Virtual Villagers 5

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Virtual Villagers 5


Virtual Villagers 5 is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by LDW Software, LLC, Virtual Villagers 5 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 14th July 2011 with the latest update 19th September 2017

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


349 people have rated 1.2.0

You can download the game Virtual Villagers 5 from APP STORE.


Virtual Villagers: New Believers is the fifth chapter in the award-winning Virtual Villagers series from the creators of Fish Tycoon and Virtual Families. This is the same game that became a best-selling Windows and Mac sensation!

Explore the center of Isola in this innovative new chapter in the Virtual Villagers series, while you reckon with a band of mysterious masked heathens, who do not believe in you! Guide your tribe as they attempt to convert the savages, by dismantling their precious totems and removing their scary masks! Make them believe!

More about Virtual Villagers: New Believers:

  • Visit the center of the Island of Isola.
  • Masked heathens that need to be shown the light.
  • Mysterious heathen Totems to be dismantled.
  • Many God Powers to impress your villagers and the heathens!
  • New puzzles, new collectibles, new Island Events!
  • Dozens of achievements for players to accomplish.
  • Real-time weather! Clouds, fog, and sudden downpours!
  • Real-time gameplay: new surprises every time you turn the game on!

The game continues to progress in true real time, even when your iPad is turned off, so don’t forget to check in regularly to care for your tribe, help them gain skills and technology, and enable them to discover the secrets that lay waiting for them. How will you lead your tribe?

Virtual Villagers have been awarded with:

  • Sim Game of the Year – Game Tunnel
  • The Zeebys – Gamezebo
  • Parents Choice Recommended Award
  • iParenting Media Award

Recommended for people who enjoy casual simulations and adventure stories like the Lost TV series and Survivor!

Updated on 19th September 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Hello Virtual Villagers fans!

We’ve updated Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers to support the latest devices and iOS versions! Join millions of players who have discovered the mystical island of Isola, and prepare your tiny tribe to confront a new challenge… A group of masked heathens has threatened your village’s survival, and it’s up to you to show them the path. Guide your tribe like never before in the fifth episode of the award-winning Virtual Villagers series!

Revisit Isola and help your villagers thrive in the face of this heathen menace!

If you enjoy the Virtual Villagers series, don’t forget to check out our other chapters!

Virtual Villagers 5 Reviews

We have played all virtual villagers games ever since we were like 6 and the second came out. We absolutely love it and it is definitely our favorite game series EVER! This is one of the most challenging ones but eventually we beat it. We have to say tho, it is really hard to press the buttons and to identify our villagers. Im at a max of 90 and we have no clue about any of them. Also a little help? We have done all puzzles and have the max amount of villagers however our max power is 999 and we cant use earthquake until we get 1 more. Seriously?! What do we do now? But is like to say that this game is so fun and we absolutely love it. Ever since we were little, playing the second game (and getting frustrated because we couldnt beat it until years later ) we have loved LDW so much and all of their hard work and dedication has been appreciated ever since our childhood and we really hope they can make a 6th game!!! This was probably one of the most challenging but also very fun and rewarding when we beat it. (The only one we cant seem to beat is 3 and we have no idea why ) But anyways thanks so much LDW and we look forward to the 6th game which we really hope you can release!!

We love Virtual Villagers and we’ve been playing these games since we were a kid. This 5th one is the best yet. Its challenging but fun and exciting. The heathens gives a twist to this 5th install that we love!

Love love love. Please make more like this!

We just used the youth power on an esteemed elder who had a baby. Now we have a 5 year old with a baby. Funniest thing we’ve ever seen!!!

We’ve been playing this game for a few days and we have a master scientist who is also level 2 of the building skill but every time we put him by the adequate it says Confused. We dont understand what Im doing wrong.

We only downloaded this version of the game because the free one limited the amount of villagers you could have and in this one the population was supposed to have no limits, but we keep getting a notification that we cant make villagers have babies because there isnt enough housing. We think this is a rip off.

