Jumpy Horse Racing

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Jumpy Horse Racing


Jumpy Horse Racing is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Internet Reshenia LLC, Jumpy Horse Racing is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th August 2017 with the latest update 16th August 2018

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


63 people have rated 1.7

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Welcome to Jumpy Horse Racing one of the best horse racing games out there. Here you can train and race beautiful Thoroughbreds and Arabian Horses to win gold. Choose from 4 different tracks to race and train on. Chat with other players and set up public or private races to compete with friends. You can also send horses from Jumpy Horse Breeding game to be raced too.

Let the races begin on Jumpy Horse Racing!

Updated on 16th August 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

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Jumpy Horse Racing Reviews

Once again, this game isnt very exciting if you dont have Jumpy Horse Breeding. But if you do, get some racers and transfer them over here to make some coins. The JHR Cups will get you tens of thousands of coins as long as you can find people to race against. Totally worth it if you want to be financially stacked in the breeding game.

This is a nice game however we wish training would actually increase there speed.

We have all 3 games, JHSJ, JHB, and JHR. When you have all of them, it makes them more enjoyable. Of course, the games are fun by themselves, but not as fun. This game is really fun because you can race against other people and win coins. But we do wish that they would add 1. Steeplechase 2. Harness racing 3. Trot racing These additions would make the game even more fun. Right now you can only do flat gallop races. This game is really fun though overall and we would recommend this and all the Jumpy Horse games to anyone who loves horses.

We think we all should have an app for us all to chat on! Like Discord for example! We could PM players and chat or say hey! Lets race! And so on! Plus, bigger brands of sellers could sell their horses easier as well! We think its a great idea! If you have discord, hmu! Im sami#2985 :)

We love your games but we have some requests. You should really put some online races so we can earn money without having to wait for other people to join. We dont have a lot of money so we really need a way to earn some. You should also be able to buy coins with real money as well. Please it would really improve the game! Also, to add along with this, we see some of our horses we move from the breeding game to the racing game have a lower speed than what they originally have! Also, they max out at either 42, 55, or 75… How do you get the speed to go higher? Can you please add that so it wont stop at those speeds please!?

Nice game so far we have a lot of fun training them love watching them run our mule and our colt have gotten faster and stronger because we have been training them daily but can you add the hoof sound effects when they run and also option to play with them in the paddock/pasture grooming and feeding treats and having them roll graze canter gallop all that and like we do in jumpy horse jumping and breeding and add their vocal such as snorting and whinnying, neighing and braying sound effects of the horses and donkeys and zebras and mules when theyre free playing in the pasture or paddock thank you that would be great Id be grateful. God bless you thank you.

We love all the Jumpy Horse games and have them all. There has been a problem in a racing game though. 1. Training our horses doesnt seem to get them any faster 2. We won a race against another player and we were supposed to get 2000 coins but we didnt get any. 3. At times Ill be stuck at the loading screen and once we get in our horses wont load Please fix this so we can get our coins and horses into the game. It would be helpful to many other users.

We agree with the other person saying hat online races cant happen because there arent many online…. There should be computer generated races… Overall we think its fun because we have all 3 of the apps.

We really love this game but for the past month we havent even been able to get past the loading screen.

This game we downloaded cuz we had jumpy horse breeding and we thought it would be cool to breed race horses and race them but we cant even make it past the loading screen. We deleted most of our apps because we thought it was a data issue but as we read the other reviews we notice that other people are having this problem too. Please fix the glitch we really want to play this game and race horses.

Anytime that we try to do anything the loading screen freezes PLEASE FIX.

You cant race or control the horses also cant download or delete horses dont waste your money.

There was a shire that was 97mph please fix!! Other wise we love this game thats why our name is TFF Racing Center.

Very fun but we wish it had races where you didn’t have to wait for other players to join.

So we really like this game, its fun but whats not fun is when you cant even get into the game because its frozen on the loading screen or when you try to load in your horses and that wont load in. Also please add in computer generated races because you cant exactly race online with no online people and we think its a waste of time when you train your horses and cant even race them against anyone. Please update and fix.

Love your other apps but this one wont let us race or select a horse it is really frustrating!

We absolutely hate it and its a waste of $5, yes $5!!!!

We cant ride the horses only look at them.

Title says it all its a waste of money because when we entered the app and it let us skip between the horses but only let us look at them and when we tapped on something else it wouldnt even let our skip in between the horses……….. Just work on it people…….

The games really not great. It would be way better but it doesnt allow you to remove and download other horses. We would also like to be able to download more horses onto our game. Thats really whats bringing this game down big time.

So our best horse had 67 miles then the next day she dropped. She is now 56!!! PLEASE FIX!!!!

This would be 5 stars if we could control horses during training/racing, and if we could race against computer-generated competition and not have to wait for players to come online.

We have all of your games and we love them and this one you just kinda need to add more.

You have to reload the app a lot and it takes a long time to open.

We like it but it’d be cool to have controls when racing horses,customize tack and riders and also allow us to swap racehorses.

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