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In-Flight Assistant


In-Flight Assistant is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by John Goering, In-Flight Assistant is a Sports game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 13th December 2016 with the latest update 12th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Simulation, or Utilities games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


124 people have rated 2.03

You can download the game In-Flight Assistant from APP STORE.


Add a whole new dimension of realism to your Infinite Flight experience with this polished, third-party add-on to Infinite Flight, the best mobile flight sim on the App Store!

Hear over 30 co-pilot voice samples during your flight, whether it’s takeoff callouts like "V₁", "Rotate!", or "Positive Rate", or whether it’s warnings when speed limits are being approached, or confirmation callouts when setting flaps or gear settings.

In-Flight Assistant is NOT a flight simulator itself but rather requires Infinite Flight to provide voice callouts and realistic automated warnings for your flights.

Check out a 7-minute video of the app in action at:


Start In-Flight Assistant, then launch Infinite Flight on the same device – you’ll hear a confirmation that In-Flight Assistant is connected. It will now be watching your flight and provide the callouts as you configured them within the app. It’s that simple!


The following callouts are provided:

  • "80 knots"
  • "V₁"
  • "V₂"
  • "Rotate"
  • "Positive Rate"
  • "Let’s watch our speed, captain" warning when taxiing or flying too fast
  • "Gear up/down" confirmation
  • "Flaps at XXX degrees" / "Flaps Final" confirmations
  • Spoiler status
  • 4 voices, including Mark ‘Skyhawk Heavy’ Denton!
  • Autofill feature for v-speeds (NEW)


  • Welcome aboard announcement
  • Arm doors for departure & cross-check
  • Safety briefing
  • Flight attendants, take seats for takeoff (when turning on strobes)
  • "You may move about the cabin now, etc."
  • Descent beginning
  • Welcome post-landing


  • Many more..


Experience fully-featured GPWS warning callouts such as "TOO LOW, GEAR", "SINK RATE", or "PULL UP!" – in accordance with the specification of the real-world Honeywell MK VI GPWS system – with all 6 modes supported, including turboprop alternative settings (automatically detected), Steep Approach Bias, Flap Override settings, and more.

(NEW) Also provides a waypoint proximity alert system and a simplified "VNAV" system where you can set altitudes and speeds you want the autopilot to have per waypoint!

The following callouts are provided:

  • Autopilot disconnect warning sound (Airbus / Boeing)
  • "GLIDESLOPE" both quiet and loud, depending on how low you are
  • "DON’T SINK"
  • "MINIMUMS" or "MINIMUMS, MINIMUMS" (configurable)
  • "BANK ANGLE" based on aircraft type, altitude, speed, autopilot setting, etc.
  • "RETARD, RETARD" when landing in an Airbus


Using a headset mic, use voice commands to control many of the airplane’s systems! Once it is set up, In-Flight Assistant will be listening for your voice to say things like "gear up", "set heading 2-3-0", and much more, and your co-pilot will set the autopilot settings for you!

IMPORTANT A headset and a quiet environment is recommended for best accuracy. The stronger your non-American accent, the less accurate the recognition may work.


Huge thanks to the entire Infinite Flight community for their amazing support, as well as Laura & Infinite Flight for providing an awesome API that makes apps like this one possible.

Additional thanks to Cam (maker of LiveFlight) for his open-source API examples.

Thanks to Jan ( for his audio engineering assistance!


In-Flight Assistant is not affiliated with Infinite Flight.

Updated on 12th December 2022

Bug Fixes, Improvements, Compatibility with Infinite Flight version 22.8 (for example flap callouts will now be heard again)

In-Flight Assistant Reviews

First off, we LOVE what youve been doing with IF Assistant and a long time user. Right, anyway, currently the only reaction to our landings are applauses when its butter or maybe Parkey and when we dont get them a few times makes us what to say we cant believe its not butter. Could we get other remarks? Im thinking of Mark the FO saying things like we think we lost our dentures on that one, well this plane needs an inspection now, we think this airframe has more buckles than a Wyoming Bull Riding Champion to even not bad, its not a crash At least something between Irish Butter and well, a crash.

