Tides of Time: The Board Game

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Tides of Time: The Board Game


Tides of Time: The Board Game is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Portal Games sp zoo, Tides of Time: The Board Game is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 11th March 2019 with the latest update 22nd May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


26 people have rated 1.1.1

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A card drafting game for two! Play the AI, or pass-and-play with a friend!

Tides of Time is a card drafting game for two players that takes place over three rounds. On your turn, choose one card from those in your hand, then pass your hand to your opponent. Each card is one of five suits and a scoring objective. Once all cards have been taken, players calculate their scores based on the cards drafted. Between rounds, you will choose one card to keep for future rounds, and one card to remove from the game. After three rounds the player with the most points wins!

This is a long-awaited digital adaptation of the card game from Kristian Čurla and Portal Games. With this version, you can challenge your friends with pass-and-play or compete against one of the three levels of AI. Unique challenges are also included to keep you on your toes!

Reviews for Tides of Time:

“A great looking two player game that is quick to play and not too heavy on the brain, but with definite scope for strategy.” – Nick Pitman

“This game is not complex at all, but it can be a challenge to master. Easily picked up as a filler with non-gamer friends and gamers alike. Highly recommended!” – Tabletop Together

“Tides of Time from Kristian Čurla is a marvel in minimalist design, creating tons of tension from only eighteen cards in a game that lasts no more than twenty minutes.” – Eric Martin, Board Game Geek

“The more I play, the more I enjoy it.” – Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

“Very thinky and quiet, but also very interesting. Staying in my collection for sure.” – Joel Eddy, Drive Thru Review


  • Faithful digital adaptation of the Portal Games card game from Kristian Čurla

  • Every card matters in this deceptively simple game

  • Local pass-and-play for fun on the go

  • Three levels of AI to challenge

  • Unique challenges to overcome

Updated on 22nd May 2019

German language added

Tides of Time: The Board Game Reviews

The app is polished. The tutorial is a great way to learn the game. Once you get through the tutorial the gameplay is just smooth as you would expect it like the physical card game!

We like Tides of Time a lot. It has interesting strategic gameplay plus gorgeous art and great music which make it a solid game. Hello Devs – The rule book has several typographic errors. Copper Age is misspelled as Chopper Age at least twice. The Silver Age and Golden Age sections also contain errors. It seems odd that the AI opponents are named as they are. The Easy AI avatar is a young girl named John and the Hard AI avatar is an old woman named Harold ?? Strange.

Been playing to a long time. After resetting the game and starting from scratch we notice that the game character will win and get points when it shouldn’t. We’ve noticed it mainly when we use the Kings Nest. In the beginning levels we win ties. In the higher levels the game wins. It even managed to get a 130+ points but us having the Kings nest should of prevented anything past 50. Has anyone come across this?

This is a fun little set collecting, pick and pass game for two players. Theres not a ton of variability to the cards so it likely wont become an all time favorite. But the small number of cards makes it easy to learn while the variability with the three ages and requirement to keep and trash one card each round adds to the replay ability. One small change to the app would, we think, be a big improvement, especially for newer players. It would be great to be able to pause after the points are totaled each round so that you can see what cards scored which points. As it is, the points are scored for each card and then that screen immediately goes away, theres no way to review what scored and what didnt. This makes seeing the impact of trying out different strategies and understanding how points were scored much more difficult. Also, the AI ratings dont seem to be consistent. The medium difficulty seems much easier than the easy difficulty AI. Adjusting so that the easy AI truly is easy would, again, be more helpful and less frustrating to less experienced players.

Needs some time to review scoring of individual cards, instead of rapidly moving to game over screen.

This looks like an interesting game but it only plays in landscape mode on iPhone and the writing and symbols on the cards are way too small to read (even when zoomed) on our iPhone 11. This might work better on iPad or a larger screen phone but on ours, its basically unplayable.

Im learning the game, so we’ve played several games against the Easy AI. It has crushed us each time so far, in ways that seem unfairly skewed. The AI player regularly gets dealt cards at the beginning of the round that allow it to score huge bonuses on the final play of the round. An example: on the very final card of the Golden Age, the AI player had 0 points and we were winning the round and overall. He played the final card and scored 53 points on a single play! That level of planning ahead and combos sure doesnt seem like easy AI. It also doesnt help that we never seem to get dealt these same combo cards at the beginning of rounds, so Im always forced to score small sets of points here and there. Not fun or rewarding.

Dont buy it. Doesnt matter how good the interface is. Its 2021 and it doesnt have online play. Tides of Time is great, and it deserves love. Too bad this app isnt helping anything. Will happily change our review if this feature is finally added (if the online play is asynchronous).

Even though the same cards are used in each game, there is just enough strategy to keep it interesting. The presentation is wonderful with cool graphics, music, and atmosphere. Its a solid game of back and forth fun.

Cool game, great visuals on this digital version. We appreciate how quickly the developer updated the app to fix the online problem and strengthen the tutorial. Im also happy with the AI, which so far is beating us on medium. Recommendations: -put the actual rule book somewhere in the game -have a card gallery so we can appreciate all the amazing artwork (this is a common problem with digital board games) -somehow make it so we can look at the score breakdown between rounds. Right now it shows it quickly and then totals the score up. We want to be able to study where the points came from before moving on the next round.

No rule book, cards impossible to read. Get 7 wonders instead.

Havent played the board game but picked up how to play from this tutorial. Some spelling errors, but they were easy to look past. Thank you for this!

Would be much better with online play. Its also important to be able to review your entire kingdom when keeping/eliminating cards. The cards you kept from rounds 1 and 2 are not visible and theyre useful for making decisions.

Put on card evidently means play card. The tutorial is nonsense in English. Just dont even try to go through it. Just download the pdf rules and read that to acquaint yourself with the game play. On an iPhone 7 it works ok but on the iPad the left and right most cards you must tap and hold then drag slightly up to view the entire card. Makes one wonder if any testing was actually done on on iPad. Major oversight. Most could learn the cards and how scoring works if they didnt show the results screen immediately after scoring takes place. Let the scoring show and let us click on the cards. The. At the bottom let us push the right arrow to continue to the results screen. This would almost eliminate the need for the tutorial which doesnt make sense in English. Polish Im sure is great but that doesnt help an English speaker. But the most egregious of all is you must be ONLINE to play this game which doesnt even have online game play. We will seek a refund for sure if this isnt corrected within a week or so if unable to play offline. We cant play on the subway, on a train, on a bus or wherever. Absolutely ridiculous for requiring online to play this game. 2019 seems were regressing. Weve mustve hit the pinnacle in app development.

This game is a challenge on an iPhone do to the size of the text and lack of ability to truly ZOOM into see the card. We just downloaded and attempted to play on an iPad Pro and found it unplayable. There are necessary elements of the card that are unable to been seen on the leftmost and rightmost cards in a starting hand of five. Great game that it hamstrung by poor choices in the UI.

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