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If Found…


If Found… is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Annapurna Games, LLC, If Found… is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 18th May 2020 with the latest update 2nd December 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


92 people have rated 1.2.0

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If Found… is an interactive visual novel from DREAMFEEL about searching for connection.

On December 31st 1993 in the crumbling ruins of a mansion on Achill Island, Kasio destroys her diary.

It tells the story of her return home to the West of Ireland, her conflict with her family, the friends she makes, and the challenges she goes through.

Everything leads to this night when a black hole will destroy the entire world. Where did it come from? Is there any way to stop it?

With brand new gameplay mechanics, beautiful hand-drawn art, and a stunning soundtrack, players will relive Kasio’s experiences and see the moments both happy and painful that make up the month of December 1993.

Features include: awkward crushes, the planet Jupiter, many kisses, a punk concert, confusion, happiness, a cute dog, and a break in.

Updated on 2nd December 2020

Thank you for playing If Found…

This version includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

If Found… Reviews

But very beautiful. The story is really touching and human. Visually and musically its striking. We did get a bit tired of the main mechanic to move the story forward (wiping the screen clean with your finger), since our finger would literally get tired. There was a side plot that we didnt really get why it was important to the main plot, but maybe we just missed something there.

This was one of the most amazing experiences we have had with graphic storytelling. Interactive and heartbreaking. This story changed us.

"If found" was nominated for "games for impact" award this year so we were intrigued. Unfortunatelly at it’s core it appeared to be just a generic teenage drama. Transgender theme was for advertisement only and never explored below surface level. You can swap the main character with any cis-gendered teenage girl or boy and the story would make the same amount of sense. Gameplay mechanics of erasing words was interesting for 5 minutes, but then got boring. It could have had real significance like healing character traumas or branching the story. Instead it’s just a realy tedios way to move forward in a linear fashion. Finally a few words about art: visually "If found" is just a collection of doodles. It’s not in the same league as Gris and is rather forgettable. The same case being with music and sound effects.

You have to buy it to try it. Its a book, not a game. With pictures. For $5. Save the regret and dont buy it.

The masses give this app 5 stars because it has intersectional characters who spit on western values, and the entire thing is just so blas at this point. No longer are narratives like this the counter culture, they are mainstream and there is nothing interesting or edgy about them, this is just another brick in the wall of the woke culture that dominates our screens. Objectively it gets old fast, the swiping around on screen to progress the story is annoying and redundant.

Based on some online reviews we were hoping for an interesting game. This is neither interesting nor a game. Its a poorly animated graphic novel with an annoying UI. We rarely delete games we paid for, and even more rarely write reviews… This app was frustrating enough that we did both.

Its rlly cute and nice but rlly not worth the buy you sit there reading erasing and trying to figure out what ur going to erase next and its good for the first 3 minutes but then it just drags and u have to do it the whole time. We will say that the drawings and animations of whatever is really pretty.

This is not a game….. This is an interactive novel thta you will turn the page. Story is good but calling it a game is wrong. Just stick with interactive novel!

The artwork was just beautiful And the story was very relatable Sometimes you just need to be hugged and told that your loved And sometimes you just want to run and hide. We really really loved this book/app.

We initially downloaded this game because it was labeled as "celebrating pride" but we did not expect it to be as good as it was. It didnt take too long to finish. The plot was intrestesting and we loved that it wasn’t given away all at once.

This is a lovely story unfolding through a unique mechanism of gradually erasing a diary, in which many passages had been crossed out. It conveys the difficult cross-currents experienced by a young trans woman coming to terms with family and childhood friends in a touching and relatable manner. In one respect, the process of erasure seems like a letting-go of the past, making way for what will come – and indeed its the only way you can progress with the story. Well done!

This game is beyond what we expected from it. We dont think it will ever truly leave our mind. All that we can say is thank you. Thank you so much.

