Le Havre: The Inland Port

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Le Havre: The Inland Port


Le Havre: The Inland Port is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Asmodee Digital, Le Havre: The Inland Port is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th November 2015 with the latest update 5th April 2018

Whether you are a fan of Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


8 people have rated 1.42

You can download the game Le Havre: The Inland Port from APP STORE.


Le Havre – The Inland Port: Finally on mobile devices!

In the award-winning board game, Le Havre: The Inland Port, you and your opponent compete in order to amass the most wealth by building up the iconic French port of Le Havre. The game can be played locally against the computer, in hot-seat mode or online — competing against friends or global players in order to advance in the rankings. Drop in and out of play anytime and play an unlimited amount of games with your friends simultaneously, when you want, where you want.

The digital version of the award-winning 2-player board game by cult author Uwe Rosenberg (2013 nominated best for the Golden Geek 2-player board game in 2013, nominated for the International Gamers Award – Strategy Games: 2-player board games and winner of the International Gamers Awards – Strategy Games: 2 player board game).

Use our convenient matchmaking service to challenge players of your skill level globally or play locally with a friend. You can also defeat one of the different computer opponents with varying difficulty. Friend lists and world rankings are included as well.


  • Nominated for a Golden Geek: Best Board Game App of 2015

"…set sail with a fantastic licensed port…" – appaddict

"… it’s just plain fun." – gameosity

"It’s refreshing from most games where players just swipe or tap and requires some strategy and savvy to win." – fanboynation

"…grafisch und gameplay-technisch sehr gut gelungen…" – appgefahren

"From the perspective of one who never played the physical board version prior, the game is surprisingly engaging." – androidrundown

"This is a very well done game and fun to play." – appreview central

"If you enjoy this game in its physical form or it’s older brother, Le Havre, then pick up this app." – play-board-games


  • A perfect conversion of the the award-winning board game
  • Comprehensive tutorial and straightforward rules
  • Drop in and out anytime and save your games in the cloud
  • Beautiful art and sound convey the atmosphere of a French harbor
  • Available languages: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Worldwide cross-platform leaderboards: Can you take the #1 spot?

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Updated on 5th April 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Hotfix: Fixed games ending in round 6

Le Havre: The Inland Port Reviews

The game will be easy to pick up if youve played the normal boardgame or even any of Uwe Rosenbergs other games. We handily beat the AI on our first game at highest level, but the full featured app that was made a few years ago is somewhat harder (but pretty easy compared to a irl game with a novice). Not bragging, just saying this is very light even compared to the lighter eponymous boxed version, good for learning the main game perhaps. Euro fans might not be too thrilled.

Couldn’t complete tutorial. Scoring bugged out and started selling everything and changed final scoring multiple times. Love the game, bugged out app. No undo button…………….. Why??????

The game is inflated beyond the edges of the screen! We cant see whole chunks of the interface, including how many coins we have. This makes the game unplayable and we have found no way to adjust this in the settings. Perhaps this is because Im playing it on iphone rather than ipad, but they shouldnt sell an iphone version then.

Our only quibble is the lack of a rule book. That said, pop-up help (be sure to press game elements for longer than you may be used to) and the tutorial do a good job of teaching the game. After the tutorial we were still a bit confused, but going through it again made things much clearer.

The game is high polished, colorful, audio-rich, simple and fun user interface, and… FUN!! Very impressed! And online multiplayer is asynchronous, so you can take turns at your convenience!

There’s no Undo button! This is a significant oversight, as it’s relatively easy to make a mistake.

Really nice implementation of the board game. We love it! But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get an undo function in there! It’s way too easy to throw away a turn because the option you selected is limited somehow. Really unnecessary frustration for such a great game.

One of our favorite games of all time. Fantastic for two players or against AI. Well executed, pretty, simple, and fluid. Only complaint is that it’s a bit tricky to scroll through available tiles without accidentally dragging one instead.

This is a wonderful game. The app portraits the game faithfully. Enjoy!

Notification addition was good but other fixes haven’t solved our crashing issues. Have yet to play a full game and our friend and we have tried 3-4 times already.

Playing online through gamecenter, games progress fine for a while and then at some point on someone’s turn the application crashes and does not allow that player to put in their move. Very frustrating.

If you like Agricola, Le Havre, then Inland port is a must have. Faithful port of the board game, and a good UI, the only thing thats missing is an expert level AI. If you are new to the game, or want to practice before playing someone, this app is a great experience.

An absolutely perfect port. We love this game. Plays wonderfully. Great tutorial. Another great Rosenberg game on iOS. How about Caverna now! And while you’re at it, Agricola All Creatures Big and Small!

This is a refreshing and elegant implementation of the original game. Beautiful graphics, intuitive interface, and brimming with features. The only notable suggestion we have is for an undo button. Money well spent.

Very well designed and executed game. Haven’t hit any issues yet. Started with the tutorial and it explains the rules and game play. At the end of tutorial there’s a practice game. We played a few rounds and getting a good feel for it. So far we’ve only played solo. There’s 2 online play: casual and rank play. Tried to login but no one around to play online yet since this game just came out! We would highly recommend!

We really like this game and overall it is a very nice port. But there are some quibbles that keep us from giving it a perfect score. The biggest issue is that there is no "undo". There’s absolutely no reason why there can’t be an undo before you end your turn. Sometimes you make a mistake and overpay or accidentally sell a building when trying to scroll (another issue in and of itselfscrolling to see all the building is difficult to do without dragging buildings around). Regardless, undo would be really helpful. Another problem is notifications. We’re not getting any and neither is the person we’re trying to play. That makes async games tricky. There is also no way to save games against the AI. Leave the screen and your progress is lost. This also seems like a big oversight. Finally, there’s a bug in the sound where sometimes even if you have music disabled, it comes back on and you have to enable and disable it again. We would love to see stats included for casual games. They can be separate from the ELO system, but would still be useful. We will play most of our games against friends. Address these issues and you have a 5 star app.

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