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Noodles! is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lummox Labs Inc, Noodles! is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd April 2015 with the latest update 24th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


440 people have rated 1.9

You can download the game Noodles! from APP STORE.


Over 1.5 million downloads!!

"Noodles is a game you need to have in your life." – Gamezebo

Chosen as an App Store Free App of the Week, and a Starbucks Pick of the Week.

Looking for a relaxing, strategic and addictive puzzle? Find your Zen and become one with Noodles! Tap to spin and connect all the noodle pieces – once you solve a puzzle, figure out the strategy and beat your own score to get FIVE DIAMONDS!

Sound easy? It might be in the first few levels, but as you progress try connecting a giant hexagon Noodle … puzzles get more complex as more sides are added. What are you going to do then?

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And now, some words from some happy Noodlers:
“Damn this game for being awesome and super addictive”
– User Review by Miayadu

“Pretty graphics, Zen-like sounds, you will get hooked and you won’t mind!”
– User Review by WalnutCake

Key Features:

  • Thousands of addicting puzzles, all available immediately. No unlocks, annoying tricks or bags of diamonds to buy
  • Facebook and Twitter enabled to share your Noodles success
  • Game progress status tells you how far you have to go
  • Increasing difficulty makes you feel smarter when you are done

Noodles comes to you from the bumbling genius of Lummox Labs

Happy Noodle-ing!

Updated on 24th April 2021

Same ol’ Noodles, with a callout to download Noodles 2!

Noodles! Reviews

Thanks Lummox Labs for a cool relaxing game! A simple concept executed super well.

We had a whole clever, entertaining review, but our ipad or the app store just lost it. Suffice to say, fantastic game, completely addictive and beautifully designed.

Very calming, very satisfying.

This game has a nice relaxing vibe to it. The puzzles can be challenging, but not too challenging. There are a few things that could make it better, but we see there is a second game and maybe there are some things that are better. But still this is a great game!

Its a good thing to do when youre bored.

Probably not worth the money unless youre very bored very often (like us, who finished every single level with 5*). Its a nice way to waste your time while watching a tv show or something.

Its a fun game and makes you think. Only disappoint is if your fingers are any bigger than a stylus you do a lot of miss clicks.

This game is great for taking your mind off your problems without adding any extra stress to your life. These puzzles are simple but they still make you really think if you want to solve them quickly. Solve enough of them and you start to notice patterns. Eventually, you learn enough of these patterns that you can solve them without thinking much, but they are still rewarding. We’ve been solving these regularly for a few years and achieved 1000% completion on all 8 levels, and Im just glad its easy to redo puzzles so we can keep solving them. Thank you Lummox Labs!

We absolutely love this game! We have dedicated so many hours of our life to it. It’s perfect for filling time or just keeping our fingers occupied. It’s refreshing to see that it’s still getting updates now. The sheer number of levels means we don’t have to worry about running out and the lack of ads is fantastic. We really enjoy playing it at night, but the background is blinding even at our lowest brightness setting. We think it would really benefit from a dark mode. A reset button would also be helpful, since the only way to restart a level is to exit it and start it from the menu. Again, we cannot sing praise loud enough for Noodles. This has been easily our top game for years.

Do you enjoy fun? A good time? Smiling? Laughter? Us too. You’ll quickly fall in love with Noodles as you turn and connect Noodles to one another. That’s the whole game. It’s wonderful. Thank you for Noodles. 2 + 2 + -1 + 3 = 6 stars Nice.

Perfect! Endless (literally) fun!

We love this game, we spend too much time playing it! It’s a great distraction and a great way to relax. It’s fun and strangely satisfying solving these puzzles!

Off and on for over a year and we’re done. We guess that means we’ll have to work now… Unless Lummox Labs releases more levels… Just don’t tell our boss!

Really fun game. No annoying adds between games, so you can play waaaaay to long. But really, having no awful adds is the best.

Take a quick brain break with the simpler levels or test you abilities with the 7×7 challenges or greater. Good for all abilities and will have you looking at each puzzle for new ways to know which ones to rotate.

Awesome app, excellent execution, beautifully built!

This is one of our favorite mobile games. Our only complaint is theyve never added new packs. Once we work our way through we delete the app and redownload it so its like Im starting brand new. Great to play while watching movies/TV. Yay noodles!

Can you change the color on 6×6? The grey is entire too light… Not enough contrast in comparison to the others.

Best pick up and play game we have found in forever. Was free app of the week. No additional purchases! All inclusive endless puzzler-highly recommended!

Alright really clever puzzles Now… What’s the deal with the diamonds? It’s be good if they carried over the experience, and potentially the user could level up.

This game has many, many puzzles. Although they are generally short, some of them are quite challenging. The game is very well crafted and easy to learn, which helps in making it very engaging and entertaining for as little or as long as you like. It is an excellent way to spend many evenings. Congratulations to the developer for creating such a beautiful game.

