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KAMI is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by State of Play Games Ltd, KAMI is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th October 2013 with the latest update 24th August 2017

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


459 people have rated 1.5.1

You can download the game KAMI from APP STORE.


A beautiful and relaxing paper puzzle game.

Editor’s Choice Mac App Store

1 Best New Game, Mac App Store

1 iOS Puzzle Game in 12 countries

1 Game Mac App Store US

1 Game Mac App Store UK

KAMI is deceptively simple: fold out coloured paper to fill the screen in as few moves as possible.

"Beautiful aesthetics, soothing sounds and deceptively challenging puzzles" – Macworld

"KAMI feels fresh and unique. This is a game that gives you space to breathe, never harrying with time limits or catastrophes" – PocketGamer

"Highly polished… a unique art style that isn’t just for show, but actually enhances the gameplay" – Apple’N’Apps

"Gloriously well-made…Stylishly challenging" – 148 Apps

"Elevated by its top-notch production values and visual splendour" – AppSpy

Relaxing and easy to pick up, you’ll soon find yourself deep in contemplation to perfect each puzzle.

Created by State of Play, famous for their handcrafted aesthetic, KAMI has been created with real paper in an elegant Japanese theme.

KAMI is tactile, engaging and stunning to look at.

► 72 unique puzzles! 45 included plus 27 Premium Puzzles.
► Beautiful handcrafted Japanese look, created using real paper
► Calming and elegant soundtrack
► Created by State of Play, creators of the award-winning papercraft game ‘Lume’

Updated on 24th August 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Improved support for newer devices.

KAMI Reviews

The puzzles are thinkers, and the sounds and visuals are soothing! Love it!

How can same developers be so intelligent? What a great thing to do while listening to an audiobook or music.

Try not to use the tips, it’s that much more fun to figure it out on your own.

This game has always worked perfectly for us on several different devices so please feel free to disregard others claiming major bugs, simply untrue. We love meditating on these puzzles that have a wide range of difficulty and always are challenging. TY 4 a great game!!

Great game and awesome graphics! As a person who works in graphic design aspect, we extremely love their graphics and sound effects!!!

This game is so addicting, not too hard, but not easy. We keep trying until we get the level perfect.

Very different way of thinking and pretty too.

We love games that promote thinking and avoid violence. Plus its so much fun to solve the puzzle, have it fold up neatly and be sealed with a Perfect.

Loved the second one so much we bought the first one! Both equally satisfying. Also, good at making you think, without being stressful. Perfect for taking your mind off of everything else.

Thought provoking and relaxing at the same time. We highly recommend it.

A simple, lovely game, filled with engaging puzzles they feel like they should be easier than they are!

Great game, fun game, awesome game!

The sounds and graphics provide excellent details to an overall fun puzzle game.

Not a lot of games make you think hard like this!!!! When you finish a puzzle you really feel like you accomplished something!

We bought this and a few other similar games as a means to relax and unwind. Surprisingly this is the least active of the others and it gets us all twisted and nervy. We like the sensation in infrequent doses but Im glad we have it.

We love this game and we have ever since it came out and we see other reviews saying that its too cramped up or the game is laggy or theres not enough puzzles on it, but there are 45 puzzles, its great, you just have bad internet, you have fat fingers, theres a literal KAMI number 2. So dont give a bad review youre just simply not smart enough to realize how all of those problems can be fixed on your own Well the fat fingers, you probably cant fix, but our point still stands. Its a great game.

This game asks you to often think out of the box. One solution does not apply to all. Sometimes you have to think blank space where theres color, sometimes color is the solution. And then there are some we still havent solved yet.

Kami 2 needs unlimited hints option.

We love the game, but was very disappointed after purchasing that it only included 45 games.

This would easily get 5 stars, except the game frequently freezes up.

Its small on an iPhone 6s Plus. It needs to be updated to take up the entire screen.

A really basic/classic puzzle game wrapped up in great a package of visuals. We don’t mind paying for a game, we actually prefer it, but when we do, we don’t want to have to then pay extra for hints and access to "premium" levels.

We really enjoyed this game, but 2.99 only buys you 45 levels.

This used to be a wonderful app; back when they actually could keep their site up and running. For months now its been slow, new puzzles are rarer and rarer… Dont know whats going on, but its disappointing, thats for sure.

We don’t like the new [pick a color] position with cramped up [home] [restart] buttons. We got a iPhone max buy we are playing like we got a mini because its taking too much space when the other buttons under are still cramped. Why not rising the playground up closer to the notch and make the buttons for colors and other larger under?… Use the display more don’t cramp everything into a square guys. And it will be better the playground to be separated by the color boxes where you pick a color. It was deceiving then but now its even harder. Many times we thought its a part of the maze.

Game rotates immediately to portrait mode then blacks out the bottom 1/4 of the screen, so you cant see/reach whatever is on the bottom of the screen. If you enter the info screen you cant get back to the home screen because of this have to force-quit the game and restart. But without the bottom of the screen you cant finish past puzzle 4 anyway. KAMI 2 works beautifully, what is wrong with KAM !?!? Please fix!!

There is a bug for obtaining the achievements! If you complete all puzzles perfectly, then you cannot obtain another achievement!

Game wont let us progress to the next puzzle. Stuck on the very first puzzle. Even though we aced it, it wont let us select the next.

There are only 45 levels in this game. 9 of them are tutorials and are extremely easy. So much potential but little to no content.

We had 4 hints to use. We just wanted to get past this puzzle and move on. We tried using the hints but each time it gave us the same exact hint over and over again and still charged us for each time even though it was only one exact same hint given each of the 4 times and not a different hint each time. Why is this? It doesnt make sense. Who wants to pay for the exact same hint each time? How can you ever get the next hint or a new hint – at least a different hint! A waste of time.

Stick with the free version KAMI 2. The $2.99 KAMI pay version gives you only 45 puzzles before you have to pay AGAIN to unlock more.

F this game. It’s so hard. We love it.

We enjoy the objective of turning the entire field a single color. The puzzle encourages analytical and logical thinking.

This game challenges us to switch our perspective constantly. The color you begin with is seldom the one that solves the puzzle and wins the game. Apply this to life, and it’s a pretty useful concept.

This is a great game. The visuals are stunning with nice sound effects to match. Simple concept, you dye the paper colors and try to get the whole screen one color. Sounds easy, starts getting hard. Would recommend.

Ignore any reviews that say the developers don’t reply to messages, they DO, but as they’re a small studio don’t expect a reply immediately! We too had the initial problems where the full screen would not load but it’s working now and we’re glad we persevered. The graphics are lovely and the puzzles are a good challenge and a great reminder to think outside the box.

This game is a lot of fun but you need a lot of cheats to get perfects!

It’s good, but enough talk….

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