So we’ve completed most of the puzzles and Im on level three for all the tech stuff. But how do we beat the heathen builder? We’ve tried many times and used the time warp, but our villager doesnt seem to be going faster. We’ve tried using bees first to stop the builder from getting to the challenge, but he doesnt acknowledge when our villager wins. Am we supposed to use time warp twice or something? And yes Im using a master builder.

If theres ever an update to this game, Id like to see two things: 1. Tech points accumulate a bit faster, and 2. Events happen more often.

It is impossible ti defeat the heathen builder. When we use thy time warp, our master builder leaves the contest and does other tasks. We’ve tried 10 times 10 ways and nothing works. So frustrated.

We got the free version then we try to purchase the full version from the free one and we cant so we buy it separately how can we keep our progress from the one from free?

The Lake Puzzle isnt working and our villagers keep starving.

The rascal is annoying. Is there any way to get rid of him/her?

Because you need a Master Scientist in order to gain access to the crops, another source of food after the bush no longer provides fruit, they make the process take EXTREMELY long, even on Fast play. Our other villagers have mastered tasks like farming and healing, but our two adept researchers are approaching master status slowly. Its unfair because with the bush producing no crops, your healthy villagers start to die. You have to just hope your adept scientist dont die before mastering science, if so, youre back at square one. This is the worst time lapse version of the game we’ve ever played.

It’s a really fun game to play! To destroy the hungry totem just drag people into it. To destroy the weird totem by the dried up lake just put drag 6 kids into it. To destroy the totem by the lab use lightning to scare them away then drag like 6 people on to it. Also you can get firewood by useing a kid or adult to lure them away from the wood.

What exactly is the purpose of the dyes? And how do you get the rainbow totem dismantled? But we LOVE this game!

Y wont it let us make a baby we only have the population of seventen… It says inst enough room for housing…. We built tge smalll hut but what would we build now!!!!!! Plz help.

To convert the chief u have to get all 4 pieces of the necklace then have an adult fix it and give it to the chief. – how do u get water in the dried up pond? Help.

We love this game it’s totally worth it!!! <3 :D.

The game good but fix the crash.

Already passed it and we can’t wait for six! If you have any questions just put Guinea pigs are awsome in ur title. We know everything about this game.

How do we full up the pond does anyone know we need help and with the pain totem if anyone could help that would be great thanks.

This is the best game ever!!!! We love it sooo much, but there is a few things we would like to say, like it has a few bugs, like if you have more then 1,500 food, if you leave and come back you have 100 or less food. Also, we would like to point out that we’re annoyed with some people’s reviews that this game has a bad deeper understanding. We think it’s deeper meaning is that’s ok to share your faith with others, but we’ll stop there so we don’t get into a weird religious fight.

U can have babies, u just need to keep trying.

To dismantle the one for kids u need 5 or 6 to over fill, to get the yellow masks away from fire wood place children or an adult in front of them after u have placed someone people to gather the wood, then make the yellow masks chase the around till u have all u need. The purple mask r masters u need to build ur tech points to get more skills to gain higher points that in turn will help u later on convert the yellow masks, but the purple u need a master of that skill to covert them. The hardest one for us is master builder. As of yesterday was not able to get on after our up grade becarefull do not upgrade follow reviews. Sorry we forgot, the red masks u use thunderbolts, bees also fog and heavy rain LOL.

We panned all the gold put it wont pick it up and put it in. Ty.

For the dye pots, get the clothing hut. For the pain totem strike it with lightning And for the blind totem u need to unblock the mausoleum to get gold for the eyeball and you convert the cheif with the necklace If u need help put [email protected] Net. And your nickname! -Minecrafthorse.

The dry grass is close to the electricity pole and it looks like a dirt pile.

This game is awesome!!!!! But how do you get food????? PLEASE HELP!!!

When we converted a doctor she dropped a necklace and the master builder dude, he dropped something. If we pick it up will he villager turn heathen or just collect it?

