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Kurdivia is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ahmed Jamal, Kurdivia is a Food & Drink game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th December 2021 with the latest update 10th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Food & Drink, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Kurdivia ?

969 people have rated 2.26.0

What is the price of the Kurdivia ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Kurdivia released ?

Kurdivia was released on 8th December 2021.

When was the Kurdivia updated ?

The latest updated date of Kurdivia on 10th May 2023.

Where can Kurdivia be downloaded ?

You can download the game Kurdivia from Apple Official App Store.



قەت دیارییت وەرگرتووە لە ڕێستۆرانتێک؟ کافێیەک؟ یان هەر شوێنێکی تر؟
قەت ویستوتە بزانی لە شارەکەت کێ ئۆفەری تایبەتی کاتی هەیە؟

کوردیڤیا بەکاربێنە بۆ وەرگرتنی دیاریی و زانینی ئۆفەر لە خۆشترین شوێنەکانی شارەکەت!

کوردیڤیا ئاپی ئۆفەر و خەڵاتە! ئەگەر دەتەوێت بزانیت چ داشکاندن و ئۆفەر و خەلاتێک هەیە لە شارەکەت، ئەوە ئاپی کوردیڤیا بەکاربێنە. هەروەها کوردیڤیا سیستەمی دڵسۆزی هەیە. سیستەمی دڵسۆزی ئەوەیە کە بە چوونت بۆ ئەو شوێنانەی کە لە ناو کوردیڤیا هەن و بازاڕ کردنت لەوێ، خاڵی دڵسۆزی وەردەگریت لە ناو ئاپی کوردیڤیا. بەو خاڵانە دەتوانیت دیاری جیا جیا بە دەست بێنیت کە بریتین لە داشکاندنی گەورە یان شتی بە خۆڕایی.
بۆ نموونە، دەچیت بۆ یەک لەو ڕێستەورانتانەی ناو کوردیڤیا، وە خواردن دەخۆیت و کۆدی کوردیڤیا سکان دەکەیت. ١٠ خالی دلسۆزی وەردەگریت لەو ڕێستەورانتە.
جارێکی تر دەچیت بۆ هەمان ڕێستەورانت لە ڕۆژێکی تر، ١٠ خالی تر وەردەگریت. ئێستا بووە ٢٠ خال وە بەم جۆرە
لەوانەیە ئەم ڕێستەورانتە ئۆفەرێکی دانابێت لە ناو کوردیڤیا کە دەلێت پیتزایەک بە خۆڕایی بە بەکارهێنانی ٤٠ خاڵ. واتا ٤٠ خالی دلسۆزی کۆ بکەوە و پیتزایەک بە خۆڕایی بخۆ

Updated on 10th May 2023

زیادکردنی زمانەکانی ئینگلیزی و عەرەبی
Adds English and Arabic languages

Kurdivia Review

Shtakm badl nia natwanoxwar ios 13bakar bini :(

It is very fun to have all these questions from different perspectives and subjects and the prizes are not that big of a deal even if you lose you will not regret it basically its just fantastic.

Today we tried to answer the questions it went to 0 for a minute then when it finally asked questions it kick us and our family out so please fix it we tried to check the answers it ended at the second question so no one won also add badini version please.

A one and only app, we hope the company makes more apps.

Kurdivia has turned into a daily routine for us, very easy to use and super entertaining! We love the coupon idea, thanks for giving us a chance to win something without actually reaching the last question :)

A lot of people from duhok play it would it be possible for a badini version like if you could change the settings to badini because a lot of people dont know sorani that would be great.

Lagaka keshai awto nia ta radaia chwnka rahatwin balam walami wa be manai tya chaw acheta psht sart.

Sorry for saying this thing because we cant read Kurdish.

This app is for friends and family and we like it good job.

La IOS 12 harkat dast akain ba yari appaka crash akat.

Very good app it’s a family app everybody can use it like children. But we hope to fix these : The questions are a lot please less the questions. Ony these people will win that knew all of the questions but it will be beter if you win from 5 questions but a less money or the present. Thank you.

Barasty app eyky basuda balam hanek jar slow abe wa atwanm bzanm aya brawakan chon datwann xalatakayan badas bgat yaxut chon bakari benn aw xalata la kwe wari dagrn?!

Good idea that let’s friends and family play together! Also giving the player plenty of new information every day Thanks.

Really bad app crashes every second.

Never seen such a bad app, it works one day in 3 months, unlike.

Barnamayeki yekjar xosh u ba suda.

Best question app in Kurdistan.

Ba rasty barnamayake zor xrapa la katy esha awasty xwa dawamtan naya.

Short countdown time extremely hard questions only people who win hack the game.

Good performance , easy using , good Graphics , speed access.

We hope have a wonderfal KURDISH App.

Server is so bad it disconnects when theres a load in users even when you have a great internet.

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