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iPitch is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Jonathan Hebert, iPitch is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st December 2009 with the latest update 16th October 2020

Whether you are a fan of Family, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


40 people have rated 5.1.2

You can download the game iPitch from APP STORE.


The classic game of “Pitch”, also known as “Setback” brought to the iPhone and iPad. Pitch is a strategy based trick-taking card game where each player attempts to get to the winning score (typically 7, 11 or 21) by winning points. Each player “bids” on the number of points they think they could win (either 2, 3 or 4). The winning bidder then chooses the trump suit for the round. The available points that may be won for a round are High, Low, Jack of trump and Game.

Key features of “iPitch”:

  • Simple, intuitive gameplay
  • Multiplayer using Game Center or locally over Bluetooth / WiFi
  • Play either cutthroat or in partners against the computer or other players online
  • Three different computer skill levels to play against
  • Personalize the computer players by choosing pictures from your picture library
  • Adjustable game play speed
  • Arrange the cards in your hand
  • Adjustable game play options such as: low point to owner or capturer; dealer can take the bid; smudge bid is enabled; you must win by two; and you must bid to win

Updated on 16th October 2020

Fix for Local WiFi/Bluetooth connections

iPitch Reviews

Ever so often they will not give you your points!

There would be fights breaking out if this was a live game from from the horrendous card play.

When the rule options are for the deuce to go to the person who played it, the computer players still hold it like they have to save it. We just had one of them give up a ten of trump, then when trump was led back, they played the deuce. Dumb. Very very dumb. We can be much better b.

The new update killed this game. We loved the landscape view gone. The color scheme and graphics are a step down and the score view used to be clean and simple. The gameplay seems to be relatively the same so why would you down grade the look of it? It so cheesy now.. Makes us sad. On the hunt for an app that looks and plays like the original.

Computer takes the points regardless of who actually wins each hand. Dont waste your time with this game.

Bought this to play with friends in other states. We have not been able to connect. Have tried multiple times in every scenario with no luck. Useless app.

We just love this game. This is the best pitch app out there. AND we dont have to watch ads. Thanks to the developers.

We love your app but the change to the cards flipping each time hurts by eyes. Any chance you can take out that new feature? Thanks!

But this one is unfortunately not making logical decisions in terms of bidding, fishing/covering for low, or smartly going after game points to make the bid. Hope Jonathan can figure it out. We will still give him 4 stars because this used to be one of our favorite apps to kill 15 minutes and we have confidence that he will restore it to its former glory.

Could be programmed by a better pitch player. Example, we bid two lead with an ace parter does not give the deuce. ? Who does that?

Had this app for years and finally got fed up and deleted it. Our computer partner never followed the rules always causing us to lose. Awful app!!

Tried playing teams with 3 other friends. It kept glitching even tho we all had the latest version. Very Disappointed.

Used to be good. Now when playing single against the computer, your partner bids 4 with no jack. Also bids 3 and leads the 2 and doesnt have other Trump. The computer is now stupid.

We have enjoyed this game for years but find it completely unacceptable that the latest update broke the game. After one round the game is stuck when it shows just the cards played and there is no way out of the screen. Please fix.

Not sure why this update is such a drastic change from the old version. In fact, there was nothing wrong with the old version at all. The new version is borderline unplayable in our opinion and absolutely poorly done. We wont play it again until it goes back to what it was. It wasnt broken, SO DONT FIX IT!!!

In the App Store this doesnt show that is cost anything. We downloaded the app and got an iTunes bill for 2.14$

Just a great app! Play in 2 nightly Hi Lo Jack leagues and this app is great practice. Just wish the CPU protected for the deuce to make a little more challenging. Overall A+.

Could you please return portrait layout. We are older and use a large iPad, usually always in portrait. Not a deal breaker but would be nice.

Since we updated to the new version well over a month ago we almost never get dealt a hand that allows us to bid. Seems the underlying algorithm of cards dealt have changed. Not as much fun.

We like all the setting to eliminate garbage points etc but even if you select must bid to get points it awards points to team. Also, just played a hand where we got high jack and low of trump but it gave low to the other team. Bad.

We have had fun playing this app. We would prefer the computer not to BID so much. The computer always bids 2 or 3 right out of the gate. Whether they make the bid or not. If you bid safe and bid 2… Its almost certain the computer goes 3. Also, the computer keeps bidding and going deeper in the whole prolonging the game sometimes. We also wish you could fold or muck your hand if you have no points towards game or trump in your hand.

The computer doesnt know how to bid, it will pass on a king, queen hand. It doesnt know that low can be more than a 2, and will lead out a 3 and lose it because it happens to be low. It will lead out a jack even if it has other trump and sometimes Loses it. Leads out a 10 when having other cards it could lead. It just cannot think like a human. This would be a much better game with real players like Spades plus.

Im disappointed with the way this turned out. The graphics are too cartoonish, and the app wasnt redesigned to work in landscape view… A definite step backwards from the previous version. Hopefully Jonathan is working on fixing this issue, and making graphics better. Also, we keep getting Cannot connect to the Game Center error message. Why is that? Disappointing all around…

This app is total trash. The Game Center does not work, we are not able to play with 3 people on this app. We can only play a 1v1 through WiFi and Bluetooth. VERY Aggravating. FIX YOUR APP!!!!

