June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 07:20 am

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

June's Journey: Hidden Objects

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by wooga gmbh, June’s Journey: Hidden Objects is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 23rd December 2021 with the latest update 30th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of June’s Journey: Hidden Objects ?

266,607 people have rated 2.83.1

What is the price of the June’s Journey: Hidden Objects ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the June’s Journey: Hidden Objects released ?

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects was released on 23rd December 2021.

When was the June’s Journey: Hidden Objects updated ?

The latest updated date of June’s Journey: Hidden Objects on 30th May 2023.

Where can June’s Journey: Hidden Objects be downloaded ?

You can download the game June’s Journey: Hidden Objects from Apple Official App Store.



I spy a mystery! Find the hidden objects to crack every case.

Love True Crime? Solve mind teasing mysteries in the glamorous 1920s!

Dive into June Parker’s captivating quest to unveil a scandalous, hidden family secret. Escape to an era of opulence and romance as you search for hidden clues through hundreds of stunning mind-teasing puzzles!


  • KEEN-EYED DETECTIVES WANTED – Engage your sense of observation to find all hidden clues and spot the differences.

  • YOUR 1ST CLASS TICKET TO THRILLS – Mystery! Danger! Romance! Where will each new chapter take you?

  • MYSTERY WITH ADDED GLAMOUR – Relax through hundreds of dazzling hidden object scenes and customize your very own luxurious estate island

  • 25 MILLION FANS ALREADY LOVE IT – Don’t miss out on the latest hit from the makers of the mythical hidden object classic "Pearl’s Peril"

  • A NEW EPISODE EVERY WEEK – Just like your favorite TV series, look forward to a new mystery in each new chapter, and a new chapter every week!

June’s Journey is intended for those 18 and older.June’s Journey does not require payment to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. June’s Journey may also contain advertising. You may require an internet connection to play June’s Journey and access its social features. You can also find more information about the functionality, compatibility, and interoperability of June’s Journey in the above description and additional app store information.
By downloading this game, you agree to future game updates as released on your app store or social network. You may choose to update this game, but if you do not update, your game experience and functionalities may be reduced.

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Like us on: facebook.com/wooga
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Privacy Policy: https://www.wooga.com/privacy-policy/

Updated on 30th May 2023

GLORIOUS WEDDING – Everything is ready for the most beautiful garden wedding of the season. Raise a glass and congratulate the bride and groom with this month’s set!

SECRETS IS HERE – "No one disappears without leaving behind a Secret." Complete Hidden Object Scenes with new game modes like Silhouette Mode and Mastery Challenge, and discover the unexpected twists and turns of this brand-new story!

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects Review

We love this game, but despise the ads you have to suffer through to go anywhere in the game. And now they are getting longer and longer! We timed it yesterday: in 30 minutes of play 11 minutes were spent suffering ads. At least half of those ads were the SAME AD! Which by the way, we already have. Can you give us a break?

Updating since our last review over a year ago. We’ve been playing the game now for almost 4 years. The ads are terrible. They run 30 seconds, then another 4 seconds, then another 4 seconds and so on. Very irritating when youre trying to compete in the detective league and competition scenes – the additional extra extra extra 4 or 5 seconds chews away at the play clock giving you less time to compete and add to your score. In the beginning, ads ran only about 20 to 30 seconds. Now they can be a minute to two minutes before you can get back to actual playing. Add the number of times in an hour you have to watch ads and it can be sometimes 30 minutes or more. No fun. Additionally, we use iPads to play, and ours crash constantly, especially during critical team competitions or during ads. The developers have NO FIX. The game is basically designed to suit playing via Facebook where you can be tracked and pummeled with designer ads. Playing outside Facebook via a downloaded app causes a slurry of glitches, delays, and crashes. We’ve contacted the developers numerous times and their only fix is to send them your account info, delete the game, reinstall it and hope you get back to where you left off. Hopefully you dont have to start completely over from day 1, especially if youve been playing for years like us. Long story short, the game wants your money at every turn. Game crashes constantly. Ads are too long, and too many to make game play really enjoyable. If you like interruptions, crashes, forking out hundreds of dollars, too many ads, then this game is for you.

