix between the warriors and escape from New York. Truly a masterpiece. Well done yall.

We dont have a console, nor a computer, we only have an iPad and IPhone, the App Store doesnt have games that we would like to play, most games atmosphere are inspired by cartoons anime that we dont tend to like, this one is inspired by anime we do like or maybe is just a coincidence because most cyberpunk stories tend to have the same vibe. We really like this game, we thought it was going to be a generic run and gun with most of the focus being on the graphics and gameplay being the developers main focus, but this game has more depth than game like contra or metal slug.

This game is awesome. Plays well on the iPad even given the a Fast pace. Great game.

Fun but very difficult and some bosses too cheap.

Dude your bosses are too hard we put on easy but its not easy its too hardNext time make easy bosses.

Why does, The price of the game say $6.99. But you Charged us $10.43,? .. Even with tax it wouldnt be that much. $10.43, is the after tax, price of a $9.99, purchase. So if you charge, $9.99, for the game you might want to update your game add. Also we should get a refund for at least $3. The hidden not advertised Charged.

We dont expected see full version for free.

It feels like a retro game but still seems to have that modern touch especially when pairing the game with a controller.

An option to set the brightness will be great friendly helpful for the players who might have some eyesight issues.

The team that made this clearly understands the cyberpunk sub genre perfectly. We’ve never enjoyed a mobile game as much as we have been enjoying this. Im in love. 10/10.

This is one of the greatest mobile games we have ever played. The animation is beautiful and the character design is amazing. Each boss is very unique and the dialogue is cheesy, but its meant to be that way because the game is themed after 80s action movies. The weapon selection is more than anyone can ask for. We are dying for a sequel or dlc because it is so good. We see a lot of complaints that its only the demo, but it says in the app description to download it and try the demo before buying the full game. The only complaint we have is that the game crashes sometimes, but its a small price to pay for an absolutely gorgeous work of art like this. Just buy the game. You wont regret it.

Im not one to write a review longer than three words, but this game was great. Our only gripe is that it isnt longer. But that doesnt mean it deserves any less than 5 stars. It was fun, witty, and very well paced. Buy the full game right off the bat, you wont be disappointed. It is a good challenge on normal and we definitely will eventually play this again on harder difficulties.

Well worth the $9. This game is just good. Plain and simple.

Great game, let’s just get that out of the way. Plays as good on the phone as it does on all the other consoles (I played on PS4). We would say that maybe the icon should be changed to something a little less ugly, maybe a capital H with a cool background or something. Our brother bought it and since the full game is an in app purchase, it won’t let us download it. That made us a little upset, but it’s a pretty niche problem. If there’s a way to download it we can’t figure it out.

So much fun to play! We need a sequel asap guys!!

This brings back SOOO much nostalgia, the beautiful sprites, sounds excellent music and environments! This is literally a fantastic blend of contra, mega man, elevator action and more classics all in one! EXCELLENT job, hoping and praying for some DLC like new levels, weapons etc.. But man, this game is basically flawless and floods us with so many great memories from the 8 and 16 bit era! Well done, will be looking for more games from you in the future!

We will keep this short and sweet, this game is hands down amazing worth every penny and then some! This took us back to our child hood when games were about the experience of the gamer! Awesome job we will be looking for every title release by these guys!

We stopped playing mobile games many years ago, but Huntdown changed our mind about them. The game gets everything right. Details, controls, story, replay ability. It is worth the $9 (or maybe even the original $20!) Huntdown has the makings of a cult classic. You should not pass it up.

Add a sandbox mode where you can create your own levels like npcs buldings and backroundsz.

Most fun we’ve had playing a mobile game in a LONG TIME. Super fun classic side scroller with creative characters and great level design!

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