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Sheepshead Pro


Sheepshead Pro is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Daniel Schleef, Sheepshead Pro is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th April 2014 with the latest update 14th April 2016

Whether you are a fan of Family, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


100 people have rated 1.0.14

You can download the game Sheepshead Pro from APP STORE.


Sheepshead – the classic card game, finally available on your mobile device!

The first app to offer both 3 and 5 handed Sheepshead, with a multitude of game play settings, and achievements. The streamlined app makes it a breeze to pick up and play for a few minutes or for hours as you challenge the computer, and try to capture all of the achievements.

here are some of the features Sheepshead Pro has to offer:

  • 3 Handed Game- a first on the App Store!
  • 5 Handed Game – choose your favorite mode to pick a partner.
  • Pick your partner with a Fail Suit or Jack of Diamonds – it’s your choice.
  • Track your stats – including game, hand, and pick stats.
  • Achievements – keep entertained for hours with multiple achievements to shoot for.
  • Leasters, doublers, re-deals, and ability to crack.
  • A simple and intuitive user interface.

Updated on 14th April 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

New in version 1.0.14 – more stability, more fun!

  • fixed freezing issue at the end of some leasters.
  • fixed hands won/lost calculations.

Sheepshead Pro Reviews

Does not even compare with the other free versions. Well worth the price.

This is a great version of the game. We guess the only things that could improve it is that we would like if you could rotate it and if it came with game rules.

We played this card game with our friends and family growing up. We never played with "doubler". Also, we had the option to play a hand and call "every trick". That would be a good feature to add to the game.

Worth the $1.99… Better than the free apps for sure.

The AI needs to be updated to quit having players pick when they are dealer but down in last third of game by a fair amount. That’s when you need some doublers. Also, when a likely partner is identified by, for example, dumping points on the picker when not seeming to be necessary, the other players should start working together. That said, very enjoyable app!

Overall a good and fun simulation of Sheepshead. Over the years of computer gaming, and we have been playing computer games since the late ’70s, Sheepshead has been elusive. There needs to be a fair amount of artificial intelligence for game not be bad. We can see three handed being not has hard to control, but five handed is another story and this game does a decent job.

The computers won’t play right, Shmire when they aren’t suppose to and won’t take a trick when they need to.

We agree with pkh125 comments. The players don’t make logical moves. Would be nice to play on line with real players.

As a die hard sheephead fan, this app is the best and most realistic out there. A few glitches here and there but overall good fun.

We have to admit though there are certainly improvements to be made, this has turned out to be a pretty decent Sheeps experience for someone nearing 50 who’s been playing since he was 10 (with real cards of course). Unrealistic number of occurrences of Pickers going alone, unrealistic amounts of times no one picks, once in awhile someone does something stupid, but then again that’s what it’s like live too. I’d love to see what the blind is on each hand, drives us nuts not knowing and it’s usually shared after the hand is played. Mauer button. Fun.

It’s a fun game to play and we’re glad they finally developed an app. However, the leasters are very unrealistic as they often lead aces. The partners play good a lot of the time, but also make lots of bonehead moves.

Better than another app we tried. Like the info it provides as players pass or pick, and some of the extras are nice. Often unrealistic plays by opponents, such as playing a fail or even shmeer when they should trump the picker. We have also never heard of playing 3 handed with a 32 card deck, but most often 26 or 24.

We have been waiting for years for a good Sheepshead App. This is pretty good so far. Card faces are too small on iPhone app. Inexplicable parter plays, i.e. Ignoring obvious smear opportunity or failing to take a trick when available. Card faces are too small – suggestion: just the suit and value, i.e. Q (suit) without the image is better.

Addicting sheepshead app. Works great.

This is one of the best Sheepshead games for iPad we’ve ever played. Playing 5-handed is the only true way to practice this addictive game.

This is a fun app. We enjoy sheepshead, but live in the Pacific Northwest so finding other players is hard to do; having this app makes it easy to play. We do find the app a good way to practice for our occasional visits back to Wisconsin. To keep things exciting, we started picking with just three Trump, something we probably wouldn’t do in real life. We often end up losing badly. But that’s okay, it doesn’t cost us anything and it’s a good way to learn. Having the computer count a running total of points played during each trick would be useful. It would be neat if a second real player could join in using their own device. We agree with many of the comments made by the other reviewers about ways to improve the app. The logic for the computerized players needs work and some of their plays are just funky. We echo strongly the comments about the layout; we’ll add that card size, cards in our hand are too small to tap to play, and the pacing is slowed by tapping computer commands and the way all hands are shown are all things that could certainly be improved. The stats page could be improved by showing the total points earned by each team as well as the individual tricks by trick.