Will be PLEASE do something about the Gardenscapes ads that are totally too long and multi tiered and force your players to be transferred out of YOUR app to the App Store every single time. We wont spend another dollar until this issue is resolved. What has happened to youIn all the years weve played your App this is one of the most irritating aspects to contend with. Have some respect for your players please and fix this problem.

We played on our own for a long time but finally decided to give the team thing a try and it made the game so much more fun. You get way more of everything when you’re on a team. Our only wish is that we could select an area for gifted plants to be deposited.

We’ve been a detective a year now and LOVE IT! You can watch video tutorials for any questions or text their team and receive personal feedback specific to your questions! There are more islands to decorate so do not fill every vacant spot with unnecessary roads etc Ohhh and you may want to get your train tracks to go around the first island so you can have it to go with one of the first few buildings they offer that is the train depot etc. Then purchase your engine & passenger cars! They even have train bridges for over waterways (you create lakes)! Its a blast to play scenes where you find list of items and no worries there is always a hint that is free when youre stuck! We love joining our detectives on a team now which offers even more diamondstipscoinsplants!!

This is our absolute favorite game!!! We felt lost when our old favorite game Paradise Bay was taken away from us a few years ago.. Our bf saw this game and suggested we tried it out.. We have been playing it ever since!!!! Honestly, if you didnt spend any money on it(I do though lol) you could absolutely still play it and play it all the time!!!! We have even joined a team to score additional goods and this is always free. This game is just so much fun and theres always something fun to do here!!!! We hope this game never ends bc we love it here!!!

Gives you something to do waiting in Dr office and rainy days.

Do us a favorSTOP having Ads that take you to the App Store as the only way to get back to the game! We fully support and Love this appjust dont need to spend our time flipping windows to get back to playing.

We actually like this game because you can product your own houses and make them fancy and also you can earn good prizes.

Started playing only a couple weeks ago & Im really enjoying it. We really like that even if you have a hard time with a hidden object scene, having to use the clues a lot , long time to get through it, etc , you still get coins. No big red Fail. Sometimes, when we dont have enough flowers to advance to story, usually waiting for construction on things on the island to finish to get flowers, Ill go back & replay scenes already mastered, to build up the coins. And you still get rewards as well. You dont have to spend any real money to advance. There are ads, you DONT have to watch them, you can play the game without watching them and if you choose to watch them, you spend less energy to play the hidden objects scenes and similar things. We have one suggestion for people just starting to play, if given a choice in rewards, always choose compasses.

The graphics are beautiful and Im sure it took many hours of hard work by very talented people to create this game. However, we guess after completing level 15 we will not be able to go any further. Prompt keeps telling us to decorate, we added a building and some plants but that wasnt enough. You are then sent to a place where you are able to use real money to buy fake fake diamonds to purchase fake buildings to put on your fake island but we need that to buy real food. We wish there was an option to make a one time purchase to use the game like others we play. It is really fun to play. And yes we did watch the ads endlessly for games we already play.

We love this game and have been playing for years, even got our daughter into it. Would love it if buildings could rotate though. We wish the bird release could give other options like dragonflies or butterflies because our island is overpopulated with birds. Love the variety and rewards are definitely getting better.

We have been playing this game for five years now. Graphics and screen shots are clear, time period is right on, and there is so much more than just finding items. There is a story line that is so cute. New on the side games are going on and you can join those all while playing J.J. We keep to the main stream game. All our islands are picture perfect as little villages. Some folks just load up their island as they buy and do not develop them. Competition can be fierce and exciting. Join a team, develop friendships from all over the word. Its the best game we have ever played.

We followed your instructions from Wooga support email, which gave us more details on how to fix the problems with being kicked out constantly to the point of almost giving up on our favorite game. We want to settings, social and connected to the AppStore. Then with our user ID and problem ticket # handy, we deleted the game from our iPad and did the restore without any hitches. So Im back to 5 stars for this game. We sent the instructions to our teammates too. We are a little nervous about your latest update, which is when we started crashing last time, but Ill give it a go. Thanks for the details to fix the crashing ! This is our 1 star frustration review after 2 years of playing: Brand new iPad and wifi router. All worked great until we did the upgrades today. Now we cant play AT ALL. We have about one minute before we get kicked out. Argghhhhh . Our teammates too, who are across 3 continents and several US states.

We love this game and it wont let us update and Im missing out on our timed challenges. Please help us get back to our game.

