Lifting Hero

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 08:45 pm

Lifting Hero

Lifting Hero

Lifting Hero is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Lifting Hero is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th August 2022 with the latest update 6th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Lifting Hero ?

22,744 people have rated 41.0.2

What is the price of the Lifting Hero ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Lifting Hero released ?

Lifting Hero was released on 25th August 2022.

When was the Lifting Hero updated ?

The latest updated date of Lifting Hero on 6th January 2023.

Where can Lifting Hero be downloaded ?

You can download the game Lifting Hero from Apple Official App Store.



Are you ready to become a giant by lifting weights?
Start with small weights, sell the muscle you gained
Buy new objects and lift more weights
Click click click and lift faster, develop your muscles
Can you reach the biggest objects?

Updated on 6th January 2023

Bug? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience.

Lifting Hero Review

When we first saw an ad for this game we were like naw bro this cant be real , we tap on the screen and it is indeed almost a exact copy of Roblox if you wanna play stupid games just play Roblox.

Bro we quit our job, divorced our wife, left our kids at a orphanage, so our parents ashes, sold our dogs organs just to buy stuff on this game! If we had to choose between unlimited power and to finish this game, Im choosing the game, bro Id sell our kids to drug dealers just to get $2 to spend on this amazing game, please download man, its amazing!!

This is our new favorite game it is for all ages and SUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this update we only have pencil!!!

This is a downgrade from the og roblox but we love it cause it has no RTHRO and goes back to the og style with the lego looking characters we cant really move around the map but we love it we recommend downloading roblox 2 (lifting hero)

Its not a bad game its just not meant for older ages its for ages like 4-6 you can try it and see that its for a younger age it has to many ads and a few glitches and bugs but over all its a good game for younger kids.


We were watching YouTube and an ad for this popped up. When we were watching we recognized the voice in the background. It was a sped up clip of one of our favorite YouTubers, Itsfunneh. And we were frustrated when we found out. This isn’t cool.

Contains ads that is very inappropriate for our 6years old.

1 star bc bro?? We keep getting annoying ads and you cant skip it so you have to look at it for the next 30 seconds. And like you just get unfair fights. Like how am we supposed to battle if the fights are unfair?? We wouldnt recommend getting it.

You physically cannot fathom how many adds you get per minute and you cant turn off your WiFi because the real human players are competing with you.

What to many ads and its a copy of roblox if you dont want ads than play roblox.

Literally just a ripoff of roblox lol.

Lost backpack on main screen and cant choose another item to lift other than the pencil. Kind of annoying its been like this for a month and still no update on fixing it. Please fix.

Theres a ad every time we tap our screen its quite annoying pls fix that and then we might give you a 5 rating.

But we feel like you should let us move.

We got an add by this game and we were so confused of the game existing than we decided to download it from the add we were suprised of the game also its kinda funny that the game characters are from roblox and the poeple that are hating this game should probbaly stop being a hater.

The character that you are literally looks like a Roblox Bacon.

We love the game its so fun but we want more objects to lift and more stuff to do but its a great game For many reasons but the one thing that we dont like is it throws stuff into your face wile your battling so please fix but dis game is so much FUNNNN.

People keep saying this game is great cause it has very little to none adds but people dont realize that Roblox and the billion versions of this game dont have adds this game is copy its bad its a scam that you can buys stuff in it this should never have been invented.

This game was our life before you TRIED fixing bugs why is there NO BACKPACK we were not on pencil we were on the most highest what would make us soooooooo happy is there to be MORE stuff to lift if you did we would write something as long as this: Hi guys this game is so so great if you could just add more stuff to lift that would be amazing. You guys are so great you put months work into this and we love it. Like we love you can just restart whenever you want. It is so great. :That is what we would say but did you do that NO NOT AT ALL so better get to working for another good review instead of this.

The offiline earnings doesnt even work.

Y this fare we hate Japanese pep.