We abso-freaking-loutley love this story!! We’ve never seen something like it, thats why it makes it so unique and fun. We can relate to characters like Kasio and Shans. We also like how you added LGBTQ+ representation in the story. As a bisexual, that meant a lot, as a lot of games and stories in general dont have that. Again, love this game so so so much!!

If Found told a compelling narrative with good art direction and soundtrack. The eraser mechanic gave the transitions between scenes a unique feel. This made the aesthetic seem liquid. The writing drew us in with strong characters with whom we could empathize. Our only critique is that If Found is not a game so much as it is an interactive storybook. It should be marketed as such.

We wanted to like this but was hard to follow. Its a story, not a game. You wipe from one frame to another. The wipe mechanic was entertaining the first few times.

Wiring category . This is a page turning graphic novel with some animated bits. We were looking for a game and not just a story to read through.

Its a story. And the only action is swiping all over the screen to erase or uncover graphics. No strategy. No gameplay whatsoever. We want our money back.

We could read all books like this. Love love love.

We played on iPad. IPad was cool because there is an eraser mechanic to the game and the touch screen made for a nice tactile effect. It took us about 4 or 5 hours to finish, but we tend to go slow and savor games like this. Most people would finish more quickly. The story follows a trans girl who is home from college for winter break in a very small Irish town. The art is super colorful and beautiful, if in a minimalist way. The story is mostly sad and somewhat ethereal. There are some abstract moments parsed between a fairly straightforward narrative. Theres also wonderful music throughout. Mostly electronic music and ambient sounds. The music adds a lot of flavor to the story and was definitely a soundtrack rather than just background filler. We loved this game!

We loved reading this. We’ve played it twice and Ill probably play it again when we need to kill time.

We like to think we learned more about Irish culture and the LGBTQ+ community. If you like visual novels and story-based games, you wont do wrong here. The developers did a great job.

Masterpiece of a game. Cannot express how happy we were to pick up this game, and finish it in 3-4 hours. The entire time we were hooked, wanting more and more. The concept that you erase someones memories in a diary is a absolutely crazy new idea of a visual novel, something thats never been done before. Executed perfectly. The black hole part kinda confused us, after what happened and all, but, the game gets a 5/5.

That is whats misleading people. Very nice page turn mechanic. Did not care to finish story. Wanted to play an interactive or atleast choice based narrative.

Visually stunning with a very unique play style, if found is treat and we loved every second of it. The soundtrack is spectacular and immersive. Kasios story is incredibly relatable and we really havent ever seen a game like this. Everyone needs to play this game!

The game story is very nice but phone LCD is not always light.

This game made us cry, made us happy and made cry more. Its so amazing and touching, the way you uncover everything- its read so smoothly and its written so beautifully. It felt like we were in the story with them. We cant express how much this has changed our perspective on things in life. Its incredible. It just keeps unraveling in every step of the way, we played it non stop. We hope others get to experience the joy of playing this game, its so relatable to us, and thats what has made it change our life too, its so comforting. Please buy this game, 10/10.

We usually dont buy games, but this one definitely stood out to us. Im so glad we did! It was such a lovely game and felt very emotional and real, as well being a unique experience. We definitely recommend!

Really enjoyed this. It plays similar to a free flowing visual novel without defined screens, where you use an eraser to advance the story. The characters felt very personal and the struggles they went through felt real. We didnt understand the black hole part of the story, but we were glued to the screen for everything else. Highly reccommended.

Im not one to write reviews on games, but this one deserves it. It has a great storyline and the pictures and the look of it is great! All of the characters felt real and we could relate to many of them. Some of them more then others. (The brother wasnt cool.) The story really blends well together. All in all, pretty cool game!

The graphics and the story are beautiful, but we paid $4.99 thinking there would be some sort of interactive component. There is not. The erasing is essentially how you turn the page in a book. So annoyed that we had to pay almost five dollars for what basically equates to a video comic book.