We’ve had this app for awhile, the safety announcements as well as the many in flight details like cabin briefings makes this so good.

This is a great app and we frequently use it while flying in Infinite Flight! There is one feature that we would like to have added to the app though. We would like to be able to customize the in-flight announcements, to make it better fit your route. Other than that, we highly recommend this app!

We thought this app would be good for infinite flight but that passenger pack doesnt even know when Im on the runway, its so annoying.

Love the app, especially the Flight Attendant announcements! Works great with IF and we use it every time we fly. We just wish they would add a call out to use your electric devices above 10,000 ft. Also would be cool to have an announcement from the pilot at some point during the flight to make it even more realistic.

Very pleased with this app and its incorporation with Infinite Flight. After downloading, very easy to set up and we simply will not fly without it!! Kudos to you all for developing such a wonderful addition, thank you!

This a high quality add on that significantly boosts realism for infinite flight. A suggestion for improvement is to add critical V speeds (ex: V Ref, Landing reference speed & V S, Stall speed) for each aircraft In Infinite flight. These would be data points that can be computed by entering variables such as aircraft weight, OAT, etc into the app. Having V speeds would really help us fine tune how we fly our aircraft in different flight regimes such as landing and maneuvering. Nice dev who communicates with users and designs great add ons. 5 stars well deserved, keep up the great work!

We absolutely love this add on. Our only concern: with the delta sound pack, at 8,000 ft an announcement comes on and states seatbelt sign is about to be turned off. But again when you turn the seatbelt sign off, it makes an announcement. How about instead of 8,000 ft change it to 10,000ft communicating they are above 10,000 ft and you can use your cell phone. That will make it the most realistic. Please change!!

Its great at adding realism but pls add TCAS.

We bought infinite flight assistant a couple days ago and when it paired flawlessly to infinite flight. When we loaded a flight, we noticed the audio was very quiet and only came out of the ear piece. This may be just us because we havent found anyone with the same issue.

If you are here to get TAWS or GPWS it cost 10 dollars So dont unless you have and are expecting a ten dollar purchase dont get it.

Love this app, it just makes infinite flight much more realistic and fun! We Dont at all regret purchasing the app.

Everything is perfect, and it works so well with infinite flight. Thank you. However, in the next update, could you include German or Spanish(or both) for flight attendant voices? Or remove one of the French people? Maybe replace one of the with a Dutch voice? And if you were to add any new languages, could you include what language they speak next to their names to make it a bit easier. And if possible, could you maybe as well add an option to include the announcement that the meal service will begin shortly for long haul flight? That way you can select if you want the flight attendant to say that the meal service will start shortly. It would be amazing if there was an option to turn it on or off, based on the length of the flight. For example you can turn it on for an 11 hour flight from SFO-FRA, but turn it off for a 1 hour flight from SFO-LAX.

We love this sooo much it makes our flight experience sooo much more realistic. BUT Mark thinks ummm the one to cuss at! TH dose he think is he talking to when he says watch your speed duma*s. If he was real we would slap the shanozal out of him!!!!!!! PEWIOT. But love it soooo much.

This is a great app, it really enhances the realism of the simulator except for some crashes here there. But we must say the add-ons are freaking ridiculous. 5 dollars for each separate thing which there are 5 of them you can pay for. We would pay 10 dollars for all but 25 that is just plain robbery. In all if you want what they advertise you have to spend 30 dollars!

We are in airplane nerd heaven right now. This is the perfect enhancement to the Infinite Flight app. Thoroughly enjoying this app!

Im not a person to write a bad review but we just wanna say some things. The app is great and everything and its helpful. But the downside is every long haul we do the app crashes and it doesnt respond. Couple of people we know are having the same issue. Usually 1-3 hours in the app crashes and we cant leave the game because the app will crash. So if you guys can fix this problem it would be great because we havent had this problem for two years and its recent now.

This app adds a great deal of realism to IF and makes it much more fun. Thanks John.

We just bought the app for 5 dollars and have had a blast using it. We decided to buy the flight attendant pack for an extra 5 dollars. After using it for a day, we wanted a refund and when we went to restore our purchase it wont work. Please help developers!