We are 80 years old. Dont have much but we did love this game. But we guess we are not important any more . So after more than a year we just dump this game. Again thanks a lot.

Our big problem is connecting to Junes J. At airports. If Netflix can play, why cant we play JJ? We enjoy playing this, but there are some aspects that are frustrating. We think there should be a reward at the end of each scene played and something more when we get a perfect score when sometimes there is nothing at all. There is too much repetition in Help Wanted cases. We often get back to back serve/drink 3 drinks in the Cafe and gift friends 3 bushes at one sitting while playing. Maybe put a 24 hour cap on those? There should be more variety. Maybe add complete a scene every once in a while at the lowest level. Also, more earn/use materials, as well as other things from other aspects of the game. We do enjoy it, but it can be frustrating.

We really loved the game for awhile. Now its a chore. It takes so long now to get anywhere. Its taken a whole level to open a letter with the will in it. Takes FOREVER to earn a compass. Trying to open a space it takes 55 of them. Youre luck to get one a level. Its just so redundant. Im missing days now because theres no excitement to look forward to. This all started around the 3rd island. Idk if we can even continue. SLOW EXHALE!

Freezes up at nothing and needs to work with or without WiFi !!??

This is a fun game. But take your time playing it. We’ve been playing for 2yrs and they have yet to expand the island space. So once tou fill it. Theres zero reason left to play.

We’ve been enjoying this game for a year and love it BUT a few months ago it started closing as we’re using it! Our iPad storage is only at 29% and it also is draining g our battery. ( we start off everyday with 100% and after 1/2 hour it is at 20%)

Game will not load past 28% after recent update. Very disappointed.

We have loved this game for the little over a year that we’ve been playing it, however, over the last several months, it has glitched more than it has worked!! We keep our devices and apps up to date. Anytime we play on our IPad, it continually exits us out of the game. This is beyond frustrating. Then when we try to play on our phone, it tells us we have to choose between which device we use because it wont save our data for the game! We so wish whatever is going on with these glitches would be fixed soon!!!

Been playing for almost a year and its a great game. Only problems with the ads keep it from a five star rating. Ads freeze, dont play or simply shutdown the game. Some real problems. We also noticed lately items being called by different names than in prior levels, dont know what thats all about.

We have played this game for almost two years. Its been fun and fairly interesting; except the game just boots you out constantly! We dont know if the servers are overloaded but its very frustrating to lose resources and not make any headway. None of our other games have this issue.

Too many ads, and quick out the game by itself too often. Sometimes losses the bonus because of this problem!

No matter how much you play, even a lot for a working person, you will never get both snippets!! We love the game but they need to change it so we are able to fill our islands. Repeats are too often its redic.

Unless you pay to play, you dont get very far, very fast. You can sit there for days unable to advance at all. Getting tired of being stuck where it says decorate while we have no coins. This goes on for days because in order to get flowers to advance you have to buy exorbitantly expensive items. Just ridiculous and a catch 22.

This is a beautifully done game . The graphics are awesome and amazing. Great story line .. Not your run of the mill game. However the support from Chat teams leave much to be desired. Asking for PROOF in ways most players dont know how to find . This means they dont have to support you. We love the game but will not be spending our money anymore.

Very greedy with orchids and land unless you spend a lot of real money then because not enough land you dont have anywhere to put new objects out without cluttering up the islands and we want to keep the cute and decorated just cant keep playing and havent played that long (only have chapel on level 17)

Would be nice to have a good instructions on how the game works.

Its a typical game that is about trying to get you to buy stuff. For example, they have times when you win prizes but portions of winnings go into safe. You have to buy to open the safe. We shouldnt have to buy winnings. Gold coins take a long time to build up. The game itself is fun.

We’ve signed for this twice. We see there is a new bunch of flowers out today. How do we get this?

We love playing this game when its working. All to often it shuts down suddenly or gets stuck on an ad you have to watch to proceed in a timely manner.

Need to fix the problem of being kicked out of game continuously- very close to deleting game. Frustrating!!!

Crashing like crazy. Transformer and Pay Pal ads are two of the culprits. We’ve had to uninstall/reinstall 2x in 6 months. We’ve never had to do with any other game. We cant save the game to our Apple ID. We contacted customer support. After a week, they told us they did not know why we could not save the game to our Apple ID. They told us to change our Apple ID and maybe that would work. However, we were able to save pearls peril to our Apple ID. Im not changing our Apple ID to play this game. We’ve been playing for 6 months. If we knew then what we know now, Id not start the journey. We cant say what anyone else should do, but if we had to do over, we would not take the journey. If they were reading their critical feedback, they would discover their customers are not happy.