We enjoy the application, except when leasters are played. The logic is flawed – common someone leads a fail ace – which would never happen. Also noticed several times that when a picker has trumped a fail hand, and someone could over trump the picker – the player often thows off a fail suit.

We’ve been paying the app for over a month. We will offer our critique here. First, the game functions well and thanks to the developer for building it. The game is highly playable, but not perfect. Im a 3-handed player and its fantastic to have that option in the game. We have not played the 5-handed option, so our comments are limited to 3-handed game play. The logic that controls the computer players is OK, but not great. You can recognize the patterns after awhile so its both a bit frustrating and in some ways its like playing with your regular crew. For example, lets say youre partnered and on the first trick of the game lets say you play the 7 of H. If your partner is next, they will play their highest H no matter what else they have in their hand even if they have all five other Hs theyll play the A. Picker will then trump it and you lost the trick. This is an extreme example, but indicative of the logic overall. The computer players dont have any memory it seems, so they really dont smear if theyre not on the end. They will throw off low non-trump in certain situations. Also, if a computer player is going to trump a trick, they will use their lowest trump to do so. Doesnt matter what has already been played in the hand. The game supports leasters (which is great). You have to take a trick in order to win. Leasters are easy to win again because of the logic behind the computer players. They will play whatever they can not to take the trick. Also, there is some odd play when the computer players have to lead the trick in a leaster. You might see the computer lead a D and see no other player play one. Then the computer player will lead Ds back often with the 10 or A. This happens early in hands, so its not like the other players are going to be trump tight. Just an oddity. Not sure if the deal is truly random. Seems likes it is a bit imbalanced. All this may sound like we are ragging on the game. Im not. We’ve been waiting for a sheepshead app for years and again am appreciative of the developer for creating it. Many Thanks!! We cant offer any comparisons to the other sheepshead apps because we havent played them as they dont support 3-handed. Suggestions for V2: 1. Better overall logic for computer players 2. Support/option for Clubs as trump 3. Fix how computer players lead a trick when playing a leaster (see comments above) 4. Option for not having to take a trick in leasters 5. Option to see the blind if no one picks and a redeal is called 6. Option to see the blind after a leaster 7. Truly random deal (if its not already)

Pretty good game, but the AI needs some work. Will play inexplicable cards at times. Will throw off when it needs to smear or trump. Will also go alone in ‘call an ace’ much more than is typical. Crashes quite a bit.

Make it so its an online version so you can play with friends online!

Great app for a great game! Best one we’ve found so far. From a Northern Wisconsin player…

Please work on coding so that when you want to pause or end the game it has a way to shut off the app. Currently we have to shut down our iPhone to get out of the game. Thanks.

The automatic players don’t have all the forethought of human players but that’s to be expected. We also don’t like the way that when everyone passes, the dealer picks redeal , doubler, or leaster. There should be an option to set one of those three as the default when no one picks. Don’t like that part at all.

Not enough bold pickers – way too many passes; otherwise, its pretty good.

Fun game worth the couple bucks.

Great way to play a few quick hands. Great with the basics.

When asked "rate this game" and one option is "don’t ask ever again" is like telling the sun not to shine. Because they will ask again. Best game available, but doesn’t say a lot. Locks up and have to uninstall to be able to play resetting all stats… Would love to see what the hands are when everyone passes!!! So you can tell who Mauered.

App works well as a game solution for craving, but the computer players are awful. The programmer needs to learn basic and advanced strategy, or open a forum for us to help.

We noticed a strange flaw that has happened more than once. After playing 3 or more consecutive games the queen of clubs has been played by the AI in a hand and in the same round also showed up as one of the cards buried by an AI in the blind. Impossible and aggravating. Its especially noticeable because this is the highest trump. It may be happening with cards too but thats less obvious and we suspect if we played more Id probably start spotting it.

We enjoy the game but there are some frustrating plays. If a fail is led into the picker the players not partner will fail off instead of trumping allowing the picker to take the trick with a small diamond or worse yet the ace or ten of diamonds. But since Yahoo Sheepshead is gone this is the best we’ve found.

The other players are weak. Allow us to de-select the redeal option and doubler option. Too much time is lost with these options.

