Race Master 3D – Car Racing

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 05:10 pm

Race Master 3D – Car Racing

Race Master 3D - Car Racing

Race Master 3D – Car Racing is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SayGames LTD, Race Master 3D – Car Racing is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st August 2021 with the latest update 23rd March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Action, or Racing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Race Master 3D – Car Racing ?

190,123 people have rated 3.6.1

What is the price of the Race Master 3D – Car Racing ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Race Master 3D – Car Racing released ?

Race Master 3D – Car Racing was released on 1st August 2021.

When was the Race Master 3D – Car Racing updated ?

The latest updated date of Race Master 3D – Car Racing on 23rd March 2023.

Where can Race Master 3D – Car Racing be downloaded ?

You can download the game Race Master 3D – Car Racing from Apple Official App Store.



Keep your finger to the floor and be ready for absolutely anything in this ridiculously entertaining mobile racing game where you really never know what’s around the next corner. Fine tune your ride, keep your foot on the gas, dodge the endlessly varied obstacles, and try to keep out the way of your equally manic rivals in super-fast, super-exciting, psychedelic races that always offer something new and unexpected.

Feel the need for speed? You’ll get speed, drama, awesome cars and a whole lot more in this addictive casual driving game that’s as intuitive as it is outrageous.

► To get your pulse racing…

  • Hard to keep track: 33 unique levels with a huge range of different surfaces and obstacles to race over and around at breakneck speed. Plus 8 different bosses in specially tricked out cars ready to make your ride even more hair-raising.

  • Racing all over the world: 7 different locations with different track characteristics and richly detailed backdrops, decorated with ramps and tunnels with 14 different neon illumination designs, ensuring there’s always something to look at out the window.

  • What’s in your garage? 7 classic sports cars to collect and customize as you race through the levels in the game. Place high in every race to earn more cash, tune your car’s engine for ultimate speed, acceleration and handling, add exciting accessories and choose between 15 different paint jobs to really pimp your ride.

  • Hear me roar: who needs music when you have the roar of high-performance engines, the screech of tires and the crunch of colliding metal? Enjoy the rich sound world of Race Master 3D alongside simple but striking graphics and spectacular crash effects that’ll shake your bones every time you come spinning off the track or grind to a thudding halt.

► The ultimate pocket racer…

Looking for a racing game that’s easy to play, provides a real driving challenge, and offers excitement and endless variation, cools cars and dangerous rivals, all in fast and furious races that can be run in a matter of minutes? Keep Race Master 3D in your pocket and you’ll have instant access to awesome driving thrills anytime, any place and anywhere, trying again and again to reach the podium despite a series of increasingly surreal and testing obstacles that come rushing at you down the track in a crazy, colorful whirl.

Download now to find out if you can be the master of the track in the wackiest, wildest, winningest mobile racing game available.

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Updated on 23rd March 2023

-Game improvements

Race Master 3D – Car Racing Review

Because you can change your motor.

The first time you have a chance at the top is the second one you get an opportunity for the second time and you have a good time and we will give it a try for the first one we will let us see if.

It is good you get money you get power ups it may be boring It also takes long to load tho.

Our baby brothers love it to so do we and Im a Girl.

We like this game its really fun we love this game so much.

This game is so awesome. You can get cool car and you can get money to get cool cars. We think you should eat it ALL stars.

Best race game ever made! We love that we can customize our car and so much more!

Days before we have a job at this time and we think.

One of the best racing mobile games we’ve ever played. Would be so cool if it had a multiplayer. Other wise, one of the best mobile games we’ve played.

We bought a car from this game and then after a few weeks, they took it back. And they refused to respond to our request to get it restored so we must give them only two stars. Love the game. Hate the company. We updated our review because we got our car back. No contact from service yet.

It is super fun there are bosses to in this game. We have beat every stage and boss in the game. It is hard to get first place. Forced adds are super rare and optional adds that give you rewards you only should watch for shields at the start of every race. We have gotten a few car customizations from quests the quests in the game are like running over zombies and shooting at stuff. Each race takes one to two minutes about and this is also our favorite game right now to.

