Iron Marines: RTS offline game

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 04:00 am

Iron Marines: RTS offline game


Iron Marines: RTS offline game is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ironhide S.A., Iron Marines: RTS offline game is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 13th September 2017 with the latest update 12th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


25,095 people have rated 1.8.0

You can download the game Iron Marines: RTS offline game from APP STORE.


From the creators of the award winner, Kingdom Rush saga comes the most extraordinary space odyssey. Fight challenging real time strategy sci fi battles on amazing and unknown planets. Command brave soldiers, mighty mechas and powerful aliens against hordes of space monsters, swarms of insectoids and robot armies in a galaxy far far away.

PLAN, ATTACK AND BEAT ALL THE ENEMIES ADAPTING YOUR STRATEGY by changing the role of your troops even in the thick of the combat, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers.

ADAPT YOUR STRATEGY by changing the role of your troops even in the thick of battle, from ranger to sniper, from flamethrowers to missile launchers.

RECRUIT AND TRAIN THE GREATEST HEROES in the galaxy, lead them into dangerous territory against near-impossible odds and unleash their mighty powers and abilities.

TURN THE TIDE OF BATTLE with orbital strikes, intelligent mines, support troops, turrets and a wide array of special weapons.

Armies of robots, crushed starships, gigantic monsters, unknown races, brave assaults, desperate rescues, audacious sabotages… the galaxy needs your command.

The galaxy needs the Iron Marines


  • 21 CAMPAIGN MISSIONS across three sci fi planets. Each action-packed challenge will have you improve your strategy to save the galaxy!
  • 17 SPECIAL OPERATIONS that will test if you have what it takes to battle your way through space.
  • 40+ UPGRADES to build the ultimate RTS army! Choose between Defense Drones, Napalm Rockets, Ricocheting Blasts, Lethal Weapons and many more.
  • +7 UNITS to bring into battle and give your hero some extra firepower!
  • 8 SPECIAL WEAPONS to unleash hell on your enemies and keep expanding your tactics like space itself! What’s better than a well-placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high-explosive missiles!
  • DEFEAT UNIQUE BOSSES in epic battles. They are green, mean, killing machines!!! Well… some are machines and these aliens aren’t green… but they’re all massive and determined to crush you. Suit up, Marines!
  • 70+ ACHIEVEMENTS to complete and show everyone you’re the best RTS commander in the whole galaxy!
  • NO WI-FI IN SPACE? No worries, offline play guaranteed!
  • CHOOSE YOUR DIFFICULTY MODE: Casual, Normal or Veteran. Don’t get cocky! Or Do! Your choice!
  • IMPOSSIBLE MODE. Only for the most daring, reckless, all-out-of-bubblegum marines in space. We dare you!

Updated on 12th August 2022

Small bug fixes and improvements.

Iron Marines: RTS offline game Reviews

Unable to even start the game. After entering our age, the game just gets stuck on processing. Tried force quitting and uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing works. Cant believe we wasted our money on this.

Your right, the game was a ton of fun. It cost very little money to download and we got more than our moneys worth out of it. Thanks for making an awesome game.

We love RTS games having grown up playing them off and on. We were afraid this game was going to eventually make us pay to beat it, but that turned out not to be the case. Yes you can buy certain things on the game to make it easier, but its not required. The game is essentially rock paper scissors. Strategy and having the right unit for the current task is much more important than raw unit count.

We dont wanna start by saying we love this game it reminds us of halo wars 1 and 2 witch we played with our friend on the second hardest difficulty and this game fells so nostalgic when we play it . Plz make a second game.

Typo in iron marines invasions description proof your strategic expertise should be prove your strategic expertise. Good job with all your games have loved every single one of them.

Very fun, challenging, and the graphics look great! One of our (if not our favorite) phone game of all time!

Fantastic game! Wish there were more games like this! Pls make more levels! 3 worlds is good but not enough to satisfy. Replay-able but gets a little dry after a while.

If someone asked us for the best game in the store we would say this is a good candidate. Impecable graphics, storyline and a level of difficulty challenging enough to enjoy this great game. Cheers.

This game really challenges us! We love It!

3 maps both normal and special challenges Feels exactly like kingdom rush but not stuck to towers. Great game looking forward to full game. Finished whole game in about 10-12 hrs on normal.