We love the add on! We get to hear things we’ve always wanted to! The only downside is there is no way to take control within Infinite Flight. For example, if we have FL10 set for a certain fix, and we reach FL10 before the next fix, the plane will just sit there until it does. What if we want to continue the climb before our next fix. You would think to just turn the VS off. But no, IF-Assistant turns it right back on and follows the VNAV plan. In other words, there should be a way to manually take control of the VNAV without having to go back to IF-Assistant and cancelling any speed or altitude restrictions.

Expensive for not that useful of an app. Oversold.

With this app dedicated to add realism to the IF experience, it definitely falls short. This app is cool but for what you pay it is not worth it. All call outs are from Boeing aircrafts regardless if your are in an Airbus. The only difference is the autopilot off chime. That one is from Airbus. All other callouts are from older Boeing aircraft. Spending about $15 for the ultimate experience its just not worth it. One thing that really annoys us is that lack of differentiation between the Boeing and Airbus callouts. If this app if focused on just callouts why is there only one callout for every aircraft. The current callouts arent even up to date like the autopilot for the new Boeing aircrafts have changed but the app sounds the old chime.

We try to refund our purchase but it does not let me.

We LOVE THIS ASSISTANT!!!!! But heres a problem, why do you have to PAY for almost everything in the app? Anyway, we ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ASSISTANT!!! Really good!!!

While we hadnt used the app before, as we didnt think our older iPad could handle multiple things running along with Infinite Flight, with our recent upgrade to a brand new iPad Pro 2018, and a little nudge from our friend, we cant stop using In-Flight Assistant. Its the best companion app around. With all of the callouts (yes, we got every IAP there is to have), its so helpful! We can tell if Im too high on approach, too fast while taxiing (although that rarely happens ), itll do our ascent and descent for us, and so much more. So thank you. Thank you for designing such an amazing companion to Infinite Flight. We couldnt be happier with it!

This app is amazing and it matches perfectly with Infinite Flight. All sounds work as advertised and are clear. The only con is that along with the $5 initial purchase which is the same price as infinite flight, you still have to pay another $5 for things like the PA and the RAAS.

This app is great, although what you get out of the free download is not that great. You get Speed call outs, and flap call outs, which you really dont need. You can purchase great additions that make the app a lot better, but you end up paying 4 dollars on your free app. Wish it was different because this apps content is amazing.

We think this game is pretty fun similar to Infinite Flight. But we were very disappointed about how expensive everything was. The game costed 8 Dollars and now we have to buy something to play the game… In total we though everything was 200 Dollars. Its just very silly how the prices are so high… Response: we know what your saying but what about the prices?

… Im going with the wait and see whats to come attitude! Thanks John for the response to our question a while back. We love the new shaky camera and all the additional bells and whistles that brings an amazing realism to Infinite Flight. We dont understand why more people havent purchased this its a perfect companion! Im no pilot but when using In-Flight Assistant with Infinite Flight it sure makes it seem like Im one at least until you see the hundreds and hundreds of pages of flight manuals one actually has to learn in order to fly any plane. Then you realize who am we kidding. Oh well, thanks for making the fantasy enjoyable!

This is a coo infinite flight add on. At first we were confused on how to use it, then we emailed the owner. He was very helpful. Great app!

Its good but where do you press connect?

We just got this app and couldnt get it to work , John helped us out ! He responded back very fast ! Im looking forward to use this app!

2 stars for effort with the API. This really only has any interest if if you fully intend to shell out $4. For each of the IAPs. All useful content must be purchased. As is youre just buying an app to tell you what your flaps are set at, and to slow down here and there. Little else is included but all of it is yawn inducing. The female voice acts are both good, the males sound like they are aware of the fact that they are being recorded, but the actual recordings makes them sound like disembodied voices in a cargo box. Reverberated and it just sounds absurd. All in all this is just a shallow show in tell effort for how to work the API successfully. Not worth buying any part of.

We love this app but when we enter the app and we have purchased everything there we cannot hear the co pilot anymore after this update was released so we would be great full if you could fix that please.