The previous version was more user friendly. We enjoyed playing the game on landscape view now we cant. This version looks likes it is an initial version of a game. Our friends warned us not to update to the newest version and we did it by accident and now we know why. Jonathon Please go back to the original version.

Not optimized for iPad as you cannot play it in portrait mode. Its not a card players game its more of cheesy awkward game. The update only removed the avatars and added just a smidge of the old classic version. Allow players to choose the new version or the real old classic and allow portrait mode.

You took a great game with a good interface and graphics and really dumbed it down. Graphics suitable for a 6 year old. Very disappointing!

Multi player mode. Doesnt work. Supposed to randomly pick players and it never loads so either there is a glitch or no one ever plays.

For the most part this game works, however the hands are very unbalanced. Most times we have no card higher than a 7 whereas the computer players often are ALWAYS loaded with A, K, Q and J of trump. No fun to play anymore since the recent update, and certainly no skill required since we either always lack trump or only have 3, 4, and 5’s in our hand. Also, computer partner often leads with the two of Trump! What the hell?

We love this game because we can plow through hundreds of hands in a short period of time without waiting for human players to chat and get distracted Buy food alcohol and bathroom breaks. Its great for practicing. And you can set it for most of the options one would wish. You can also be set to go at lightning speed. The biggest problem we have found is that our computer partner is an idiot. He will bid two while holding a ace/jack and then lead the ace. He then leads to Jack regardless of what the opponents play, only to lose it to a queen or a king half the time. He does the same thing with low trump cards as well. He has made us go negative by his lead so many times we want to smack his virtual face. Of course, we believe the opposing computer players make some of the same mistakes as well. It would be great to improve the playing algorithm for the expert level. Nonetheless, we enjoyed it very much.

The latest game update ruined the feel of the original game. It once felt simple and classic but now is cartoonish and terrible. Score is hidden and trump is shown, which is the opposite of what it should be. This used to be our favorite phone game but now its almost not worth the trouble.

Im not one to leave reviews but this overhaul update is absolutely terrible. This game was good now its unplayable. Also it no longer works on iPad in landscape only portrait. Updates are suppose to add functionality not take it away. Wish we never updated.

We loves the old graphics and played the game daily. These cartoon graphics ruin the game for us. Please consider bringing back the old graphics.

We cant comment about any potential update to the engine because we cant stand playing long enough with the update to the interface to make any determination. We’ve seen reviews that are years old, so maybe the latest update is to breathe some life into the app, but to what end? No landscape mode, current game score not visible during play, on an iPad the cards are small and hard to differentiate, spade icon is clumsy, and half the game table is empty space. Even the smallest things, like displaying points after the hand vertically instead of horizontally, make things more difficult. We cant think of one change that we would consider an improvement instead of an outright step backwards . Show this version versus the version it replaced to a hundred people, ask each which was the more advanced and feature rich, and youd get a hundred people who would INSIST the old version is the more current. We must be missing something. A resounding boooo on this update.

This new version is awful. Cant play landscape. Childish looking. What was wrong with the old look and version??? Too bad. We really liked this game.

Got rid of the traditional playing card look and made them annoyingly modern. Hate it! Would be great if you could see the game score during the play. The upgrade is poor. Stars are because we like playing the game which is what it lets us do.

We used to love this game, but we will now be downloading another one. Our game only plays in one portrait position. We cant even rotate it upside down so that our ipad can be plugged in.

Loved this app before this update. The graphics are worse and the look and the play is nothing like before. Go back to the last version.

Update vestion 4.0.1 Not a fan at all of this update. It is not an improvement over a game we’ve loved for years. First off bid to win in Pitch means you can’t win the game on your opponents bid. That’s how it is here. Very good. The AI is good. On expert it plays better then casual players. For all that were curious about joining a 2vs2 HLJ league at your local bar, get this. You’ll walk in knowing how to play pretty legit!

We played this game every day. The new version seems to be made for children complete with silly faces and made up spades image. The older version was perfect.

Our perfectly good Pitch game got replaced with a junky version with this latest update. Doesnt show score on main play table, plays vertical only. Graphics went backwards in quality big time!. We want the IPitch version we bought back!

We dont know why this game was changed, it was much better before. Also win by 2 does not work with the updated version . Cant change your view, just plain disappointed!

Terrible since new update. It looks so kidish now.

Its as if its not even a card game anymore. Please bring back the old look!

This is one of the worst updates. The design is cartoonish. You can no longer play landscape. We dont know what the score is. We hate the cartoon avatars. Im sooooo bummed that we updated it.

We use to love this app. Hate this new version. Wish we could go back to the old version.

Not sure what people dont like about this app – our friends and we love it. The gameplay is spot on, the graphics are fine, and it is worth every cent of the $2 we paid for it. Highly recommend for anyone looking to grab a solid card game app.

Set back was the first card game we ever learned from our father. We didn’t play slap jack or war, we played Hearts, set back, games of skill and chance. We love the old app. The New one is more of a cartoon. The suits on the cards are small and blurry. The dealing is sophomoric. Everything about this redesign is worse!

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