Im a high school graduate getting accepted into Harvard next week. We’ve stopped focusing on getting into Harvard and instead started lifting. We maxed out our dads credit card making in app purchases to get stronger and buying an indoor gym off of Amazon. Last week he grounded us and threatened to take our phone. We cried fearing we could get separated from lifting hero. He has no money leftover and were getting evicted next week. Hes threatening to sell us to a boot camp to even afford an apartment for another month. We never gave into his words because we only care about lifting hero. We recommend this game for everybody, 10/10.

Bro this game will get sued by Roblox because you made the character a Roblox character and its also a copy right of a game called lifting simulator in Roblox.

First to many adds and the characters are just a copy of Roblox sorry if youre a girl on Roblox but the girl face is just creepy and sometimes we just dont do anything like why we really recommend dont get this game ever we want a game to play not just seeing someone stand and work out thats just boring make a original character design.

The game is a total rip off of a game on roblox Evan the hair is ripped off someone worked hard to make the game and you just make a cheap copy we absolutely hate it.

You cant move you can only tap and it is really boring you should add some changes to it and there is no point of paying this game.

E for effort but come on,this doesnt have anything to do with Roblox this is so copyright just sayin,I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COPYRIGHT GAME.

This game is legit dog water trash. Like just play roblox bc its the real game. We downloaded this just to leave this and in the 2 mins we had it there were 374 ads. Yes, there was over 3 ads per sec and when we did see the screen it was covered in things you could unlock by ads. So if you havent downloaded this yet, DONT DO IT!

Idk how this game is even up this a dead copy of Roblox. You could at least have the characters not look exactly like Roblox people, like seriously its not that hard. There is ads EVERYWHERE like every 5 minutes. And just to make progress you got to watch ads. You cant walk around, and theres no real players. This game is like off brand, Kinda like if you had mini wheats, the off brand is frosted wheat, This game is literally that. This game is straight GARBAGE. Except for when you first get it but after the first 5 minutes when youve just sat there clicking the screen, its just not worth it. This game is terible.

Dont play it its just a ripoff of roblox.

It doesnt even deserve a 1 star it is that bad it is a copy on ROBLOX get that you will love it more and no ADDS and. It is way more better. Okay theres so many adds if you like adds this is your game have the best day and follow us pls its Ariana Granda bye have a good day.

We asked them a couple of days ago to make ads removable through payments and they did lets go. Also paying to remove ads is good because they need the ad money to run the app and when you pay to remove ads they lose money to apple so they get like 1. Xx for your $2.99.

We bought this game because we thought it would be funny. And it was, we even made our name Kim K like Kim kardashian or what ever her name is. Then about a month after we see an ad from this game with the name Kim K and it may be pure luck or maybe something else but we personally felt pretty special. So naturally we gave it five stars, we heavily recommend.

We like it because you get to lift things.

This game is cool and we love it and its ironic please dont listen to haters this is the best and haters are dumb and please be nice to the game company or we report u AND we WILL GET MAD and sad btw if RBIs Sues this game we WILL SUE ROBlOX.

The game is so fun and its like lifting simulator roblox.

What is sellected good game other than that.

Its not half bad, but our equip and upgrade buttons disappeared, so now Im stuck on pencil.

They legitimately did the meme copy our homework and change it a bit they even used Roblox assest.

Come on man , we been grinding 2 days and the most annoying is you click on a add and 30 seconds watching dumb stuff that gives you a lot of adds. This game is worse than doing exams like they copied roblox for lifting simulator.

It is a literal copy of a popular Roblox game, Lifting Simulator. Any reviews you see that say 5 stars amazing game!1!!!11! Are bots. Please go support the developer of the real Roblox game instead of this crap.

Every time we challenged a npc they would always have the weapon above us we were at hammer the npc was at book so we watched a ad to have the sword and we won against the book person then immediately we see a person with the same stats but with a ice bucket which is one tier better so they put your speed the same as the npc but the put the item tier always one up then yours so fake and to many ads cant even play and the ads sometimes cover our height so we dont know what our height is in the game and they show like 4-6 ads on your screen at a time would not play ever again.

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