Love this! Being playing Kingdom Rush for years and always a fan. This strategy design is awesome and more fun and engaging!! Please make a new one, looking forward!! Note: notice that this game is missing a wiki page listing all towers and units?

We are 10 and we were looking at the reviews and we saw more than one person say that it was to hard and we still got the game. And it super fun and the levels where not to hard and not to easy and if it was hard then play easy or look up tips and if it was too hard then play different games!

This game deserves six stars its fun and challanging and the devs are ironhide our favorite devs thx to kingdom rush sorry for any grammar mistakes inglish is not our main language.

This Game is By Far the most amazing well designed game and we dont get tired of we can play for hours the levels over and over again. Please make more levels and new enemies.

Incredible game and series!! We’ve been playing and stayed up to date on all the games! Its just sad to see that we are left with not many levels or worlds to go to. We need more! Please drop more planets!

Great game worth playing over again. But its a shame after building up all the status, therere no more challenges. We wish theres a skirmish mode. Same to their other games. Ill definitely buy it, even if we have to pay for it separately as an add on. We didnt buy any new heroes because the current heroes are fun enough for us to go through the game. Please consider adding a skirmish mode.

Are you able to link progress between iPhone and Android?

This used to be a fun game, then it was updated to put an ad over the splash screen that cannot be cleared. Clicking on it takes you to an ad page in Safari and does not dismiss the ad. <sigh>

Love the Kingdom rush games, and honestly this game is just as high quality. Its just… Idk… Not very fun? Its fine. Just boring we guess. Thats the short of it. The sorta longer version is that is visually and conceptually stunning. Its well balanced and well thought out but the gameplay just simply isnt very good. The tower placements and upgrades are so basic and linear you dont feel good about building them. The enemies seem infinite and there are no visible rewards for killing them so there isnt much satisfaction to killing them. The controls are a bit janky albeit not terrible. All you can do with your soldiers are tell them to move and then stand still. They cant fire when moving , have no abilities, wont attack enemies on their way to the target location, and wont move to attack enemies once they are standing there. Which we guess isnt the worst thing… Its just sortve a hassle to do every little thing in the game. We never looked forward to doing anything, we just did the objectives because the game told us to. Its mediocre. Ironside, dont be discouraged! You have so much potential and skill and Im eager to see what you do next. This one just wasnt it for us. We know you guys are much bigger than when you started all those years ago on Flash but, try not to forget the point of games! Fun.

$3 is not bad for a game… $3 per individual hero (only 3 come with inital purchase) seems like they should provide a completely new experience, they dont. The default price of the full hero pack is $50 dollars, think about that. Think of the premium games not even half that price that offer far more than what this game does… A game with minimal development beyond adding new in app purchases.

This is the worse iron hide game ever im the biggest fan of every kingdom rush played the flash games and bought every hero but this game is something stupid not only are the obj hard to understand where there at they also require you to conquer. Now if you have two units and they don’t respawn and you have to kill endless waves just to get started towards beating the level is this game fun anymore? Oh and to make it easier you have to take risk losing people on the way. This means only way you can influence difficulty is paying for hero but even then they don’t help much the airplane girl does not target highest health so get ready for her to one shot without fail the lowest health enemy every time.

The game is stuck on the ads page.

Game asked you to input date of birth. Then its stuck forever in processing.

We’ve been playing ironhides games since the release of their first title. We have always loved the art style and the care and effort they put into each game. (Personally frontiers was our favorite title in the franchise). We would wholeheartedly recommend this game if anyone is on the fence about purchasing it. We really hope that IronHide will continue to make games long into the future as each one is such a masterpiece. We love all their games and cant wait for more to come.

This is a great game. Im hoping the developers are working on a sequel. We can see a future in this franchise.

Its fun but hard so maybe fix that but its really fun and would have been five star.

Music and SFX are and our volume is up but no sound!

Its overAll a great game but you have to work for upgrades its time consuming because not all levels are fast. Our only issue is like we explained its time consuming your not gonna be able to rush through. Idk what coins are for they practically useless to you and you dont get Dailey gifts or fair enough rewards please update weekly!!

This is a great game! Worth the money.

Please make an iron marines 2 ASAP.

This game is really good and we enjoy it but we wish there was a way to select all troops.

