Last updated on November 27th, 2022 at 02:50 am is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Chris Lied, is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th November 2017 with the latest update 10th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Simulation, or Weather games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of ?

1,091 people have rated 1.4.4

What is the price of the ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the released ? was released on 6th November 2017.

When was the updated ?

The latest updated date of on 10th May 2022.

Where can be downloaded ?

You can download the game from Apple Official App Store.



Ready to eat hurricanes? However, in this massively multiplayer online .io strategy game, you are the hurricane. It’s grow or be absorbed; eat or be eaten. Grow your hurricane by navigating warm waters. Use skills and signature abilities. Cause destruction and death globally. How big will you grow? How powerful will you become? How much destruction will you cause? How long will you survive in this top .io game.

It’s just a inconspicuous cloud, or is it? Even tiny clouds can become deadly under the right weather conditions. At the beginning of the match, your cloud is small, but gradually it will grow into a super hurricane. Face-off against global competitors in this top .io massively multiplayer online strategy game.

Beware of other clouds, they will want to swallow you. Gain energy from the elements: air (clouds and heat) and water (from the ocean). Absorbing, destroying and killing other hurricanes will make you grow faster.

The ideal living environment for hurricanes is on the ocean. Hurricanes will lose energy on land. But if you are strong enough, nothing can stop you!

It’s a live multiplayer game. If you can’t connect to the internet, the game will enter offline survival mode.

Growth System:
Increase wind speed.
*Red ball (heat):
Increase move speed.
*Green ball (struct):
Increase stability, reduce land or others damage to you.
*Blue ball (water):
Increase mass, faster energy absorption, but will reduce speed.

Check out these unique features:

Symbol System:

Destroy. Accumulate power to release advanced skills. Acquire symbols. Symbols contain different skills according to the constellation and the four elements. All these skills can reduce damage.

  • Real world hurricanes data from JTWC & NHC, real-time tracking and forecast.

  • Live mode. Strong competitors from around the world.

  • Survivor mode. Online survival mode. Everyone starts with the same wind speed.

  • Party mode. Create your own room. Invite friends to play together.

  • Offline mode.

Updated on 10th May 2022

Added Login/Register. Review

Im addict to dis game its SO FUNNN.

We use to play this game everyday and had every power up when they came up we got a new phone and lost all of our progress we will still play but Im kinda mad that we spent 20$ and lost all of that.

So we were the largest one in the game untill we looked at sombody who was at 345 then we looked back and they had 1457! Very disappointing. Deleting game.

This game scams ur money cause we bought 10000 coins and still didnt received the coins yet.

We wish the was a chat please bring a chat and make it so we can type anything Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

We got 9999 wind its god mode at that much But Hurricane. Io we have something to tell you have a rip off called hurricane outbrake and its trash reckamed games among us Minecraft hades star battle ship apallo Also plz add nightime and day time and l give 5 star Also if you try just asking join a corporation on hades star called the corp we Think your game is good but add more stuff For the long run add 1000,100,100 go be max wind only asking also we hope to u hand good day stuff we want in the game floods death conger and day and night.

We love this game except other players eat you and its so annoying.

We wouldnt waste your time downloading this. You will be kicked out within 5 minutes of signing in. We suggest the game be removed from IO App Store due to security concerns.

Show lights at night, and exaggerate using a real map, physical map.

Can you make it so we can flood places and could there be a meter for the people that you have killed and can there be news channels then you can see your hurricane on real news please do it!!!!!!! Ill be so glad you did it.

The game is an online game that you can be addictive players desertion advised.

The game is great and all but we want more stuff in the game 1. Flood damage and death bar so when you go over something like a state it indicates how much flood damage and deaths you caused. 2. Different filters so add we for infrared w For wind. 3. Add different cameras so that we can see whats happening in different areas.

Its basic enough to figure out what most things are except: Where do missile come from? Are the fired from Opponents? How come some hurricanes can create a purple circle around you and trap you. How come some hurricanes can create a triangle that zaps you. It would be more engaging to understand what and where these powers come from and what they do/how you can get them yourself. It would also be nice to know if a hurricanes has special power so you can avoid them. We played for 10 minutes and died three times from things we have never seen before and there are no instructions on game play. We have been a player for a few years now but think they added these things and didnt add any explanation.

The latest update logged us out of the Game Center info in the app. We can no longer see our tots kills or overall score based on other players. Our phone says Im logged into the Game Center but the game doesnt recognize it.

The party mode is fun and we named our party as Outbreak Spell Outbreak to find our party.

It so fun we love to kill the small storms.

We Like to Name a Hurricane Levi.

