Jet Attack Move

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 02:35 pm

Jet Attack Move

Jet Attack Move

Jet Attack Move is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Attack Move Pty Ltd, Jet Attack Move is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 20th February 2023 with the latest update 19th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Jet Attack Move ?

1,536 people have rated v1.153

What is the price of the Jet Attack Move ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Jet Attack Move released ?

Jet Attack Move was released on 20th February 2023.

When was the Jet Attack Move updated ?

The latest updated date of Jet Attack Move on 19th May 2023.

Where can Jet Attack Move be downloaded ?

You can download the game Jet Attack Move from Apple Official App Store.



Arcade air combat as you fly your jet to destroy enemies in fast-paced battles. Fly an F-22, F-14, Su-57, Super Hornet, A-10 or Eurofighter to destroy enemy vehicles. Dogfighting, Close Air Support, SAM Survival and UFO Attack missions to choose from.

Updated on 19th May 2023

  • YF-23 added as playable jet!
  • Ships now sink properly in Ship Attack based on where they were hit
  • Ships show damage after each torpedo

Jet Attack Move Review

We were bored so we were watching tiktok and we saw a video about jet attack move and we downloaded it and we thought it was really cool and we liked all the different modes and that but we thought it was not like the video we saw but it was exactly like what they had in the video so we thought it was fun and sometimes hard but it is fun anyway.

Its very good but not good as roblax gus gus.

You should add updates while Oscar Mike is released so we can play it.

Probably the best game on our phone fr.

We first found this game on tiktok but then it stumped us and we were following the developer and eventually we got this game when the ufo attack was only out. Now im just sitting here waiting for more updates and appreciating how far this has come. Also we have asked for events every season, and we said summer for fighting a giant swarm of mosquitoes. This developer is talented enough to make the best plane game ever. Also maybe can you add cockpit POV? Thanks.

Get rather bored sometimes and our homie never fails to remove the boredom, but he only has an xbox and a phone for multiplayer stuff, and we seldom meet up in person, this will be a honest w once multiplayer comes out.

We love the game and the low poly style its one of the best jet games out there but we have a suggestion, it would be really cool to see an f4 phantom or a harrier again the best game!

When we saw the developers TikTok videos, we expected a mediocre low-effort game. What we got was one of the best jet games we’ve played yet. The developer cares more about the player base than almost anyone else out there. Keep up the good work!

We love this game they need to make like a land attack or like a ship attack game.

This has been one of the best fighter jet games we have ever play and love playing as the f-14 or the y-23.

Best game ever this is the best offline game and we love playing this it is our favorite game to play.

This game is so much better than we could have ever expected, we downloaded this game thank it was probably gonna be some super cheap game but maybe fun, but we were somewhat wrong its really cool and fun and you could tell theres love put in this game. The Jets are super realistic, real iconic jets along with the super realistic sounds like some of the most iconic machine gun sounds. Theyre not all copy and paste like other cheap mobile games, theres variety, some planes have stronger/faster guns some are more agile than others. The only thing we kinda wish was in the game is stats, like which jet has more damage or fire or what has more maneuverability but at the same time we like the simplicity of not seeing stats. But we do hope the developers bring stats saying your highest score for each mode and what jet you used, but if the devs dont add that because they want it more simple we completely understand and am not complaining either way.

Started playing like 2 days ago and Im already playing the hardest difficulty without aim assist would be better if it had multiplayer and more maps like a city for example. But fun game:)

It is a great game but has some small bugs. If you shoot the wings it doesnt count as a hit which is really annoying in the dog fight. Another is you randomly eject without hitting the eject button which is very annoying. Other wise the game is great and the frequent updates are cool.

We dont understand the ratings this is a childish bad graphics game that has no reality in dogfights! Quit writing your own reviews developers this is a total zero star game!

It just requires your soul and a minimal of a 1000 hours worth of gameplay but most of it has to be test drives.