There is no adds it is vey fun and easy we LoVE iT by Mickey deez.

Super fun and cures our boredom thank you Saygames for this fun and fast game.

Best horror game in the world we are not lying. This is true. Its the best team in the world.

Really fun really cool really awesome we really love it and we play it like every day now its the best game in the world so download it.

Awesome speedy cars and Translucent colors !

We have a suggestion when you collide into something the car should get bent like if something hits you at your left the left side should get damaged. :)

The game looks wayyyy better than the ads and it way more addictive.

Great game, but they need to make the woman who starts the boss levels hotter.

This game is the real deal Yall come on out here nothing compares to racing in the dark.

Not the same as the ad but still pretty good sometimes it doesnt work and other times it does but rlly fun and doesnt need Wi-Fi.

Race master is really fun! You can also customize your car! You can race against 6 random people and see if you can win. There is also a 1 v1. The bad part is that when you 1 v 1 the other person is like way ahead of you and its not fair. Maybe they can be at a slower pace but still kind of ahead of you. That is just a suggestion.

La calidad de este juego no est bien para mi no us gusta pero no digo que sea perfecta pero si quisiera una remodelacin Gracias.

This game is fun and the graphics are good but our complaint is as you get further into it the prize money doesnt keep up with the amounts required for upgrades to handling, speed and acceleration. We know thats the plan to get you to spend money but some of us never will.

When all the speeds of the cars (including yours) are controlled by the game (no more straightaway catch-ups) as well as cars crashing into you out of nowhere and sending you flying of the track (and the now and again car flipping over from a jump or turn), you are at the mercy of the game and it seems that skill level matters little (avoiding all obstacles) All and all we really do think it is a fun little game but if youre competitive like us, it can be a little frustrating at times. :)

The game is super fun but when we upgrade everything the car doesn’t look any faster and the other cara are way faster than ours we got a Ferrari for 2k its upgraded and its still the slowest car in the race we need ads to help so we can get boost to actually no be last place.

When all the speeds of the cars (including yours) are controlled by the game (no more straightaway catch-ups) as well as cars crashing into you out of nowhere and sending you flying of the track (and the now and again car flipping over from a jump or turn), you are at the mercy of the game and it seems that skill level matters little (avoiding all obstacles) All and all we really do think it is a fun little game but if youre competitive like us, it can be a little frustrating at times. :)

We love the game the obstacles the cars but we have beat the game and we just wish there would be more cars please add more cars thank you.

The game is decent and really don’t have any specific problems with it. But. The controls are terrible. Not very thought out. 5/10 for controls.

On the construction level the crate would block the whole path. And level 67 we closest make the first jump with the car that was better than than your so post to use. Love your game.

We like the game but the ads to get loot really annoy us.

We have a feeling our speed will not go up.

The controls are horrible when we have to go around a saw or some type of obstacle it wont move please make it so that players can use something like arrows to move.

They took a good game that already had too many ads, made it a little better and significantly increased the number of ads so that it is almost un-playable. Too bad.

Its not fun at all and so many ads!

The constant ads one our 5 year old saw that was very concerning (scary) and inappropriate. Im very upset she saw that and we dont know how many times that came up. Parents – do not allow your kids to play this, and be careful of ads in general.

Said it removed ads with any purchase. This didnt happen. Super annoying.

Could be a fun game. Way to many ads and the ads are longer than play time! Ridiculous!! We paid for no ads and we still have tons of ads. STOLE our money and we got nothing. ZERO customer support either!! Emailed them twice and no response. THEIVES! Thats not how things are done, support your app or take it down!!! We expect a response from these people.

Im being honest this is a terrible game there game is just not worth the play.

We paid for this do our son could play with no ads and they are still coming out.

Ads are out of bounds obnoxious!! Play the game for 10 seconds then sit thru 2 or 3 minutes of ads!!! Ridiculous!!!!!!

Do not download this app, makes your device slower and over heats. Has a lot of ads and inappropriate language !!!! 0 stars!!!

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