Stickman Tennis

Stickman Tennis


Stickman Tennis is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Djinnworks GmbH, Stickman Tennis is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd May 2013 with the latest update 26th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


78 people have rated 3.2

You can download the game Stickman Tennis from APP STORE.


Stickman Tennis is a fast paced realistic tennis game on spectacular courts and an astonishing atmosphere, simple controls and tons of replay value. Play top spins, slices, lobs and smashes, play cross, longline or inside-out and choose between automatic and manual running. The revolutionary time machine will let you replay a point you lost, to give you a second chance. Play a quick game or complete tour season of Tennis against 100 different opponents. Collect trophies and improve your world rank in a complete season with 64 tournaments.
Train your shots on the training court with ball machine.

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  • Play a quick game or complete tour season
  • Simple yet powerful touch controls with timing control
  • Automatic running or manual running
  • Play top spins, slices and lobs, cross, longline, inside-out, etc.
  • Choose between short sets, full sets or last short set
  • Revolutionary time machine: replay last point you lost
  • Training court with ball machine
  • Top 100 world rank opponents with individual profiles and strength
  • 64 different tournaments with 5 difficulty levels and different amount of rounds to play
  • 10 Different courts: hard courts, clay, grass
  • 3 difficulty levels for longterm motivation: easy, medium, hard
  • Match statistics
  • Collect trophies and improve your world rank
  • Resume of matches always possible
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Compete with your friends with the integrated world ranking

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Updated on 26th May 2020

Performance improvements

Stickman Tennis Reviews

There are no ads and you dont have to pay for anything.

By far our favorite of all the stick man games. Minimal adds and easy to play in the auto walk mode for player movement. Want more of a challenge then switch to manual where you control the movement of your player. 5 stars for this game!!

We really like the tournament format, all the many locales, and the real Grand Slam tournaments too. Also, really like the clay courts, grass courts, asphalt courts. Seems loaded for a Stickman game, but all these are fun, time killers!

We like that you can play like your a professional tennis player.

An ad now blocks the computer opponent and half of the game score.

It used to be a quality tennis app and was good for dropping in and playing a couple of matches. Now large ads covers the top third of the court, so you cant see your opponent or the ball until its almost to the net. It makes the game unplayable.

It used to be one of our favorite games. Now they have pop up ads that cover part of the game so that you cant see your opponent and you cant close the ads. We guess Ill have to find a new favorite game.

We had to delete and reload. Newer version has way more adds. Interrupts game play too much. Not worth it.

Ads keep popping up while Im in the middle of a volley. Please fix this because we keep losing the point. Fix. It. Please.

This game lags a ton on our 2017 iPad. Its an otherwise fun game, but the performance issues make it unplayable.

Need some Advil after paying this. So many ads.

Too much ads so that we can not pay attention in playing game.

Crash while starting ios 7.1.2 iPhone 4.

LOL. Top 25 game, but only 10 reviews? Smells fishy.

We use iphone 6 with ios 9.0.2 but after udating new version, we can not play this game. Please check and repair this mistake.

This isn’t cool because we bought every single stickman game (when they were paid) and they’re all covered in ads and the various game modes are unlocked. We’ve just stopped playing them all because the ads are so annoying. We basically wasted money on nothing…


We have several of the Stickman games and this is one of our favorites. You can choose the level of yourself and your opponent. The game has quick play through tournament so it provides whatever level of participation we are interested at the time. It’s challenging yet not a cpu burden. Reminds us of old school games that concentrated more on good game play instead of useless eye candy.

Not worth the time. Put it on hard and then your guy won’t run half the and the other half is either out or in the net. DON’T BOTHER DOWNLOADING.

This app didnt have any ads when we first purchased it, now ads are constantly popping everywhere. Greedy developer perhaps?!?

If you love tennis, or stickman, get this game. You get to play a BUNCH of tournaments and when you could play quick games, you choose the opponent and your player which is SO cool. There are no ads or only few ads in this game too, which makes it better. The latest update is fine, but on the next update (which we hope will be soon) we want to have 3/5 AND 2/3 matches and we want DOUBLES matches and we could choose 2 for opponents and 2 for our players. We think this game is even better than Stickman Tennis 2015. There may be other new, fun games for tennis too, but if you have iPad 1 and you can’t update the iOS, then this is the game for you.

We love this game, it’s fun to play and we could live with the occasional ad popping up, but now at startup, it has an ad that we cannot exit out of or remove. If we pay for an app, we’re giving the developer money to keep updating the game and making it better, but it’s greedy that they’re advertising to make more money off of an game that we already paid for. Really disappointing that we can’t play a game that we paid money for.

We opened the app and it tells us that it won’t show ads during the game for a few hours if we watch three ads. That’s outrageous. We paid for the game. We shouldn’t have to watch any ads in order to enjoy it without being bombarded with more ads. Unreal!

Add more players, controls, and different lighting conditions like night mode and raining mode. Needs more control options cause manual running isn’t fun if you can’t get to the ball with the control stick pushed to max. Add more camera angles. Also let us design our own stadium instead of the few you give us. Also let us decide how the player reacts after getting the point versus not getting the point. Simply, this game needs more!!! This game is misleading because it says there are 100 players when after player 20 it goes straight to player 30 then player 40 which gives a total of 28 players NOT the 100 players promised, why?? Lastly, these developers are trying to soak up all your money because the new "custom" player will cost you $50 in an in-app purchase to actually enjoy using him. This game is all about hype without delivering! This earns stickman tennis 2015 just 1 star!

Intrusive ads at all times, including during gameplay, make this app worthless. Maybe it’s decent if you pay to turn ads off, but we’ll never know.

The game in and of itself can be entertaining especially if you’re stuck in an airport. The downfall of this app is the deluge of ads. They are everywhere and significantly interfere with the playability and enjoyment of the game. We have never seen such an abomination of intrusive ad placement. It makes one want to avoid anything with the name "Stickman" attached to it.

Ever since the last update we have to watch videos to remove ads Ina a game that we PAID for!! What a load of BS.

Gave it up for Cross Court Tennis. Used to be best strokes of any tennis game but CCT is better. Rest of it is horrible. AI cheats and really really really needs to fix volleying. You can hit literally 6,7,8 and more volleys against the better players. We’ve hit 11. If we don’t hit a winning volley in 2 or 3 shots then have him pass us. Don’t make us fast enough to get to them and make the volley so stupid STUPID hard that can’t put it away.

Of all the hundreds of games on our iPhone and iPad we play this one the most often, almost everyday. It’s a great game!

This’s the best tennis game we have played. One problem is that the joystick is too high for us. We hope the app can be better.

A perfect blend of game mastered through the professionalism of tennis.

We don’t write any reviews on apps ever, but this is a fantastic game! Highly highly recommended!

Awesome… Game .!! A lot of fun.!!

This game is really fun to play and well worth it’s price.

This is the best tennis game in the app store.

By far our favorite game. Why is it not multiplayer!?!?

A great new story with amazing new graphics. A must play on our phone.

This is the best tennis game for idevices !!

Just what we were looking for. Plays great, and wonderful controls.

We don’t know why all the bad reviews. This game is quite fun.

We love this game. We play it all the time. It sounds like a tennis game. It would be nice if we could practice lobbing in training mode. Also, would be nice to have greater control on playing short angles, but that could just be us. But it’s a great game.

This is the best tennis game on iPad so far . It needs a lot of improvements though… This is the only game that we play everyday. Superb.

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