We dont understand why we should pay 5 dollars for the app and additionally pay 20 more on add-ons. Why.

We just wish that the airline you would pick would have that type of airlines flight attendants and the same safety video. But super realistic!!!

We love this app and we consistently use it for almost every single one of our flights on infinite flight. We love the RAAS capabilities as well as the flight attendant calls. Although this is great we think a great addition to the game would be a TCAS system. We have no idea if this would be possible or hard to make in game but we think that would really give IF the most realism. It could have a warning if an aircraft turns orange (gets with in 3 miles at similar altitudes) that you would hear a TRAFFIC TRAFFIC call out and possibly even aircraft type, altitude, and in what direction they are in relation to you. It would be even cooler if when an aircraft gets to be red that you get the CLIMB CLIMB and the DESCEND DESCEND warnings. This would bring an amazing realism feel to the game. Again we have no idea if this is possible but if it was we would really appreciate that and we think others would too. Regardless this is still a really good app and does a good job at what its supposed to do. Thanks for making such an amazing app.

Its bad You buy it and then it forces you to pay another 5$ for every other feature and theres a lot of them. Dont buy. Not wrong.

We bought this app thinking it was the real infinite flight game. We are asking for a refund because we didnt know that this wasnt the original infinite flight.

After the initial purchase youll realize that more than half of the program you still have to pay 20 bucks more to use. Cool app. To pricey.

This app is amazing just amazing! Works perfectly well with a good flight plan , all of the navigation is right on the money and the sounds and alerts work beautiful! This is a must have add on for infinite flight as well as a hard working developer who listens to his customer base ! 5 Stars !

Definitely a great buy and awesome enhancement to the Infinite Flight experience. Looking forward to more updates but this is a great app. Side note: should have option to change voice of the announcing flight attendant, we find her voice/accent extremely annoying.

The app itself is great and the in-app purchases are definitely worth it. If you have trouble getting the in-app purchases, do what the message says and send an email to the developer. He’ll answer you and give you tips. It’s nice to have an app with a developer that actually responds to their customers. Great app and keep up the great work!!!

This is a phenomenal companion app to infinite flight. However, the $4.99 for the voice commands is a waste of money. Im American and we dont have a strange accent, and the system could not pick up on what we said. What we dont understand is that we use the iPhone and ipad voice dictation to send text messages almost daily and it always understands us perfectly. Maybe the developer can find a way to tap into Apples dictation software. Otherwise, great app.

We recommend getting this app. All the sounds are immediately on time and its very simple to connect.

We were wondering if breakfast, lunch or dinner was going to be added to the list of PA announcements. A lot of us fly long distances and it would add to the realism. Awesome app, would recommend to anybody that plays IF!

Always closing app and restarting it.

Its a great add-on for Infinite flight! Tammy rating would go up if a few things were fixed. Gear up call out when the gear finish retracting rather than when you press the button, different voice options for the flight attendant PAs, and the flap call outs once the flaps have finished extending or retracting rather than when you just select a setting.

We’ve been a fan of IF ever since we bought the game, and the global update recently brought our attention back to the game after a short hiatus. This app does make the flight experience feel much better, but the pricing just feels way too high. For what you get, the add-ons should really be $1.99 or $0.99, unless if you were to add some extra features to them like multiple GPWS voices, or multiple different sounds for the PA (Really, the only reason we got the app was for the GPWS warnings and callouts, and we wasn’t pleased when we saw that there wasn’t any options for the sounds). Also, one co-pilot voice (Mark, we believe) says "Let’s watch our speed dumba–" if you go too fast… Really, dude? We payed $10 to get cussed out?

In-flight Assistant is a great application that runs in the background while you play the flight simulator infinite flight. There are currently 4 in app purchases that you can make. We recommend the first 2 for sure co-pilot callouts and flight management warnings. Makes the flight sim experience even better. We just bought the third in app purchase where the flight attendants run through there preflight checks. It’s very good but we are sure there are things John can do to make it better in the future as infinite flight releases the global update. Note: we have not purchased the voice command options, so we are not sure how well they work or not. Overall, this is a great app and we look forward to seeing John improve the app.

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