Kawaii World – Craft and Build

Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 02:35 am

Kawaii World – Craft and Build

Kawaii World - Craft and Build

Kawaii World – Craft and Build is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Anna Bryk, Kawaii World – Craft and Build is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th March 2021 with the latest update 19th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Kawaii World – Craft and Build ?

118,585 people have rated 1.2.8

What is the price of the Kawaii World – Craft and Build ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Kawaii World – Craft and Build released ?

Kawaii World – Craft and Build was released on 5th March 2021.

When was the Kawaii World – Craft and Build updated ?

The latest updated date of Kawaii World – Craft and Build on 19th September 2022.

Where can Kawaii World – Craft and Build be downloaded ?

You can download the game Kawaii World – Craft and Build from Apple Official App Store.



We are introducing Kawaii World ― a world of unlimited opportunities!

Kawaii World is a cubic sandbox game that crafts everything you want, which allows you to explore, the most beautiful kawaii world. In this perfect game for girls and boys most sweet thing is the creates a kawaii dream island! Start building and show the world your cute kawaii constructions.

In this game, they are waiting for you:
► Pandas, foxes, wolves, bears, deers, and other forest mobs;
► Giant and Small Spiders;
► Cats, dogs, horses, sheep, and other pets;
► Insidious Skeletons;
► Strong Zombies and other hostile mobs;
► Computers and other different mechanisms;
► A lot of different biomes and the unique topography;
► A large number of different foods and plants;
► Singleplayer with Survival and Creative modes;
► Multi-Player mode on multiple servers;
► Fantastic graphics – enjoy the best kawaii graphics with high FPS.

In this game, your actions are limited only by your imagination!
Choose your side in this world ― a Builder (Creative mode) or an Explorer (Survival mode) who is drawn to discover more and more unexplored places.

Download Kawaii World – Craft and Build for free now and explore this cute world with friends. Thank you!

Updated on 19th September 2022

What’s new in update 1.2.8:

  • Added Run feature
  • Added two new Skins
  • Added Marble Brick
  • Added Granite Brick
  • Added Snow Brick
  • Added Obsidian Brick
  • Changed Obsidian texture
  • Various bug fixes
    Thank you for being with us) The next update is coming soon!

Kawaii World – Craft and Build Review

HI!!! We just think this is sooooo adorable!!!! And we think you know why ;) but anywho ur game is awesome we deleted it a couple of times tbh Idk why tho :| and we love the designs and yea so bye it :))

Number one please add sea turtles and sea turtle eggs. Number two please add Kawaii Pokmon it will be really cute Number three please add a seed where you can have Dino mobs If you do add these this will make our life infinitely better and please also add different types of sharks Hostile sharks and nonhostile sharks. Also plz add orangutans and apes. Also can you please allow portal making It depends on the block you use if you use diamond block and then if people would around it instead of the one on fire and then light the portal you can go to a dragon world. Please add cars two and trucks if u do thx :)

Now our friend in the game HATES MEif you can put this on the reviews thing it would be much appreciated.. We wanna say sorry to KitKat.. Im sorry we said we hated you.. When we say that to someone.. We want you to know we never mean it.. Your our best friend.. But we guess we lost our best friend now so.. Maybe its to late for an apology.. But we truly am sorry.. ~to:KitKat ~from:FluffyBunnieRose/strawberrybunnie.

So we made a house.. And its Kawaii And YOU NEED TO SPRAY PAINT we CANT DO THIS STUFF!!!!!

Its super fun because it isnt as hard as Minecraft and we like the cute animations.

So we downloaded the game and when we went in we had to create a world so we created one then we went in and we made a dream home this game is the best download it.

The available skins are so BORING can there be a change skin in the inventory menu that has a selection that looks like armor and theres 10 hairstyles,10 shirts,10 dresses,10 skirts,10 pants,10 shoes,10 wings,10 animal ears, and 10 animal tails, we should also have a option to change the color.

The first day in game was on Sunday night it wasnt even worth getting up and running into work now Im just going through some time.

So can you make this a more mincraft game.

So cute the controls are hard to control but it is very pretty and lovely :)

This is a very good game for girls cuz we dont have to pay for Minecraft the original one and this one is plus more girly but we give it a 4 star because there are to many adds and we would like to fix that.