We saw this game on tik tok and got at first it did not seem fun but there game modes are awesome especially there dogfighting mode super fun no internet game we highly recommend.

Although this game looks like a low budget, ad covered, mess of a game, the visuals are actually pretty good. It has actual jets and it updates often. The gameplay is a little hard, but its very fun and its a very good time waster. Also, it only gives you ads like every 5 mins or something. You can play a game in about 1-2 minutes. For how the cover looks, its veryyyyyyyyy good.

We were on tic Tok and came across this game and we wanted it for so long and then when they said it was ok for mobile we downloaded it and we play it every day and it makes us think of top gun.

We originally saw this game on tiktok, and have had nothing but fun with it since installing. The developer is very responsive to fans, and is improving the game more every day.

Its the best one we’ve seen in a while thank you for bringing a master piece.

Been playing since the beginning and its crazy to see where its at now. So much hard work gone into this.

Very good game. Physics and overall hameplay is good. 5/5.

5 out of 5, the only thing we wish was different was that different planes had different speeds, turning speeds and that there was an online. Other than that, perfect game!

We love this game. We highly recommend it to any military geeks and aviation geeks. Keep up the good work doolwind.

This game is a really fun arcade style game but we do wish there could be more planes. In the close air support mode we think it would also be nice if the tanks would shoot at you and not just the sams. The cobra looks a little strange and clunky but aside from that everything is very smooth. Overall this game is surprisingly good and definitely worth playing.

When we try to play on our xbox controller we can do everything but turn. Can you fix this?

This is by far our favorite dogfighting game but we think it could be a lot more fun. So in dogfight mode there could be multiple hostile and friendly jets. Also in dog fight mode the AI planes can do Cobras and Kovcher bell maneuvers as this would make the dogfighting less boring and repetitive. In its current state the game is a easy 5 stars but could be better.

This game has improved so much and almost by the daily. If you guys like games that have lots of new and good updates this is the game!

This game is a BLAST! It just keeps getting better with each update (which has been happening 2-3xs per week!) As of today, only thing Id like to see in a future update (Im sure others have had the same idea) The ability to customize the touch controls. Move them around, maybe also adjust the sizes of each? Just a thought. Aside from that, stop reading and get to playing!

We were hoping for them to add the j20 but this game is so fun we can play it all day hopefully they add longer times on matches.

Because its constantly updating and there adding new things it keeps it fresh cant wait to see what they do next!!!

Love this game. It was constant updates to we play it when we have a chance.

We were just scrolling on tiktok and we saw this game. It is really fun and the developers actually listen to the community.

We saw the us game while on tiktok and decided to give it a try. This game is so fun and addicting its really easy to play and the quality is really good. Of course there are occasional ads but how else would they make their money. We love this game and we know this game has massive potential.

Love this game cant wait for the next game.

Us and our friend are trying to go against each other by how many points that we have.

This game is so awesome we love how you can play on a console controller makes it super convenient so many fighter jet options to choose from we love how you dont have to use coins or real money to but stuff on the game.

There is a turn bug with the plane that turns for like 2 seconds and straightens out. Also dogfights are repetitive when you get behind them it just is a turn fight. Also the eject button should be bigger due to the fact that we miss it every time. And the planes function should be a little bit more realistic for each plane.

Very addicting, we think there needs to be more weapons you can buy with in game currency. Another thing we would love to be added is a time selector, it gets annoying when youre mid battle and the game just ends.

Really good game has a lot of potential expecially for being such a new game.

Honestly, when we first got this game we thought it was some crappy low budget game. Then we played it. We were surprised by the graphics and gameplay. By the look of the app cover, it looks like a low graphics game. The updates and features are great. A suggestion from us is to maybe add a canyon to dogfight in. It will give everyone a kick. Fighting a het while trying to dodge canyon walls. All in all, amazing game.

This is the best jet game you can find hands down unless you have a console then theres a wide variety.

Havent found a dogfighting game that comes close to this wish it had multiplayer.

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