So we have some suggestions though we still love it there could be more detail like: .1 there should be something that boosts ur hurricane very fast Like a tornado .2 more power ups would be nice like boosts hurricane wind speed for fifteen seconds .3 there should be a way to swallow up other hurricanes faster, like a power up could do that .4 there should be Arrows that point that point to nearby hurricanes Thats all we have to suggest but it also helps us get through this pandemic! Thanks!!

We love the idea, ai, real life systems, everything! We suggest you have an explanation on what those icons are for (The ones on the home screen that cost coins)

This is honestly such a fun game and we love how they keep it simple but still life like. HOWEVER the only thing that irritates us is that when your in a game, it kicks you out for No absolute reason. We’ve joined 5 games in the last 10 minutes and it keeps kicking us out and starting us over for no reason. Other than that the game is great. We hope they add more stuff to make it more life like and fair to everyone. Great work!

Make it where you can see what your causing that would be awsome.

Overall, we really liked the game, except for the pattern things. We were at 100mph+ winds 1st place and someone with 700mph winds killed us. Please remove the signal thing its overpowered and annoying.

Its an excellent game but now we get disconnected automatically and for no reason! So that might need to be fixed.

Hello we have reports actually when hurricanes grow it needs hot water and vapor clouds so please ad a grow in middle of ocean update.

We really like this game, but we just got a new iPad and now the gameplay is very small. We dont know if everyone has this problem but in the next update add support for iPad Air 4. Once that happens, our review is 5 stars. Thanks!

Its a pretty good time waster but some things we dont like. No way to save your hurricane to continue at a later time. Its pretty easy to eat up to about 2-3,000 but after that it takes a long time to get higher. Having other hurricanes being able to eat you is frustrating too. But other than that, its a decent game.

We love weather so we got this game. It was a good time killer. It was really fun. When is in single player Id spend 3-5 minutes trying to find the last hurricane which was annoying. Also we saw sometimes when we get to monster storm the hurricanes clouds dont change to black like they should.

This game is good and all but there are some problems and this game is a really non good time to spend on, and also the first seconds of the game where really bad if you developers would like to know the problems just put you gmail or feed back only.

We cant down load this so dont get rid of it for 100 or 200 days. (Or 60.)

We hate this game because we want daily challenges different types of natural disasters and leader boards please fix this People!

There are so many people in this game that are mean rude and swear at people pls try to get rid of the chat or at least ad a sensor.

Its ok game to play but we think it would of been better with more features like getting coins faster and leveling up and ect.

The anti hack doesnt work at all someone was able to track our location and people are coming to our home at night and we also want to say this THE GAME MAKES NO SENSE!!! What do you do theres no damage or death meter or anything the game is pointless.

We were playing and some guy just 8 us at 469mph winds of this is dumb.

This game is confusing. You don’t get a tutorial or instructions on how to play. We cant figure out how to grow and it doesn’t make since that we can eat a plane but not a little box that is probably a house. We cant grow at all…

You know a hurricane can track and mark destruction path in this game? How can we when another huge storm attacks. Such a waste of time and money if you cant enjoy it. Especially when you consider the points for killing another player is only 100 points. Then you have to go back and start all over again. Serious issues with your game.

Love the game but the camera doesnt pan out as you grow and we cant sign into the app but 5 star for me.

Twice some tried to contact our kid thru this game chat. Our kid being a 12 year old special needs kid text someone he found in this game , this some goes by Andrew en this game sent sexual explicit images to our kid. We urge you to be careful when kids playing this and any game that has a open chat room and please talk to your kids. The reason we leave 1 star is because of the way the chat works is seems to be easy for predators to reach out to kids un checked.

This is a very good game there are never updates though and thats the thing if you get this game just now there will never be updates.

We can have winds around 8.5 million miles per hour.

We love this game. We dont know if it is that we love weather . We love the fact that there are multiple Hurricanes roaming around and you have to kill them. Just a little suggestion. Once you hit Monster Storm can you set it at that point were you have a wind speed. ALL we AM SAYING IS THAT we LOVE YOUR GAME!

To today we found a hacker who was flying like flash he was so fast. He was tiny and there was the 1098 mph hurricane guy that got destroy by that tiny hurricane.

Remind movie day after tomorrow be cool carefully need make Storms hard getting bigger stronger cool watch Updates missions in the news period.

This is really fun but mabye make it a bit more easy like category six seven eight nine and ten?

It’s simple but a good idea and Time waster but it also has some good stuff like the shop which every I/O game has but it has symbols that you can put on your hurricane which is an amazing idea so that’s why we will do this such a high rate!

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