We hated it but it’s ok we guess not the best but it’s better than before.

So we did the update, then we got to the game, then we realized that we got so slow on FLYING!

Too many adds. Ya its cute but olso the animals are to slow, in our opinion Minecraft is better but others have different options so listen to them too please!

We are not gonna say its a bad game and Im not trying to be Karen But too much ads we do not know why please fix theres also some bugs and glitches its almost like Minecraft but more cuter than we like the game. Thank you for reading this before you download.

We love Minecraft and there mods but we want to be able to make more than just those worlds we liked it at first but it just got boring so maybe add more worlds.

We dont like this game bc , when we downloaded it It just didnt feel right bc its a frikin horrible game! Sorry if other people despise us on our comment.

We loved it it was so fun there are so much animals there and we love animals.

This is the best game we play day by day we love it its so fun.

This game is amazing we just wish there is a nether and its adorable.

Omg its so fun we recommend this so much!

Hi we love the game but we want an update we know you already got one but not what we asked for. We want to be able to use a lead and we want to have more blocks and mysterys please. And we want to go to the end and nether.

It is just like Minecraft. We LOVE IT !

We are building a school house and we need school stuff so bad.

Amazing but theres a couple things that are wrong we paused the game left for literally twenty seconds and we were kicked off.

Best game ever but to many ads its fun but there are so many different ads and its annoying.

We really love the game still but we think they need to add some more cute things we mean sure its fun to play and stuff but theres so many ads we mean sure Ill wait but we hate when the thing freezes up we kinda really wish that you like you could add like more things in like maybe some more decorations furniture more blocks perhaps and maybe some more animals and more skins animal skins and human skins even like some animal decorations for us to wear like we dont know tails ears both hair please and thank you.

This game is super fun! Nothing is wrong with it so dont listen to the bad reviews very fun and free! – kat.

The game is amazing but it will be cool if they added school stuff and you can pick up the animals. They should add more NPCs and traders.

Im trying to build a hotel BUT when we find good world it some times pulls up a village are a Desert and it gets on our nerves. Can please add city are beach options in the next update please. Btw this is a great game to build on when you go on a 6 are 7 hour drive too. We hope you have GREAT DAY( )

We wanna know how to eat because we dont know how lOVE YALL.

Best game ever we wish it was it was an Xbox game we play on Xbox but we wish there were more horses like twilight sparkles and applejack and especially pinkie pie please add these things And please add room thanks and toys.

We downloaded this as a joke but its actually better than vanilla minecraft. You can sit in sofas and they have computers??? And the computers actually work??? Like you can actually play games??????

Look,So Im a 8 Yr old playing games thats the closest to Minecraft cause Im broke. But thats not the point. The point is that. Theres no mini games so can you please fix that and add like skyblock,Bedwars all that stuff? We would really appreciate it second, Can portals work? Also when or if you make them work add like a biome, Like when we go in the portal we teleport? Third, Can there be a car spawner? Im tired of making cars. Fourth,Add more Pool stuff!!!!!!!! And fifth, Add more bedroom stuff like dressers so we can put our armor in it!, Look its a very nice game and Im trying to get more people to play but, If you dont add these things your gonna get less players, Or even lose players Dont mean to be rude,But seriously these are gonna get you more players.

Its so fun and there is barely any ads!

This game is awesome its so much fun and we love the new ice cream update but theres one thing that we really want you guys to update to tame dogs like when you spawn them you cant really tame them and also can you please make female and male dogs in the game that would be awesome.

Im not going to let people be rude about this game because we love this gameits the best app we ever had and we love it so much and it has cute things we just love it so much we cant stop talking about it to our friends and fam and we feel like everyone should play it our sister s even loves it.

We think this game is awesome but we think there should be more animals plus in the sever if we go to far away from our home we get lost and we can never find our way home so then we have to start all over again and it is really tiresome so we think they should make something that if you get lost it teleports you home or give you a map back other then that we think this game is very fun.

We love this game but can you add like a new dimension like a doll house and when you touch it you go inside of it. Also can you add little dolls that go into the the doll house and when you are in the doll house and you tap the doll you become the doll and if you tap again you go back to your normal skin Sorry that is a little to much to ask for.

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