We love this game. We have completed all the puzzlesand converted all the heathens we would like to help anyone that needs it type help: in the title or kik us @dianna_scruggs14.

How much energy power do you need to get the earthquake and the revive god powers?

We the game but we dont know how to get more food! Help anyone!

This game is really great (for those who keep complaining about not being able to overcome obstacles well guess what it’s a puzzle game so yeah you need to do something else to overcome that obstacle!) If your in to puzzles or sims then this is a really cool game though yeah the buttons are a tad small but we’re cool with that.

How do we get them away from the firewood??

Ok. For the pain totem you have to use the lightning power. To convert the purple master heathen you need the time warp power you get that power when you reach 500 energy, you will also need a master builder for that. To fill up the lake you have to use your tempest power and the revive power, you’ll need 600 energy for revive so you can go fishing. You’ll first need to destroy the hollow totem to be able to access the lake, and for that you need to place 6 children inside. To be able to finish the statue you will need all three levels of spirituality and construction. Since you need a lot of tech points for that we get 3 level science to collect points faster.

We love love love this game but we can’t figer it out.

It’s fun and addicting, can’t get off of it.

We love this game but it can be hard at first so here is some help. First thing take down the fence and make a granary, use a kid or bees to distract the heathens while you work on the hungry totem(note: to make more noni use bees) to get firewood use a kid as distraction. Use lighting to temporarily stop the pain totem and because of the lightning the heathens will run away. Same thing with the knowledge totem. Get science upgrades first so you can get tech points faster. You can use bees,fog , or make orange dye(with the paint just drag a person onto the colored vases) to get the heathens out of the pools for the rainbow totem. You must get a villager who is good at science or building to direct the aqueduct repair then drag other villagers to actually repair it. You need masters builders to take down the blocking totem but the heathens will come back to it so use bees or lightning to keep them away. Once you dig out the maulisium or whatever it is called a pan will appear drag a villager onto it and they will use it to pan for gold and put it into that little container. Once you fill that container drag a villager onto it and they will take it to the fire and smelt it they will then go away. Wait a minute this gold is going to become the eye then drag another villager onto the fire and they will place it in the totem(note: it is pretty but bright) then you will be able to see the chief in this cool flower thing. To beat the heathen master builder you have to use a time warp on one of your villagers and then the heathen will covert. We hope that helps but we won’t spoil the rest of the game.

We are running out of food on the bush and can’t figure out how the get more. We have lv2 construction but when we try to rebuild the acquiduct it says that they need more instruction. Please somebody help us!!!

We love all the vv we have all five sometimes they crash but we just turn our we pod off then back on and it usually helps hope it helps u to.

Im sitting typing this on our we phone and we are waiting for the next one waiting waiting waiting.

Once you have built the clothing hut, the base of which appears after youve gained lv2 Science, three pots of dye appear next to the farm. Drop a villager onto the red dye until they pick it up. Then instantly drop someone on the yellow dye and have them pick it up. They will carry the dye to the pools in the northeast and drop it in, so the water turns orange. When the water is orange, everyone in the pool including the red masked guards, get out of the pool and wait on the side. Get your builders to work on dismantling the totem. Good luck!

Virtual Villagers is one of our favorite games. We cannot wait until 6 comes out!

We love making them all go jump off the waterfall. So cool.

How do you convert red/orange. How do you convert masters/chief how do you demolish totems. To respond title RE:HELP.

We love this game but it is kinda hard awh our poor villagers can’t find anywhere to get food :( we only know one spot and we can’t go there because the ppl with the red and orange face masks are there.

We just got this game! It crashed a few times, but then we restarted our iPod and it stopped crashing. Despite the tiny buttons and the weird objective, this game is fun, just like the rest of the series. The series is awesome, and each game is worth $5 totally worth buying for only $1.

We need help with a lot of things First How do you get food without being chased? And also does it matter what villagers we pick in the beginning.

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