Great game. Can’t put it down. We might need help.

We love this game. It’s great for passing a few minutes or playing for longer periods. One of the best puzzle games out there.

This is our ideal kind of mobile game. You can play a level in a few moments. No remembering where you left off or reorienting yourself. We’ve been playing this for about 2mo and have completed about 700 puzzles. Difficulty is weaning now but it’s still enjoyable.

Your brain will be tested in so many levels, yet when the puzzles get solved, sometimes out of nowhere, then the sensation it leaves is so rewarding…

We enjoy this app, challenging and fun.

A perfect game when you have a minute or two to burn. Brilliant execution. Our only suggestion… The "get started" section has small pieces of entertaining text at the top of each page. We were slightly disappointed to see that the text ended with the tutorial section. If the regular levels included them, I’d find a way to make this a six-star review.

We really enjoyed this game. Simple premise but great fun.

This app has been on our first screen for a long time. Well done!

We’ve had this game for a month or so now and it is, without a doubt, our ‘go to’ game. We like playing all type of games and this one fills a niche. If you like basic puzzle solving like Minesweeper or Sudoku, give this a try. If you liked that old colored pipe game on old Windows versions, this is your updated version with a lot more polished design cues. The only drawback we can see is that when you get to the larger grids, the tiles are smaller (makes perfect sense until they can figure out how to make our screen size grow). That results in accidentally tapping the wrong tiles every once in awhile. This isn’t a developer gripe, this is a "I should play this on the iPad more and not on the iPhone" gripe. Kudos to the developers for reinventing a classic that has killed off our dependency on Sudoku for filling idle hands during idle moments. This one will be on our devices for foreseeable years into the future. Also, kudos to the developers for inserting their in-app advertisement for another one of their games in the least intrusive and most classy way we have come across so far. This should be a classic.

We’ve completed 2,478 levelsthat should be enough to tell you how much we love this game. It’s prefect for when you have a few minutes to spare, for instance when you’re commuting, waiting for a microwave dish, tv commercial, waiting for a friend to text back, in between classes, there are many different times for when it’s great to play. There are only 2 things about this game which we dislike: first it’s missing iCloud synchronization between devices (at least since the last time we tried to play on our iPad) and second being the lack of an undo buttononly because there have been many times when we have accidentally pressed upon a hexagon or square which we hadn’t meant to press (especially in the dense levels). Otherwise this is our favorite game, the one game that we actually play.

Loads of fun, & we’re so glad you have so many levels & that they progressively get more difficult. This keeps us from having to think or apply myself to anything worthwhile…

Really fun game that lasts forever. Its really relaxing to play, but after the newest update, the sound is crackly and makes us not want to play it. Still though.

Large numbers of puzzles, from very easy to pretty challenging. Harder levels have replay value: once you’ve figured it out, you can try for a better score. Puzzles take from 30 seconds to a few minutes to solve but, like potato chips, you can’t stop at just one. We love this game.

We love this game so much! Such fun puzzles. We have one request for our wonderful developers however. A night time addition or a darker background option would be nice. We often play at night and the bright background is a tad bit blinding. Still a lovely game and one of our favorites!

Can’t stop playing. Great quick levels where the difficulty varies from level to level.

Simple yet good game. But we need the minimal possible number of moves.

This puzzle game is bae, it helps us zone out from all the everyday BS, and it’s always entertaining.

This game is fantastic. It’s addicting and engaging. Plus, unlike many puzzle games, there is an endless amount of levels, so you can keep going forever.

It’s an amazing puzzle game when you get into it it’s addictive our sister played it for an hour straight and it’s really addicting.

We rarely take time out of our day to write reviews. This game is amazing. It’s logic based, easy to pick up, play and put back down anytime.

The whole experience is very elegantly designed and aesthetically pleasing. Recommended developer.

Growing up on early microsoft systems we got to play pipe mania and pipe dream for free. This game certainly brings back some nostalgia in regards to overall objective, create a working flow to all pieces. So all in all this is a very fun and addicting game. Should be free considering how its made but oh well, Ill spend a few bucks on some 90s nostalgia any day of the week. Choosing a color scheme would make it all that much more worth it though, only saying :) lol.

This is the ONLY single game we have ever kept on our phone and have never thought about deleting. We ALWAYS come back and play a level here or there…. For YEARS. And Im still going. VERY well done to the developers/designers. Perfect level of difficulty vs enjoyment. Its more therapeutic than anything else. Thats why we love it so much. Absolutely nothing bad to say about it.

Easy to play and many hours of gameplay, if you like puzzles give this a go.

Love love love. Wish list: – more puzzles harder than 8 – perfect score to aim for – undo button.

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