Ice Fishing Derby Premium

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 01:45 pm

Ice Fishing Derby Premium


Ice Fishing Derby Premium is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Paul Halter, Ice Fishing Derby Premium is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th May 2013 with the latest update 2nd November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Casual, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


38 people have rated 1.40

You can download the game Ice Fishing Derby Premium from APP STORE.


The ad-free version of Ice Fishing Derby: It’s a five day fishing derby with a twist. The forecast for the first day is pretty nice, but it’s going to get much, much colder as the days go by. Start each day at the bait shop to get the tackle you need. Catch bluegills, crappie, perch, walleyes and northern pike. At the end of each day you’ll collect cash at the weigh-in for the fish you’ve caught. Be sure to earn enough to pay for a portable shelter and heater or you’re not likely to survive. Start with some basic gear and catch some panfish, then work your way up to catching the bigger fish. Once you have the necessities you might get yourself a sonar flasher or even an underwater camera system so you can see what’s happening under the ice. Your goal is simple: Survive the tournament, and earn as much money as possible. Other fishermen may offer you some interesting trades out on the lake, but be careful what deals you accept!

Updated on 2nd November 2022

Cosmetic improvements, bug fixes, update to current libraries

Ice Fishing Derby Premium Reviews

Games alright, only problem we have with the actual game is that before you have a fish finder bites are way slower. But the game does get boring very fast.

We like this game but we wish it had more stuff such as lakes more bait and we could catch big Walter the pearch.

This game is awesome but we wish that there was more fish, more tourneys, more gear, and more lakes and rivers.

Although it’s always fun to have more more more, if you focus too much on wanting more fish, more equipment, and more locations, then you will miss one of this game’s best features: humor. Turn up the volume and listen to dem udder guys talking while out on da ice, ya know? This game is actually very well done. Don’t let the rather basic graphics fool you. Knowledge about real ice fishing will improve your game success.

We absolutely love this game! We really hope you guys come back and update it to where we can catch lake trout or even just more species of fish! Please update it! We would love to have more fish to catch and have more fun overall! But other than more fish, the game is amazing! 5 out of 5 all day!

Its a fantastic game but it would be 5 stars if it had a free fishing aspect. Just sit and fish for how long and not start a new game after 5 days. That would be awesome and 5 stars!

Great game! We love playing this game. We would give it 5 stars but the game wont let us quit playing when Im done. Have to shut down our phone to make it stop.

We wish they would bring more thing in the game it get boring after a while.

Real fun cued use some stuff like more fish more fish very fun game love it worth every penny.

Good game except as of January unable to restore our purchases.

So we bought the full game before and now we have to unlock the top stuff again but it won’t let us restore purchases.

This game is amazing but it gets boring. It lacks refreshing content. The hud is waisted space. Tip ups should be able to be placed and you can watch them in your hud. Ice jigs would be cool instead of just live bait. More shanty options. Something as simple as different sleds. Maybe different hats and stuff. A lot can be done to make the game more long term. But all in all its a great game!

It’s a fun game, paid for the premium version but we’re unable to unlock the good equipment. It won’t let us restore purchases.

Bought game and doesn’t work, says you have to restore purchases, been like this for a few weeks and still no fix. Don’t buy it.

This game is really fun to play but needs updates. They should add more tournaments, more gear, more fish , different lakes such as the Great Lakes, it would be cool to drive utilities out on the ice, characters, and more stuff to buy.

Good game no bugs but we would like spear fishing and new kinds of fish and new kinds of things at the bate shop like you can buy jackets in the game and if you add spears you can get new spears.

Great game but plz make an update because the game is pretty short.

We absolutely love this game it is a great fishing game one little glitch most of the time our shanty doesn’t show up around us its there it just doesn’t show up we have an we pod 4 if it helps.

Great game some bugs thou otherwise perfect game so buy worth the money we love it.

Thanks for updating the game we can finnaly play now.

This game is worth every penny! We bought it for our son, but after playing it once we added it to our devices as well. We both enjoy the reality of the experience this game provides. We were also impressed with the attentive support from the developer we received when we contacted them with a question about the game. We would recommend this game to anyone of any age!

When we play on iPhone5c the portable tent doesn’t show when we buy it and then we fish.

Great game for Kids. Really fun but, when we play we can not see the portable shelter.

We love playing this game, but there needs to be more fish (musky, bass, etc.)

Great game but seriously one tourney? Great game but needs more depth! Just need a few more tourneys.. Or some specialized goals.

We think this game is really good so far but could use some improvements to make it more fun. We have a few suggestions: 1. Free play- make a mode where you just keep fishing day by day without an end (you could make the prices more expensive so it takes longer to get stuff) 2. Real tournaments- the derby isn’t really much of a competition against anyone else but against your previous scores. Making real competitions maybe on different lakes with different difficulties would be awesome. 3. Select a fishing spot- When you move it just picks a random spot on the lake, being able to pick where you go would be pretty cool. To add on to that you could make different structures around the lake such as weeds, logs, muck or rocks. 4. Multiplayer- we think being able to play with your friends at the same time and have competitions against each other would be amazing. We know it might be a stretch but we believe people would love this idea. Just some suggestions, but so far we think this game is great.

Good game play, good graphics and very entertaining. Worth the price, for kids and adults.

We think there should be a free play and there should be a setting that you can set tip ups that would be nice.

You should make where you can reel it in yourself because it gets boring after a while please make it so we can reel it in myself.

Bought game and won’t even load!! We’ll be getting our money back!!

If you pay money for a game it should work.

We think it’s a great game ours works just fine but it gets boring after playing a bunch of times you should add more lakes more features more items make it more like real life trucks and maybe make something that you can do with all your money at the end.

The game is fun and engaging while challenging at the same time. Great for when your bored!

We played the online version for the computer and have been addicted to it and despite being told that it doesn’t work and still bought it. But can you guys please, please fix it! We want to get our fish on!!!

Don’t get the game we spent money on it and it didn’t even work.

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