Hyper Cards

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 04:50 am

Hyper Cards

Hyper Cards

Hyper Cards is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by PlayEmber Sp. z o.o., Hyper Cards is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th September 2021 with the latest update 2nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hyper Cards ?

19,769 people have rated 2.8

What is the price of the Hyper Cards ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hyper Cards released ?

Hyper Cards was released on 8th September 2021.

When was the Hyper Cards updated ?

The latest updated date of Hyper Cards on 2nd May 2023.

Where can Hyper Cards be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hyper Cards from Apple Official App Store.



Hey card collector! 

Are you ready to play the best card collecting and trading game ever? 

If you are obsessed with collecting all the cards, then Hyper Cards is the perfect game for you. 

Rip out the cards from their packs and see which character is hidden in it! 

You can trade your cards with other to complete your pack but be careful… you don’t want to be scammed by your competition!

If you are doubling up on cards you already have it’s okay; no harm in taking a bit of risk to try and find one of those super rare cards! 

While you are playing you can also earn money and buy a whole new pack! 

It may seem easy to collect all of them at the beginning but the more you collect, the more you trade, the more cards you want! 

And remember its so easy to trade up and swap your cards…just either accept an offer for one of your cards so you can trade up or keep your current collection. It’s entirely down to you.

There is only one thing you need to remember, do not trust anything or anyone on the trade board, because everyone wants to be the winner!

Good Luck and we hope you collect them all!

Updated on 2nd May 2023

Bug Fixes!

Hyper Cards Review

First off like every 2 seconds there is an add also you can complete the game in like 50 mins and after that there isnt anything to do (do not get) but its still fun for a bit so Ill give it 2 star its allso has sort good graphics and fun gameplay.

Its like Every 5 seconds we get an ad we get too many ads.

First off like every 2 seconds there is an add also you can complete the game in like 50 mins and after that there isnt anything to do (do not get)

If feels like there is an add every 10 seconds.

When you very very stressed, can you play that game and its like amazing dont want to do anything you just have to slide and trade thats pretty good rid of the ads. Super annoying every time when we click but its very peaceful quiet just want to hear that little.

Its a fun little game to play. Its like Pokmon.

The game is absolutely amazing and our cousin and we love seeing who can get the most money but once you get a million+ dollars it gets kinda boring opening the same pack over and over again so could you look into adding more packs and maybe a option to skip the trade?

This is just like pokemon and it is very fun this game is where you trade pokemon cards but not pokemon.

There is too much ads we cant even get in a game without one add its a good game, but why have so many ads?

This game is definitely for Pokmon or just general card collectors. Love the game devs, keep making it amazing.

It is good game but that adds doesnt work that our dad buy it doesnt work out much so can you please fix your game or myWi-Fi we got no but can you please have it And its a very good game our sister likes it and she told us get it so we didShes there she likes it and she plays with it and she tells us that if you play with it you get more better right but when our dad buy adds sill doesnt workIts just a waste of money.

The game is awesome because you get cards and it shows the price its kind of like Pokmon! And it has a binder first you pull cards like 2,3,4 and next its better.

Give the game less adds please.

Best Pokmon in hyper cards!!!

It is so fun we played it for five hours now do you notice in the time and it was funner than fun better than better.

This game is so cool and Im totally not a bot.

GREAT game, almost everything is perfect, but it feels like something is missing. We feel like a battle/story mode would really spice the game up.

We think this game is great and all and ever since we downloaded it we cant stop. We really enjoy the game its just there are way to many adds. We think when you go to trade there should not be an add. Beside that we really like this game thats all we wanted to say. But we say its a really good game.

If we were the creator of this fantastic game we would definitely add more buyable packs for instance a 500k pack and a 1mil pack instead of just having 150k pack and under. Still an amazing game.

The game is sooooooo good because theres Pokmon and we love Pokmon and you can trade.

The amount of ads is incredibly large so we click a button and an ad shows up we love the game its just there are to many ads. Its 5stars so it will show up.

This is so fun that we were playing for the whole day is that cool?

We had the game for a minute or two but we love it and we think it should have a card battle fetcher.

Just got the game but it was a great choice because us and our friends would show each other cards and it was so much fun because our friends would be like hahahahahahahaha and we just started laughing and if you had the lowest card had to do a dare.

We put 5 starts because this is a good game but when we get out of the app it erases our data and Doesnt let us in PLS fix.

On our second pack we got a godpack.

Its pretty good as long as you ignore the adds.

We think this is a amazing game but there is so many ads.

It makes us feel like we are opening up Pokmon cards.

Ever since our brother downloaded this game he was obsessed so we say in our opinion down load it.

We love this game we’ve been playing for a while and right now we have over 5 million but now we can only open the packs that cost 150k and we can only open these and its not really fun that we cant open higher priced packs. So please ADD NEW PACKS.

It is super fun to collect and if your a Pokmon fan you will like it.

Im rating this a 5 stare so people can see what Im saying. But it really deserves a 1 star Every time we log in to the game it froze then kicked us out every time we tried taping the game deleting it then download it again but it never worked.

We five star this app so you can see it this app continuously crashes and you are bombarded with ads on every screen. The app wont open on our iPhone. But other than that, with the five minutes we did play seemed like a pretty fun game.

Every time we buy a card our game just lag.

We feel like this game is great but we were wondering yall could add a battle system with the cards after trading them :)

It keeps on freezing every time we open up the game. We cant play the game developer. If youre reading this can you please fix this thank you.

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