Reminiscent of the classic game Starcraft where youre pitting unit-based tactical strategies against a computer with apparently unlimited resources and no requirement of that computer opponent to maintain a base. Moving units can be a little clunky because of the press-drag gestures which can lead to mistaken movements. Not a fan of apps that cost money and then want to charge you extra to upgrade your skills, units, etc.

Liked playing the game. Although this has a good chunk of it just copied off of Starcraft. And the campaign is relatively short. Liked the diverse missions. Improvements for later games if any since nothing new is coming anymore would be to: Make the game have a setting yo make it run faster, Idk if this is because Starcraft is much more enganging and fast paced but all of the mech units take ages to go to one place to another, buildings are like fighting with nerf guns, marines (rangers) we’ve never really seen them actually make an impact on a fight, and the needed apm is really low because of only small amount of things that you really need to pay attention too being: check on army, build and upgrade stuff, check money, repeat. Theres not that much different things that you can do besides the objective. Theres only 9 different units you can build and control with and only 3 buildings. And it surprises us that there are more heroes than actual units like they couldn’t just make a less powerful version of them so there would be more different combos of units to make. All the units can pretty much put in some simple groups: firebat dude being anti ground aoe, marine dude being dps that isn’t that great and some support, ghost sbiper dude bieng long range anti armor, lazer repair dude bieng support and anti armor, missle pew pew Goliath/Valkyrie bieng anti air(the solo air damage ia also very high and aoe) giant tanky dude bieng the tank, zealot jedi dude being anti ground, sentry shield dude being support, and inferno tower high templar dude being anti armor/high hp. 7 of the nine were copied 1 to 1 with existing Starcraft units. 1 being copied off of another game. And one taking little to no creativity to make. The fellspawn duses in the first world are half copied off of Starcraft and same unit design for the robot dudes, and same with the third world as well. Heroes have seen probably moat of the creativity, but around half of them again are copied to existing Starcraft heroes. We don’t like the grindy ness of wanting to unlock more of the upgrade tree which takes more time than skill to do. We have a feeling that for some reason for some companies, as they get older, they get worse. And iron hide is indeed showing some of it with recent games. We would make the game free since this is clearly not a competitor to any top games right now and since the game it was copied off is both better and free to play, and it seems just to be a money grab. We’re not trying to glorify starcraft since it does come with it short comings too, but for people who have either played and enjoyed or maybe even disliked or considered playing iron marines, Starcraft is just truly better in almost every way. We hope that this review helps the devs create a better game (if there ever is going to be an iron marines 2) and not a copy.

Extremely hard yes, but its very fun. Just remember the game wont hold your hand through it.

Ironhide makes fun games period. Thy are always entertaining with so much attention to detail.

We’ve enjoyed ironhide games for years, but this one falls short. It has some clever aspects, and many of the puzzles are interesting, but the basic gameplay is deeply flawed. First,some of the missions are simply impossible. Period. Second, while the tower defense games allowed the player to see the entire board and plan strategy accordingly, this one consists almost entirely of blindly entering new areas, getting wiped out, killing time until you can regenerate the forces, and repeat. Its tedious. Its also very difficult to tell friend from foe, and directing forces to travel or target opponents is cumbersome. Its a good try, but its not worth the money. We deleted it.

Just wanted to say that this is by far, our favorite game on iOS.

Its a fun game but if you switch the app the camera pan doesnt work and your screen is stuck, have to restart the lvl. Please fix.

This game showed us that mobile games can be great. Thank you Ironhide.

We love this game! We have played all the kingdom rush games but the one problem we had was that they were too easy. This game is a good challenge and is very unique. It has a variety of different units to chose from which all have different strengths and weaknesses. The art style and maps are amazing. We would highly recommend picking up this game. For 3 bucks its a steal! One thing we would recommend though is that there is one more free hero. Other than that great game! Nice job IronHide!

The humor, sound effects and artwork are great. There are flaws in the game play. Sometimes the game gets locked in zoom-out mode. The camera doesnt track well. Not being able to select your bases or characters or drop a turret or hero into a game because of the zoom-out lock is frustrating and can cause you to lose a mission which you invested time and credits into beating. This game would work a lot better with a mouse. Having control over the zoom function and better clicking and selecting controls would take this game from good to excellent.

Fun, no doubt. How come the enemies spawn in faster off screen? Than they do in there bases? Pretty frustrating.