We have been playing for a couple years with almost no issues, but now app keeps crashing every time something tries to load. Got kicked out of sweep the board twice and tells us our internet is not stable which it is.

This game could be a lot of fun. But it is constantly crashing. They want you to spend obnoxious amounts of money for little payoff. And yet we couldnt complete the latest event because it kept crashing. And every time it crashes, YOU lose out. You lose the energy and dont get the progress. Save your time and money. Even that he story is interesting.

We have been playing almost from the beginning. Getting booted out, ads not loading properly, game crashing are frustrating. Contacting support is a joke. They tell you it is a problem with your game and how your device handles it. Just uninstall your game and reinstall it to fix the glitches. We are not that computer savvy, and have played too long and spent too much money to do this. We also do not trust support to help with getting our game back to where it was. Losing energy and not getting credit for tasks completed, or not being able to complete them is maddening. Loved this game when we first started playing, now we are not pleased with it. We wish they would fix their issues to make the game fun again.

Currently Lilys Garden ad is in a constant loop with inability to X out until it crashes and unfortunately JJ is running it a lot with DL plus to get 10 coin instead of 15 needed to clear scenes. However, since the last iOS update it seems theres always an ad causing a problemlike one of the Madge Mansion ads. Smh (Yes, Wooga Support we deleted the app and reinstalled it after the update. You guys have an iOS compatibility programming prob we think especially with your ads.) However, we love JJ but would definitely make suggestions: 1) Change ratio of coins to purchase price for items. 24,000 coins to get 800 flowers when thats whats needed for just one scene is insane especially when one only accumulates 210 coins every 10 hrs at our Level ~214. 2) Also, nothing should take longer than 1-2 days at most to build. Waiting 4-5 days is crazy and just makes us play another game while we wait. Getting really good at jigsaw puzzles. 3) Please have your tech dept actively monitor whats going on so players arent constantly dealing with ads causing problems that were unable to communicate to you about. Your robotic Help button is useless. That would help make the game more enjoyable. Thanks! (I have a SIL thats a game graphic designer so we have lots of suggestions but this game a lot going for it.)

Been playing for almost 5 years now. We love playing it but Im sorry 30 minutes is enough for a comp. We have comps, SWT, the wheel, secrets. At times all the same time. This game is a hidden object game not constant competitions. Instead of enjoying it feels more like a job. Please make it the way it was a fun and enjoyable game. We play everyday but we find myself playing less everyday.

Used to be fun to play, but the last few months have been very frustrating. You cant play more than a minute or two before it crashes. None of our other games do this, and its becoming very irritating.

We have been playing this game for years and though we love playing the game we are pulling our hair out over getting kicked out of it constantly!! It takes forever to load then kicks you back out. 2 other people on our team that have been playing as long have the same issue so its not our phone or Wi-Fi. Also we play other games and have never once been kicked out of it. On a gamers review site many people had the same issues. Also suddenly its 400 flowers to get from one scene to another?! Please fix it!!!

We have played this game approximately 3 years and never had an issue. In the past week it began to continually crash. If you are thinking of downloading this game, Dont!! Wait until Wooga fixes the issue. And no, no it is not tied to Facebook.

Wooga, please update your system ads keep kicking off players. Its getting ridiculous. Thank you.

The farther you get the more this game crashes and throws you out. It is extremely frustrating along with the amount of ads you have to watch to do anything. Find another game.

We have been playing this game for over a year. All of a sudden it is always shuting down in the middle of playing it. We havent been able to play at all. It is so frustrating. When we watch the advertisments is shuts down.

Lack of instruction in early stages led to waste of the free play immediately available, and it quickly became obvious that the game is designed to keep you just shy of what you need, unless you pay for something. We dont mind watching ads for free play, but we do mind being manipulated. Also, while the hidden object challenges werent bad, all of the decorating requirements were screwy, and again, designed to make you pay for advancement (a little like a slot machine that gives frequent, very small payouts, but no big ones – only enough to keep you playing and paying). Very disappointing.

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