If you are looking to get a sheeps fix, it is ok. Just realize computer players are awful. You would kill them if you were playing for money. There are lots of options. 3 handed probably best and best played. It seems computer randomly plays their trump when they pick.

Our biggest gripe about this game ap is that the ‘other’ players don’t know how to through off. For instance, if we’re picker and we lay down the queen of spades and our partner has the queen of clubs, our partner will play it instead of playing a higher point trump or a lower power trump. Also, when selecting no trick leaster the ap will freeze at the end of the round and you have to start a new game. Very annoying.

It’s just ok. Don’t agree with some of the "house rules", and the other players can be really stupid, which is frustrating when they are your partner. No online option.

We haven’t been playing this game for very long, but there are 3 major things that we think need fixing. 1. There’s no rules section. The way the app is set up, just assumes you already know the rules 2. When no one picks, you need to be able to preset either least, double or re-deal. 3. The training cards to to help you out with highlighted suggestions.

Can usually win vs. The AI players who dont play well. However, sometimes your partner(s) apparently play against you and the deals dont appear random. * There should be an option to require a leaster if all players pass. Allowing cumulative doublers is ridiculous. The whole match can be decided our ONE hand that is 16x or 32x. * If passed out & opponent calls a DOUBLER, usually, like 80%-90% of the time, your next hand is weak with ONE or TWO trumps (5 handed), someone picks, gets a good partner, and youre lucky to get schneider. * In Jack partner game, partner should trump with the called partner card on first trick if its a legal play and picker hasnt yet played. This is elementary. * Picker sometimes needlessly plays A or 10 of diamonds when partner leads trumps and gives unnecessary points to picker. * Co-defenders may not trump if legal AFTER picker has played Ace of fail suit or followed suit to partners Ace even if they have 2 or 3 trumps. * AI players dont seem to understand leasters. However, its amazing how often they magically transfer the lead to AI player just before you putting you at disadvantage in 2nd seat. * AI players have been know to pass with both black queens and other trumps, sometimes even a jack! Heavy Mauer or AI player knows there are two small fail in the blind and/or weak partner. * AI player may pick weak and magically partner has strength and wins 3 or 4 tricks. * Sometimes the picker is alone in Call Aces game, picker leads high trump, and another player unnecessarily shmears a fail 10 or A when out of trump and later plays a stone on another defenders trick. This defies basic common sense. * The interface is locked in Portrait mode. We’ve an iPad Pro with keyboard attached and would like Landscape mode instead of having to view the screen sideways.

We really enjoyed this game at first, but lately Im frustrated. It was posted before that the computer doesnt know when to play a counter trump verses its highest one as a partner. Also, after playing several games, we notice the fact that you have to re-deal a lot or the players elect to play a leister.

We cant believe that the partner plays trump (not the JD) in front of the picker! Youd be chastised for that move. It would be nice if the picker could call off the JD.

The game makes moves that a good human player would not.

Only way to win this game is to have all four queens. Other players dont know game. Through off wrong cards. Dont push the picker.

Too bad because it is ok otherwise some very stupid players that make you think some decided to " let the children try". :/

We get that its not easy to make this game into an app. But why would you make it so that any player would bury Trump. So many times other players are burying a high Queen and a Jack. Its pointless and it ruins the game. Makes this unplayable.

This is a frustrating version of sheepshead. The other players are basically rookies and make mistakes that will cost you points and wins. Super annoying.

Fun until it started randomly crashing.

We’ve tried three different apps they all play stupid moves.

So everyone is complaining about the same thing and nothing has changed. Its very frustrating when you play perfectly and your computer partner plays like an idiot. Put some thought into it.

We don’t know why the developer has not fixed the quirks. We have all paid for this game, and the playing is completely poor. Sometimes the partner even plays the called ace before the suit has been led, and other times, someone who is not the p smears instead of trumping when the picker has played. These could be fixed, easily. Has he been selling this and not improving it? That is poor business practice.

Other players dont know how to play wisely. Partner wont lead highest trump. Also, when its late in a game and one players score is +30, you and the dealers score is -22, the dealer will choose a leaster instead of doubler. Annoying. Fix this and maybe Ill try it next year. For now, Ill delete it and try another one.

There is ZERO randomness in this game. It is statistically near-zero chance of having four queens and two jacks, much less multiple hands within a single game. Time to delete, such an utter waste.

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