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INKS. is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by State of Play Games Ltd, INKS. is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th May 2016 with the latest update 17th December 2018

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,829 people have rated 1.5.6

You can download the game INKS. from APP STORE.


** App Store Best of 2016 **
** Apple Design Award Winner 2016 **
From the makers of BAFTA-winning Lumino City comes INKS.

INKS updates pinball for a new generation. It combines the joy of pinball with skilful tactical challenges, and allows you to create wondrous works of art as the ball smashes around the canvas.

Blocks of colour burst like beautiful fireworks across the surface, building up in vivid layers and recording a visual history of your game as you perfect your score.


  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Over 100 unique tables to play
  • Perfectly balanced gameplay
  • Each canvas tells the story of your game
  • Share your favourite levels and high scores

If you’re enjoying INKS and want to extend the experience further you can also buy Powerups – slow-mo ‘Precision’ aim, and the ‘Stopper’ to prevent you from losing the first precious Gold Ball.

“Amazing looking… vibrant, full of life. Are we excited about this.” Pocket Gamer

Inspired by artists like Miro, Matisse, Jackson Pollock and Bridget Riley, each table becomes a unique work of art, sculpted by the player as they fire an ink covered ball around the canvas.

With State of Play’s creative flare and skill at crafting beautifully elegant gameplay, INKS offers something new: art and gameplay as one, for everyone.

Updated on 17th December 2018

Graphical effects are working correctly across all the latest devices in this update.

INKS. Reviews

Great combo of pinball, art and calm puzzles. Great mix of power ups and playfields.

This game is super relaxing whether youre stressed or not this game is probably the best game ever now we have some pinballs in our basement or should we say pinball machines And we decided to search a pinball on the App StoreI found some Interesting results and thought that they were awesome because they look so stupid that we found some really good games in one of those good Games was inks inks is a good game you are welcome for your five star review goodbye!!!

Very pleasing sounds and colors, its pinball and gets more difficult but not impossible. Im enjoying it!!

Beautiful game, we love pinball and art, so this game is perfect. Its so nicely done and fun to play. Well worth the price.

Great app, Can you do anything about the size?

Downloaded but never opened. Wrongfully categorized it with our sketch apps. Pleasantly surprised to find a Zen little pinball game.

This is so great and satisfying! We have played it every day since we got it! (1 year)

We really like this game. Its not too difficult yet its challenging, the graphics are superb, you can play for two minutes or two hours and enjoy it just as much either way and its a reasonable one-time-only cost. A little information on how to play and scoring would help, though.

Why did you guys expect anexciting thing about this game. Cant you clearly see in the photos that this is supposed to be an artistic and calm pinball game you just have on your phone mindlessly for years. This game is perfect guys. If you are not satisfied that this game is a pinball game about splashing beautiful colors, you shouldnt have bought it in thw first place. The only complaint we have is that this game sometimes quits on our iphone xr :/ but other than that this is a great game >< 11/10.

Very artsy pinball. We like it.

When we were a kid one of our favorite games was pinball. This is a really fun update!


Very fun. Worth the cost and is addictive. 10/10 on graphics. Cannot stop playing!!

Very fun and challenging pinball game with some extras to help like power ups.

Love this game but glitches and we dont care about it we love this game so download it and it will get your time off and it will be fun and great for art too and it is great fun to play and no adds great fun and great l love this game and we think you will love it too.

Lovely game. Relaxing to play with the colors and sounds. We like the feel of the game with the flippers which emulate the real world flippers on a real pinball machine.

State of Play comes up with some real unique and beautiful games. Relaxing but challenging at the same time. Meditative in a way, if we can use that. We’ve had KAMI for years and every time we upgrade phones and the game resets, Im learning it again (though not all over again). Just found out about this game, Inks, and it fits the same bill. Very pretty. Nonjudgmental (i.e. No timer, I set the pace; you can reset and try again). We just scanned a long review where someone thought this was boring. (People write movie reviews like that, too. They see a picture about real life and then bash it when its not like Star Wars.) Anyway if youre looking for the game equivalent of get it done or youre dead then, yeah, it is boring. But there are tons of games out there that will make you sweat. We dont need that or we dont always need that. Sometimes we just need to be, and this is a great game for that. We appreciate it for the game it is. Thanks for designing it.

We love this game! We wish they would have continued to add more. Its amazing.

Add bosses that can like tilt the board and throw stuff please.

Even though it is an easy game to learn, it does require good timing and attention. A great way to relax at the end of the day. We love the incredible use of colors. It really adds a lot to the visual aspect of the game!

Great variant of pinball. Love it! But please give us more levels.

We definitely recommend this simple, fun game.

Paint plus pinball = love. Easy to understand concept, insanely addictive, challenging but not intimidating. In a word, perfect.

The third from the last in the campfire section is un-winnable.

We really like this take on pin ball. However, the left flipper sometimes is slow in reacting.

First off, we love that this comes at a reasonable price, with zero ads and no content locked behind microtransactions (aside from consumables, iirc). That right there is 5-star worthy these days Otherwise, its absolutely gorgeous, aesthetically plays well to the strengths of a digital medium, and is easy to pick up wherever, whenever; its also sufficiently tricky, while being flexible towards more relaxed styles of play. Im docking one star, however, for two shortcomings in particular: 1.) each table is treated as an isolated puzzle, which is fine, but given theres no way to seamlessly continue playing (painting?) once a table is completed, and no way to progress to the next puzzle without backing out into a menu first, the flow is just all wrong, not at all what one would want for a pinball game. 2.) There’s zero customization available, leaving you with the same cardboard brown + primary colors throughout the game, which gets repetitive and uninspiring far too quickly for a game that sells itself on its artistic merit. If those two issues were fixed, this would be an easy 5 stars. Nevertheless, its certainly still an easy recommendation.

This is a beautiful toy. We love the interaction of the ball and the ink. For that we give it 4 stars. However… The puzzles arent hard enough, we were able to randomly pick out a few from every pack and complete them. None of the mechanics added to later tables presented a significant challenge. The pinball doesnt really exist. There is no table which allows for sustained play. The ink panels are one shots. Once triggered they dont reset. There is no score, and there are no sequences or complex interactions. In addition the paddles are not reliable. Perhaps the touch region is too small, or accidental touch rejection isnt turned off. At any rate it isnt very important, as there isnt much in the game to lose as a consequence. The toy doesnt explore the scope of play. None of the tables paint a picture, there are no opportunities to experiment with drawing. We actually had the most fun on the title screen, using the ball to draw lines and play with the ink.

Its an amazing game! But we get rid of and redownload old games, and this one calms us so its nice. From our past few times our completion is still on there. It gets annoying when we want to replay it and cant.

Amazing game! We love everything about it except the awful unresponsive controls. In any pinball style game we have ever played on iOS you can touch almost anywhere on the left or right half of the screen to activate the flipper, but for whatever reason there is a small circle that activates the flipper in this game. Awful UX choice. Its a really amazing game but the control scheme is triggering.

You have to pay MORE money to use powerups. No thanks. What did we pay for exactly?

Fun game but why does this simple game take nearly a half a gigabyte of expensive realestate on our phone??

Great concept but the levels are ultimately unsatisfying.

A beautiful game marred by laggy touch controls. Sometimes the flippers will just not activate after touching the acreen.

The flippers arent the easiest to use due to the proximity to areas that pause the game. Very pretty though. Wouldnt mind a little documentation.

Our aunt has accidentally purchased this app could you please refund Sorry for the mistake.

We want to love INKS because its pretty and simple, two things we really love in a game. However, we are constantly triggering the menu in the middle of play when trying to activate the paddles. Constantly. And this ruins the play in a really frustrating way. Im not usually clumsy with our thumbs in other games… Maybe this would be better played on an iPad where the screen is large enough? On our iPhone XR, however, its just frustrating.

Its really fun, artistic, and relaxing, but can you guys fix the lag for the paddles? When we tap the screen the paddles quite often (at least once every game) dont even move or lag.

The idea and aesthetics are awesome. The problem is, we constantly get delayed or no response, specifically from the right flipper. This means Im fighting the game itself and it becomes unbelievably irritating. Its a shame; this game couldve been great. Instead its all looks.

We wanted to like this game because we read the story behind the creators and as an artist we respect their creativity. Thought the game would be fun and pretty. It was sort of pretty but it was boring. We thought there would be a lot more involved. Disappointed. Deleted the app within a half hour. Waste.

This game is fun enough, a very artistic and mellow take on pinball. A+ aesthetics, low replay value. Im experiencing some buggy behavior on an iPhone 7 – we find that the flippers are often laggy when Im hitting the ball, which often causes us to lose that ball. Would be 4 stars from us if the flipper responsiveness was reliable.

Game is nice to look at and the colour trails are neat, but not fun to play. The physics are unrealistic. We love pinball but this game is just all looks and no substance like lipstick on a pig.

We paid good money for this game and expect the developers to at least give us a working game. We love it for passing time when on a flight, as our other games all require network connection. But as others have already complained about many times, its just frustrating to keep missing shots because a paddle (usually the left one for me) doesnt work or fires half a second late. This leads to other passengers on the flight becoming concerned about our anger levels… We have to put it away before they turn the flight around.

We really like the goals and rewards. We are unfortunately having issues on an iphone X with the flippers not reliably being triggered which is spoiling the whole game.

It’s great game to sit back and relax with for a while. The color scheme, the simple controls, and the sound of the ball rolling and hitting bumpers is really quite calming, it’s something nice and different from most other games. And it keeps you thinking with each level getting a little more complex, finding that perfect angle to bounce the ball.

We would rate it a 5 star if free… Definitely not a game we would spend money on.

Thanks for the new update today! Love playing on our IPhone XS Max!

Beautifully done and very soothing to our lizard brain.

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